Samsung Galaxy Note 4 official spec list confirms band 12 700MHz compatibility

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 12.36.09

“Band 12” has become something of a buzzword among the T-Mobile faithful ever since the company bought a megaload of 700MHz A-block spectrum from Verizon earlier in the year. Since then, T-M0’s applied to purchase a good deal more airwaves in various markets and from a number of owners.

But perhaps more intriguing is the ongoing search for compatible handsets. Since T-Mobile itself isn’t forthcoming with any official list, it’s meant that many of us have needed to dig through FCC filings and spec sheets. One device of huge interest is the Galaxy Note 4. We discovered some time ago that there was a Band 12-compatible model being tested. But a couple of interesting revelations have been published online just recently.

Firstly, a check on the official Galaxy Note 4 (T-Mobile) spec sheet gives the entire range of compatible frequencies:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 12.08.29

The other look is on the actual packaging of the Galaxy Note 4, as shown off in T-Mobile’s very own device unboxing by the infamous product guru, Des Smith (aka @askdes):

note4 2


The device includes a list that so far includes the Galaxy Avant, Galaxy Tab S and (we think) the ZTE ZMAX.

As a reminder, the Galaxy Note 4 will be available to buy from T-Mobile on October 17. Pre-orders of the device went live on September 24th.

How many of you have already pre-ordered, or are planning on picking one up as soon as it’s available?

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  • sushimane


  • Chad Dalton

    now everyone can stop whining…

    • Travis Tabbal

      Where’s the fun in that? :)

      Now if they only give Utah some low-band love….

  • yankeesusa

    Great news indeed. Now I’ll wait till I can get one at a decent price on swappa. Hopefully my g3 can hold me till then. Of course the nexus 6 is coming soon also and hopefully it will have band 12.

  • person

    The box says Band 17, not 12.

    • Other person

      Even the tmobile site doesn’t have 12 on it, so I doubt it will have band 12.

      • Trevnerdio

        The T-Mobile site leaves out stuff all the time.

      • JamesG

        Its not on the tmobile site because band 12 isnt out yet

    • Cam Bunton

      It says band 12.. I stupidly circled the wrong one. Image is updated now.

  • Chris

    Wonder if its one of those deals where we will have to go into service mode and enable band 12 700Mhz…..or will it be enabled from the start.

    • JamesG

      It will be enabled via a software update when band 12 launches

  • mreveryphone

    I went to best buy last night and played with the edge… It’s definitely a premium product and the edge screen is very functional and premium! The rep said that the left handers are not left out… You can turn the phone upside down and the screen will rotate accordingly. He also said the edge screen will recognize how your holding the phone so accidental touches won’t be registered… He did day it will cost $200 more than the regular note.. Ouch! Still getting it though.

  • Richard Darrington

    It says 12 person

  • MadJoe

    Well, if they announce it will ship with Android L, or at least announce the upgrade to L before something better comes along, I might upgrade to this from my Note 3.

    • JamesG

      It will be upgrade to L later

      • MadJoe


        • JamesG

          Common sense is your source. Its a new phone

  • Starcube

    Uhh. XVII is 17 not 12. The box says Band 17.

    • BubbaFett

      It says 12 under the circle this ding dong used to circle the wrong number.

  • Philip

    So does it have band 12 or not?

    • SEBA

      Yes it dose. Video is posted on youtbe. You can pause the video and take a closer look for yourself. Primary LTE XII ( 700 )

  • Jon

    I pre ordered but I’m on backorder. I may end up canceling and snag the Z3 instead.

    • jozif

      Preordered. Says backorder as of 9/29. Any idea when it will ship. I know it goes live on the 17th but will it be shipped before then?

      • Jon

        I don’t know I’m on backorder. I would think the customer’s who were among the first to preorder would get it early. In the past I’ve always received my devices early but it may not happen in my case this time around.

      • CrystalMusic

        How are you able to tell that your order was backordered? By logging in to My T-mobile, or did you call? Thanks

    • When does the Z3 come out?

      • Jon

        The release date has not been announced as of yet. Sony is having a conference on the 9th if I’m not mistaken and will most likely reveal that information very soon. I read elsewhere that the page went live on TMobiles site for the Z3.

    • J.J.

      Been with Tmo many years. When you preorder, “Backorder” is just a generic place holder since they probably don’t have the device to ship. Highly unlikely to run out of this device. T-Mobile system is chronically behind. You will Likely get a tracking the day it arrives. If you chose overnight shipping you will get it on or even before the 17th. Ground may still show up on or a day after. No point in checking your order status until maybe the 16th.(i still check it cause I’m obsessed)

    • manny7414

      I never preorder because the stores never run out of samsung products. well prepared.

  • SEBA

    Yeap it’s listed under Primary LTE XII (700) I just watched the video. Cam just circle wrong one.

  • emcdonald75

    I noticed that the AT&T Galaxy Note 4 has Band 12 as well. I thought they were using the same models until I saw that AT&T’s Galaxy Note 4 has Band 29 (700 MHz D+E Block), in which T-Mobile’s version does not.

  • VG

    The spec sheet on the Samsung web site lists both Band 12(700) and Band 17(700), while the box only lists Band 17(700). Hope the listing on the box is a typo!

    • VG

      Oops, my bad. On the box, Band 12(700) is listed under the Primary LTE section. Wonder why it is listed as a “primary” band? Big announcement about Band 12 coming soon from T-Mobile?

      • JamesG

        What are you even talking about? You make no sense

        • VG

          Look at the photo of the Note 4 box posted above. Band 4 and Band 12 are listed as “Primary LTE”, while the other bands are listed as “Other LTE”. Why is Band 12 now a “Primary LTE” band for T-Mobile, a band that T-Mobile hasn’t yet officially deployed?

          Hence, my comment that perhaps T-Mobile is about to make a big announcement about Band 12.

        • JamesG

          It is a primary LTE band for Tmobile because its used on Tmobile.
          Its not launched yet but its still a primary band like 2 and 4.

        • VG

          Bingo! That’s my question: Band 2 is not listed as a primary LTE band for T-Mobile on the box, but Band 12 is. So, does this mean that T-Mobile now considers both Band 4 and Band 12 as their primary LTE bands, whereas Band 2 is now a “secondary” band?

          I’m asking what, exactly, does “Primary LTE” mean?

        • Primary LTE bands indicate bands that the radio is specifically tuned for. That is, the best radio performance on the device will be with those bands. Other bands will have good performance, but not quite as good as band 4 and band 12.

        • JamesG

          Band 2 is secondary because its only be launched in the 2G to LTE upgrades. Band 4 and band 12 will be primary for the big metro areas

    • James Shaggy

      It shows band 12 on the box but Cam circled the wrong one.

      • dtam

        …and blocked where it said Band XII (700)

  • mingkee

    Have peace in mind.

    FCC listed T-Mobile version Note 4 has band 12 (699-715MHz)

  • Cam Bunton

    Well.. that was embarrassing. Image changed.

  • Verizonthunder

    I will not purchase as the Sony Xperia Z3 sold me with its features, camera and air play with playstation 4.

  • penguin

    Do you think that the note edge will have band 12 support?

    • manny7414


  • J.J.

    Preordered. Usually walk in on launch day but could not pass up on the trade in money from Sammy

    • MarcusDW

      What did you trade in? My Note 2 will be passed on and into good hands (my mother).

      • J.J.

        Actually i just bought a lg my touch q on the cheap. Got $16 for it and will get $184 from sammy… Boom!!

        • MarcusDW

          Wow you got me thinkin. Wonder what i can get for my old Vibrant.

        • J.J.

          That phone showed $7 on the trade in site. Needs to be at least $10 to qualify for the money. So that phone won’t work

        • MarcusDW

          Damnit, thanks.

        • J.J.


        • monkeybutts

          check ebay and amazon for some cheap phones you could trade in

    • y0rascal

      i don’t get it, where do you get your price for trade in value through Samsung or t mobile’s site?

      • J.J.

        T-Mobile. If you Google “T-Mobile trade in” you will see the site. It let’s you input multiple phones from many carriers and gives you the average trade in price. If you preorder and trade in a phone with a value over $10(within 7 days of each other) you can upload your receipts for both to Samsung’s galaxy promotions site and they will send you the difference up to $200. So $10 trade in equals $190 from Sammy

        • y0rascal

          Well JJ i had such a hard time finding a phone I fund a Huawei that i picked up for $30 and i get a $30 credit. let see if this works.

        • J.J.

          nice! well you did better than me. i paid $50 and only got $16, but either way good to go. is the site to upload receipts starting on the 10th but you gotta wait till you get the new phone to input its imei #along with some other info they want.

    • y0rascal

      I would like to take advantage of what your doing as well. I plan on getting my wife a note 4, I wanted a note 4 but couldn’t hold out and got an s5. i still want a note 4 lol

    • Mark

      Did you do the trade in as part of your pre-order?

      • J.J.

        I did

  • Troy

    How does preorder work when you’re jumping? Do you have to turn in your phone now or when you have the new phone.

    • J.J.

      Appears it can be done in store and you keep your phone until the new arrives alaxy-s5-soon-enough-and-you-could-get-it-a-few-days-early-on-april-8th/

    • manny7414

      when your phone comes.

    • MarcusDW

      Question is, what if you change your mind after you’ve mailed it off but are within your return period. :-OOOO

    • android76

      Troy, that is correct. With Jump you need to trade in your current cellphone.

    • Justin Smith

      I pre ordered with jump and they told me when I receive the phone in the mail I then send back my old phone.

  • krym73

    If you’ve preordered get a $200 trade in credit from Samsung for ANY working smartphone.

  • And, by supporting bands 1, 3, 7, 8, it’s also a truly global LTE phone, which is handy with TMUS’ international roaming.

    • Dan Hesse

      Yeah because T-mobile has LTE roaming agreements with its foreign partners smart-one

      • moss

        Still didn’t require you to respond like an ass. Also, tmus does have LTE roaming agreements in Canada.

        • Dan Hesse

          Canada? Hahaha – is that suppose to impress? Thanks for proving my point… You guys don’t think before posting.

        • Toasted_Cracker

          Ignore Dan. She’s on her period.

  • javier nogues

    any news on the ZTE Z max know saying we think thanks cam

  • Bud


    • Jason Crumbley

      The gap is addressed in the manual. There is no gap-gate.

      • TechHog

        Oh really? What does the manual say?

        • Jason Crumbley

          I don’t remember exactly, but it’s in the FAQ’s or something. At the very end of troubleshooting section of the Note 4 manual, it addresses the gap.

        • Jason Crumbley

          Yes, really. You’re welcome.

          The last page of the troubleshooting section of the manual for the Galaxy Note 4.

          “A small gap appears around the outside of the device case
          • This gap is a necessary manufacturing feature and some minor rocking or vibration of
          parts may occur.
          • Over time, friction between parts may cause this gap to expand slightly.”

          By the way, maybe you should update your “Gapgate” story on your website.

  • Orlando G.

    I live in Chicago and the “band 12” map doesn’t have us highlighted. So does that mean its useless for us? I’d love to get a better signal indoors.

    • Delusion_FTL

      Band 12 (700mhz A block) was owned by Cricket in Chicago. Now that Cricket is owned by AT&T it belongs to them. AT&T may sell it to T-mobile at some point, or they may choose to deploy on it.

      • monkeybutts

        AT&T is legally required to sell the Band 12 Spectrum in Chicago and split the proceeds among Cricket shareholders as part of the merger.

        • TechHog

          They may try to avoid letting T-Mobile get it, though.

    • Toasted_Cracker

      It is for now. They could have it in your area in the near future however.

    • linda

      Dam hope they do since i never been to chicago but have family there i want to visit soon.. Also from what i seen in the map that all of california is covered with that 700 mhz band hope its tru cuz here in los angeles tmobile works great outside go in a building “No service” cant use data or calls or txts i know cuz i have tmobile while att and verizon have full bars lte in the same building and work to call and text..So hopefully they start using it soon i wold not care if i had to buy a new phone that supports that new band i just want them to bring it on soon!

      • monkeybutts

        It’s pretty much everywhere in California where people actually live besides San Diego. San Francisco and Los Angeles need a TV station to move though

      • Orlando G.

        Yea, at my job I don’t get a very good signal for data. It’s almost like 2G but my co-workers who have Verizon have no issues at all.

  • Elizabeth Simpson

    I filled out the pre-order form on the 27th and my phone is already back ordered. I called t-mobile and they said itll be at least 7to10 days from the original shipping date. Bummer. On the fence about cancelling and just going into the store..

    • Hi Liz

      Babe, any device you order by pre-order is technically back-ordered. That’s just how T-Mobile’s inventory system works. Since they literally have none on hand and in inventory it gets automatically listed as back-ordered. Don’t cancel it. You’ll be fine. It will get to you soon after its officially available publicly. Trust me

      • J.J.


  • Alex Zapata

    What a surprise, more devices with band 12 are popping up….

  • Philip

    Is band 12 in GA? How to find out?

    • noc007

      Band 12 is in GA, but T-Mobile can’t use it until WPXA moves off of Channel 51. This is estimated to take 6-12 months:

      For me, I’d only consider selling my Note 3 to get the 4 if Band 12 was in place. My understanding is once WPXA has switched, all the T’s crossed with the FCC, T-Mobile just has to flip a switch as they’ve been getting ready. I don’t know how accurate that is and I don’t know if it would take WPXA more than a year to switch.

  • android76

    I went through all this last year with my Note 3. I did the preorder and my order was back ordered for another 7-10 days. So i went to my local Tmo store and did the upgrade there. They had suppsedly canceled my preorder but i still received it 10 days later. I could have kept it and played dumb but i felt bad. So i called customer service and they emailed me the RMA form to ship it back. 2 weeks later i receive a phone call from my UPS store saying my package was returned due to wrong address. So i called TMO again and they tell me that the address was correct simply UPS had left my package at the wrong suite number. So i had to ship it back again. So i will never preorder again. I have a few local stores that carry the new phones and with Android i dont have to worry about ridiculous lines.

    • david

      Good on you for being honest.

  • Ilee

    Can on T-Mobile page it doesn’t stat that the Galaxy note 4 has band 17. What’s going on???

  • Ilee

    Cam, on T-Mobile website it doesn’t state that the Galaxy note 4 has band 17. I looked at the specs.
    What’s going on? Does the T-Mobile Galaxy note 4 has band 17 or not?

    • pda96

      Samsung website states B12 compatibility for this phone.

    • Oliver Jackson

      Yes it does.They have the snapshot in the article

  • eserna922

    I’m new to oreorders. I pre-ordered mine the day it first went on sale and it’s still showing up as order processing. Do you guys think I will get my phone on the 17th or earlier?

    • Mike

      Stop worrying it will ship before release date you should get it a few days before the release date

      • eserna922

        Haha thank you!

  • Oliver Jackson

    If you have the Note 3 ,the 700mHz Band17 is on it and is compatible

    • TechHog

      Uh, no. Only Band 12 is being deployed for 700MHz.

    • dontsh00tmesanta


    • Alex Zapata

      Cool story bro

    • ndog21

      AT&T uses Band 12 and 17 T-Mobile only uses Band 12 for 700MHz while Verizon uses Band 13

  • shadows101

    I live in Houston TX, and i own a note 3, since the day it went on sale, and i will be at the tmo store when the 4 goes on sale that morning, but my question is, when is that new spectrum going to go live, or start working, or hit air waves, i don’t know how to put it?


      I live in the same area too.. having bad to no network at Sugarland. but I see some updates going on as I was receiving full signal at my office in downtown that goes up and down now from past week sometimes no service. So i guess they are updating something.

      • shadows101

        I have no problem with my network, i always have, a good signal, my problem is at work, as soon as i step inside i loose signal, and the only phones that work inside are those with virizon.

        • ND

          Yes i guess they will be fixing this issue by the end of this year as Houston and fort bend county will be next on their list as serious network issues :)

  • Laststop311

    Sweet looks like I will be upgrading from my note 2 then. Building reception here I come.

  • Jose

    Are the Tmobile and AT&T the same versions?

    • Naruto44


  • Shlomo Boukai

    I’m not sure how reliable the specs on Samsung’s website are. The network specs for the Sprint and US Cellular models are identical to the T-Mobile model. (T-Mobile) (Sprint) (US Cellular)

    That can’t be right because Sprint and US Cellular require backwards compatibility to their CDMA networks and Sprint uses bands 25,26, and 41 for their LTE.

  • SEBA

    How about LTE? It looks like category 4 for US and category 6 for the rest of the World

    • Mike

      Its actually the opposite. US model always have Qualcomm chip and it has Cat 6 Lte. Exynos only offer Cat 4

  • david c

    I hope Apple updates the Iphone 6 to include band 12 soon!

    • taron19119

      They won’t

      • jeffy

        What makes you say that?

        • taron19119

          to update a phone to use a certain band the phone needs to have that band all ready. On it or u have to release a whole new phone and the iPhone 6 don’t have band 12 on it and Apple will. Not released a new iPhone 6 just for one band

        • Zapata’s cuz

          Cool story bro

        • Shoe Sniffr

          Cool reply sis.

    • T Runn

      The iPhone 8 will probably be out before band 12 is wide spread, so no rush.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Is tmobile carrying the Note Edge as well?

    • superg05

      yes no release date though

    • JamesG

      They will but it wont be out until 2015

  • Abe_The_Babe

    Is band 12 up and running now? Specifically in Miami and Los Angeles?

    • JamesG

      Its not up officially, but some sites are up for testing

  • javier nogues

    We need some band 12 roll out updates

  • Sean

    Why did you call Des “infamous?” Don’t you mean “famous?”

  • skywalkr2

    So if I live “in the pink” on the band 12 map… will this work automatically? Or is it still not completely activated? Metro Philly here.

    • Mike Palomba

      It’s probably not turned on yet. And once its turned on they’ll probably issue a software update to enable the band so it’s probably not going to work until at least 2015

      • skywalkr2

        Good reason to wait for me. Note 3 is just fine, and I dont want to bump up my monthly payments. Hoping for a Note 4 price reduction before I buy in.

  • mike

    Shouldn’t the phone alsobjave 1700 as well for the HSPA+?

    • JamesG

      Band 4 is 1700/2100

  • Jon

    Is the phone missing 1700 for the upstream for HSPA+?

    • Rinay

      @Jon @mike It supports Band 4 so 1700 and 2100 MHz AWS is covered

  • ND

    My card was charged today full amount… So mostly it will be shipped by end of this week or starting next week….

  • HothTron

    I honestly may not get one and see what the Xperia Ultra 2 will be like, I have not be real happy with my Note 3 vs my Note 2 and especially Note 1

  • Philip

    T-mobile has started charging cc for shipping of the Note 4. I got my notification of pre authorization charge Noon EST today. It might be shipping tomorrow.

  • No Knowings

    hey guys quick question.. if i do a JUMP upgrade to the NOTE4 when it comes out next week ,is it still possible to JUMP again in a month or 2 for the NOTE EDGE…i have the first JUMP program and i know they allow 2 upgrade a year.. someone please explain thanks in advance….

    • csmits

      Yes correct. after those upgrades you have to wait till the year has finished to do a next upgrade, so if you don’t like the Edge you are stuck with it until your jump program resets.

  • CrystalMusic

    I pre-ordered on 9/24 and my CC was charged last night. I read on another forum that they’re trying to get the phones to everybody by next Friday, or possibly the day before :-)

  • Mali

    I haven’t got any notice or email.. I ordered mine on the 25th…the first email said I’d get periodical emails with updates and a shipping tracker etc… Nothing.. And we are down to the final 7 days

  • CalicoKJ

    Pre-ordered on the 25th, received shipping notice today. Says that it will arrive around the 21st, but we shall see. Hoping for sooner…

  • Myphone007

    Just got sms my ups tracking info for my note 4! Ups data hasn’t populated yet so not sure if I’ll get tomorrow or monday! Anyone else get this?

    • Sammy Too

      I love the specs on the 4, but it is one ugly phone. I checked it out at best buy and that metal banding along the side dug into my hand and did not make for a comfortable experience. The color shifting on the screen was somewhat of a turnoff. I may need to pass.

      • skittle

        I am going to go to my local BB and see this phone. Can’t help but think that any metal band will be forgotten soon after a case is added.

    • jordan

      Text message last night saying my note4 shipped. Tracking says it will deliver Monday the 13th!

  • Mike Reese

    I just got my note 4 last year. And still running smooth and good condition.