FCC approves T-Mobile acquisition of Verizon’s A-block 700MHz airwaves

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T-Mobile’s official acquisition of Verizon’s 700MHz A-block spectrum is moving ahead quickly as the FCC gave its blessing to the transaction yesterday. In response to the approval, Kathleen Ham, T-Mobile’s VP of Federal Regulatory Affairs  thanked the FCC in an emailed statement.

“T-Mobile is pleased by the FCC’s prompt approval of our acquisition of 700 MHz A-Block spectrum, which will provide the company with low-band spectrum in a number of key markets across the country.”

It’s expected that the deal will be complete by June, and that the spectrum will be put in to use towards the end of this year/beginning of next. And it’s vital to T-Mobile’s plans to compete with the big guns. Low band airwaves are key, and are much better at getting inside buildings than the higher frequencies currently used by Magenta.

Via: WirelessWeek

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