T-Mobile Support site gets a redesign

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T-Mobile’s support website is perhaps my most used tool offered by our favorite carrier. Normally it’s to read up on phone specs, or software updates for T-mo devices. But it was never the most intuitive of platforms for discovery. Now, it’s been redesigned to be prettier and, hopefully, easier to use.

The first thing you’ll notice on the new site is the main menu (above), offering quick access to the key areas within T-Mobile Support. Underneath that is a collection of the most popular pages, trending discussions and featured news. More importantly, while scrolling up and down through the page, there’s a consistent gray semi-transparent tab for quick access to Live Chat.

I’ve been looking around the newly designed page and it certainly seems like everything is a little more easy to find. It seems more responsive too, a little quicker. Regardless, I felt I should point you in its direction, just in case you hadn’t seen these changes yet.

Head on over to support.t-mobile.com and have a look for yourself.

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  • Looks good to daddy!

  • Drifty_Gypsy

    T-Mobile customer service needs to be redesigned and maybe retro fitted to when it WAS the best now it is worse than comcast.

    • Mario

      Their customer Service has improved by a long shot how can you say it’s worst than Comcast that’s just rude they got JDP #1 already and they keep improving in everything

      • Fight for Freedom

        Agreed.. Customer service has definitely gotten better. But I still just go into a store when I have a problem.

        • Singleweird

          Glad to hear you say that. Find a rep at a store who knows what heshe is doing and you never have to call care again! :)

    • william43

      you haven’t called them since they in-sourced their operations again. I remember calling when they outsourced…now that was horrible.

  • Drifty_Gypsy

    I have been a customer of T-mobile since they were voice Stream so I believe I can speak with more than a little experience. When the Customer service reps outright lie to you because they do not want you cancelling the order for a phone that is back-ordered, although it wasn’t when you ordered it, just 24 hours later it shows back order. This is after you called and were told my three different reps it was shipping. Then when you try and cancel the order they say okay and tell you they are cancelling it. Then the next day you find it is not cancelled so you call again. What both good customer service reps neglect to tell you it takes TEN days for a cancellation request to go through because they have to do this manually which I find out four days after the first phone call. I am sorry but I do not consider this good customer service. Like i said I am a long time customer. I have gotten great service in the past, in the past as far as i was concerned they were the best they always solved the problem or took care of the issue.. BUT in the past three days with seven different customer service reps i have been lied to either on purpose or by omission I have been given the run around and you call me rude because some agency gave them a number 1 rating.

    • Borgeois

      Wow, that’s amazing how much experience you have!

    • Singleweird

      You just admitted in this post that you had one bad experience and you’re venting about it, so any inference that T-Mobile has bad customer service is null. There is no central orb to which all customer care representatives connect through telepathy to seek advice. You are NOT supposed to be able to cancel a back-order, and this is why. The rep should have said “No, you can reject shipment once it comes and we’ll reverse the transaction. In the meantime, buy whatever you want.”

      • Drifty_Gypsy

        You point of what the Rep should have done is a very valid one. But, seven different phone reps neglected to tell me that. That is the epitome of bad CS. If one had done so fine bad REP but seven. Sorry, i cannot accept getting seven bad reps or seven reps who do not know what is going on. If I had been told the truth at the beginning. But I wasn’t.

        • Zïggy Braun

          If this has been you worst issue ever with T-Mobile, then sorry dude but you sound like a lil bi tch, yeah I said it, a little byatch. Try having your unlimited data plan taken away from you the way Verizon did to me a few years ago after a rep error. Try unlocking a phone from Sprint after fully paying for the device but no longer being a Sprint customer. Anyway, grow a pair and move on. Your worst experience is nothing compared to the bullshite I’ve witnessed on other carrier. Think about what you’re crying. It’s pretty insignificant and 100% irrelevant to this post. I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with this bitchemade lady boy…

        • gmo8492

          Ain’t that the truth, At&t almost teared me a new A-hole. Worst decision I have ever made was signing a contract with the”Death Star”…. Lol

    • Shane83646

      Just be glad I wasn’t the CS rep that picked up the phone on the 7th call. Think you have something to cry about now? I simply do not get this entitlement mentality that people have these days.

  • Bordelais

    When I read these articles I feel cool silently practicing Cam’s Bunton accent in my head.

    Don’t laugh, we all do it.

  • steveb944

    Thanks Cam! It looks a heck of a lot better and a much cleaner look.

  • ” J.D. “

    Ok I had to say this / Iv’e been with T-Mobile 7yr’s and I do remember asking for a supervisor 3x cause I was getting double talked from a loud mouth rep. But as of about 2yr’s ago that kind of treatment with all the screaming and yelling has came to a dead stop ( Thank You John Ledger ) right now I call in and believe it or not only do I get things accomplished but I’m actually laughing along with the rep. My last episode was trying to get a ISIS ready Sims card to use tap & pay & they mailed out a card to be 3x once overnight by UPS at 24.99 which they payed and it was still wrong so what happened I called in the rep called the closest store and set up what I needed on the phone with the store next day I walked in (1st time in that store ) told them who i was and WAM ! ! up and running in 20 min all again with no cost to me. Yes we have come a long way The way it should be …..

    • no2apple

      Im with them for 14. And rarely had a bad rep…
      Depends. if you are a loud mouth, sometime they give it back to you..


        you are so right and deservingly so , it gets old hearing people complain about their bills being high because they purchase things they can’t afford and turn it into a shouting match to get their way , karma works both ways.

      • Verizonthunder

        I agree with you completely. If you want to get some quality treatment you have to display it in a calm collective manner. Customer Service deal with multiple customer’s on a daily basis and do not need some loud mouth.

    • JBB4

      you sound like the customer from hell. I’ve been wit TM about 10 years without any issues, all reps i’ve dealt with have been very nice and helpful, but then, I treat them the way i like to be treated. People like you make things more expensive for the rest of us.

      • Goat

        Sometimes there are complex and difficult situations. It happens. The “customers from hell” may be used as training for future reps. While what you do is great- treating them the way you want to be treated, sometimes it takes a bit more to get where you need to go. J.D’s example is a great example of how T-Mobile has stepped up their game and have begun implementing quality people and information for customers to have. I definitely wouldn’t say he’s the cause of anything or customer from hell…

        • ” J.D. “

          Hey – Thank’s after 7yr’s only having 3 issues 2 of which were resolved by blackberry support and one bill related I thought that wasn’t bad at all LOL

  • Brad

    Haha, jesus… I’ve had nothing but great experiences since I’ve been with T-Mo, but I’ve heard nightmares from people I very much trust. However, it seems like some of the people here are very much swinging on the danglies of T-Mo and absolutely nobody in the CS dept can do any wrong whatsoever haha