Pickup crashes in to T-Mobile store window in attempted smash-and-grab

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Police in Davie, Fla. are looking for two men after they allegedly drove a white pickup truck in to a T-Mobile store window on South University Drive, 4900 block, to be specific. The event is claimed to have taken place at 2:30am on Thursday morning.

Thankfully, the store manager was able to confirm that the men weren’t successful in their attempt to get inside the building, and burgle stock, which was undoubtedly their intention. Police did find the truck – still running – nearby afterwards, but have been unable to find the two men responsible.

Police are appealing for information from anyone who witnessed the attempt, or saw the men before/afterwards.

Source: Local10

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  • Kyjeepbear

    As many cameras as T-Mo has in their stores now it shouldn’t be hard to get a nice clear shot of them from Bellevue.

    • Michael

      Yeah, but the guys never made it inside, so getting a clear shot of them is unlikely.

  • Melvin Douglas
  • Durt Da Durr

    Seriously? Why don’t we start putting national headlines on this site and rename it national news.

    • Paul

      Not so much, but crazy it is a T-Mobile store.

      • vrm

        I guess the other stores (att, vz) stores didn’t have much to offer.

        • Paul


    • Chris

      It’s a t-mobile news site. The attempted crime happened on a T-mobile store. Not sure why you’re complaining.

    • yoda

      I’m with you on this one. It doesn’t seem like an article that belongs on tmonews, even thought the crime happened in a T-Mobile store. I come here to read about what tmobile is doing or the different phones that will be coming out, these belongs on the locals news. sorry just my opinion.

  • thephonesareallgone

    This has become fairly common these days. I was in a local T-Mobile store and all their display phones were gone from a smash and grab.

  • easyxtarget

    Yea, this is pretty common. It happened at the store down the street on Flamingo and Sheridan a few months back. Both locations are in good areas, smash and grabs like this are just super popular.

    • Christopher Olson

      I know that area in Pembroke pines, nice they have a T-Mobile there now.

    • qpinto

      it happened at the store off pines and just west of i75 as well. the same plaza as the whole foods and gyroville.

  • surfsup5

    Ah, the new” CRASH” plan. John Legere will soon announce it with a Tweet.

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    Wow. The lengths Verizon customers will go to for a decent selection of phones…

  • $15454173

    Seems like T-Mobile got some unwanted advertisement.

  • mgpm

    Happens all the time in south Florida it’s like the fifth time. They usually just steal the displays

  • Christopher Olson

    Why would someone pick a cell phone retailer to rob over… Oooh they’re from Florida.

  • Alex Zapata

    Now this is what I call classy.

  • Walt

    That same exact incident happened at the Tmobile store at Miramar Pkwy and Flamingo Rd in Miramar. They apparently got in and stole a lot of the Apple products. Maybe the same people.

  • Guest

    This is not news.

  • eanfoso

    I don’t see how this could just not be an accident, I mean t-mobile will just blacklist any imeis stolen

    • Hogpistol

      I can help you with that. Step 1. Criminal steals phones. Step 2. Criminal sells phones quickly since after they sell phones they don’t care if the IMEI is blocked. Step 3. Sucker that bought stolen phone deals with blacklisted IMEI and learns about Caveat emptor. Step 4. Profit.

    • tmorep

      at one point our store was robbed for thousands of dollars in phones. It is easy to walk into mexico and sell them. Also tmobile customer privacy means we cant track the phones into accounts and try to reverse the sale to find a theif. Usually they will allow phones stolen from a store to be activated because we can win back the cost through service revenues. In the end they actually found the people who stole our devices by chance. what fun!

  • $15454173

    Note to T-Mobile/John Legere: The market is desperate for 24 hr drive through T-Mobile store.

  • josephsinger

    It’s likely that the pickup truck was stolen just for this smash and grab attempt.