T-Mobile US took 20% of online iPhone 6, 6 Plus carrier pre-orders [Update]


According to a report by Slice Intelligence, T-Mobile took 20% of the online iPhone 6 and 6 Plus U.S. pre-orders outside Apple.com. And although it wasn’t the biggest seller of iPhones that weekend, it did manage to outperform its market share. Of all the carrier pre-orders, T-Mobile sold 19% of iPhone 6 orders and 20.1% of the iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders between September 12-14.

It doesn’t sound, or look like a lot when you compare it to Verizon or AT&T. “Big Red” sold 28.5% of iPhone 6 pre-orders and 21.2% of iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders. AT&T performed the best, unsurprisingly, selling 47.4% of iPhone 6 pre-orders and 53.8% of iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders.

But this is good news for T-Mobile. Let’s not forget, T-Mo’s pre-order weekend was a mess. Failed orders plagued the entire day on Friday, with JUMP! customers being unable to place any pre-orders at all until the Saturday. And still, T-Mo managed to grab a bigger share of the carrier pre-orders than its market share. Currently, T-Mobile iPhone users make up 16% of the market. And yet, its pre-orders made up 20% of the opening weekend.

“Outside of Cupertino, the big winner of the iPhone 6 launch was T-Mobile, which managed to capture about 20% of all pre-orders opening weekend, outperforming its market share,” noted Kanishka Agarwal, chief data officer at Slice Intelligence. “T-Mobile’s grab of these consumers is an indication that their aggressive switching campaign is gaining traction — especially considering that about [one-third] of pre-orders were upgrading the iPhone 5S, which came out less than a year ago and would have been tied to a contract.”

As you’d expect, many iPhone 6 and 6 buyers were customers upgrading from an older model. Of the upgrading customers, the highest percentage (36.4%) were iPhone 5 users, the second highest group were iPhone 5s owners, making up 32.6% of the upgrading group. Less than 9% were swapping out their iPhone 4S, while only 4.4% were ditching an iPhone 4. Surprisingly, iPhone 5c owners only made up 3.3% of the upgrading bunch. Either they really love their iPhone 5c, or there aren’t that many of them.


We’ve been able to get our hands on one pretty interesting statistic. When you just look at the overall U.S. iPhone install base, T-Mobile customers make up just 5% (roughly) of those. So, of all the iPhone users in the U.S., 5% are on T-Mobile. And that’s not a surprise. T-Mo’s only been carrying the iPhone since last year. The lion’s share of current iPhone users (understandably) are with AT&T, the once exclusive iPhone carrier. With Verizon in second place.

Why’s that interesting? It’s a simple case of adding all the bits together to get a compelling glimpse at how the industry is moving. Knowing that 85% of those pre-ordering the iPhone were upgrading from an older iPhone, and knowing that T-Mobile took 20% of the carrier pre-orders, we can safely assume that there were many, many switchers from other carriers.


Source: RCR Wireless

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