T-Mobile to acquire more 700MHz spectrum, in Alaska and Nevada


T-Mobile’s been on something of a mass spectrum hunt in recent weeks and months. Yet another FCC filing reveals plans to acquire more A-block airwaves from Triad 700MHz in Reno, Nevada and Anchorage, Alaska. If completed, it would see T-Mobile add another 2.43 million POPs to its potential A-block coverage.

When you add the 2.43 million to the 13.45 million POPs we’ve already reported, that gets you 15.88 million POPs. Only around 2 million short of the 18 million figure John Legere and Neville Ray claim the company has acquired over the past 2 months.

Breakdown of proposed Spectrum acquisitions:

  • Actel – 6.4 million POPs
  • I-700 A Block LLC – 1.1 million POPs
  • McBride Spectrum Partners – 2.91 million POPs
  • Frontier Communications – 1.51 million POPs
  • Thomas Kurian – 623k POPs
  • David Miller – 903k
  • Triad – 2.43 million POPs

Right now, there’s been no official word on where the 700MHz spectrum is actually going live. T-Mobile claims it has tested – and even – activated it in some locations already. It’s yet to state where those locations are. As soon as more A-block compatible devices are launched on the network, we’ll surely hear more on that. Galaxy Note 4 and Z3 are both expected to arrive very soon, and both are band 12 compatible.

Source: Fierce Wireless, FCC

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  • hanfeedback

    Map says Triad has all of Alaska covered by 700A, so does that mean that they just got the licenses for Anchorage or for all of Alaska?

    • Naruto44

      All Alaska.

  • Adrayven

    wow.. they are really, really starting to fill out the map with this.. between the auctions and this, they may well finally get the coverage we’ve all wanted..

    Granted it will take years to put this all to use.. but still.. nice..

  • NOYB

    Wow! All of Alaska covered! I am sure the 7 people who live there will appreciate it. (Or, is it 8 people?)

    • dtam

      it will be nice to not need to be on a service partner there (GCI). It kind of sucked when I went there for vacation 3 months ago. Tmobile did not have anything of their own before and this is probably the most cost effective way to build their own network

      • hanfeedback

        +1 Got back about a month ago, GCI and ATT worked good but the domestic data limits was a serious downside, calls where flawless where there was coverage.

    • jay_max

      There’s no reason to be an asshat. Plenty of people live in Alaska.

      • NOYB

        It was just a joke! Now, you were saying?

        P.S. I recounted and now I know it is actually 11 people.

        • Don Goyo

          What? Polar bears can’t have 4glte inside their caves?

        • NOYB

          Can they bear it? LOL!

        • anonymous guest

          Just bear-ly.

        • jay_max

          Jokes are actually funny. Your comment is not. Try again.

      • user

        There’s also no reason for your childish, offensive, vulgar, and unnecessary name-calling!!! Fine if you didn’t like the comment. But, you are not making things any better by responding with a worse one.

        • NOYB

          Yes, I completely agree. That was just wrong! Granted, my comment may not have been award-winning, but, I did not intend to offend anyone. Notice I did not say anything racist or derogatory about a well-known people group that resides in Alaska. (you know which one.) But the response I got for it was very rude, highly offensive, and a personal attack on me. No one likes to be incorrectly labeled and that is exactly what that commenter did. That is the type of rotten, putrid, ugly comment that is often seen on BGR, and I really do not appreciate it.

  • Ya know what I see as an severe issue??…. These stupid full page pop ups that TMo news is allowing!!!!. Come on Cam!!. This is seriously out of hand dude..

    • besweeet

      I haven’t seen a full ad in a while, though I’m primarily on mobile. They were annoying though.

      • Jay Holm

        Same here, mobile.

    • guest

      it pays the bills. Relax and let them make a living

    • UMA_Fan

      All you have to do is reload the page and it goes away.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo


  • sushimane

    Damn T-Mobile are going guerilla warfare on the 700mhz spectrum. Crossing my fingers that all of them goes through for T-Mobile. I’m certainly waiting for the z3 and if the nexus 6 support band 12 I’ll get that.

  • UMA_Fan

    Anyone know who owns a block in Virginia and Carolinas?

    • Hoops


      That is a break down by area and band and who owns each.

      • B-Mobile

        So it looks like T-Mobile would need to acquire 700mhz A-Block spectrum from U.S. Cellular in Raleigh-Durham N.C. area

      • UMA_Fan

        Can’t really navigate on mobile

        • Kidney_Thief

          Mostly Cavalier, but USCC, AT&T, and Cox have a license or two.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Wow they are NOT kidding around. At this rate they stand a chance of equaling AT&T in the 700 MHz band. Not a GOOD chance mind you, but a chance.

    • Durandal_1707

      Have you looked at AT&T’s spectrum holdings on sequence-omega? They own all of the D block, and half of the B and C blocks. I don’t think anyone has a chance of equaling them in the 700 MHz band.

      • Bryan Pizzuti

        I don’t typically count the D and E blocks, they’re unidirectional, and will only be worth anything when carrier aggregation is deployed. They’re basically worthless except when paired with other spectrum.

        As far as usable B and C blocks, it’s surprising how many areas where AT&T only has 5×5.

  • Give it 2 years – TMO will be a totally different animal

  • S. Ali

    Good they are buying it, better when they build it.

  • F123D

    Please acquire San Diego!

  • CrzyP

    California is filling in nicely! Coverage in the eastern Sierra and Tahoe is badly needed.

    • pda96

      Does anyone know why San Diego/Orange County, CA. is not covered?

      • mctommy

        Only SD county is not covered in the southern end of California. Norcal missing counties are: Del Norte, Siskiyou, Modoc, Shasta, and Tehama.

        I wonder why there is no love for their homebase of Seattle.

      • Rob

        I believe it’s because the spectrum in San Diego is owned by another company that Tmo has not bought from.

      • B-Mobile

        looks like Cox owns the Band 12 A-Block spectrum in San Diego

        http:// specmap(dot)sequence-omega(dot)net

  • ryan

    Wish Oklahoma would get some love!

  • Arturo Beato Ledesma

    Can anybody explain to me exactly this 700 mhz low band that T Mobile is acquiring will only affect this few devices that are compatible with it, Or does it will affect every T Mobile customer by improving in – door and in – building coverage even not having a smartphone compatible with this “band 12” Cause in my point of view T mobile can’t be wasting all this money buying this low band spectrum only for a few people with a compatible device, I mean there are folks that aren’t even planing on upgrading their devices just to be up to date with this new low band frequencies and most of all that doesn’t even have a clue of T Mobile acquiring and setting up this new 700mhz. So, can anybody explain me exactly how and if this will definitely improve everyone’s coverage signal?

    • Steve Hester

      Arturo – All older devices did not have the radios for 700 mhz (no need to as T-Mobile had no spectrum). This new spectrum will only provide enhanced building penetration for new phone, over the next few months, I would expect T-Mobile to launch more phones that support both 600 and 700 (as they also begin to acquire some 600 mhz spectrum).

      This becomes a talking point in their sales channel (web and store) and will drive more EIP sales.

      • Arturo Beato Ledesma

        So let’s say I have the new iPhone 6 and i’m definitely not planing to upgrade the phone for a long while. That means even the new iphone 6 wont be able to improve the coverage in buildings? I really don’t mind this. But, I think it’s not fair people with 2014 smartphones that aren’t compatible with this “band 12” but work flawlessly well, need to upgrade just to take advantage of this new 700mhz. :(

        • Steve Hester

          It’s a shame that Apple did not put 700 mhz in the iPhone 6. In my opinion, it is short sighted of them. But then Apple has a good track record of moving consumers from one model to another. Since phones have matured, we are beginning to see only minor enhancements with each new model, by holding this back until the iPhone 6s (in 6 months), this then becomes a got to have feature.

          I am not an Apple fan, but I see Samsung, HTC and LG also doing the same. The Samsung S5 and the new Alpha also don’t have those frequencies.

        • Jay Holm

          No different than Apple falling to put UMTS 3G in the original Iphone, it was EDGE only, Apple has always been short sighted.

        • dtam

          blame the manufacturers for this. everything that the manufacturers put into each phone costs more money. if there isn’t widespread adoption of a certain technology yet then why would a manufacturer incur the cost to include it? besides, it plays into Apples hands to force people to upgrade their phones

        • jacky

          Iphone 6 does not have 700 or 600 radio blame apple. Note 4 will have 700 aws band

        • MastarPete

          That’s the nature of tech though, as soon as you buy something it’s outdated because XXX technology is on the horizon. The only way around that is to buy a new phone every year.
          If it really bothers you then you need to keep a closer watch on trends and weigh your options before you buy.

          Realistically and depending what market you’re in, it could take up to two years for band 12 deployment to be wide-spread enough that it’ll be useful daily and when you travel to smaller markets.
          If you keep your iPhone 6 for 3 years, band 12 should be very well deployed and whatever 600mhz T-Mobile gets next year could be at least half deployed.

          Supposedly Apple’s website claims support for more bands than what was announced, likely they’re bands meant for international markets. That’s the basis of a rumor claiming there’s is a slim chance that the iphone 6 could get a software update to enable 700mhz at a later point when it’s actually worth having it enabled during network connectivity scanning, otherwise it’s a waste of battery.

        • Moby

          So don’t upgrade and don’t get any in building improvement. It’s up to you. But other people who can afford the latest device will upgrade and they’ll get the benefits. That’s how things work.

        • fentonr

          Well, there isn’t really anything to be done about it. Existing spectrum doesn’t cut it, and they can’t squire more of what they already have for two reasons, firstly most if not all of that spectrum they don’t already own is in use by others who won’t want to sell it because they are using it. Second, even if T-Mobile were to buy more 1900 mhz spectrum it very likely would still be a new band that existing phones don’t support. The only other way to attack the problem is to release new phones that support the new band before network build out, which is exactly what they’re doing, the note 4 and Z3 will support band 12. No, the iPhone doesn’t, but remember, all iPhones have the same radio, I’m sure T-Mobile would love the iPhone to support it, but Apple probably decided that it wasn’t worth the added cost to have all iPhones across all carriers support band 12 so that 18 million people who will be covered by T-Mobile could get/have T-Mobile and could get an iPhone 6. Makes much more sense for Apple to add it next year (which probably fits better with their development cycle anyway) and give you another reason to buy a 6s or whatever it will be called.

        • Mike Palomba

          Yea thats right I just got my 6 and I knew this before I bought it but it still pisses me off. But everyones going to upgrade eventually so over time more and more people will have devices that work with the 700MHZ band

        • Laststop311

          can’t rly be pissed off about that. You could of just stuck with ur old phone and waited for a phone with band 12 support.

        • Mike Palomba

          Well I was going to stick with my 5s but I figured that by the time the 6s came out it would’ve depreciated a lot

    • T-Mobile Cares

      So i thank you for your question. To give some true perspective to your question. Not so long ago we released the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It was our first true LTE device. Look at us now. Over time most people well migrate to a new device, at which point, they will be compatible with our new spectrum. We look forward to that time as much as all of you. We know have more with to do, but we are doing the work and know we are doing it for the right reasons, our customers. Thanks for all of your support.

      • Ky

        T-mobile really need to create a comprehensive list of all the common phone models out there and which one is compatible with T-mobiles’s specific bands. It’s not that difficult for T-mobile to provide a matrix of US phones vs band compatibility to support T-mobile’s BYOD customers. I see thousands of comments all over the web asking, if phone X compatible with T-mobile’s network. A good reference guide and definitive source brings confidence to your customers.

        Oh, and a generic answer of there are too many models and variations isn’t acceptable. Responsive Customer Service should be T-mobile’s number one goal.

  • Cam Fas

    Come on southern Nevada lets get some of that spectrum for Las Vegas glad too see this rapid buy up if they get enough 700 mhz I won’t even care about the 600 mhz spectrum they may not even need that much 600 if they get enough 700

  • Cam Fas

    700 MHz in Las Vegas will be great since most of the yearly technology shows are down here

  • jacky

    T mobole.is on fire t mobile #1 i love t mobile.

  • jacky

    I mean t mobile #1

    • jacky

      And t mobile is on fire kicking at &t and verizon butt

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Hopefully tmobile can beat Verizon into Alaska

    • Cam Fas

      They already got a roming agreement for Alaska one or two weeks ago

      • Jay J. Blanco

        I know, I emailed the article to cam

    • mm

      verizon is already in alaska

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Verizon is not in Alaska I read a article and they are working on Voice Coverage. They have no native network in Alaska

  • BeachBum

    Love the little bubble in SW Florida… Of course that’s where I live. I’d just be happy with consistent LTE coverage….

    • Ed

      I know what you mean, I live in San Diego and we’re the only one in SoCal that’s not getting 700MHz.

  • Unfortunately im in the part of Texas that looks like its gonna get pinched off..Go figure…lol…There’s an 8 county area literally right along the EagleFord Shale area that they don’t have yet…Grrrr


    Hey Cam, so – did we somehow confirm the Note 4 really has Band 12? If you go to t-mobile.com and look the phone up, under ‘specs’, it lists LTE bands but no band 12…
    if you google it, lots of folks are saying it does not have band 12.

  • alejandro guzman

    When is Raymondville, tx gonna get 4g lte love?

  • Jose

    When will NC get lte love? When will the tv stations decide to vacate 700mhz block a

    • golbez352

      When T-Mobile can buy the 700 mhz from US cellular, I am pretty sure they own most of SC too.

      • superg05

        that would mess up there plans for 600mhz option maybe a roaming deal for now it would benift each other

    • Lets Lobby John Legere oN Twitter about NC!!!!

    • justmee002

      If you take a look at the map again, it is in couple of counties.

  • Daniel James

    Where is the Phoenix, AZ love!? </3 :(

    • mobile-T PHX

      Leap wireless owns the 700 Mhz in Phoenix, AZ

      • Daniel James

        Dang it. Okay. *cries river*

  • TMOguy

    Hey Cam, above you say the Note 4 will have band 12? Do you have a source for that? As far as I can see, we haven’t yet had that confirmed. And, T-Mobile’s own webpage on the device actually shows it as not having band 12. If you go to T-Mobile’s website, look up the phone (Note 4), click on Specs, it shows it as not having band 12.
    Do you see that?

    • Laststop311

      I’ve been arguing this. People just automatically assume since the devices hardware is capable of supporting band 12 it will work. T-mobile doesn’t HAVE to enable band 12 on the device. It can just as easily choose to wait till next year and support it on those devices only. I’ll gladly continue to use my paid off note 2 till I see concrete evidence of band 12 support on a phone.

      • vrm

        t-mobile castrates phones- I have been saying this forever. They will disable radio frequencies not relevant to t-mobile so that you cannot take the phone to a competitor.

        I only bought from t-mobile once and decided to never buy phone again from them.

        • TMOTECH

          Right because AT&T doesn’t do that. The IPhone 4s has AWS built into the chip but when AT&T ordered them they had it disabled so people couldn’t move to T-Mobile. So although “they did it too” isn’t a good excuse your point is invalid.

    • T-Mobile Cares

      While our current specs for the Samsung Galaxy Note IV only speak to bands available imfor international carriers, here is the full list of supported bands for the US:

      US LTE Bands, 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 17
      (Plus LTE Carrier Aggregation band pairs [PCC/SCC]: 2/4, 4/2, 12/4, 4/12, 4/17, 2/17, 17/2)
      US DC-HSPA+ Band, II, IV, V
      US GSM 850, 1900

      I how this answers your question.

      • TMOguy

        Thanks for that, but – honestly, are you sure? Can you qoute a source?
        I don’t see anything at all in T-Community to corroborate that. In fact, someone recently asked this same question on the Note 4 page and the answer was that the Note 4 didn’t have Band 12 LTE.
        I’m still wondering if the band 12/band 17 interoperability has been worked out yet and if not, if that’s what the hold up here is….

        • B-Mobile

          @TMOguy, i spoke to a Samsung representative in Best Buy (when i found out they have the Note 4 on display). Samsung has manufacturer the phone to be compatible with Band 12 (you can see AT&Ts variant has Band 12 listed) but T-Mobile’s variant is currently software deactivated, maybe when T-Mo starts lighting up Band 12 sites they could push a software update

        • superg05

          i sent cam the info from tmobiles variant in the fcc here is his reply

          Cam Bunton Sep 29 (2 days ago)

          to me

          pretty sure I could write an article stating “t-mobile galaxy note 4
          will have band 12 support” five times, I’d still get the same question.
          I’ve mentioned it more than once.

          https://apps.fcc. gov/oetcf/eas/reports/ViewExhibitReport.cfm?mode=Exhibits&RequestTimeout=500&calledFromFrame=N&application_id=690935&fcc_id=A3LSMN910T

          remove space from between . and gov

          i know if it was found the iPhone really had band 12 support he would have given it it’s own article and he conveniently didn’t mention the problems iPhone are having

        • TMOguy

          Hummm. I went to that website and I got an HTTP 403 error.
          I don’t think I’ve seen an article in TMO news about the FCC approval docs for the Note 4, TMO version? The one article about the Note 4 some time ago that mentioned FCC docs had someone identifying the version in the docs as being for Rogers Wireless in Canada, if I remember right…

        • superg05

          i guess its by session to direct not allowed here you go the page before it go to HAC Production Key Feature Letter

          cam chose not to make an article when i sent it to him directly the T at the end of the ID# identifies carrier A for at&t ,S for sprint,ect…

          https://apps.fcc. gov/oetcf/eas/reports/ViewExhibitReport.cfm?mode=Exhibits&RequestTimeout=500&calledFromFrame=N&application_id=690935&fcc_id=A3LSMN910T

  • Guest123445

    Does NYC have 700 MHz?

    • VG

      Yes, but since WNJN broadcasts on Channel 51 (an adjacent frequency) out of Montclair NJ, T-Mobile won’t be able to turn on its 700Mhz frequency in the metro NYC area until WNJN moves off of Channel 51. Don’t know when that is supposed to happen.

  • Paul Garrison

    Nothing negative about, just keep moving T-mobile.

  • RonJeezy

    Everyone on here is pretty knowledgeable about cell phones. So I got a question, what are the maximum upload and download speeds for Edge, 3G, 4G and 4G LTE? Google is failing me. Or at least give me an average thank you!

    • daniel

      Max speeds: GPRS 128kbps, EDGE 256kbps, HSPA+ (the 4G technology T-Mobile uses) 21mbps if launched on 5+5 spectrum blocks or 42mbps on 10+10 spectrum blocks, LTE 38.5mbps on 5+5 spectrum blocks, 75mbps on 10+10, 113.5mbps on 15+15, and 150mbps on 20+20. According to ookla’s speedtest results T-Mobile’s LTE averages about 17mbps making it the fastest LTE network on average in the US.

      • Melanie323

        Thanks for sharing that with us i also needed to know that. I had all companies i stick with tmobile cuz unlimited data ..Im trying to switch my mom from att . Only thing i kinda dont like lte speed well at least here on tmobile in los angeles its kinda a mixed bag can be getting up to 20 ,5 mins later less than 5 standing in the same spot. Att kinda works better its more steady if you getting 20 it stays on 20 all around the city. Anyways thanks .

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          Everyone I know with AT&T in LA says the network is so congested that you cant use data at all during peak times

        • Melanie323

          well i can use it fine lte on att in LA same with there hspa 3g aka 4g works fine.

        • Jay Holm

          Yikes! That’s a shame!

        • conrad murray

          The Las Vegas strip during peak times is MUCH MUCH worse. Heavy congestion from 1030am to 1am that late night. For data AND voice. Wi-fi is ok, so I have noticed. Where I was, they major nickeled and dimed for access.

      • TMOTECH

        I love your enthusiasm but let me correct you because I have OCD and have nothing better to do. EDGE has a max throughput capability of 512 kbps. HSPA+ runs on 3.8 MHZ of spectrum. Period. 21Mbps is for single carrier and 42 is for dual carrier.


        • daniel

          Thanks for correcting me. I do have more to learn about cellular networks. Are you from the networking team at T-Mobile or just a fan?

      • RonJeezy

        Thanks for that I appreciate it.

      • conrad murray

        But, AT&T said………..

  • vinnyjr

    T-Mobile is buying as much of the 700 MHz frequency as they can. For a company that so many haters say is running out of money they sure seem to find it when needed. T-Mobile has come so far in such a short time all due to the leadership and team of John Legere. My service has never been better, Thank You John Legere, Thank You T-Mobile.

  • SegtzsT-Mobile Launches Un-car

    I would like to know if the 700mhz A block will be deploy by the end of 2014 I live in Santa Ana CA 92799 thanks

    • Santa Ana resident

      Not until local channel 51 leaves the air. (Seen as 44.1 on a digital TV) Santa Ana is within the area of broadcast. No known plans yet.

      • NOYB

        TV station KXLA to be exact.

  • Alex Zapata

    I really wish Chicagoland could get some A-block love…..

    • gramps28

      Chicago does have some 700band but it interferes with channel 51 which probably means 50.

  • jim

    No coverage & zero signals in too many places is why TMo is behind sprint and still no 4.

  • Soldier of God

    What about Tennessee and Mississippi!!!!!! The service sucks really bad in these areas

  • johnyboyluzig

    Would’ve been nice if it included Clark County……Las Vegas has 10 times the population of the whole state in NV. Plus all the casinos have massive concrete walls 700 mhz would be ideal in our city. Especially with all the tourists that come in everyday.

  • Jaramie Black

    North Carolina needs to get some love. Come on T-Mobile, get us some spectrum down here! 5×5 isnt working out so well in Charlotte and in Wilmington.

    • keasycase

      T-Mobile is activating a lot of band 2 lte in NC and SC… Just check out Howard forums

      • conrad murray

        And that is what ?

  • Eric

    I’m really hoping for some upgrades to the south central pennsylvania area to go live ASAP.

  • Mark Benjamin David

    Question: when T-Mobile upgrades 2G/EDGE to LTE, with or without this 700A, do they also add HSPA+? This is a critical question, as, I am getting a new phone and switching to T-mobile this month, but, it does not have LTE ch 12 capability, so, want to know if it will only get 2G/EDGE or HSPA+?

    • keasycase

      Most likely not at first cuz there man focused is lte… But they will

  • Harry_Wild

    Looks like Apple never got the memo about the 700 MHZ LTE band 12! iPhone 6 does not have it in their phones. I heard it a hardware issue not a software that you can upgrade. Not sure if that is correct or not! T-Mobile just cannot win! They push the iPhone 6s like crazy and then they don’t get the enable band 12. LOL!

    • edfranco1

      here are iPhone 6 specs… they HAVE 700MHZ but not in 12

      2G NetworkGSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 – A1549 (GSM), A1549 (CDMA), A1586 CDMA 800 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 – A1549 (CDMA), A15863G NetworkHSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 – A1549 (GSM), A1549 (CDMA), A1586 CDMA2000 1xEV-DO – A1549 (CDMA), A1586 TD-SCDMA 1900 / 2000 – A15864G NetworkLTE 700/800/850/900/1700/1800/1900/2100/2600
      (1/2/3/4/5/7/8/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/29) – A1549 (GSM), A1549 (CDMA) LTE 700/800/850/900/1800/1900/2100/2600
      TD-LTE 1900/2300/2500/2600
      (1/2/3/4/5/7/8/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/29/38/39/40/41) – A1586