T-Mobile US took 20% of online iPhone 6, 6 Plus carrier pre-orders [Update]


According to a report by Slice Intelligence, T-Mobile took 20% of the online iPhone 6 and 6 Plus U.S. pre-orders outside Apple.com. And although it wasn’t the biggest seller of iPhones that weekend, it did manage to outperform its market share. Of all the carrier pre-orders, T-Mobile sold 19% of iPhone 6 orders and 20.1% of the iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders between September 12-14.

It doesn’t sound, or look like a lot when you compare it to Verizon or AT&T. “Big Red” sold 28.5% of iPhone 6 pre-orders and 21.2% of iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders. AT&T performed the best, unsurprisingly, selling 47.4% of iPhone 6 pre-orders and 53.8% of iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders.

But this is good news for T-Mobile. Let’s not forget, T-Mo’s pre-order weekend was a mess. Failed orders plagued the entire day on Friday, with JUMP! customers being unable to place any pre-orders at all until the Saturday. And still, T-Mo managed to grab a bigger share of the carrier pre-orders than its market share. Currently, T-Mobile iPhone users make up 16% of the market. And yet, its pre-orders made up 20% of the opening weekend.

“Outside of Cupertino, the big winner of the iPhone 6 launch was T-Mobile, which managed to capture about 20% of all pre-orders opening weekend, outperforming its market share,” noted Kanishka Agarwal, chief data officer at Slice Intelligence. “T-Mobile’s grab of these consumers is an indication that their aggressive switching campaign is gaining traction — especially considering that about [one-third] of pre-orders were upgrading the iPhone 5S, which came out less than a year ago and would have been tied to a contract.”

As you’d expect, many iPhone 6 and 6 buyers were customers upgrading from an older model. Of the upgrading customers, the highest percentage (36.4%) were iPhone 5 users, the second highest group were iPhone 5s owners, making up 32.6% of the upgrading group. Less than 9% were swapping out their iPhone 4S, while only 4.4% were ditching an iPhone 4. Surprisingly, iPhone 5c owners only made up 3.3% of the upgrading bunch. Either they really love their iPhone 5c, or there aren’t that many of them.


We’ve been able to get our hands on one pretty interesting statistic. When you just look at the overall U.S. iPhone install base, T-Mobile customers make up just 5% (roughly) of those. So, of all the iPhone users in the U.S., 5% are on T-Mobile. And that’s not a surprise. T-Mo’s only been carrying the iPhone since last year. The lion’s share of current iPhone users (understandably) are with AT&T, the once exclusive iPhone carrier. With Verizon in second place.

Why’s that interesting? It’s a simple case of adding all the bits together to get a compelling glimpse at how the industry is moving. Knowing that 85% of those pre-ordering the iPhone were upgrading from an older iPhone, and knowing that T-Mobile took 20% of the carrier pre-orders, we can safely assume that there were many, many switchers from other carriers.


Source: RCR Wireless

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  • Paul Garrison

    The Galaxy S2 and Note 2, nice!

    • donnybee

      Your comment is so original!

      Too bad Apple runs circles around Samsung. #fact

      • Paul Garrison

        I didn’t mean to hurt you feelings. I don’t own neither a iPhone nor a Sammy phone. I think Samsung may sell more phones.

        • Javon

          The sell more phones because they release more than 2 phones a year…

        • Dakota

          And so you don’t know how many phones they sell if they didn’t

        • Stormcloud

          I think the Gaxlaxy S4 outsold the iphone of the same generation.

        • KingCobra

          That’s a joke right? No single phone ever outsells the iPhone. 10 million+ in opening weekend alone is what normally takes Samsung over a month to reach. Also with the S5 sales being in the toilet, I don’t know how you figure they’ll even come close to iPhone 6 sales. If anything Apple finally making larger screens is going to further hurt Samsung’s S5 and Note 4 sales.

          Now if you’re talking about selling more total phones then yes Samsung will sell more. They have tons of different types of phones on the market and many different price points.

          But the S5/Note 4 will certainly not even come close to 6/6 Plus sales.

      • Chris Bird

        Silly fanboy, his comment really bothered you.

      • Jerry Rich

        What #fact are you talking about? Phone sales? Sammy, 282 million to Apple 44 million. Apple wins in one category, Bendable phones, Apple 1 to Sammy 0.

      • Jerry Rich

        What #fact are you talking about? Phone sales: Sammy 282 mil to Apple 47 mil. There is one #fact where Apple wins, Bendable phones: Apple 1 to Sammy 0

  • DirkDigg1er

    #Off Topic: Has anyone been suffered from bending their iPhone Plus or is it just media hype??

    • Cam Bunton

      I haven’t suffered yet. But there’s no doubting it’s not as strong as the HTC One, Moto X, Note 3 or even the regular iPhone 6. Still, don’t have a single (even slight) bend in mine.

      • JBLmobileG1

        Hey Cam, do you use a case? Just curious, because if so, I think that would help prevent the bending from happening at all.

        • Adrayven

          Testing is showing you need over 55 lbs of force to even bend it. While not the best, it’s certainly not ‘easy’ to bend. As as you said, a case would likely stop that..

          I always seem amazed at people use a back pocket and sitting on their phones though.. I never did that over the years.. I used to work at Best Buy, always seeing people brining in cracked screens, bent phones, etc from ‘sitting’ on it..

          Warranty, at least back then, considered that abuse.. LOL Just because you got away with it previously doesn’t mean you SHOULD be doing that.

        • JBLmobileG1

          There is a video of a guy bending it with his bare hands and it doesn’t look like he uses much force. He even trys to bend a Note 3, and looks like he really is trying to snap the thing in half, but leaves no damage. I agree with you, why sit on your phone in the first place? For me, I put my phone in my front pocket, however, while I work I do crouch and kneel a lot etc. so I am sure my phone moves quite a bit and I have a Note 3 with with a UAG (Urban Armor Gear) case. An Awesome case BTW with a slim form factor yet protects Amazingly well, even better than Otterbox or Ballistic. They do make them for the iPhone 6+ too which I would highly recommend to anyone after watching that video because it doesn’t look like it’ll take much force at all to really cause some damage to the 6+.

        • bratty

          Yes, that video really started things. Now its being questioned as fake. Time stamps dont match etc.
          Each can decide for themselves. My 6+ is fine and I dont use a case.

        • Dakota

          He did it live on bloomberg

        • Dakota

          No one’s talking about sitting on your phone. People said they noticed bending from keeping it in front pockets, esp if you’re sitting & standing. I can believe that

        • Dakota

          The issue is front pocket where most men keep their cell phone. You walk around, you sit at a movie or restaurant, you get up. If my phone bent after spending so much money on one, I’d be pissed

        • KingCobra

          Consumer Reports did an actual scientific test determining that the 6 is actually more bendable than the 6 Plus but they require over 90 lbs of force to bend. Looks like the bending thing was blown way out of proportion.

        • Cam Bunton

          I have the thin leather Apple case. But It’s not always on.

        • Dakota

          Are you keeping it in a front pocket for long periods of time while sitting & standing?

  • krym73

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 &Note Edge Fanatics, The Note 4 will be available for display at your local Best Buy store, and the Note Edge will be in display in select Best Buy stores. I post this because the Apple shill will not speak or post about this like other previous previews of upcoming non apple handsets, and if you have any doubts call your local Best Buy store to confirm.

    • Lost_Fan

      Who cares about samsung. This article is about iPhone. Go troll somewhere else.

      • Aooga

        Your comment was no worse than his.

    • Adrayven

      The fact that he’s calling people names seems to puff up his ego though.. I mean.. yea, he’s more credible by calling people names over a smartphone brand.. /s

      IMHO, if you’re a ‘Fanatic’ about something like a smartphone brand, you really need to re-evaluate your place in the universe. Maybe refocus those energies and become a Picasso, Einstein, or fanatic about your kids education.. Just a thought.. Dangerous as it might be..

  • VG

    I know CEO Legere likes to downplay the iPhone’s impact on T-Mobile, but let’s be honest: a lot of customers would never have even looked at T-Mobile as a carrier unless it officially carried the iPhone.

    • J.J.

      im sure it definitely helps

    • skittle

      “Even though AT&T had exclusive rights to the iPhone, T-Mobile was a significantly cheaper, friendlier, and less busy carrier that also used GSM. T-Mobile welcomed the owners of unlocked iPhones with open antennae.”
      There were up to a “million” iPhone users on T-Mobile before T-Mobile officially sold the iPhone. They used the Tmo APN settings and saved money over AT&T. When Tmo introduced 3G they could not use the faster speeds but many still stayed. Anyone remember those days? I was on a Sony flip phone getting unlimited 3G at $5.00 per month.

      • skittle

        The $5.00 per month was just for the higher speed data part of my bill

      • John

        A few years ago those that used unlocked AT&T iPhones like the 3G,3GS, 4, 4S on T-Mobile were unable to get faster 3G/4G speeds because of frequency incompatibility. This was caused because Apple made the 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S for at&t use only. Since AT&T put their 3G on the 1900 frequency and their 2G/ edge on 1700 frequency. Thus Apple made the 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S with the 1700 band for 2G/ edge and the 3G for the 1900 frequency on those devices. Whereas, TMobile put their 2G on 1900 frequency and put their 3G on 1700 frequency. Therefore, when T-Mobile customers bought their unlocked IPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S they would get only edge speeds on those devices because those phones didn’t not have the the capability of 3G on 1900 frequency as they were originally made for. But of course they could call or text just fine on T-Mobile’s network.

        Now around late 2012, T-mobile starting reframing spectrum in some areas. So basically T- Mobile started moving some of its 3G from 1700 frequency to the 1900 frequency making the unlocked iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, and 4S capable of getting 3G in some areas. But like I said, spectrum refarming didn’t start taking place till 2012. As a result for many years those who had their unlocked iPhone 3G, 3GS,4, and 4S on T-Mobile could only run on 2G/edge speeds but we’re able to make calls and text just fine.

        In April 2013, T-Mobile starting selling the iPhone 5 and they also started selling the iPhone 4 and 4S. However, the IPhone 4 and 4S was never remade internally to give it full support on T- Mobile. In other words, Apple let T- Mobile start selling the iPhone 4 and 4S in April 2013, but never added the 1700 band frequency to the 4 and 4S in order to make it more compatible with their entire network. On the other hand, the iPhone 5 never had that issue because the frequency bands built into iPhone 5 were fully compatible with the LTE network T-Mobile began rolling out in 2013.

        T-Mobile carried the iPhone 4 and 4s online and in some of it stores beginning in April 2013 and quickly dropped the 4/4S from its website and its stores around September 2013 when the 5S/5C came out.

        There were many reasons the iPhone 4/4S were quickly pulled once the 5S and 5C came out. The iPhone 4/4S were not fully compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G network due to not having 3G on the right frequency bands that T- Mobile used, Not LTE capable, not much cheaper, older specs, smaller screen etc. The IPhone 4/4S were geared towards the budget market in 2013 yet TMobile was selling the 4 and 4S for $350-$450.

        The reason the 4/ 4S remained a strong seller on the other 3 carriers years after its release was for a few reasons. It was marketed as a budget alternative to the latest iPhones. Apple made versions of the 4/4S that were fully compatible with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprints network. Furthermore, those three carriers offered the iPhone 4 for free with 2 year contract and the 4S for $49 with a 2 year contract back in 2013. Which is why some customers from those 3 carriers went for iPhone4/4S years after their initial release despite the smaller screen and older specs.

        In fall 2013 you could get the 5C for $550 and there was newer technology in that phone, better specs, LTE capablility, and had all the necessary T- Mobile bands at the time compared to the slightly cheaper iPhone 4S. So why would TMobile customers in 2013 pay $450 for a 4S that wasn’t fully compatible with TMobile network, had older specs, smaller screen, no LTE, and was older in general buy that phone over the 5C or 5S? Most didn’t buy the 4S from T-Mobile when they began officially selling it in 2013. Nevertheless, these reasons all played into T- Mobile decision in Late 2013 to pull the 4 and 4S from its website/stores.

        It made sense for T- Mobile to invest more resources and spectrum to deploy LTE rather than focus on investing anything more into 3G deployment/ 3G refarming. However, it was the kiss of death for smartphones like the iPhone 4 and 4S that were not LTE capable and were not able to take advantage of 3G in many areas because of frequency incompatiabilities. Thus, TMobile quickly stopped selling the iPhone 4/4S.

        • Fabian Cortez

          AT&T’s never had 2G on AWS/1700. They use PCS for 2G, 3G/4G, and LTE.

          The main hiccup was T-Mobile’s awkward 3G band (AWS) which has since gained traction in the LTE world.

          By harmonizing themselves with AT&T’s 2G, 3G/4G, and LTE bands, T-Mobile has made it even easier for people to switch along with making it easier for them to get access to the best devices.

        • John

          You are wrong atat had 2g on 1700 band and 3G on 1900 band up until 2013. That is why a few years ago when I had an unlocked IPhone 4S on TMobile I would get edge speeds. Because the iPhone 4s had 3G on 1900 frequency and 2g on 1700 frequency. That was because Apple never made a IPhone 4/ 4S to be compatible with their 3G network. However, Apple did let T-Mobile start selling the 4and 4s officially in late April 2013. I know because I was with Tmobile and had an unlocked iPhone at that time and experienced it all first hand. Of course in late 2012 T-Mobile began refarming that 3G to 1700 band in many of the areas I frequented so I began to get 3G on my iPhone in late 2012.

          I have been with Tmobile for years and have experienced it all. Now I have the iPhone 6plus with T-Mobile. Thankfully it’s is fully compatiable with all of T-Mobils frequency bands. However, band 12 is NOT supported in the 6 or 6 Plus. So that would be the one exception to TMobile’s current iPhone 6 and 6+ having fully T-Mobile compatiability.

          I still have my old iPhone 4 box that shows 850/1700 frequency on 2g/edge and 1900 frequency on 3G. I was so frustrated with T- Mobile at the time.

          I throughly learned why I couldn’t get 3G on my unlocked iPhone back then. Like I said I lived with it back then and dealt with it first hand.

          Also for clarification back then in 2008- 2012 AT&T used 850/1700 for mainly 2g and 1900 for mainly 3G. In 2013 AT&T start killing off their 2g network one area at a time and are focusing on full 3G/ LTE deploment. Furthermore, at&t made an announcement that they are turning off their entire 2G/edge network on Jan 1, 2017

        • Fabian Cortez

          AT&T barely owns any AWS.

          So instead of just saying “you are wrong,” maybe you should back your statement up.

          For the longest time, PCS (1900 MHz) and Celullar (850 MHz) we’re the “2G” bands for wireless phones in this country.

        • KingCobra

          AWS has never been used for 2G by any US carrier. T-Mobile phones received EDGE on old iPhones in those days because TMO used 1900mhz for EDGE and the iPhone supported that band since AT&T also used it for EDGE.

          Prior to the iPhone 5, iPhones DID NOT even have a 1700mhz radio in them. Like the other user said, AT&T barely owns any AWS, even today so how would their large 2G footprint be based off spectrum they don’t even have?

        • John

          Wrong wrong wrong wrong in regards to stay never using was 1700 for edge. If you actually read all my posts on the subjuct you would see I stated that T-Mobile had edge on 1900 and that is what the iPhone’s prior to the 5 supported.

          I have my old iPhone 4 box which lists all the frequencies used on that particular phone. Obviously you fail at reading comprehension. If you read my posts you would see I have stated the iPhone’s prior to the 5 didn’t have 1700 band.

          I know that the iPhone’s prior to the 5 didn’t have 1700 band that is why T-Mobile customers couldn’t get 3G on those devices because T-Mobile put 3G on 1700 band but iPhones prior to 5 didn’t have that band.

          You didn’t read all my long posts on the topic because if you did you wouldn’t be trolling so bad right now. I am finished you’re worthless.

        • Fabian Cortez

          You don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • John

          You don’t know what you’re talking about troll

        • Fabian Cortez

          AT&T have NEVER, EVER, used 1700 for GSM/GPRS/EDGE, EVER.

          In fact, there isn’t a single carrier in this world that uses 1700 for GSM/GPRS/EDGE.

          I’d say “troll harder” but your information isn’t even slightly accurate.

        • UMA_Fan

          It also makes devices cheaper for Tmobile to obtain from manufacturers since the one they make for Tmobile would work with att and Verizon LTE as well. Sprint has it rough with their isolated LTE bands.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Is that not what I said in the last part of my sentence? Lol

    • Aooga

      Really? I thought I remembered him crediting the iPhone in one of the uncannier videos.

    • Hiro

      I only switched to TMo when…
      1. the iPhone was available
      2. LTE was available
      3. The network was improved significantly.

      Since I switched early this year, I couldn’t be happier. (From AT&T)

      • Phil Jack

        Me too but it was actually the savings I was getting that sold it for me.

  • Larry

    I purchased a tmobile full price and am using it with a straight talk (AT&T version) sim. Does that count?

    • Zacamandapio

      Are you saying the T-Mobile version is unlocked?
      If it’s then I can go buy one right now.

      • Cam Bunton

        The T-Mobile one you buy from Apple.com is unlocked if you buy it outright. Yes.

        • Dakota

          The Apple site doesn’t give the option of the Tmobile $45 2gb plan (or the similar Verizon 60$ 2gb with a subsidy). Carriers seem to be hiding their least expensive options

        • Zacamandapio

          Thank you.

      • distung

        Not sure about directly from T-Mobile, but Apple’s T-mobile version is definitely unlocked. Pre-ordered one for the wife and currently using it on AT&T.

      • Bratty

        YES. Got one from Apple store. Fully unlocked. Plus into iTunes and get the “congrats you have unlocked this device” message too.

      • Chris

        It also seems like once you paid out your EIP; T-mobile already unlocks the phone (from their end I suppose). I paid my mom’s SGS3 last year (early). Then on T-mobile’s site; there is a new section that displays if your phone is locked or unlocked. My mom’s SGS3 is showing as “unlocked”. I never asked for unlock code on it though.

      • Yo

        My understanding is if you pay full price AT the Apple store, the AT&T, Verizon and TMobile phones should be unlocked (according to reports). However, Tmobile is the only one you can order online off contract, the other carriers required a contract. However, if you go to the Apple store you can request to purchase Verizon and ATT at full price, device only, no contract.

    • Dakota

      I dont have an iPhone but been on Straight Talk for almost 2 years. $45, no fees and 3gb of ATT LTE. You can get a Tmobile SIM but only ATT offers LTE. .

      • Phil Jack

        T-Mobile has lte also

  • Kevin Horvath

    any word on when pre ordered back ordered 6 plus’ will become available to ship?

    • Cam Bunton

      I’ve not heard anything, and I doubt I will. I think it’s a case of them arriving in the inventory, and being immediately shipped out to match orders. They barely touch the ground.

    • JK

      I pre-ordered on 9/13 and I got a text this morning with my 6+ shipping info.

  • dtam

    that means Sprint took 5.1% of the 6 and 4.9% of 6plus…

    • Cam Bunton

      Yep. Pretty much.

      • Jose

        lol. and to think they claim it were the best year

    • Hiro

      Sucks for Sprint. #3 spot, here T-Mo comes…

      • TechnoRealz

        I used to support those guys for over 10 years as a customer.
        Now if I claim to be a SPCS customer, I would think people would consider me a joke & don’t know what I am talking about technology wise.

        • IamTwone

          I was in the same boat with sprint for 10 yrs only carrier when your 18 with no credit back in the day that would give you a real plan, tmobile stuck you with plans with not enough mins. But I have tmobile prepaid back when it was omnipoint and voicestream. So being with them over this pass year they been doing a great job and actually having phones that i can unlock and sell that are actually worth something. Because I have htc evo’s now that aint worth nothing.

    • TechHog

      Well… DAMN

    • Nurdface Gamerhandz

      Not even, regional carriers carry it too

    • mingkee

      Consider this, Sprint would never unlock your iPhone while T-Mobile lets you do this once you paid in full.

  • Roberto Jaimes

    Did anyone else switching from android to iphone also get fewer bars?

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      is the signal strength the same? phones represent that signal strength differently

    • Cam Bunton

      You’ll find that switching between different devices. Not just Android to iOS. Some pick up signal better than others, while some just display the information differently. If you can still connect, you’re good.

    • superg05

      high end android phone usually have better radios something apple has yet to prefect

    • NorCalOffspring

      My wife’s 5s gets better LTE reception than my G3. Go figure…

  • Jose!

    God damn it! This is why I wanted a job as a sales rep — I wonder how commission is being out right now.

    • g

      This launch isnt as large as the past ones commission wise.

  • Nick

    Found a Tmobile 64 GB Iphone 6 plus new, for $750 is that a good price?????

    • monkeybutts

      Yes considering the 16 GB 6 plus sells for $750 pretaxes.

    • B Boy

      Make sure it was not bought on contract for a discount with no intention of fulfilling contract and selling to you. They are making a profit. And then phone will be blacklisted in a couple of months.

  • Cam Fas

    Looks like they may already be the number 3 carrier if not they are about to be

  • Paul

    Is there an official tear down of this thing yet to see if they made room to get band 12 as a software update? Or is it really a hardware limitation.. cause that would be dumb.

    • Mj

      I hope it’s software updatable

    • Mike Palomba

      It’s probably a hardware limitation because if it wasn’t they would’ve just left it enabled from the beginning

    • monkeybutts

      Hardware, hopefully the next one will have it. There might not have been enough time to start mass production and get it tested by the FCC in time. Samsung just came out with their first for T-mobile last month and it wasn’t exactly a high production model.

  • Nelson Vargas

    anddddddddd tmobile blew it by not having enough for these customers. so they are jumping ship to another carrier

    • eanfoso

      No not exactly, they can just go to another store or place an online order, plus it wasn’t t-ghetto’s fault, it was apple and it’s short supplies worldwide

    • Roger Sales

      How is the iPhone being out of stock everywhere T-Mobile’s fault exactly?

    • JamesG

      That was at the fault of Apple

  • monkeybutts

    Thats huge considering T-mobile has less than half the customers of AT&T and Verizon. Looks like Verizon is feeling the most hurt out of this. Maybe unlimited customers are upset?

    • NorCalOffspring

      Verizon is in business to lose customers. And they’re doing a fine job at it!

  • maanshu

    I am still waiting for my iPhone. Wait is about 6 weeks or more. These wait times are more than enough to say, apple is never well prepared for the demand or at least estimates.

    • John

      Email me a trees2315@gmail.com so you can use me as referral. We will both be rewarded by mobiles refer a friend program

      • maanshu

        I am 9 year loyal t-mobile customer.

        • John

          Same here

        • mingkee

          I am more than 11 years and counting.

  • Jason McDermott

    I switched to TMO from sprint on a iPhone 6 plus TMO’s network is good but the customer service and the 8 hour activation process of trying to do it on the phone then forced to sit in a store for 3 hours dealing with dumbass Philippine customer service to untrained idiots at the store…. Wholly crap what a new activation nightmare… TMO would have more new switches if they weren’t so disorganized and using retarded people. I almost went to AT&T after this nightmare. But to be honest AT&T is miserable customer service too. sprint customer service is incredibly good wish their network didn’t suck.

    • Mike Palomba

      How long ago did you switch? Email me at mpalomba3@msn.com and I could get you unlimited data free for a year, I already have it but I wouldn’t mind helping you out

    • Duh

      You sound about as stupid as your rant. Whenever the iPhone debuts this is always the case you racist moron. Every carrier was probably swamped and I bet it was a real pain completing an order at any of the big 4.

      I had Sprint a long long time ago. It was solid voice service (this was before smartphones were consumer oriented). I switched to AT&T and never had a single issue with service or customer service. However I know a good deal when I see one so I switched to T-Mobile with a iPhone 4 and couldn’t complain about service but I didn’t appreciate the slow speeds since the iPhone 4 is not 100% compatible. However I was paying over $25 a month for data so it was worth switching to T-Mobile.

      In sum you’re a real idiot for complaining considering the circumstance surrounding the release of the new iPhone. If you had half a brain you would realize this…

      • Ching Chong

        Racist? LOL. You are the one that sounds like a moronic fanboy. Get a life.

      • NorCalOffspring

        So if t-mobile’s customer care was based out of Winnipeg and he said “dumbass Canadians” would you still say he’s a racist moron?

      • x646x

        Yeah no, the Philippines CS centre is a joke. In fact, ill trained CS agents and massive backend issues is the #1 reason I just switched to Verizon. I told the rep that you don’t know what I have been through over these last 5 years with att and tmobile.

        For example, it took 7 reps to get a line disconnected only a few days ago reactivated. Is that acceptable? I have lots of examples like this, where t-mobiles CS is ironically the most carrier of any carrier I have dealt with across 3 continents.

        Boggles the mind that tmobile has a gun retentions team in Oregon yet hasn’t figured out how to spread this to all of their call centers.

        Unlike att, standard reps are nice but absolutely useless.

    • gorilla

      But you’re just as a retard to be using an iPhone :P
      Customer care’s probably located in India and not Phillipines…
      I can’t understand their accent either and get disconnected probably due to bad network over there, which is ironic.

  • KingCobra

    Looking at those numbers, things look really bad for Sprint. I’d venture to say many of their customers probably left for other carriers when the iPhone 6/6 Plus launched.

    • mingkee

      Sprint will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever unlock your iPhone even you paid in full.

    • J D

      A good share of the off contract Tmo sales at Apple probably went overseas. Many scalpers making $500-$1000 profit selling in China.

  • ny3ranger

    I am sure there are a lot of switchers but not as many as the numbers are going to indicate. Some are going to buy on tmobile.com and sell it internationally because its an unlocked phone. I also bought it on apple.com but will be using it on tmobile US. Just thought people should know those two scenarios.

  • NorCalOffspring

    Well this explains why at&t is doubling data on 15GB+ plans. Still won’t be enough to stop people from switching to t-mobile.

    • gorilla

      AT&T should half their price tag instead of doubling their data :P

      • NorCalOffspring

        Or bring back unlimited data at the 30GB price point. I don’t mind paying a little more for decent nationwide coverage with Unlimited Data.

  • Wireless Corner

    I switched over from Sprint to T-mobile and I’m not looking back. My preorder went smoothly and my iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus arrived just in time for me to activate them and port my numbers over from Sprint before I had to pay another month of CRAPPY Sprint service I wasn’t going to use. I switched over for several reasons, however, the reason that was the icing on the cake was them not unlocking my iPhone 5 which was coming off contract. I was going to dabble in either T-mobile or Cricket with my iPhone 5 and let my iPhone 5s stay on Sprint for the last remaining year of the contract. They sent me on a wild goose chase with unlocking my phone (see my blog post about it) that I decided to jump both phones over to T-mobile and take advantage of all the perks. I can’t respect a company which isn’t transparent about their unlocking policies. Just say “It’s not in our best financial interest to unlock your phone and it doesn’t matter if it’s off contract we still won’t do it.” At least with this information I wouldn’t have wasted any additional time chasing my tail. That is why Sprint iPhones don’t sell as well as other unlocked phones, they are locked only to the Sprint service. Anyway, I’m glad to have switched over to T-mobile for the following reasons; 1. Wifi Calling. 2. Refer-a-Friend, my friend and I will be getting unlimited data for a whole year. 3. Great buy-back program for my Sprint iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. 4. Reimbursement for Sprint ETF. 5. Unlimited music streaming. 6. Better LTE coverage in my area. 7. Getting a cellspot for only a $25 deposit. 8. Not being locked into a contract and being able to apply extra $ to your EIP if you want to either finish paying off your phone sooner or just want lower payments. 9. My favorite, being able to communicate with the CEO on Twitter!

    • Scoop003

      And to add to that, if you call customer care, you could probably get them to waive the deposit for the cell spot. They waived mine. That being said, even at $25 it’s a steal. :) Welcome to T-Mobile!!! I’m sure you’ll love it on their network. I haven’t thought about going back to Verizon at all.

    • John

      Email me a trees2315@gmail.com so you can use me in T- mobile’s refer a friend program

  • gdbjr

    This really isn’t a indicator of how many people are using/switching to T-Mobile. This is just show how many people wanted an unlocked phone.

    Edit: And i fail at reading comprehension. The article clearly said outside of apple orders. I am a dumbass.

  • AS

    A lot of these pre-orders are still running in to issues as far as deliveries, estimates, etc. go: http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/78358

    Lots of complaints in the thread linked above to T-Mobile’s own support forums. What’s the deal with that? I was told in-store I could expect my phone within 7-10 business days, which I’m still hoping for, but now after reading some of that thread, I’m wondering if I’ll even get my phone at all in the month of October.

    • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

      In store is the best option that’s what I did and got the phone in 3 days

  • I wonder what happened to all those cry babies who bombarded this board when the pre-orders were going on? Hmmm….I don’t think you’ll be hearing from them. Now that they have received their over priced, bendable hunk of junk, they’re pacified now! Just like spoiled rotten children!

    • trife

      Taking to the internet to discuss a device you don’t like and name call those who do.

      And who is the child again?

      • Dizzlerocksj’s

        Look at his picture can’t afford it so he bashes them not even half a percent out of the amount sold were even bent 10 mill sold 9 bent frames mine has been in and out my pocket without a scratch let alone a bent iphone 6 plus. do the numbers on any company everyone has defects with a mass production

    • Chaz Moore

      Hey there sir – I am still waiting on my bendable hunk of junk. The pre-order process has been quite the nightmare. I am guessing your and android user. I am honestly thinking about making the change.

  • krym73

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 &Note Edge Fanatics, The Note 4 will be available for display at your local Best Buy store& the Note Edge will be in display in select Best Buy stores. I post this because the Apple shill will not speak or post about this like other previous previews of upcoming non apple handsets, and if you have any doubts call your local BestBuy store to confirm.

    • Dizzlerocksj’s

      nobody cares

  • Spade

    And yet they’ve only delivered on 5% of those preorders. Canceled mine and I’m probably going to leave TNO.

  • Chaz Moore

    Yeah I pre-odered and have yet to see anything. Seriously considering going back to AT&T.

    • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

      When did you pre order?

      • Chaz Moore

        Sep 15th 5:30pm

        • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

          Did you order online or in store? I ordered mine in store and got better results

        • Chaz Moore

          I did in store and finally today I have a notice saying it shipped. But just checked UPS and only a label has been created. Weird

  • nypharm

    Anyone want a t-mobile referral to get unlimited data free for a year? email me nypharm@gmail.com

    • Shorttyy713


      • tmorep

        well that actually is part of the current referral program, in addition to both of you getting $25 credit… but i would personally refer/get refered by someone i know

  • SMH

    And delivered none.

    • sum ting wong

      Based on the number of scalpers in line every day, most of the unlocked t-mo phones were probably bought here and sent to China.

  • muZen

    If you do buy an iPhone from T-Mobile take it directly to an iPhone store to have them transfer your data or just make it work. Don’t let the T-Mobile people do it.

    Instead of exporting contacts from Google and importing them on to the phone, they set it up with Gmail.
    But they didn’t bother checking if all the data were backed up, they just wiped the phone!

    We still had to take the iPhone to the Apple store to clear up the mess.

    • skittle

      Good advice. You lose all of your text messages when T mobile “backs up” your phone. At least this was my experience,

  • Harry_Wild

    And that without having the new T-Mobile 700 MHZ LTE band 12 being included in the new iPhone 6s too! They seem to include even the most obscured bands in the U.S. versions but no band 12! LOL! If you want an iPhone 6 with band 12; you have to buy the India model!

  • mmmmmbobby

    I want the iphone 6 on t-mobile. But band 12 (700MHZ-a, purchased from Verizon earlier in 2014) is supposed to be t-mobile’s strongest frequency moving forward, and the 6 doesn’t even run on it. I don’t want to buy a 6 now, just to have to get another one next year when Apple releases one that uses band 12. Any advice? How is your data speed, and call quality? Do you recommend just waiting it out till the 6 can use band 12, or just jump in. I’m in the St. Louis, MO area, and opensignal.com seems to indicate a decent t-mobile signal. But thought I’d check with y’all.