LTE spotted in and around Waco and Killeen, TX as well as Newberry and York, SC among others

T-Mobile has done incredibly well to get its LTE network from 0 to “nationwide” within the space of 18 months. Even more impressive perhaps is that it’s upgrading networks to being some of the fastest connections around thanks to technologies like wideband LTE and 4×2 MiMo.

But still, for those living on the outskirts, or in smaller cities with no LTE, none of that really matters. And so we like to hear when T-Mo’s 4G network starts popping up in new markets. Perhaps the biggest area in recent times is downtown Cincinnati. But we’ve received some sightings from other locations in Central Texas, South Carolina and North Carolina over the past few weeks/days.

Central Texas
Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 00.35.05

Several markets in Central Texas have seen LTE go live in recent times. Among those are Waco, Killeen and Temple.

North Carolina and South Carolina

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 00.12.17

In York SC, it seems some 4G is lighting up along one of the main highways in to the city. It would also appear that LTE tracking along I-26 right passed Newberry county. Shelby in North Carolina has also seen some spots of LTE light up recently too. So if you’re in and around those areas, keep an eye out for the LTE logo on your status bar. Seems T-Mo is getting 4G up and running there.

15+15 in Oakland, SF

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 00.40.41

In various spots along the Bay Area, T-Mo’s been updating its LTE network, bringing it up to speed with some of the other major metro spots. In Oakland recently, 15+15 wideband LTE has been given the green light. Our reader there’s been getting speeds above 80Mbps down, and 30 Mbps up.

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  • Thomas Su

    I wish T-Mobile would really announce these things like on Twitter…

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Ikr. It’s really exciting to see how fast lte is ecpanding

      • Jay Holm

        Hopefully in this Novembers auction they can get more spectrum, and beef up more markets with 20×20 Wideband LTE, or (dreaming) maybe even more bandwidth?

        • I hope that T-Mob gets the lower 600 spectrum in places whose TV stations do not want to give up Channel 51, such as Greensboro and in the CSRA (Ga.-S.C.)

    • Steve R.

      Since they haven’t completely rolled out these areas they probably don’t want to get bad feedback if the towers aren’t working as they should and things of that sort. Although I could imagine John Legere posting a tweet once a new area is complete with LTE =D

    • dunkinchris

      Also it adds content to their quarterly results or their next uncarrier event

  • Paul D.

    LTE has also gone live in Gulf Breeze and Navarre, Florida about 2 weeks ago. I got speeds peaking around 27mbps down 9mbps up.

  • Ricky J Dugger

    So far I am the only one mapping my trips in Killeen TX. All that purple you see, I did that. :) You can probably find out where I live, work and where I go while on the job. You can also see I went to China spring tx and Waco this morning.

    • Ever

      Hey what app do you use to map the trips?

      • Ricky J Dugger


        • walkermx

          Same here I did the Waco mapping except for your ride to China spring.
          Let’s keep mapping centex fellow tmo user

    • bakedpatato

      well it’s good to know that if i have to go to Ft. Hood again I’ll have LTE…

  • AdamBath

    Last time I drove through Waco they had LTE in patches… I wasn’t too shocked, didn’t think anything of it. Was about a month ago, maybe a little more. They have expanded HSPA+ on the I-35 corridor pretty significantly. There’s only small areas where I have only EDGE.

    • Just N of Waco it’s 2G all the way to the I35E and I35W split and then off and on as far as Waxachie. Worse yet is S of San Antonio: 2G all the way to the border.

      It’s good to see TMUS making strides in TX, but I want to see it complete the job and providing LTE wherever there’s a TMUS signal. Maybe one day TMUS will be able to boast that in the period of 18 months it goes from 2G nationwide to 0.

      • AdamBath

        I’m sure the band 12 buy will help significantly if the maps for that are to be believed. They significantly expanded service between Austin and Waco, and I feel like it’s expanded from Waco to Dallas (though when I first started driving Austin to Dallas a couple of years ago the whole trip was basically a dead zone). I don’t go down to San Antonio too much but when I do I’ve got signal the whole way as well.

      • Anonymouse

        that was my experience as well 2 months ago. the funny thing is as soon as you reach Itasca, TX on IH-35W, LTE lights up. afaik its 5×5 LTE then drops to 4G when you reach Alvarado then back to 15×15 LTE at Burleson.

      • Paul

        West is a dead zone when I drive through, but it’s also under heavy construction on that part of 35. It’s good to see them covering a major highway. It will help WAZE show me traffic issues so I don’t go road-rage on 35! I hate the drive to Austin/San Antonio or back to Dallas. Ridiculous traffic.

        • It’s a route that I do often to visit family. I don’t recall a time when I35 was not in construction in this stretch.

          West, home of the famous Czech bakery and its incomparable kolache, is a mandatory stop. It’s awful that you cannot check your phone while savoring a peach kolach.

          On the other hand, the signal up N is good enough for Waze to warn about the Ellis “speed trap” County.

        • Jonathan

          OMG Ellis!!! They caught me once. I warn EVERYONE about Ellis County…..

        • Paul

          35 will ALWAYS be under construction…FOREVER!!!

        • I35 would be perfect material for an episode of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone.

        • Jonathan

          Have you been to West lately? The entire town has zero data. I spoke with a network engineer for the area about 5 months ago and I told him there is no network connection at all. I’m hoping they fix it because I always go to the Czech Stop, and I can’t use my phone :(

        • Paul

          I’m sure they will fix it, eventually.
          Bless the Czech Stop!!!


    Shelby NC Finally!!!

  • anton

    We need more phones like att have and with band 12 and WiFi calling for all phones including de unlocked ones.

    • jonathan3579


  • Deswaga

    I’ve spotted LTE in NC on US74 near Hamlet NC !! I guess I could map out the area on my way to and from work!!

    • Chad Dalton

      lol yeah get to mapping!

      • Deswaga

        Its done!!!

  • maximus1901

    Which app did that person use to get the band and bandwidth?

    • Jay Holm

      Just dial *#0011# from your phone, it’s called “Service Mode”

      • maximus1901

        I did but it says:
        Connection problem or invalid mmi code.

        Do I have to root?

        • Jay Holm

          I’m not rooted. I use an S4.

        • Different phone, different codes, if any at all, for many phones have no service mode.

    • engineer

      3845#*801#, wcdma only, modem settings on lg g2 g2 its called engineering menu.

    • Erm1001

      If you are using android lte discovery in the play store

  • maximus1901

    When TMO upgrades 2g only sites: there will be only b2; no 4×2 mimo; no tower mounted RRU/RRH because it’ll be GMO aka ground mount option; no Hspa, only gsm and lte; huge 2g-only gaps between towers.

    This will hopefully be temporary until TMO replaces the antennas also.

  • Mike

    LTE spotted in Shelbyville, Indiana too! Great surprise for me after getting home from work. It used to be on Edge!

    • taz

      Hopefully if Shelbyville got some LTE love, the I-65 corridor north of Indy isn’t too far behind. It’s brutal right now.

      • Mike

        Right! The LTE here is weird.. I don’t think they are completely finished with it yet. It switches between LTE and Edge pretty much every hour on the hour in the same spot(my house and downtown).

        • Roger Sales

          when LTE is new it can be patchy. give it a few weeks.

        • John Johnson

          This would seem to be normal – took a month or so to settle in at New Prague, MN. I’d get LTE in one area of the house, off and on for a week, then it was pretty much everywhere I went in town…unless it wasn’t…at all (I mean; *zero* data), but it’d be back again minutes later. I figure it must be a testing phase or some such – I’ve heard anecdotal evidence of this from others as well.

  • Jay Holm

    There are spots in Milford & Stratford Ct that have 15×15 Wideband LTE, but I can neverrrrrr get 70mbps or above! Not fair! And still waiting for any Wideband LTE to come to Bridgeport.

  • inferno10

    15 MHz wideband LTE confirmed in San Jose, CA as well:

  • Aburowann

    Finally, Kingston NY has LTE. Although the speed is not that fast, nevertheless, to see LTE is great news!

  • Dark enV

    I drove through Gaffney SC today and it use to be all 2G but I’ve found a few spots of LTE particularly around exit 92, hope this means it’s about hit upstate SC in a big way!

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    CA upgrades done for?

  • mingkee

    Fort Hood!!!!!

  • Dean Smith

    Tmo should stop all these gmmicks and uncarrier nonsense and improve its coverage. You have good coverage ONLY if youlive in major and urban areas. Once you are out in surburbs or places like surburbs of michigan state, you have ZERO coverage and signal. STOP BEING NUMBER 4

    • Joseph Torres

      Yeah whatever. As if money alone can get you more spectrum, sometimes it takes time to be allowed to purchase such a thing. It’s not their fault the bigger companies like to bully the smaller ones. It’s those “gmmicks” that get them to still be competitive in the mobile market. It’s the baby steps to changing a market that seems to only be getting worse.

    • Eric

      So a full upgrade of 2G to some HSPA+ and all LTE and the addition of 700 MHz spectrum, all while doing Un-carrier moves to help consumers, isn’t going to help, right?

      • markw

        Help consumers? Sure. Moron Legere cares. Added millions of subs and laid off nearly eleven thousand customer service reps. Took me 55 minutes yesterday to get one on the phone. Help consumers? When all of these new subs see that you have to wait an hour to talk to customer service the churn numbers will skyrocket.

        • Roger Sales

          Even with the demand over the iPhone i’ve never had to wait more than 20 minutes to speak to a rep at peak hours. Don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Maybe if you buy some stocks and senior notes it’ll accelerate the process. It does take time to build or refarm a tower.

    • mario

      Are you retarded ?? I guess you have been living under a rock. Guess what they are doing?

    • hit_the_lights

      Fail troll

      • Paul

        Calling someone a troll doesn’t make then a “fanboi.” If you dislike the network then there are alternatives to jump over too. It’s not like T-Mobile has contracts that hold you with them for a full 2 years.

      • Eric

        Quit reading T-Mobile articles if you hate T-Mobile.

    • Paul

      – Most people live in major and urban areas, particularly around major cities.
      – They are expanding their network and have been acknowledging the work as it progresses. The rollout of the 700Mhz is, in part, meant to help with the issue. Along with the auctions coming up.
      – They have also recently negotiated roaming agreements with other towers for Magenta customers to use. Cam actually published a story on it fairly recently.

      While many suffer from bad coverage in rural areas, it’s not T-Mobile’s fault. They are working to expand and cover more customers. They’ve talk about it and have even offered solutions to help hold those customers over while they work to expand. If they don’t offer the service you desire then you have other alternatives to choose from. Expanding the network costs money and T-Mobile is working to expand.

      • Come on, of course it’s TMUS fault for the bad coverage outside urban areas. Whose else could it be? I’m alright with its prioritizing offering good service somewhere, in urban areas, over offering bad service everywhere, like Sprint. But I’d never exempt TMUS from this responsibility and demanding its owning up to its decision.

    • Baxter DeBerry

      …..ok, T-Mobile is doing the best it can.. remember the history of this company? remember the old CEO that wasnt worth a darn! he drove the company to the ground!, Deutche Telekom didnt help cause it loss faith this company finally turned around but it takes time.. you cant expect coverage threw out all of the USA in a night.. heck its not even that possible.. it took AT&T and Verizon years and billions, T-Mobile is buying 700mhz spectrum and plans to roll it out.. over time it will get better but again not instantly.. also the uncarrier thing is to gain more customers its needed for income so T-mobile can continue to do what it does fixing its network.. heck its doing alot better on working on its network than sprint and sprint is prob the worst on optimizing space, signal area ect.. example, on sprint in my town you can get LTE but its so weak and only in a small portion of town its not funny, good luck on receiving it inside your house.. its not happening, T-Mobile I get a solid 4-5 bars all threw out town no matter where I go

  • Ron

    In last week Hartord WI and other areas between there and Milwaukee have switched from 2G to LTE. 99% kf my commute is now LTE it was about 50 % before last week.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Map it on senorly

  • anton

    All of this LTE is great but we need more devices that support LTE and wifi calling features please.

    • Paul

      There are a lot of LTE devices and a lot of them have WFi Calling.

    • Scarfacemario

      What the almost all devices in store support LTE &WiFi Calling

  • Paul

    Awesome, I’m heading through those towns this coming weekend.

  • Aurizen

    Philly left out still :( lets hope we see some wideband on October 1st

    • Roger Sales

      Not really enough spectrum for Wideband LTE in Philly.

      • Aurizen

        huh? yes there is, the top 25 markets are getting wideband, and philly is one of them.

        • Roger Sales

          Not true, if you look at specmap, T-Mobile had 50 mhz total in Philadelphia. They can’t deploy a 15×15 channel of LTE without cutting out HSPA+ on AWS, and they won’t do that yet. Even with the A Band Acquisition, thats still only 62 mhz. (Leap was in the area and so AT&T has a lot of spectrum on their hands they don’t really need)

          Correction: According to specmap by philadelphia metro, T-Mobile only has 50mhz in holdings.

          According to T-Mobile’s holdings they could have as much as 50 AWS and 65 PCS. Which one is accurate, I don’t know – I suspect a lot of these are shared channels.

          I don’t remember AT&T being required to divest Philly market as part of their acquisition so I’m skeptical at this moment.

          Update; Just checked FCC’s website and according to them T-Mobile owns 40 AWS and 30 PCS. in Comparison, the NYC area where I live has 50 AWS and 20 PCS and they are not doing Wideband LTE here yet, just 10+10. Unless they are implementing carrier aggregation I don’t see Philly becoming a Wideband LTE market just yet.

        • Darwinski

          I thought the plan was to implement carrier aggregation a la Erricson networks.

        • Roger Sales

          the groundwork for carrier aggregration is being laid out for all the major carriers, but we’re still a ways off from seeing it I think.

    • markw

      They’re to busy doing little Podunk towns in central Texas and South Carolina to do Philly.

      • Chad Dalton

        wish they’d do my little podunk town, hehe!

  • B-Mobile

    Related to the 15+15 wideband LTE in the bay area, usually in Woodland, CA i could only get edge in and around the house: usually just connect to WiFi don’t even think about it. But i had wifi off on the phone yesterday, and noticed i get HSPA+ 4G strong throughout the whole house presently surprised

  • krym73

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 &Note Edge Fanatics, The Note 4 will be available for display at your local Best Buy store, and the Note Edge will be in display in select Best Buy stores. I post this because the Apple shill will not speak or post about this like other previous previews of upcoming non apple handsets, and if you have any doubts call your local Best Buy store to confirm.

  • Chad Dalton

    trying to be patient is tough…still waiting to be upgraded to LTE in Mocksville, NC! It’s good to know its on the way though…may be this time next year, but its coming! I was told by a Twitter TMO rep that they are looking at completion done by the end of 2015 now, not the middle. Big surprise right? TMO is till rockin’ it!

  • Chris

    I notice Lake Wylie, SC is absent from showing LTE which we have. I’ll need to start tracking my trips in Sensorly now, never knew about this app until now.

  • Cyrus

    Looks like there is also LTE mapping on I-95 north of Lumberton, NC

  • calvin200

    Just for fun check up those locations on other carriers.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Camden, SC and Lugoff, SC is in the process of being upgraded I mapped a lot of 4G today. Hasn’t fully showed up

    • maximus1901

      Is it band 4 or 2?

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Band 2. I caught HSPA in 1700/2100 band but it’s really weam

        • maximus1901

          Keep an eye out for which band lte it is because: it’s been confirmed that for 2g only to lte conversions, TMO will only have band 2 lte(1900mhz) and gsm/gprs/edge on 1900mhz.
          It’d be nice to get real confirmation of what TMO has publicly said.

  • Token2k8

    Yeah there is finally LTE in Killeen or at least it says LTE now, but as for the performance …… Not even close.

    • walkermx

      backhaul issues. just give them a few days maybe a week it will improve

  • I hope I can get a decentT-Mobile signal at Baylor stadium. If it wasn’t for the in stadium wifi, I I would be completely dead. No calls, no twitter, nada. Looking forward to testing in a few weeks.

  • Bori

    For those who are seeing these LTE sightings on B2, how are the speeds? and for those who have had it for a while, do you see speeds increasing? Just curious as to what to expect here in Cincinnati, now that we are into our first week of having LTE. Just wanted to scope and see how long it’s taken for those who’ve had it for a while, to have consistent speeds.

  • B-Mobile

    an update on the Oakland 15+15 Wideband LTE last weekend i reported HSPA+ all through the house in Woodland, CA where i previously only got edge. this weekend i’m getting 5 bars of LTE in the house my first speedtest results: 22.08mbps down 8.54mbps up 43ms ping. not too shabby for edge connectivity 2 weeks ago