Nokia and T-Mobile working together on LTE carrier aggregation


Just a short while ago, Ericsson confirmed that it is involved in helping T-Mobile with its various LTE networks. Today, yet another European company has announced that it is – also – involved in helping T-Mobile with carrier aggregation. Nokia’s head of technology for T-Mobile confirmed as much in a statement to Fierce Wireless today.

“As part of the agreement, Nokia Networks is providing LTE Advanced carrier aggregation for all T-Mobile spectrum bands.”

The company’s technology is capable of supporting all three of T-Mobile’s spectrum bands (700, 1700/2100 and 1900Mhz). That said, it’s still up to T-Mobile when it decides to offer devices capable of supporting carrier aggregation, which in most cases, just requires a software update. “The hardware,” he claims. “Is fully capable.”

For those wanting the low down on all the specifics, T-Mobile is using Nokia’s Flexi Multiradio10 Base Station platform for its 700MHz cell sites.

Nokia said that it will provide LTE Advanced equipment and services that will cover new spectrum bands and help T-Mobile enhance coverage and capacity for in-building, highway and rural areas. The agreement also helps to expand the availability of T-Mobile’s Voice over LTE service, Nokia said.”

Nokia’s also very much involved in the rollout of the 4×2 MIMO-capable LTE networks.

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  • frau engel


  • Gaius_Baltar4

    In building, highway, and rural exactly the right things they should be focusing on when it comes to network here on out.

    • TechnoRealz

      If you own a piece of land along these places or a house no less…would you allow a tower to be set up?

      • CalicoKJ

        They can put one in my back yard. Neighbors might not be happy but I wouldn’t be complaining about signal anymore :)

        • Bklynman

          Don’t the big fat check you will get every month from them,for renting space to them.

      • superg05

        the state and cities own the poles that’s what they can build small cells on com/ourportfolio/products/zero-site

        • Jose

          wrong. permits can be made for installation of sites virtually anywhere.

          in most cases, towers are leased by other companies. not in fact necessarily owned by their governing cities or states

        • superg05

          edit forgot to add: “WRONG ” im not talking about cell towers im talking about poles that hold power lines,lighting ect reading it fundamental this is what i was actually referring to took me a while to find it under months of articles
          http://www.slideshare .net/Ericsson/zero-site-outdoor-small-cell-solution

      • Gaius_Baltar4

        Its less a game about building new towers but throwing low band spectrum on the few towers they have out there already would greatly Improve coverage.

      • Nick

        Um yeah im pretty sure they pay the property owners x dollars to operate towers on their land, sort of like renting a little square of land on your property. And if you’re in rural areas you probably own a huge chunk of farm land that it could be placed on. Just sayin

  • superg05

    if t-mobile built along the highways they would get rid of most of there complaints right away its usually just people moving to and from major cities

    • TechnoRealz

      But you know what happens in the US & it’s property owners: “NOT IN MY BACK YARD!”

    • Jose

      yesterday’s post on additional 700MHz acquisitions seems to be compelling.
      It’s highways on the west coasts that get the least reception, from all carriers.

      T-Mobile seems to be doing a good job filling in gaps. Looks like they’re just gearing towards that auction!

  • UknowMe

    Hey Cam , when are you going to let your readers know that they can walk into a BestBuy store and check out the Note4 and Note Edge (select stores) as of Sept. 26th, and also get a $200 trade in credit from Samsung if you pre order the Note4 and trade in ANY working smartphone (I would post links but it would never be approved by TmoNews mods). Call your local BestBuy and confirm. Apple fanboys disregard this comment since your the only ones that have an issue with someone that’s just creating awareness of a deal available to Tmobile customers that these paid bloggers are not willing to report on, how does this comment hurt you or affect you in any way ?

    • hanfeedback

      This deal is open to all carriers as well, I already did the first steps for this offer when I preordered my Note4 and yes, it probably is something which would be good to post.

    • Guest

      Maybe because you’re talking about Best Buy, and this is a T-Mobile news site? And since the trade-in deal is on any carrier? *shrug* Why do you take it so personally?

      And, no, I don’t own any Apple devices.

      • UknowMe

        Best Buy sells T mobile phones too, and what does it matter if its not a T mobile exclusive deal, as long as it includes T mobile, why not let T mobile customers be made aware? Im just trying to help out other Tmobile customers out, call me a fanboy or a paid shill (which I’m not) but this time around im not keeping quiet like I’ve done before.

  • emcdonald75

    I don’t understand. Does Ericsson provide the base stations and Nokia provide the radios/antennas for the towers, or do they both provide base stations and antennas? Or is this something like Sprint with Network Vision, in which each company works a certain region of the country?

    • J.v

      It is region/ “Market” based.

  • Mike Palomba

    The iPhone 6s better have the 700MHZ band and carrier aggregation support

    • kev2684

      new iPhones doesn’t have band 12. you can only take advantage of PCS and AWS (band 2 and 4)

      • hack400

        Probably why he said iPhone 6″S”…

        • kev2684

          oops missed that.

      • Gaius_Baltar4

        It’ll have 1900mhz though right?

    • Cam Fas

      Hope so I’m not overly upset the current iPhone doesn’t have 700mhz because it most likely wouldn’t be able to take advanced of the new aggregation until the next phone is released anyways and I plan to get the 128gb 6SPlus anyways since I’m using jump

  • Philip

    You do know T-mobile is German own and Nokia and Ericcson are European. I love T-mobile!

    • Jose

      Correction. A German company (DT) holds a majority stake of – new T-Mobile US.
      People really need to start getting use to saying that.

      T-Mobile is pretty much a US-traded company, with a trademark holding of a foreign country.

      • Bruce Banner

        Don’t be one of those guys. Just saying.

        • MastarPete

          Aww.. Come now Bruce, he probably just wants to see you get angry!


    It’s not clear to me why T-Mobile would want to aggregate the 700Mhz band with the mid frequency bands? They only have 10Mhz low frequency bandwidth. Wouldn’t they want to treat this as a scarce resource and only use it when necessary?

    That is, since they have so little low frequency bandwidth I would assume they would want phones to only use that in situations where the mid frequency bands can’t do the job. Otherwise, wouldn’t the low frequency band get congested?

    Am I missing something?

    • Jose

      your missing the fact that they are refarming 2G spectrum, as they will rely on VoLTE.

      • Dragonkal8000

        Regarding wouldn’t matter because they are utilizing bands 2 and 4 as well

    • The bandwidth of block A of band 12 is merely 5+5MHz, whereas TMUS typically operates with 10+10MHz and 15+15MHz at bands 2 and 4 in most markets. If a phone in an area served by band 12 and another band, aggregating carriers in one and another band would result in a higher effective data rate to the user.

    • Jason M

      Simple. 700 provides superior reach and in building but will offer marginal speeds. It should be used as the primary for first contact with the phone, but then it should leverage the massive 15×15 and 20×20 AWS LTE for added data.

  • kev2684

    does anybody know why their AWS signal is far weaker than their HSPA+ or Edge on PCS? shouldn’t they have about the same reach? when i was still on t-mo it sucks when my LTE falls back to HSPA+ or worse, Edge when it shouldn’t. is it because of different power output or something? science/engineering side of tmonews please answer

    • Dragonkal8000

      Higher frequency I’m guessing, therefore less building penetration. Uplink uses lower frequency 1700 Mhz but downlink uses higher frequency 2100 mhz. I have problems with downlink for the most part but I heard it’s affecting all phones.

      • Nick

        I wonder if thats why when you’re in fringe areas the data will get stuck on the upload and the download wont work (since its at the higher frequency)?

    • A certain signal level may be 3 bars for 2G, 2 bars for 3G or 1 bar for LTE. When the signal level is low, its ratio to noise is lower and the higher the data rate, the higher the signal to noise ratio has to be.

    • RP

      Frequency and wavelength are inversely proportional to each other i.e. higher the frequency lower the wavelength. This is the reason why everyone wants low band freq as they it can penetrate inbuildings which is not possible with higher freq.

      So yes you will fall back to 1900 band either it maybe GSM/HSPA from AWS/LTE as they are 2100 band.

    • J.v

      If you are talking about why their AWS LTE has less coverage than their HSPA+/EDGE networks, given both are from the same site? The reason is LTE is on a much more fragile. LTE will cover less distance compared to previous technology. EDGE will cover the most.area, followed by HSPA+, then Comes LTE. So there will be no such thing as no more 2g without higher site density, given LTE’s fragile airlink

  • Nick

    So if my phone supports the 1900 mhz lte band and the 1700/2100 lte band, once carrier aggression is used will it connect to both at once to deliver higher data speeds?

    • William Kestle

      Most likely not, as your device must support carrier aggregation itself. What device do you have? I know the s5 supports it

      • Nick

        Lol lg optimus f6 so nope

  • tommest

    When are they going to finish upgrade all the 2g network on major highway.

    • Chad Dalton

      I was told end of 2015 everything should be upgraded, no more 2g data!

      • RonJeezy

        A whole another year not to mention the 4G where I live is fake it says 4G but the ping and speeds don’t match

        • gmo8492

          Sprint hasn’t been able to fully activate their LTE network for 4 years. Its well worth the wait.

        • Loyal_TMOB_Fan

          T-Mobile put out an update to the Samsung Galaxy S3’s modem that made the icon for signal “post as 4g” for HSPA/HSPA+ & 4g. But on a side note the new LTE booster works very well!

        • TMOTECH

          It’s the back haul. The HSPA+ is on the air but is probably using T-1’s for back haul instead of Fiber ethernet. But if they put HSPA on the air the back haul upgrades can’t be too far behind.

  • Jay Holm

    Well, as of October 1 at least part of Bridgeport Ct now has 15mhz of Wideband LTE, it seems as though no markets have 20mhz except for Dallas.

    • William Kestle

      Seattle has had 20×20 for MONTHS now..

      • Jay Holm

        Lucky you! I guess there are still more customers using MetroPCS CDMA 2000 spectrum or something in some markets to prevent it from being upped from 15mhz to 20mhz. I wish I had 20mhz in Bridgeport and other parts of Ct.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Visiting Disneyland since 09/28/2014. Coverage was not good at all any where between 152 south on hwy 5. Had to resort to Verizon Jetpack prepaid, all the way down to Anahiem. LTE mostly where but as soon as you step in Disneyland the phone shows LTE but not really connecting to network. I finally switched to HSPA manually and had decent coverage unless you were way back in certain rides. Hopefully TMobile will address some of these issues especially 5.

    • Brian the populist.

      ive never traveled down south i always stay in the midwest and north east. but from what ive been reading and hae seen florida has very good tmobile coverage but they continue t expan d and by next year the will haVE ATLEAST 280 MILLION POPS COVERED.. ive been a customer since novembre and i am very happy.. you must keep in mind that they are still a growing carrier with limited resources but quality is very important to tmobile vs just expanding to expand they want to make sure they get it right.

      • D Nice

        I think he is referring to southern California. Interstate 5 is out west. If I’m not mistaken it runs from Seattle to San Diego.

    • Melanie323

      disney land coverage is not good on any carrier att and verizon go to searching on some spots so does tmobile. I cannot tell u how many times my friends on verizon had NO SERVICE at all in some places there same with att and tmobile. Once u go out down to anaheim coverage is ok on all carriers.

    • Ordeith

      It has been that way in Disneyland for YEARS with T-Mobile. ATT and Verizon seem to have figured it out.
      My own (funny to me) anecdote is from the county fair. I was there on opening day this year and there was a section where ATT, Verizon, Cricket, and T-Mobile all had booths. At mid-day they were all staffed and had people stopping by to talk. But the T-Mobile coverage was so bad that the T-Mobile booth mostly had people stopping in to complain about the service. By early afternoon the T-Mobile booth was vacant, and it remained that way for the rest of the night. I should have gotten a picture, it was quite telling :). Busy ATT booth, busy Verizon booth, extremely busy Cricket booth, abandoned T-Mobile booth. It just says so much :)

  • Ordeith

    I wish Nokia could pressure T-Mobile to just release the dang updates for some of their old phones.

    • superg05

      lol nokia could of released updates through pc but they expect carriers to pay them for it

      • eanfoso

        No doesn’t work like that, it’s done per carrier request, I have the Nokia suite programme, but that’s only for old Symbian and Asha mobiles, Windows is strictly per carrier request, I have my 808 PureView and got the last Symbian belle update

  • Alex Zapata

    Well this could be fun and interesting.

  • Limin Li

    I thought iPhone 6 supports carrier aggregation

    • master94

      Yeah but its not turned on. The only phones that have it turned on and waiting for the go ahead are the s5, note 4, Lg G3 and HTC one M8.