Braxton Carter to speak at Deutsche Bank conference on Wednesday


For those of you interested, T-Mobile announced this morning that its Chief Financial Officer and EVP, Braxton Carter would be speaking at 12:25 Eastern at the Deutsche Bank 2014 Leveraged Finance Conference on Wednesday, October 1st. There are often some intriguing tidbits of information shared during these addresses. So if you want to listen in, you can tune in to the live webcast at, or go back later in the day to catch the on-demand replay.

As for the conference itself, it’s held once a year and has done for the past 22 years:

The aim of the Conference is to gather the most important issuers, investors and sponsors to discuss the themes that drive strategies. The agenda has been designed to provide a balance of informative keynote sessions, interactive panel discussions and one-on-one meetings. We have once again used our global reach, expertise and deep relationships to deliver a world-class agenda and attendee list.

Exactly what Carter’s going to speak about in his segment is yet to be announced. It’ll be interesting to hear if any more information on any potential merger or sale is mentioned. Iliad SA is still, allegedly, chasing financiers to get a more tempting bid ready for a T-Mobile US buyout, and other, potential suitors have been hinted at. Of course, we don’t expect him to give the game away. But we do know that Deutsche Telekom is looking to sell to a company that has U.S. spectrum and a U.S. customer base. Perhaps the reason why Dish is seen as the perfect partner by many.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • VG

    I highly doubt that the CFO of T-Mobile US would be allowed to share any info about the shares owned by Deutsche Telekom. As far as DT is concerned, Carter is just an employee of a company in which they own 67% of the shares. Now, if the CFO of DT were speaking, maybe there might be some info shared.

  • No, we don’t know whether DT is looking to sell TMUS to a company with US spectrum and customers. We do know about this rumor though.

  • I am SO tired of hearing rumors about buying/selling – just let it happen… good lord

  • UMA_Fan

    Maybe all the cable companies nationwide can pitch in together and every router they sell becomes an auto authenticate solution for wifi calling greatly enhancing coverage for all T-Mobile customers.

  • Volker

    Cam, has the CFO of T-Mobile US (or T-Mobile USA previous years, I guess) spoken at this conference in previous years? If not than this could be big news but if that’s a yes, maybe not so much. More info in the article to give some background would help put this in context better. Just saying.

    • Volker

      P.S., there appears to be a bug in the Disquss system that prevents typing once focus from the text area has been lost such as scrolling up on the page.