OnePlus One Review – Not quite a flagship killer, but great nonetheless


“Never Settle”, a phrase which OnePlus has taken as its vague inspiration for a device that it wants to kill the flagship phones. Its production videos boast of a purposeful design, of no compromise and market-beating performance. But the reality doesn’t quite live up to those aspirations.

I’ve had plenty of time with the OnePlus One to bring you my thoughts on it.



The OnePlus One design is a little unusual, to say the least. The device’s thin edges and curved back make it more comfortable to hold than most 5.5-inch+ smartphones, but it has some strange quirks about it.

Firstly, there’s the sandstone texture on the black 64GB model that feels really nice in hand. And, at a distance, looks great too. But get in close, inspect it thoroughly and you’ll notice that the overall material quality is pretty cheap. And then there’s the strange decision to make the rear shell sort-of removable. It’s not as easy to pull off as a Nokia 3310 fascia. You have to take out the SIM tray, then try and pull the cover off using a combination of sheer force and black magic. Then you realize there’s no point since OnePlus decided not to bother making its wooden shells.

Another design decision I find odd – which may be related – is the chrome trimmed lip that surrounds the display. Again, from arm’s length, it looks really nice. Close-up, I had one of those “huh?” moments. It’s almost as if OnePlus took the front panel and display from a big Nexus and then sunk it in to a chassis that was too wide, too thin and too long. Instead of engineering a body that sat flush with the display, they went “that’ll do” and shipped it. It’s pretty bizarre.

As nice as the sandstone finish might be, you better be sure you don’t scratch it, or try cleaning it with your usual gadget wipes. The result: The same effect you get when you take your suede jacket out in the rain. It gets blotchy, and marked, and you should probably try and find a new cover.

Perhaps I’m being nitpicky. Although the materials may look cheap close-up, and the design is unusual (to me), overall, it’s decent. Out of the box, it’s one of the most unique looking and feeling devices on the market. My first impressions were very, very good. It’s only over time, and with closer inspection that I’ve become less impressed.

The build quality is sturdy enough, and the button placement is comfortable to get to. And I do love the overall minimalist approach to the way it looks. The capacitive control buttons on the bottom of the front panel are almost impossible to see when they’re not lit up. Which is a great thing. They also ensure your huge display real estate isn’t reduced by onscreen buttons. But if you want onscreen buttons, you can have them. You get the choice.

I also particularly like the OnePlus logo on the back, as well as the protruding camera and flash, placed dead center. There’s something very pleasing about the symmetry.


The Full HD, 1920×1080 LCD panel on the OnePlus is admirable. We’ll get one thing straight: It’s not the best display on the market. But it’s still very, very good.

Perhaps the biggest draw is how content on the screen looks as though it’s floating on the surface. OnePlus has done a great job of making the LCD panel, backlight and touch sensor make-up really slim, bringing it as close to the surface of the glass as possible. Colors are accurate, and whites don’t give off any major noticeably discoloration. Contrast and saturation could be higher, but it’s not like the OnePlus’ display is completely devoid of life.

Thanks to its size, sharpness and viewing angles, watching content and gaming on the large 5.5-inch panel is a joy. Whites are nice and crisp too, so even browsing the web and reading ebooks is pleasant. I also found the touch sensors to be really responsive.

Perhaps my only complaint about the screen is that I wish it was a little brighter. It was difficult to see in daylight.


If there’s one area OnePlus really skimped on to save money, it’s the camera. There are much worse cameras on the market. But there are also much better ones. In most images I took, whether in daylight or low light, there was noise and visible graining. To add to it, colors are  washed out.

Yes there are 13 megapixels. And yes, it can record 4K resolution video, but the results in both still and moving images leave much to be desired. Compare it to devices like the LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2 and even the iPhone 5s in photography and videography and it becomes very clear that – at least in this category – it’s not a “Flagship Killer”.

For a comparison between this and its nearest flagship rival, the LG G3, check out my PhoneDog video below:

That said, it’s not terrible enough that it should stop you from trying to get hold of one. If all you do is upload your pics to Facebook or Instagram, you really won’t care if the dynamic range isn’t as good as another phone, or if the exposure is a little slow to react to changing lighting conditions.

Performance + Battery

If there’s one area where the OnePlus does outshine its Android flagship rivals, it’s in general speed and performance. The 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 series processor makes light work of everything.

Switching between apps, scrolling through lists, browsing the web and everything in between is fluid and stutter-free. And that’s mostly thanks to its clean and light user interface and lack of manufacturer bloatware. There’s nothing to clog up the device. No sill TouchWiz apps, or LG widgets getting in the way. It’s just a fine-tuned version of Android developed by Cyanogen to ensure the best in performance and the most open customization platform.

In fact, its performance and low maintenance OS was so refreshing, that for a good number of weeks, it became my go-to device. There was something so effortless about using it, and I loved that I could change the theme if I wanted to, and customize a lot of different aspects of the general user interface.

On the LTE/Wi-Fi front, it’s equipped with the fastest network technologies currently available in the U.S. And – more importantly – it’s compatible with T-Mobile’s most-used LTE frequencies. No band 2 (1900) love it seems.

The performance was further helped by the battery life. Its 3100mAh battery got me through at least a day and a half on a full charge with medium usage. Its screen-on time far outperformed the LG G3 I’ve been carrying alongside it. It’s not quite at the 2-day level of the Xperia Z2, but nevertheless, it should easily last you a full day of relatively heavy usage.

Wrap Up

The cliché overview phrase for the OnePlus “the best phone you can’t buy” is one I really wanted to avoid using in my review of the OnePlus One, but I can’t. All things considered, it’s a fantastic device for the cost. It might not be a flagship killer in every regard, but considering it costs just over half as much as a flagship, it certainly makes it difficult to justify spending the extra cash. At least, it would if you could just walk in to a store an pick one up. But you can’t. Until at least mid-October, you’re going to need to wait or ask for an invite. When and if you can order one, it’ll cost you $299 for the 16GB white model, or $349 for the 64GB sandstone black version.

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  • bkerstetter

    Something to note with T-Mobile compatibility – this phone doesn’t have support for Band 2 LTE – meaning it can’t take advantage of almost everywhere T-Mobile is working hard to upgrade from 2G to LTE.

    • Adrayven

      hmm.. didn’t see him mention T-Mobile WiFi Calling either? is that a no as well?

      I’ve gotten used to it on my older HTC One and now on my iPhone 6 Plus … not sure I’d consider a t-mobile phone w/o it now..

      • philyew

        That will be a no as well.

      • randpost


        • Aaron Peromsik

          One word: Hangouts.

      • Cam Bunton

        If it’s not sold by T-Mobile, you can assume it’s not going to have Wi-Fi calling.

      • VG

        Keeping my fingers crossed that Android L will have have WiFi Calling baked into the OS like iOS8. If and when that happens, it will get T-Mobile out of the Android-updating business.

        Imagine a world where customers no longer have to wait for Android updates from our carriers! Maybe that will be T-Mobile UnCarrier 8? :)

        • JamesG

          The wait is usually caused by the phone manufacturer. Tmobile will still have to have their hands in it because some of the software is still in it.

      • Jonathan Lyng

        Is WiFi calling EAP-SIM based? Because in that case it’s been months this is a serious lack in all CM brews , even on phones where the original software allowed such network authentication.
        A huge pile of European android users have asked and still ask for CM to move forward with this.

      • Ashton3002

        Does it bend?

    • Cam Bunton

      No band 2. Updated the post..

      • bkerstetter

        Thanks! I loved the phone while I had it until I realized this and that I occasionally visit areas with Band 2…

    • gr8gatzby

      I’ve locked all my TMO devices to 3G, as HSPA+/AWS is faster than LTE in Charlotte, NC(and every other city in which I’ve tested).

      • bkerstetter

        It definitely depends on your area. In Cleveland, OH I get 30-65 mbps down on LTE and 10-20 down on HSPA+ which is pretty consistent for a 10×10 market.

  • Bklynman

    I would like to know how this phone goes against The Blu line up and new Moto G. Dog fight Cam?

    • Cam Bunton

      I don’t know BLU that well, but would definitely be interested in comparing the Moto G. But, I think Marco got the new Moto phones for PhoneDog.

      • Bklynman

        Blu have a whole line up of phones,don’t know how good they really are,someone kept putting posts up about them a while back on here,now in NYC,I see them in some stores,I see few people use them on the street,no one I know personally those.Maybe Phonedog can shipped one out to you{The G}, test it out,I believe the G will be under $200 again or a little above,I know read about it,just can’t recalled the price for it. Thanks for the reply.

        • using opo for 3 months

          i have both opo & the blu life pure xl (snapdrogoon 800, adreno 330, 3 gb ram), the opo wins on almost everything, but doesnt mean life pure xl is bad, opo is just that good.

  • randpost

    For me, the phone turned out to be a flagship killer. I guess it depends on what you like and need in a phone. I have strong LTE coverage in my area and don’t need wifi calling.

    I replaced my Note 3 with the One. I sold my note 3 for a little less than 600 and purchased a One for 350. Aesthetically I like how the screen is raised from the chrome trim and the camera is nearly as good as the Note 3. The Note has the better screen though. If the phones were equal in price I would have kept the Note 3, but the difference in price ultimately pushed me towards the upgrade. I also find the One Plus to have better build quality. 64gb of internal storage is also a nice upgrade in the One.

    I will be replacing the One Plus with a Note 4 soon once my preorder arrives.

  • JJ

    I am using one right now. i think for the price/spec. it is a flagship killer.

    • Cam Bunton

      For the price, it’s amazing. Really. I’ve loved using it, but I’m not 100% on the design or camera.

    • Guest

      You’ve obviously not used either one. 1+1 camera is several magnitudes better than M8.

  • ant

    I really like my oneplus. i just got it last week and i really consider this a flagship phone. I really dig the sandstone cover more than i originally thought, and i like the chrome trim, so it’s definitely personal tastes. I wasn’t so sure about stepping up from the Nexus 5 size to this much larger phablet sized phone but it’s been an easier transition than I thought. its screaming fast and the battery life is incredible. I only wish it had wireless charging built-in to be honest.

  • gr8gatzby

    1+1 is the best bang for the buck in the Android world, Nexus 5 being the second best phone for the money. In the previous three months I’ve burned through the S5(TouchWiz killed it for me), LG G3(look and feel of hardware and software killed it for me), HTC M8(would’ve been my perfect phone if not for the camera). Now on my 4th day with the 1+1, I’m pretty happy. I find the camera to be on par with the G3, though I do not have the superman vision of Cam to validate his issues with it. My single issue with the 1+1 is the antenna, as it consistently achieves one bar less than my previous phones in the same locations; and where I previously received faint 2G signal, I now have no signal. A quick Google search shows this to be a known issue with a recent OS update, so hopefully the problem exists in software alone.

    • JJinNYC

      LOL but the camera on one plus one is worse than the M8 so what are you talking about?

      • ShermCraig

        Not by a mile. The M8 with its low pixel count is certainly not for me as I shoot all the time from more than 10-20 yards at a minimum. I often use the zoom and/or crop my pics up close, which if you did with the M8, you’d have a crappy pic. Try and be unbiased in your comments, and not a fanboy. You’ll appear more credible.

      • gr8gatzby

        The camera on the 1+1 is better than the M8’s by several orders of magnitude.

  • Cam & Company, running out of thing to write, huh? Even though the OPO has been out for how long now?

    • Cam Bunton

      lol.. Either that, or I’ve been so busy for the past month I’ve not had a chance to review it sooner. But, believe what you want to believe.

      • Desiree Perry

        It’s nice that u respond to people comments but sometime I think u can bite ur tongue on certain things. (Believe what u want to believe) really uncalled for!! The guy had a point when he said ur running out of things to talk about. I don’t thing would be happy if they seen the way to talk to followers!! Just saying.

        • Cam Bunton

          Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take it onboard. I was given an invite by a TmoNews reader, and promised to review the OnePlus as soon as I got the chance. I did that. And so I took offense to the suggestion that I was “running out of things to write”.

    • Nope, they have plenty of things to write….just not here lol. It’s all about PhoneDog now that David is gone…and has never been the same.

  • SnagitTool

    i have this phone it’s really good. EXCEPT very poor reception on tmobile.
    i believe its hardware related.

    • ShermCraig

      Reception isn’t hardware related.

  • Mars Reyes

    I love the phone, it is amazing and really worth it. The best phone yet. Wished for WIFI Calling though. OPO did well.

  • Ordeith


    • gmo8492


  • Marcy

    I love the One. I put a case on it anyway so it doesn’t matter what the sandstone is like. It has totally cool moving backgrounds, like water with floating leaves and the battery life is great. Really fast wifi/lte. No wifi calling – but you can always use skype or google voice. No Visual Voicemail either, but I am using Google Voice for that now with free voice to text – I was paying TMO $3 a month for that. I returned my Galaxy S5 and don’t miss it. This is one awesome phone!

    • Sorin Lazarescu

      I could not live without WIFI calling on TMO. I have a Note 3 right now but I would not pick the One+1 over the S5. The S5 has a lot of features that I like including water resistance. That one is killer.

      • Marcy

        I never really used wifi calling as I have good coverage in my area. The S5 was costing me 28.50/mo + jump and the One was $349. The price is amazing for what you get. YOu can always get the personal cell tower if there is a coverage issue.

        • Sorin Lazarescu

          I use wifi calling all over the place and internationally as well. I can’t drag the wifi router from tmo everywhere. I agree the phone is cheap and it shows. The GS5 has higher resolution, water resistance and very deep blacks. If money isn’t an issue I would go for the GS5. It hurts more to pay $350 once than 25 bucks per month for 2 years.

        • Marcy

          Sorin – I am very glad you are happy with your phone choice. This is mine and I am very happy with it. I see from your other reviews you have issues with wifi calling. Best of luck to you. Stay positive! :)

        • steveb944

          Money is not an issue for me and I still choose the OPO over a Galaxy. The customization on the OPO, great battery life, and no touchwiz make it a grand choice.

          I’m already planning on the Nexus 6. If WiFi calling ends up working on there, definitely consider it yourself.

        • Sorin Lazarescu

          I hope TMO will make public their WIFI calling libraries so I can get WIFI calling in a custom rom. I like the N6’s huge screen but I hate to lose screen real estate to omscreen nav butons. I prefer hardware navigation buttons.

        • ShermCraig

          Drag the wifi router? You aren’t understanding – she was referring to the LTE Booster – nothing to do with Wi-Fi.

        • Guest

          Higher resolution than oneplus one? Wtf are you talking about? If it hurts you paying $350 up front then you should keep your priority in

    • ShermCraig

      Marcy, T-Mo visual voicemail is in the Google Play Store if you so desire.

      • Marcy

        I had it installed – but it didn’t work. Google Voice does the transcription which is nice.

  • RLB63

    No mention about sd cards. If I remember it doesn’t have one of those slots either. That is a real killer option missing.

    • Jimmy Lui

      yea, I can’t live without a sd slot either. This is why I’m leaning towards the Huawei Ascend Mate 2 instead. They are both at the same price point. Even though the Mate 2 is weaker with its cpu and slightly outdated OS (4.3), it has the best battery life out of ALL smartphones in the market right now and a SD slot to boot. The pros outweigh the cons imo.

    • 0neTw0

      Doesn’t have one. But at 64 gigs. really not missing it. Plus I have been using the Nexus line. So I lost that functionality years ago.

  • ShermCraig

    Wow, what a critical review. I’ve had pretty much every premium android headset from HTC and Samsung over the years, and I believe the OPO blows them all away. Some of your points about brightness and color are valid – if you stick with stock (Cyanogenmod), however I’ve been on Mahdi Rom for about 6 weeks now, and those issues are all moot. I encourage you to try it out. As for the texture of the back, gotta completely disagree. I love it, have no marks (I do not use a case) and have had people literally ask me if they can touch it because it looks and feels so cool. Also, as you point out – there is no need to take the back cover off – unless you are swapping out the battery, but that takes a bit more effort than simply removing the back. Having said that, I average about 24 hours of use before having to recharge, which is the best battery life I’ve had on any android phone – ever. So, in conclusion, I do think your review is a bit nit-picky and overly critical. Just my 2 cents….

    • Cam Bunton

      I think it’s critical because I’m coming at it from the angle of “This device claims it’s better than any flagship, is it really?” I’ve used the HTC One (M8), Z2 and LG G3 as daily phones this year. And you can tell the areas where OnePlus has compromised. I was just pointing those out.

      Overall though, like I say in the review, it’s great value for the money. I find it hard to justify the cost of flagships when you can pick something up this good, for much lower outlay.

      I love the feels of the back too.. it’s just not the highest quality material. That’s all. Still like the phone a lot.

  • thepanttherlady

    I enjoyed my One while I had it. I really like the design, it doesn’t feel like you’re using a 5.5″ device.

    I ended up selling mine to go back to my Xperia Z2. I’m in the gym several days a week and just feel like my Z2 is far sturdier for what I do. I was constantly “aware” of the One and worried the back would chip or I’d break the screen.

  • This phone is not even important, because there are none for sale lol. One of the worst launches every, and people lost interest in it. Now they are talking about a new one coming, pointless. If you were to have an issue with it, more than likely it won’t get resolved because where are the replacements? Or you will end up waiting months to get it repaired and sent back to you. Stay away from this phone…totally not worth the time.

    • jamessuperfun

      They are on sale. You can get the Chinese version with English software which I have and it works great here in the UK. They said that they will be making a new phone likely to release mid to late next year in a Reddit AmA but they are not working on it until the One is freely on sale and they have not even considered the specifics of said device.
      As far as warranties go, I agree with you, but personally I don’t often end up using warranties. Too long to wait for sompone to fix my product. I will do it myself or replace it, so although this definitely affects most people it doesn’t affect me.

    • Ale Valentini

      Actually, I have it and I have to say it’s really an AMAZING device. Worth every penny and many more. Sure, the invite system is VERY annoying. But it’s worth the money and the time.

  • Ren Sack

    Cam. Throw me an invite here for the One. Hehehehe.

    • thepanttherlady

      Email me.

      ETA: STOP emailing me asking me for invites! I offered one to someone here and it seems everyone else took that as they need to email me too. I don’t give invites to people who ask. I randomly choose people over various platforms and send them.

      • Ren Sack

        Thank you very much!!!!!

      • Bklynman

        LoL,how many ask you for dates too? LoL

        • thepanttherlady

          Apparently, I’m not as exciting as an invite! LOL

  • Mehdi Jaffery

    I need to get an invite for this phone

  • Nevsky2

    I love the phone. Only two complaints and they are somewhat T-Mobile issues: no Wi-Fi calling and no Band 12.

    I do not know why T-Mobile does not or cannot provide an app or other update for this and other phones which would be a great Uncarrier 7.5 thing to do.

    The other issue (and this is the same with all of the current flagships) is no Band 12, 700 MHz Block A. Still at this price, I could use this until the OnePlus 2 comes around with a likely Snapdragon 810 and 64-bit processor.

    • skittle

      Tmobile phones get T-Mobile WiFi calling, not non carrier phones.Let the fanbase who wanted the non carrier devices come up with their own apps .They are totally free to do that. Band 12 is something that gets decided by the people who produced the phone. But, you know, maybe T-Mobile is upset that they did not get an invite ;)

      • Nevsky2

        For technical reasons, I believe this would have to be developed by T-Mobile. Might even involve firmware upgrade. It helps T-Mobile as it takes load off cell towers. T-Mobile is in the carrier business. Phone add to profits, I am sure, but not in the same way.

        • Me

          Why should have to use WiFi? They just need to bite the bullit and upgrade their network.

    • nd5

      You can get wifi calling by using Google Hangouts with the new Google Hangouts Dialer. I tested on the OPO and it appeared to work fine.

      • Nevsky2

        Good point, but not the same as using my regular mobile number.

  • steveb944

    This has been one of the most critical reviews I’ve seen, especially on aesthetics and camera. Do you have the holy grail of a phone? No because Oneplus built an ergonomic design vs the brick that the iPhone 6+ (releasing much later) is.

    And the camera works very well. I’ve taken phenomenal shots that have surpassed all others I’ve tried. It’s Sony far as I know.

    You make it very difficult to keep supporting the site and you Cam because you show bias. I think I’ve seen you praise low end Android devices more. This is a T-Mobile site, not an iPhone site. I already expect you to shoot down the Nexus 6 soon.

    • bob90210

      “it’s a fantastic device for the cost”

      That’s pretty much in line with with every other review. The camera is not as good as $600 phones but it’s very good for a $300 phone. What’s so critical about the review?

      • steveb944

        It is as good as the $600 phones. He must be using it wrong because I get great pictures.

        He’s critical throughout the review. He makes it seem like a mid range device when it’s in line, sometimes better, than the flagships. The back is great and I only have a bumper and have no issues. The chrome lip on top actually works great for the size. And the screen is all in the settings as well, but he’s used to his iPhone flashlight screen.

        • krym73

          I see what Cam did here, he used the specs and price in conjunction to shoot down Android flagship devices, most definitely seems to want to turn this site into iTMOnews.

        • Tirk82

          good thing nobody gives 2 sh.ts about what this tool has to say. LoL

    • Cam Bunton

      I loved the device overall, but I’ll call it as I see it. I’ve used much better cameras on flagship Android phones (Z2) and the Nokia Lumia series, also, I think I only used the word “iPhone” once in this review.

      Like I said in the wrap-up. For the money, it’s an amazing device. I’ve been using it as my go-to Android phone for weeks. But it’s not the “flagship killer” it claims to be. Still, makes it hard to justify spending $200-$300 more on a more expensive Android phone. But I’m not going to say everything’s perfect, when I notice things that aren’t. Just like I don’t when I review iPhones (which happens once PER YEAR).

      • steveb944

        I agree, the Nokia line is phenomenal. And yes you only used it once but I guess I for saw your iPhone 6+ review I guess. Haha.

        Title of the article is perfect, because it’s definitely not the flagship killer it was hyped up to be.

        Thanks again for the reply Cam. I just got too defensive for my own good.

  • jerome

    To all you fandroids: 1+1 is made by a Chinese company called Oppo. I wouldn’t buy anything that is made in China. American brand is more reliable.

    • Andrew Camilleri

      iphones are made in china if that’s what you were trying to point out..

      • Bryck

        Which American company are you talking about????Apple?? Motorola?? Last time I checked, most are made either in S. Korea, China, Japan

        • Paul Garrison

          Motorola are Chinese.

        • Bryck

          Yes, I know. Lol

      • Philip

        There is difference. Where is it design or engineer vs where is it manufactured.

    • SirMakoto

      actually oppo is one of their many investors, 1+ has clarified it. most of your daily products are made in china as well.

    • Bklynman

      The only phone I know that are made here I believe can’t be sure is The Blu phones.
      I don’t know anything that is made in USA anymore,mostly everything from overseas,it might be made here,but it is ship over seas to put toghter,then ship back.
      If you find anything at all that is made here,put together here in the USA,please let me know,even our flags are made in China. Believe it or not.

    • mingkee

      You should stick with LG as the phones are made in Korea.

    • Ben Ben

      most of the components of which are made in china?

  • brybry

    CAM you’re always late to the party in terms of reviews and even actual T-mobile news.

    This phone at 349+ ship blows everything out of the water. It matches and beats most of the flagships that are out today that are double the price.

    This includes the Note 3, Nexus 5, iphone 5s, etc.. I’ve used all these devices and now run around with the OnePlus as a daily driver.

    The battery life on this thing is amazing. Beats out the Note 3 in every way possible unless you’re running some Custom ROM on the Note 3 which most people aren’t.

    Camera is comparable to the note 3 and the note 3 was a capable shooter.

    Oh and here are photos shot by users on the forums.

    The only knock I have on this phone is that it’s pretty fragile because of the raised glass screen. You need to put on a tempered glass protector on it and even then it’s not 100% guaranteed that you’ll not break it if dropped (mine survived several drops and tempered glass protector saved me). The body is also fairly fragile. I have a dent on the corner when it was dropped from about 4ft on to tile floors with a slim case on it.

    • Vic

      You would make a great point if this was the end of 2013 and the flagships you listed were relevant. Sadly, being towards the end of 2014, the OnePlus One has to stand up against the current and upcoming flagships (i.e the Note 4, Nexus 6, and iPhone 6/6 Plus).

  • neospade44

    Give it a rest, yo! No, not an Apple fanboy.

  • Javi Kim

    ***Disclosure: Review pictures taken with Iphone 6.*** j/k

    • Cam Bunton


  • MarkieE

    Can anybody send me an invite? Please.

    • justmee002

      I believe they are taking the invitation thing down sometime this month to allow people to buy the phones.

      • thepanttherlady

        The invite system will remain. If you choose to pre-order, an invite will bump your order to the front of the line.

        • Neeks

          Do you have an invite?!?

    • Guest

      What is your Email?

      • MarkieE

        Do you have a Disqus account? I just don’t want to post my e-mail on a public forum. Thanks.

  • Deibid

    Does anyone have an invite they are willing to give? Thanks

  • Medion

    “If there’s one area OnePlus really skimped on to save money, it’s the camera. ”

    The camera sensor is actually more expensive than the one used in the LG G3. The problem is the software used. The OnePlus One uses the Sony Exmor R IMX214. The LG G3 uses the Exmor RS IMX134. While RS is a higher-end lens than R, that’s usually amongst same generation products. These particular sensor is older and has been used in other phones such as: Moto X (2014), Galaxy S4 (i9500 Exynos model only the Snapdragon variant used an Exmor R), Galaxy Note 3, LG G2 (yup, same sensor) and various other 2013/2014 devices.

    Try a comparison with both having the same software, IE, Google Camera. The OnePlus’s lens will outperform the G3’s (though the G3 does have OIS, which helps in specific cases). If anything, it goes to show that the Cyanogen team, like Google themselves, just cannot figure out how to do high quality camera software. HTC, samsung, Apple, and now LG have made excellent advances in these areas.

    • Cam Bunton

      Really good to know. I’ll be sure to check it out with Google Camera to see if it makes a difference.

    • Halid

      Lol. G3.. Ois helps in specific cases? Such as indoor and dark places. I compare my g2 to xperia z2 and galaxy s5 or any other phone my buddies try flaunting and they have sour look on their face after we look at g2 pics. Way better. I mean huge difference. S5 or any other non ois flagship camera looks crappy compared to it. G3 uses older module but pics are much better than any non ois camera.

      • Medion

        OIS helps to reduce flaws in your photos/videos caused by the shaking of the camera. It’s useless on a non moving tripod, but helpful for people like me with shaky hands.

        However, OIS doesn’t do the things that you mentioned. That comes down to software and calibration. It’s one of the reasons for the Google Play Edition phones having worse performing cameras than their skinned counterparts.

        • Halid

          And now i know you have never used g2 or g3 camera. Yes it helps with shaking but the real plus on ois camera is night photos or any photo not taken in broad daylight. Just google g2 night pics compared to any galaxy or iPhone other than the new plus model that has ois. Just look up nexus 5 vs galaxy s5 cam shootout. Believe me even the reviewers dont praise it enough. Do me favor borrow someone’s g2 or g3 and use any other phone that you think has better camera and take some pics indoor no flash and examine them and reply back after. Dare you go ahead.

        • Medion

          OIS does not affect low light photos in the way that you’re describing. That’s not what it is for.

          Daring me doesn’t make you right :)

        • Halid

          Ois does not affect low light photos. Ok you obviously dont know anything about ois so you shouldn’t be replying to anyone.

        • Halid

          Here is link to new review for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus that features ois. You read midway that he confirms what i just told you above. Note this author did not zoom in on pics which shows huge difference in ois photos.

  • guest

    i just sold that piece of crap for 480. off to get an iphone 6

    • Neeks

      Do you have nay invites?

  • Jorge Balboa

    There are some people that get it and others that don’t. Most people that are not design professionals won’t understand the design sensibility of the one. Cam is one of those who just doesn’t get it. The sandstone back in starck contrast to the smooth glass front. The obvious exclusion of any logos one the front if the phone. The glass screen framed by magnesium frame seems to float above the main body. If you can’t see the subtly beauty and sophistication of the design then you need to look at the design of this phone with “different eyes”.

  • Epic Fail

    What happened to the most recent news stories? This site gets worse and worse by the day. Phone Dog Media should be ashamed of themselves!

  • StankyChikin

    I have an invite to sell you people a bridge :)

  • nivra

    Where does one get an invite. Im a nexus man but would like to try thing one number out.

    • Jamal Adam

      I believe Oneplus is giving out some 20,000 invites so you should most likely check their website and see if you can get an invite or just wait a bit till they have the pre-order rollout this month.

  • Larry E

    I have 2 of them, 1 for my wife and 1 for my son. It’s a great phone and I have very few complaints. It IS a Flagship Killer in the fact that it has the same or better specs/performance/battery than just about anything else on the market, BUT for HALF the price. You MUST consider the price in the equation. My ONLY complaint is the lack of a good case.
    The only phones that can compete with it are the Note 3/4 and the iPhone 6 (if you don’t mind a crappy/stale OS). I really like the customizability and features of CyanogenMod.

    • Neeks

      Can you spare and invite?

  • Iphoneadopteer

    Its not a flagship killer but equalizer. The price is fantastic for what you get. But its not better than other high end phone. Ive got this and lg g3 and note 4. The one gets the least use. The chrome frame is annoying and the phone does feel less premium.