Nokia and T-Mobile working together on LTE carrier aggregation


Just a short while ago, Ericsson confirmed that it is involved in helping T-Mobile with its various LTE networks. Today, yet another European company has announced that it is – also – involved in helping T-Mobile with carrier aggregation. Nokia’s head of technology for T-Mobile confirmed as much in a statement to Fierce Wireless today.

“As part of the agreement, Nokia Networks is providing LTE Advanced carrier aggregation for all T-Mobile spectrum bands.”

The company’s technology is capable of supporting all three of T-Mobile’s spectrum bands (700, 1700/2100 and 1900Mhz). That said, it’s still up to T-Mobile when it decides to offer devices capable of supporting carrier aggregation, which in most cases, just requires a software update. “The hardware,” he claims. “Is fully capable.”

For those wanting the low down on all the specifics, T-Mobile is using Nokia’s Flexi Multiradio10 Base Station platform for its 700MHz cell sites.

Nokia said that it will provide LTE Advanced equipment and services that will cover new spectrum bands and help T-Mobile enhance coverage and capacity for in-building, highway and rural areas. The agreement also helps to expand the availability of T-Mobile’s Voice over LTE service, Nokia said.”

Nokia’s also very much involved in the rollout of the 4×2 MIMO-capable LTE networks.

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