T-Mobile to carry 32GB Xperia Z3, device gets official press pics

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 19.42.56

Sony’s Mobile device web page has been updated recently to include the T-Mobile version of its Xperia Z3. And if the listing is accurate, it would seem that T-Mo will be selling the 32GB model, not the 16GB one.

In the listed specifications it states “Up to 32GB flash memory*****”. Now, I’m always cynical when I see the words “up to” and a collection of asterisks in a phrase. It normally means “less than” and a “ton of horrible fine-print clauses that you’re gonna hate.” Thankfully, in this case, it seems that the fine print is just there to remind us that the actual available storage may very because of the pre-loaded software taking up some space. T-Mobile’s model of Z3 (D6616) will have 32GB total flash memory.

The product page also has official press images of the Z3 complete with our favorite carrier’s brand on the back.


I’ve been carrying the international unlocked version for the past 4-5 days now, and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed. A few nice design refinements have been made, giving it an elegant aesthetic we haven’t seen on an Xperia before. The display’s been given a new lease of life too, and is noticeably brighter, with more vivid colors than previous models.

Could it be the device that announces Sony on to the U.S. market in style? Or just another Xperia that doesn’t quite match its quality with sales.

Source: Sony
Via: Xperia blog

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  • Logan S

    Will it do band 12?

    • Logan S

      NM. Looks like T-Mobile D6616 will!

      • Cam Bunton

        Yeah, we’re about 90% certain it will.. Wrote 3-4 pieces on it over the summer.

        • Henry Pham

          Would you do a post on the importance of having band 12 in the next phone? I think it’d help people like myself who are considering just getting an unlocked Z3 Compact (no band 12 I believe) if Tmo doesn’t carry it. From what I’ve read, I don’t think it should really affect me (I live in Los Angeles) until 2 years from now, which is when I’ll likely get a new phone anyway. Thanks.

        • Hamster

          Personally, I’d expect the band 12 network to get turned on later this year or early next year for a place as big as LA (assuming they have the 700Mhz spectrum there, which I’m pretty sure they do).

        • Henry Pham

          Yes, I think Tmo pretty much has band 12 for practically all of Southern Cal except for San Diego (Comcast owns it there I believe).

          I was aware that band 12 might get turned on soon. What I’d like to know is how that would affect me practically, since I get LTE on my Moto X now. Will band 12 provide a better experience such as faster speed or building penetration? I can’t complain too much about my service right now except when I’m in an interior room without windows such as a large office building or courthouse.

        • Mike Palomba

          Band 12 (700mhz) is going to provide building penetration.

        • Paul Hansen

          And better broad coverage for rural areas

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          rural coverage and building penetration

        • NOYB

          KXLA channel 51(seen as 44.1) needs to leave the air first. No known plans yet.

        • Henry Pham

          Good to know. Doesn’t seem like it’ll be any time soon then.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          good to go in fresno

        • vinnyjr

          Yes you did and in everyone of those pieces you stated the Z2 was one of your favorite phones. The Z3 is better in everyway including 32gb of int storage. Now you are saying you enjoy stock Android better??? You can easily unlock this bootloader, Sony will allow this according to XDA Developers, the camera will be fixxed real fast when rooted. You could easily DL a stock launcher and you have the best of both worlds. I’m just thinking outloud, this is one hell of a nice phone, wish it came in white???

        • Cam Bunton

          I enjoy stock Android more. I like the Z3/Z2 hardware, a lot. If unlocking the bootloader and loading stock was as easy as you say, I would have done it by now. lol

  • Garblicks

    What don’t you like about the phone. I like looking at the cons first. I have a HTC one m8 bcuz I’m not real big on cameras. So having not as good a camera as Samsung s5 didn’t bother me

  • sushimane

    The black is nice but I wish T-Mobile carried the copper color I like the odd unique color.

  • Brad Wilson

    I’m leaning toward this one, especially if Tmo doesn’t carry the Z3 Compact. I’m a little worried about the glass sandwich, so I might be protecting all that beauty with a cover.

  • kevev

    After owning the Z I will not buy another Xperia from T-Moblie.

    Reasons: 1.) Locked bootloader. 2.) JellyBean had a terrible battery drain bug that took forever to be patched when KitKat finally came out very late. 3.) T-Mobile still has not released KitKat.

    My Nexus 5 is a great device. *Puts soap box away. :D

    • Cam Bunton

      I have to say, despite the fact that I love the Xperia’s hardware and performance, I still prefer using stock Android.. Devices like the OnePlus, Nexus and Moto X offer a software experience that fits better with me.

    • jonathan3579

      I could’ve sworn I saw that T-Mobile released the 4.4.4 update for the Xperia Z.

      • Matt Pankey

        They never even got 4.4.2.

    • Jon

      Sony has gotten their act together. The Z1S was updated promptly so waiting too long for updates won’t be an issue with this device. Sony wants to make it big in the mobile market then they know what needs to be done.

      • james

        Wow they were super slow to upfate z1s 4 months after most the the updat was less user friendly.

    • jason nusbaum

      Um T-Mobile did release kk 4.4.4 for xperia z1s. Yes later than other phones but the update was still pretty sweet. Been out for like a month or so…

  • Webmasterdude

    Any word on the Z3 Compact?? Would this one (and Z3 Compact) do band 12?

    • Henry Pham

      The spec sheet on Sony’s site indicates that at least one of the variants, likely the Tmo one, will do band 12.

      • Hamster

        The T-Mo variant of the Z3 is almost certain to have band 12 (though it may be disabled until T-Mo officially turns on the band 12 network). The Z3 Compact is anther story, though. Last I checked, none of the Z3c variants supported band 12. Unless T-Mo asks to carry a Z3c variant (unlikely at this point) that’s probably the way it’ll stay, too — leaving us to wait for a theoretical Z4c or Z5c to have band 12.

    • Bradley Smith

      +1 for the Z3 Comapct

    • IamDefiler

      ^This with WP. :)

  • Henry Pham

    Here’s hoping I can see and hold it at my local Tmo store soon! I’d prefer the Compact but, if it doesn’t come to Tmo, I’ll consider the bigger bro.

  • Verizonthunder

    I will be purchasing this on day one with the accessory to play playstation 4 over the air.

    • Jon

      It’s called remote play. The Vita already does this but it is nice that this will be the first mobile device to do so.

      • Verizonthunder

        Wow (clap clap clap) what took you so long to respond? I am relieved someone pays attention and already have the Ps Vita was sad with the lack of really good games but are making that up finally.

        • Jon

          I was too busy with the last of us :) until I can get The Evil Within. But the Vita roster isn’t all that bad if you enjoy JRPGs. Most of my library consists of that genre. I am running low on Memory because Sony refuses to make reasonably priced memory cards I haven’t purchased another card. I think remote play may be a much better experience on the Z3 over the Vita. The Vita has this annoying thing where the screen automatically dims and it is a pain to deal with. The touch pad isn’t a good substitute for the L2 & R2 buttons. The dualshock 4 there is nothing like the real thing…..

        • Verizonthunder

          Ahhh yes we seem to encounter too much rubbish on these forums. Yes I like some of the Japanese games that will never make it USA (sigh) big Samurai Warrior’s fan here. Yes one of my issues but also the touch screen becomes less responsive when it heats up the amount of frustration I have when playing Dynasty Warriors Next. Yes that I will agree with why on earth did they not add a L2 and R2 buttons.

        • Jon

          import them if you can understand the language. They are a bit pricy but well worth it. I don’t think the heat issue exists for the 2000 model of vita. I can’t confirm but it isn’t all that bad except the lack of OLED. Lack of second row shoulder buttons with such a slim device wasn’t possible without cutting some corners at least we have two analog sticks…

        • Verizonthunder

          Yes well worth it for the right game as I did so for Japanese Samurai Warriors 3 Z for playstation 3 very nice the graphics are stunning, voice acting wow. I have the first generation Ps Vita the oled is beautiful. I rather have a complete mock Playstation 4 controller with some bulk than slim version of a semi complete controller.

        • Jon

          Maybe the next handheld will have it. But there isn’t much out for the vita this holiday season. Unless you play the walking dead and the wolf among us. I already have them on steam. You’ll be enjoying yourself with the Z3. You getting PlayStation TV?

        • Verizonthunder

          Maybe but if Sony plays their cards correctly and with proper marketing with commercials showcasing features it will be a big hit and no need to make another portable gaming system. No playstation Tv here I will be purchasing the Playstation 4 hmmmm maybe T-Mobile could do a special bundle with the Sony Xperia Z3 with a discount on the Playstation 4.

  • Hoejoo

    Any rumors on when it will be available?

    • David Lebron

      October 29th

  • Philip

    Glossy. So thats a finger print magnet. No thanks!

    • sushimane

      Gsmnation price tag for a unlocked 669 dollars but for tmobile I’m gonna say at least 700 sum thing

    • Timbo1

      Its actually not that bad of a fingerprint magnet unless you have slimey fingers but if you do then any phone will be a fingerprint magnet.

  • timmyjoe42

    Does anyone know the full purchase price?

  • Deadeye37

    Sony really should put some serious $$$ into marketing. The phone seems nice, but no one really knows about it. Samsung did a really good thing getting everyone to notice their phones when the Galaxy SII & III got out. Sony should try the same.

    • Matt Pankey

      They won’t and neither will T-Mobile. It will set off to the side while sales reps guide everyone to the S5 and Note 4. That’s the case in every T-Mobile store I have ever been in

  • Sorin Lazarescu

    i dont like onscreen nav buttons. they eat into the screen real estate.

    • david

      It is especially bad because this phone has tablet sized bezels on the top and bottom.

      • Mike Palomba

        Why does everyone hate bezels so much? I have an iPhone and it has large bezels as well but I like how it looks

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          cuz the media says so lol

    • h_f_m

      On screen buttons are the one of the best things Google has done with Android. I disagree.

      • Sorin Lazarescu

        why do you like things to eat into the screen real estate?

        • Rob H.

          On screen nav buttons is how google wants it to be on android. I believe its better then physical or capacitive touch. This phone has a 5.2″ screen. If you are worried about screen real estate then get a phone with a larger display.

          I see no band 12 support though.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          I googled the model and it does have band 12 waiting for official word

        • JamesG

          This model only supports tmobile bands….

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Fine by me

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          I’m OK with that

        • Paul Hansen

          There is definitely band 12 support. It’s right in the white papers. The tmo variant is surprisingly limited on its band support but it does support 12. Bands 2, 4, 12 only to be precise which are all T-Mobile bands and no overlap.


        • gm

          i carry my phone in my pocket my lg flex dose not turn on by it self like my s5 because of the physical home button. and i dont know about sony but the lg you can hide the on screen buttons

        • Matt Pankey

          You realize they disappear in many apps right?

        • Sorin Lazarescu

          Many doesn’t mean all. No matter what onscreen nav buttons eat into the screen real estare.

        • Matt Pankey

          Well, with the LG G3 you can pick all the apps if you want. Regardless, it’s not as if they obstruct all that much. Videos and games are what really matter and they vanish out of the way.

        • Sorin Lazarescu

          I guess if you like making compromised then onscreen buttons are for you.

        • Matt Pankey


          No issue or compromise.

        • Matt Pankey
        • Matt Pankey

          Both physical and on onscreen have their pluses and minuses. A physical button can (and does) physically break. And like I said, with the G3 you can have them hidden in any app you want. Even the desktop and home screens. That ability should be native in Android L. My post will be approved soon enough with images of the screen without the onscreen buttons.

        • Matt Pankey

          I don’t make compromises. In fact, Samsung makes compromises in order to avoid screen burn-in. That’s the real reason they don’t use them.

        • Sorin Lazarescu

          I don’t care why samsung doesn’t use onscreen navigation buttons. All I know is that on screen navigation buttons eat into the screen real estate. If you use them then you make compromises.

        • Matt Pankey

          Exactly what part of “you can make them vanish in any app you want with the G3” are you not understanding? There’s no compromise and no threat of physical buttons breaking.

        • Sorin Lazarescu

          Exactly which part of “no matter what you need buttons on screen to navigate so you lose screen real estate at some point” don’t you understand?

        • Matt Pankey

          I understand that you need onscreen buttons to navigate BUT they don’t need to be there ALL of the time and hide when not needed. And you might as well get used to it because that’s the wave of the future. What you don’t understand is that it’s no more of a compromise than say risking physical damage to physical buttons or just the pure ugliness of physical buttons.

        • Sorin Lazarescu

          I had 4 phones with hardware navigation buttons. None broke. It looks like you are really reaching right now trying to come up with reasons why it is OK to lose screen real estate to nav buttons.

        • Matt Pankey

          I don’t need to reach because I can hide the navigation buttons in ANY app I chose. Like I’ve demonstrated.

        • Sorin Lazarescu

          You can’t hide them when you need to navigate. Good job wasting precious screen real estate.

        • Matt Pankey

          You navigate to where you need to go and then they vanish from the screen. I already showed an example of that. Clearly you think that they are on all of the time in some cases and some phones they are, but there’s always the option (standard on the G3, tweaked on others) to get rid of them when not in use. How much time do you suspect someone spends navigating around? It’s not nearly that much compared to typing, swiping, etc. It doesn’t really matter. Eventually Google will make them required. As stated above, it’s the direction Google is taking Android.

        • Sorin Lazarescu

          You navigate every single time you launch an app from the app drawer or when you want to leave an app or when you want to navigate back and forth in an app or when you want to hide a keyboard and in so many other circumstances. Each time you do this you have to go thru extra swypes AND you lose screen realestate. That is a lot of fail.

        • Matt Pankey

          You launch apps from the app drawer using the app drawer button as part of any launcher. The app drawer button has nothing to do with the navigation buttons. When you need to navigate back or home the buttons can vanish after 1 second (or more depending on how you have them set). Nav buttons can be shrunk down to next to nothing or eliminated completely for use of gesture controls if you know what you’re doing. That’s pretty convenient since you can navigate without moving to the bottom of the phone. I realize that you’re new to the world of Android outside of Samsung, but jeez. You made it quite evident that you’re a fanboy when you used the phrase “that’s a lot of fail.” With that phrase you basically shat on HTC, LG, Moto, Sony, and others who have all adopted onscreen buttons. I don’t like to deal with fanboys of any product. Enjoy your Samsung or Nexus 6 (with onscreen buttons and no WiFi calling).

        • Sorin Lazarescu

          I agree with you 100%. HTC, LG, Moto, Sony, and others who have all adopted onscr een buttons have made a horrible choice by forcing their to flail around and swype in all kinds of bizarre ways when all it takes is a simple button press on Samsung’s hardware navigation keys. I knew you would eventually see it my way.

        • Matt Pankey

          It’s not flailing it’s swiping which is a natural gesture you can use on any portion of the screen. It will be so nice when hardware navigation buttons are completely eliminated.

        • Sorin Lazarescu

          It is failing if you have to jump thru all these extra hoops.

        • Matt Pankey

          One swipe to the left for back isn’t flailing.

          So you don’t like onscreen buttons but you bought a Nexus 5 knowing yet it’s big problem was the SIM removal tool and not the onscreen buttons. Interesting.


        • Matt Pankey

          They don’t eat into anything when they vanish.

    • Cam Bunton

      I don’t normally mind them, but in certain apps on the Z3 (where the status bar is black and in view), it’s like looking at content on an iPhone 4. It eats up a lot of space. I always prefer capacitive/physical buttons like the OnePlus or Galaxy lineup.

      • Matt Pankey

        The OPO at least gives you the option to choose.

  • Mike Palomba

    I love tmobile but I hate that they never offer every color of a device. The Z3 comes in black and white and they only have it in black, same for the g2. And the G3 comes in gold, black, and white, and they only sell it in black, and white

    • sushimane

      Yeah me too im thinking of getting it but I want the copper color. I got nothing against the black but it’s always good to change it up with color scheme.

      • IneedTechSupport

        I want the Copper color as well. I will buy it directly from Sony and use a tmobile sim. I’m switching from Sprint just to get the Z3.

    • skittle

      True. This has been a ??? for years.

    • Cam Bunton

      Honestly, we had exactly the same problem with T-Mo in the UK. Only one or two colors of devices.

    • Stone Cold

      Yes I agree always hated the one color release. Then in 3 months offer the same phone different colors.

  • james

    The problem that they will have when its carrier exclusive they are slow to update I had z1s it was ok but my lg g3 takes better pics. I am disapointed you come out w ith a new phone it should be ahead of the pack z3 is disapointment

    • fsured

      I think the problem really lies with T-Mobile not updating the software since they spend their time working on Samsung, HTC, and LG updates. Sony releases the software updates and companies around the world jump to upgrade their customer devices. But it’s T-Mobile that takes their time to add their own programing on top of the rom and then test it. Because the Xperia line does not bring in the same volume of sales they are not devoting as much time to it.

      I sent a certified letter to John and I think Tim (I think he is the one in charge of technology) and explained how the Xperia Z was getting ready by Sony to have Android 4.4 released around the world yet the T-Mobile version was still on 4.2. In the letter I included print outs of angry customers losing faith in T-Mobile to update devices just because they are not one of the big 3 brands. Some even said they won’t stick around if the carrier won’t support the devices they sell. A week later I get a call from an executive with a BS response but the following week they released 4.3 for the device.

      • Ricky McLaughlin

        T-Mobile spends their time working on Samsung updates? Lol

        – Samsung GS# user who watches his wife’s T-Mobile Nexus 4 get updates way more regularly and frequently than I could ever hope to get.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Woot band 12

  • ” J.D. “

    Finally It look like sony has one sexy beast on their hands. As far as I’m concerned this is the on that will take Blackberry out of my hands and make me an android user. We could talk specs all day and its got the specs to talk about it runs with the best of the best ( BUT ) its got one thing the rest don’t have ( ELEGANCE ) This is my next Phone plus the fact its on my favorite carrier How can I go wrong. It even has support for Band 12 !


    I have the Z1S and a G2 and an HTC ONE M8.
    I like all three for different reasons.
    I will be getting the Sony Z3 next I played with it yesterday it worked better then the current top performers.
    Better then the G3 and GS5 , M8 and compared to the new iPhone well I liked them all better then the IPhone Android is King.

  • S. Ali

    No removable battery = garbage.

    • Nope You’re Wrong

      Always said the same thing. Then I realized that I had a Galaxy S3 for over 2 years and never had a single battery issue, and this one has about 50% more capacity.

    • Stone Cold

      I am over the removable battery argument one less thing to worry about. I would rather have a power pack over a spare battery.

      • rob stephens

        oohhh heeell yeahh…*guzzles beer*

        • Stone Cold

          And that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so.

      • thepanttherlady

        Same here as far as Sony is concerned since they added the hard reset button.

      • tomarone

        I have a 2 1/2 year old One-S and am still on the original non-removable battery, and I charge it every day. That’s maybe 800 days of charging? If it needs a new battery I can probably figure out how to open and replace it. Maybe not!

  • substance

    Verizon is getting the Z3v on 23 OCtober. Will TMO get theirs sooner?

    • snorkel

      I would like to know this as well. At the sony event they said the xperia z3v is a verizon exclusive…

      • substance

        I saw that too, but I think its referring to that particular model, the Z3v… Well, at least I am hoping that is the case. Fingers crossed.

      • Stone Cold

        Z3v would be a strictly a Verizon thing.

  • Lola Divine

    I really wanted to get this phone but I doubt it just because it comes in one color..like this is really ridiculous, this phone comes in other beautiful colors and they offer just one color?!! This is absolutely cruel of Tmb. Not upgrading my phone,nothing wrong with it anyway.

  • kanakamaoli

    Verizon gets wireless charging and 2 colors?
    I thought Sony was appreciative of T-mobile for helping them have a footprint albeit a small one in the US market? Or was T-mobile to cheap to pick up the z3v?

    • JonShipman

      The Verizon Z3V is actually a Z2 with Qi added in.

      • Mutomi Sconi

        the z3v is a z2 body with qi and z3 specs

  • droidcando

    I really wish we’d get a T-Mobile release date for this. Especially since the verizon variant looks like some kind of mashup between the Z2 body and Z3 internals.

  • Al

    I love T-Mobile but they dropped the ball on this one. Verizon – who many didn’t even know was getting the Z3 – gets two colors off the bat and T-Mobile STILL hasn’t given a release date. It’s the proverbial red-headed stepchild treatment…almost embarrassed to put the relevant information out there. Actually, to add a bit of insult, even though the only official color for the Z3 is black, if you go to the Sony Mobile Android phones page, the group page with all of the phones listed shows the T-Mobile version as white.


    • David Firebaugh

      I think its more of kissing up to Samsung. Tmobile pushes Samsung and Apple so much more than any other products.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Just tell me when T-Mobile. And if I could honestly say, please where’s the white version

  • Kayla

    I hope it comes out next week, it’s been on the Sony Mobile website for quite a while now.

  • kanakamaoli

    Sony Xperia Z3 T-mobile pre-sale Oct 15th.
    Online and in store availability on Oct 29
    zero down and $26.25 a month assuming you have good credit standing with T-mobile.
    @askdes just tweeted me this information.

  • Yan Qin

    Damn, I want it in white. Why does TMo only release a single color for such beautiful device?! I might just get a intl. version just for the color. Pity about the extra storage I missed.

  • richardhlovell

    It’s 16gb

  • richardhlovell

    Did I mention it’s Henry Ford black. “any color you want as long as its black”