Galaxy Note 4 tested on band 12, 700MHz frequencies

Galaxy note 4 edge

Before any device launch in the U.S., products have be tested thoroughly and have the test filings published by the FCC. For the Galaxy Note 4 then, it was only a matter of time before the reports for that device were unearthed and we got to see what bands it’s going to support.

Under FCC ID A3LSMN910A, device model number SM-N910A (Galaxy Note 4) shows signs that it could be compatible with T-Mobile’s A-block 700MHz spectrum. T-Mobile uses the lower end of T-Mo band 12, and it would appear the Note 4 supports those:

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 23.46.07

Interestingly, it’s believed that the particular model number in question is the AT&T version of the Note 4. But if that is the case, it’s possible that both T-Mobile and AT&T will ship an almost identical device. The model was tested in all T-Mobile LTE band flavors (12, 4 and 2). The only missing band was in the 3G/4G bands. There was no testing done on the 1700/2100 AWS HSPA bands. At least, not as far as I can see.

T-Mo itself has only released one smartphone compatible with the 700MHz airwaves so far. The Galaxy Avant, which is also acting as the guinea pig for the company’s remote Device Unlock app.

T-Mobile will be selling the device when it’s available and already has its pre-registration signup page active, waiting for you to put your name down to hear as soon as it’s released.

Source: FCC

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  • Noor Mahmoud

    Great news! Now the commenters here can stop complaining.

  • ggfb20

    I don’t think most complained, they were just anxious to find out if it would support the band or not, great work Cam finding this info to ease concerns. I’m still hungry for news on the Nexus 6. I believe it will fit my needs better than the Note 4. We shall see.

  • ggfb20

    I’m also planning on picking up that Sony Xperia Z3 tablet, so cool that it works with the playstation 4.

  • taron19119

    If true then shut up and take my money now im ready to line up good by gs3

    • Paul

      Oh man, then you’re gonna be a happy camper! It’ll be miles ahead of the GS3.

      If you DO get it soon, come back and tell us your impressions of it.

      • taron19119

        Now that it is confirmed to have band 12 im getting it day one and will be at my local t-mobile store 2 hours before it open and going to buy this phone and put the gs3 to rest

  • Great News all around. Definitely a nail in the Sprint coffin for Q4 2014! T-mo # 3!!!

    • taron19119

      How so when the average person does not know/ understand what band 12 / 700mz a block is

      • TmoRepPa

        because the average person can understand that the 700mz will bring wider reaching, better service.

        • taron19119

          Thats not true I try to explain that to 6 people and they did not understand what was saying

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Tmobile can just market better coverage. That’s all I can think of

        • donnybee

          Market the more reliable connection, and expand the Test Drive program where they have the new spectrum launched. Make it include compatible phones. That would change the perception pretty quick, assuming the network works well by then and can handle it!

        • enkay1

          I was thinking they’d start putting a brand on it like Verizon did with XLTE. They could call it Coverage+ or something. Or they could just say “T-Mobile – now with better service in all the places you go, indoors and out.”

        • Bklynman

          All you have to tell them,it will help the signal though buildings better.

        • guest

          If explained properly its very easy to understand. Lower frequency airwaves travel further and penetrate obstacles better. So 700mhz is better than 1700/1900/2100mhz for this purpose. There really isn’t room for confusion lol

      • Eric

        A small cell/DAS with 700 MHz will have at least a 3X greater coverage area than a tower with AWS or PCS.

        You can tell them that. :-)

    • Ashton3002

      You do know sprint has 800 nationwide and its not that big of a difference between the two right? But I do hope T-Mobile gets their network built out.

      • monkeybutts

        And Sprint still can’t get coverage working right with 800 :P

        • Ashton3002

          Well considering they haven’t deployed it many places ugh yeah your not going to get the best coverage and where they have deployed it its a night and day differebce. For example Atlanta according to root metrics sprint has the most reliable service in alanta Chattanooga and some other city. T-Mobile not so much at The moment. I can’t even get a signal in sams

        • The Jason

          Sprint blows and ALWAYS HAS as long as anyone can remember. Go peddle your stuff elsewhere.

        • donnybee

          He’s bringing up facts. Saying Sprint blows means nothing. Just relax and absorb the whole conversation so you can learn what the industry looks like. Not too many people are aware of how much spectrum Sprint has, they all just think they suck.

          What they DO suck at, is deploying on their spectrum bands effectively. But I think we can all agree that if they were somehow able to get that down, and mesh it with their T1 backbone, they would be able to give T-Mobile a run for their money! ..They don’t have Leger though haha who doesn’t care if he has friends or not!

        • The Jason

          Their network is just a pile of non conforming dog doo doo. Do you realize every other carrier has alligned around 700Mhz lower and upper blocks, AWS, and PCS conversion and on FD LTE. I mean TMobile has AWS LTE synergy with Verizon, 700 A LTE synergy with AT&T on the new lower 700 A block superblock Band 12. They have GSM synergy with AT&T. Sprint sits out on its own on some crazy bands no one is using. They have high frequency spectrum so high itll get abysmal building penetration. They have to have special phones made for them still. They are just a mess and thats why they keep losing customers.

        • donnybee

          I don’t think that’s why they’re losing customers, but I do agree to an extent. They have some strange bands, but you don’t need that synergy with other companies to be successful. We all have to remember that a carrier that’s run well and is publicly appealing will bring great devices. It’s not the devices that make a carrier anymore. So as Sprint gets better (maybe) then they’ll never have problems with getting good devices.

          It’s funny that they haven’t tried to get rid of the high frequency spectrum though. The spectrum above 2Ghz is almost pointless! Unless they want to have 4 times as many towers as the big guys, which they can’t afford. So in essence, I think you’re right, but I also think the picture is a little bigger.

        • guest

          The concept of high band isn’t bad, its cheap spectrum that provides excellent capacity and performance. There is no point in them “getting rid of it” because it does have a niche utility (significantly boosting capacity and performance for minimal investment), and the sale price if they could even find a buyer would be low. They should utilize it in areas where it makes sense for them. People report very impressive speeds in areas where its available. As mobile broadband usage continues to increase, carriers will start looking more into high band to cope with the demand because low band spectrum is expensive and poor for capacity/performance enhancement making it an uneconomical solution to this scenario. The market is already heading this way, as you now see at&t and Vzw both actively acquiring and deploying aws spectrum to supplement their networks.

        • DirkDigg1er

          Verizon shares CDMA with Sprint. 2.5ghz spectrum is supported globally and phone compatibility has never been the issue . Coverage is a known issue (with both Sprint and T-mobile) but not as bad as you think.

        • DirkDigg1er

          That’s a little uncalled for, you think?

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    At least there will be a selection now, between this, the Xperia Z3, and probably the new iPhone. It’d be nice if there was an LG option though, with the nice rear buttons. :)

  • taron19119

    Did anyone see that Europe is going to auction off 700mz a block/band 12 in the near future

    • enkay1

      That was to be expected. When analog TV started to shut down, Europe’s signals were on 800 MHz while ours were on 700 MHz. Their clearing of 700 MHz now is like how the US is now moving onto clearing 600 MHz out.

  • Alex Zapata

    I’m glad to see more band 12 devices showing up.

  • Cam Fas

    Too bad we get no 700 MHz in Vegas

  • The Jason

    I don’t know who started this Band 12 paranoia thing going around T-Mobile crowds. Band 12 will be in just about every smartphone from here on out and it only one half to do with T-Mobile. As part of the lower 700 band FCC initiative, AT&T agreed to convert their Band 17 to Band 12 over time, and nade assurances that a majority of phones they sell will have Band 12 from next year. Band 12 isnt sone magical Tmobile band we have to look out for and beg for. This is getting old and tired.

    • taron19119

      What are u talking about band 12 is huge for t-mobile this is the first time t-mobile is doing something about coverage outside of the spectrum they already had and for the first time on t-mobile u will be able to go inside a building and not drop down to EDGE

      • The Jason

        I know what it is. Read my post more carefully. I’m not talking about the validity of 700 A Band. I am talking about the Band 12 paranoia setting in around here like people don’t realize it’ll be in everything and that it’s a common multi carrier band now in America thanks to lower A band FCC agreement.

        • kev2684

          AT&T could’ve had band 12 for 3 years now but did not. only smaller carriers use lower A back then. only when a major network start building on that spectrum these band 12 devices started popping up.

        • The Jason

          Because the FCC put a gun to their heads. Im liking the FCC lately. They implied that regulation would be coming unless AT&T signed the lower 700 band agreement which they finally did.

        • Fabian Cortez

          It also had something to do with AT&T making requests from Dish.

      • hit_the_lights

        what are you talking about? I go into buildings all the time and never drop to EDGE unless its a basement. Might need to get that phone checked.

        • taron19119

          My gs3 is good it just certain places where I get EDGE in buildings

        • guest

          It does happen. Where I work you could only get edge inside in any T-Mobile phone, even though 3g/LTE was excellent outside. Luckily they upgraded the nearest tower, so that has now been fixed. There are Still some places around town where that problem exists though.

        • DirkDigg1er

          KNOCK ON WOOD! You are lucky because most of us are very much familiar with building signal drops.

        • hit_the_lights

          Most of us? Try 4% of the country.

    • Aaron C

      Maybe it’s getting old and tired for you if you have great reception in buildings and all the rural areas you visit are saturated with LTE. Some of us aren’t so lucky. I try to keep my phones for a full two years. If T-Mobile is rolling out spectrum this year and next that I’m going to be able to take advantage of and that will rectify issues I’m having with reception when I travel, I’m damned sure going to make sure my next phone is compatible with those frequencies. I’m ready to ditch my Nexus 4 NOW and I’m not getting accidentally locked out of band 12 because I didn’t view the FCC sheet and picked the wrong phone in another month or two.

      Most of us here I’d say are T-Mobile fans, and most likely excited about new T-Mo technology, and we want to take advantage of that technology as soon as it arrives, especially if it doesn’t cost us anything more than making sure we have the right phone. Sure eventually they’ll all have it, but in the next six months? Probably not yet. The fact that I have to even say this is getting old and tired.

  • This is an AT&T/Bell/Telus/Rogers model, evidenced by the lack of AWS UMTS support. Rogers has Lower 700MHz A and B blocks in Canada in most regions, while Bell and Telus control Lower 700MHz C block in most regions. The situation is reversed for a couple of areas.

    • Rod

      The ATT/Tmobile model being the same phone is very likely. The only difference between the tmobile and att note 2 was that the att version shipped with the aws bands disabled.

      • AT&T version ships with DC-HSPA+ disabled, too. T-Mobile’s version gets both of those turned on. But it’ll still require a separate FCC filing. T-Mobile’s model is also already known: SM-N910T. That has not passed through the FCC yet.

        • nycplayboy78

          So what we are seeing here is just the AT&T version of the Note 4 and/or Note Edge right in this FCC filing?

        • Yes. This is the Galaxy Note 4 for AT&T. The Galaxy Note Edge for AT&T is SM-N915A.

  • Zek

    Doesn’t T-mobile’s Note 2 (T889) support LTE 700mhz? It’s definitely listed on the spec sheet.

    • kev2684

      it’s band 17. 700mhz b and c. T-Mo’s block is a. band 12 supports a, b and c.

    • taron19119

      No it supports 700mz band 17 and not 700mz band 12 you need band 12 for this

  • taron19119

    Samsung has said the note EDGE is going to cost more then the note 4

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    If true note 4 for me

    • Richard Yarrell

      Note 4 and Note Edge for me. Hopefully I will be purchasing the Galaxy Gear S Wrist Watch Communicator also when that arrives.

      • nycplayboy78


  • HeatFan786

    Well, there will be a ton of happy campers. I am still paying off my S5 on the EIP, so no new phone for me for awhile. Gotta make the use of this S5.

  • Laststop311

    too bad the note 4 isn’t rly much of an upgrade. An almost identical cpu and a gpu that is faster but wont rly be noticeably faster because its pushing more pixels. The resolution is meh 1920×1080 was already good enough. The note edge seems like a rly stupid feature. Just happy as this means the 5.5″ iphone will most likely have band 12 too. I think I’m going to switch to apple for the first time. I hear they are going to put 128GB of storage in the 5.5″ iphone 6. That is perfect for a phone with no sd card. I will most likely get the 128GB iphone 6 and ditch my galaxy note 2. It’s nice having a fully paid off phone tho. Might just rock the galaxy note 2 another year but i rly want band 12 support. northeast ohio is gettin that band 12 love and my reception is noticeably worse in a lot of buildings. When i go to the hospital to goto work my reception goes to hell.

    I wish when people reviewed phones they reviewed the power of the headphone amp inside the phone. The note 2 cant really deliver enough power to fully unleash the ultrasone signature dj headphones. I have to carry a portable amp if I want the bass to really pound. Iphones have a pretty good music player though. Maybe with the iphone i wont have to carry the amp too i mean I know with the amp it will always be better but if the iphone 6 can do a better job than the note 2 maybe it will be enough to not need the amp.

    • Scartaris

      The iPhone 6 doesn’t support band 12, just a heads up.

  • Lindyc

    I’m definitely craving a new Note 4 but I’m still rocking the Note 2 and although it’s exciting to have new phones come out evey year it’s kind of a bummer deal since I can’t afford but to buy one every 2 years at least. It feels like you almost HAVE to upgrade if you want a somewhat current version of Android, I’m starting to think 4.3 will be the last update my super outdated *sarcasm* phone will get.

    • guest

      Get a nexus phone, or switch to apple. There are other options if your not satisfied with samsung

    • DirkDigg1er

      That’s is what the industry wants you to believe to satisfy their corporate thirst and margins. You could always sell your old device (Craigslist, eBay, etc.) and put difference towards new phones. Another option is to buy Note 4 from someone at a discount.

  • guest

    All you people complaining about phone upgrade frequency: you’ve heard of jump, right? Its a good value if having up to date hardware is important to you, and a no brainer if you’re already paying for insurance.

  • nycplayboy78

    Yeah my biggest complaint with T-Mobile is their indoor penetration…I am rocking the Note 3 so if/when 700MHz goes live next year as planned then I will more than likely upgrade to the Note 5 or Note Edge 2……

  • Sam1116

    Well I live in Chicago. I heard Band 12 is not going to be available in the city so I’m sticking with my Note3 for now even though I could JUMP to the Note4

  • skittle

    I think this is where I use my JUMP. I actually cut out a shape thats the same size as the Note 4 and it FITS the pocket just fine :) Band 12 is cool if it has compatability. Being as their is an iPhone frenzy right now I shouldn’t have any trouble get one :)

    • skittle

      Update: Did buy it on retail release day. Fits the pockets just fine and it does not bend :)

  • Sean

    Here’s proof that 700mHz A-block will be built into the Note 4:

  • Roger Sales

    surprised band 5 is not on board, usually they just throw that on for good measure even though its not currently widely used by anyone.

    • skittle

      It has band 5. On the retail box as V (850)

    • Ozgur Sen

      If you dial *#2263# on the note 4 and click on lte you can see which bands it can support

  • SnagitTool

    wait wait wait..the tmobile site does dont list it as band12 compatible under bands…smfh

  • Band12rdy

    Its printed on the retail box as Xll (700) .