Google Voice gains MMS support on T-Mobile and other carriers


Google Voice gained a much needed new feature this week: The ability to receive MMS as MMS, and not as links to the media. Google Engineer, Alex Wieseen announced on his Google+ page that Voice now supports MMS on over 100 North American carriers. One of which – of course – is T-Mo:

We’ve been working with nearly 100 different North American carriers to enable this feature — including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Bell Canada, Rogers, Telus, and many more — and starting today all these integrations are live. So enjoy those incoming pics, say goodbye to fomo (fear of missing out), and stay tuned for more Google Voice messaging improvements!”

Until now, when a Google Voice customer received an MMS, they would arrive as regular SMS messages. Depending on carrier, they’d either arrive as a link to the original image, or a text with no mention of, or link to, an image. Pretty terrible experience all-round.

If you’re a Hangouts/Google Voice user, let us know how it works for you. If you’re a Verizon customer, sorry…

Source: G+
Via: ArsTechnica, 9to5Google 

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  • Mark Sussman

    Have tested sending photos with 100% success, have yet to try a group text

    • Mike Palomba

      Group chats won’t work. I read in an article that they come as individual messages

  • redevil

    I think you’ve got it backwards… This is for mms messages arriving to google voice numbers. In the past mms messages sent via AT&T or Verizon would not arrive at all to google voice numbers. The message would just dissapear and the sender would have no idea it did not reach the google voice recipient. Sprint and T-mobile have had agreements in place for sometime now and mms messages would arrive. Now AT&T and other carriers have this agreement worked out and messages do arrive. Verizon is absent from the list still and messages still have this problem and do not arrive. When a google voice user sends an mms to someone on any of the carriers that recipient still receives a weblink for the attachment.

  • Eric Stengrevics

    What about MMS with WiFi calling??? Does not work with Hangouts. That’s why I don’t use Hangouts.

    • trickinit

      Yes it does, I use it all the time. I even receive MMS through hangouts on my computer

      • Eric Stengrevics

        Im guessing you use a GV number right? My MMS messages do not go thru WiFi on Hangouts with a T-Mobile number.

        • trickinit

          Yep, I use Google Voice for my primary number. Isn’t that what this article is about?
          Anyway, I’m not an expert on WiFi Calling, but my understanding is that Hangouts is simply a different messaging app. Anything that comes through to your regular messaging app should come through on Hangouts.

        • Eric Stengrevics

          Unfortunately only SMS goes through WiFi calling on 3rd party apps. It is very frustrating. Still waiting on T-Mobile to fix this.

  • Ben

    About 100 North American carriers? I had no idea there were that many in NA alone.

    • Travis Tabbal

      They probably included the MVNOs. I didn’t think there were that many, even including those, but it seems like the only possibility.

  • pottyvick

    This doesnt work for me from on my desktop.. how is it supposed to be used?

  • I’ve been using Hangouts to send MMS to several relatives and friends, domestically and internationally, without problems for a long time. I haven’t used Voice in months, especially now that Hangouts provides free calls as well.

  • Philip

    Verizon customer .. sorry? Its time to ditch them. LOL

  • randpost

    This is good news. It was the only thing I hated about using my Google Voice # as my main number. Now with hangouts integration I can stop using my TMO number. I like getting calls and text on all my devices at the same time ie laptop, desktop, phone, tablet etc

  • Ordeith

    Send Google even more of my data for them to index and sell?

    • Travis Tabbal

      If you were signed up for GV before this, they already had it. It’s not any different. If you don’t want to give them that data, don’t sign up for and/or use Google Voice.

    • no2apple

      Enjoy your flip phone..

  • Now all we need is the ability for GV to be integrated 100% fully as the Voicemail service on T-Mobile, like it is with Sprint! Then we’ll have a great integration.

    • This is possible only with postpaid TMUS plans at the moment. Looking forward for it to be available in prepaid plans as well.

      • Travis Tabbal

        If you use your GV number for everything, you can get pretty close. Call 611 and ask them to disable voicemail entirely on your pre-paid line. They will think you are insane and give you “are you SURE” a few times, but insist and they will do it. Then when the TMO voicemail doesn’t pick up, and you don’t either, GV will pick it up.

        This does not help if people call your TMO number. For it to work in that case you do still need a postpaid account so you can use conditional call forwarding.

    • itched

      I have it as my VM service with T-Mobile. I’ve had it since the G1.

  • Mike Palomba

    What are the benefits of Google voice? I don’t see the point of it if you have a regular phone number

    • 21stNow

      It depends on what your wants and needs are. I started using Google Voice because I could select a number with any US area code; this helped as my mother didn’t have long-distance service at the time. I was able to keep numbers local to where I live and my mother could call me from her home phone number with no problems.

      I can give someone one number and my home, work and two cell phones ring. It also saved me money as I didn’t pay for carrier text messaging on those lines (and still don’t). Finally, the call blocking service that Google Voice offers is better than some of the other call blockers that I have tried.

    • skittle

      You may not want to share your T-Mobile number with everyone. GV gives you another option. You can direct some calls to a desk phone at work, some to you and some to a message.

    • trickinit

      I sit at a desk all day and love Google Voice solely for the fact that I can send and receive text messages from my computer. No need to pull my phone out and look like I’m not being productive.

      • Chimphappyhour

        I do this too. Except, I work underground so I don’t have a tower signal. (I have a wifi signal but I don’t always use a T-Mobile phone with wifi calling.) It’s nice to have texting at my workstation.

      • neospade44

        This! X10!

    • HR

      i have 1 physical phone and 2 numbers that ring that phone. When i am out, my mistress can call me on my GV number and it rings my phone. When i’m home, i send GV calls to voicemail so even if the mistress calls, my phone doesn’t ring. My wife calls me on the phone number of my cell, day and night. I don’t have to carry 2 phones and my wife never finds out about the mistress. This is in theory, i don’t have a mistress but this is one of the benefits of Google voice.

      • kevin

        if google use your point in their GV advertisement it will be a guaranteed success lol

      • 21stNow

        Shhhh! You’re exposing our secret!

    • Chimphappyhour

      Besides the benefits already listed by others, a GV number will ring any phone you point it to in the US.

      Also, I can receive texts and voicemails sent to my GV number over the internet via their website. This is great when traveling internationally.

  • monkeybutts

    They had MMS on T-mobile before they gained support on AT&T

  • Deadeye37

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I upgraded to an unlimited messaging plan, then I would be stoked. I didn’t have any messaging on my grandfathered plan, so I used Google Voice for all my texting needs. I really wanted to send MMS texts and receive them, but lived with the fact that at least I’m getting free texts.

  • 21stNow

    I tried to send an MMS message from my T-Mobile phone to my Google Voice number (phones on AT&T) and I didn’t receive the message at all in Google Voice. I updated the Google Voice app on one of the phones. So nothing has changed for me. : (

    • kev2684

      Google Voice has merged with Hangouts. that maybe it?

      • 21stNow

        I tried with Hangouts, too (to the best of my knowledge). The message came through as a text message with no picture and an email went to my GMail account with the picture in it.

        • Big Negro Perry

          Too bad, stupid.

        • thepanttherlady

          That’s uncalled for.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    Nope it still sends as links for me.

  • j lee

    Doesn’t work for me

  • “If you’re a Verizon customer, sorry…”

    Hahaha! Love it.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Will there be an update for this or will it just work? I haven’t actually tried it yet myself, but you’d think they would have to update the app in some way, which I don’t believe there has been one.

  • tomnewtn

    I tried to go back to Google Voice for voice mail management as I loved it for so long. Now, my phone rings about 12-14 times before it picks up. TMO tech support hasn’t been able to do anything. And no Visual Voice mail app for IOS?

  • android76

    Wow is that a G1 phone drawing on the Google Talk image. I think i still have my G1.

  • theartiszan

    Anyone having luck with this yet?
    Just comes through with a link on my t-mobile phone yet.