Network update: T-Mobile LTE Sightings in Maine, rural Illinois and Pennsylvania


I have no idea what T-Mobile’s network engineers are eating for breakfast each morning, but if I had to guess from the rate of expansion and upgrades, it’s probably Red Bull-soaked Lucky Charms and three triple espressos. These guys are working incredibly quickly.

Over the past 10-14 days, I’ve received a huge number of sightings and updates from readers across the U.S. noticing LTE in new markets, in many different areas.


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 13.03.00

On of ours readers got in touch with the following information:

I have been seeing some LTE light up in rural southern Illinois … One of the towers that has lit up LTE is at Kinmundy Illinois and are seeing LTE across the I-57  towards Farina.  The other area is Mount Vernon Illinois. We already had LTE downtown Mount Vernon but now it is on the interstate were 64 & 57 come together.

As with many markets, it’s the highway being focussed on in Southern Illinois.


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 13.07.36

Looking at T-Mobile’s coverage checker, you could be forgiven for thinking that – outside Portland – the entire state is completely devoid of LTE. But that’s not the case. New sightings suggest that T-Mobile is activating its Data-Strong network in rural locations. Waterville and Roosevelt Trail, Maine have both seen some LTE testing in recent times. Hit up Sensorly, and search for either of those two towns and you’ll see faint purple splodges denoting 4G connectivity.

North Carolina and South Carolina


The neighboring states have seen many new towers go live over the past few months. We detailed some towns and highways last month, but many, many more have also been upgraded to LTE.

LTE has been spotted in Dillon, Lumberton, Rochingham-Hamlet and a few others as well.

“Been watching the LTE progress in Western NC. Hickory has had LTE now for a while but I drove by Conover, Newton, Claremont today (Shown on sensorly) and saw more LTE.

There’s also new LTE showing up near Morganton. Previously there was weak HSPA signal coming from the towers south of the city, there is a tower on exit 105 that to my knowledge is still broadcasting EDGE only. HSPA and now LTE is still very spotty there.”

I received close to a dozen screenshots from multiple readers in various towns in North Carolina. And as we’ve noticed many times before, the upgrades seem to be focussed predominantly on the major highways in the area, rather than the towns themselves.


A short update on testing in Indiana. LTE has apparently been showing up and disappearing in Elkhart and Goshen. Our reader notes that it’s not consistently available, suggesting strongly that T-Mobile is just testing the network in those markets.


LTE has been spotted in Carlisle and Bensalem, PA. Our reader in Carlisle notes that it doesn’t yet cover the whole town, “but the north half of town and Southwest areas near the I-81 exit of Allen Road have the service. It started appearing this month. The 4G LTE from Harrisburg (25 minutes east) is finally reaching our areas.”


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  • “feint purple”, so there’s a such thing as fake purple?

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah.. it’s called lilac. ;-)

  • Roger Sales

    This is most likely the beginning of T-Mobile’s push to meet their 250M (from 235M currently) end of 2014 deadline. Expect to see a lot of LTE happening in a lot of new places. This is the makings of a strong third carrier.

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    • Marcelo_L

      well, it would be nice if they delivered some more wideband LTE,too. Especially in places 1/3 of the whole states’ subscriber base is located, and where they’ve already turned on Wideband in the neighboring county. Hello?!!

    • Jay Holm

      They still need to work on their perception problem. A lot of people have the perception of T-Mobile having poor coverage. Not only has it improved dramatically, but it will improve far more so once all the 700mhz A Band is deployed.

  • itguy08

    Horay for Carlisle PA. These improvements are SORELY needed!

  • zx6guy

    Southern Illinois? I still can’t drive from Chicago to Rockford or Milwaukee without a 2G throwback.

    • Josh P

      Yea. T Mobile NEEDS to do something about the signal in Illinois!

      • BetterAndroidGod

        give them a chance to officially launch it first babysteps

    • hit_the_lights

      something must be wrong with your phone then, doesn’t happen to me.

      • zx6guy

        Check T-Mobile’s coverage maps.

        • hit_the_lights

          I live in the area and have never dropped to 2G in any of my travels.

  • Bart

    I’ve seen some in southern Indiana too! Around the Columbus, IN area.

    • Clevenger23

      they must be doing the whole state right now

    • bb

      I was just down there last month for the Mill Race Marathon, and it was EDGE all around. But yeah, this past weekend, I went back to visit some friends, and I had some really solid 4G LTE around there. I was able to hold onto that signal even a bit west of there towards the Nashville, IN area!

  • Finally spotted progress in my neck of the woods.

    I was in a ranch just outside of Buda, TX, the purple blotches near Onion Creek, and was gladly surprised to experience a solid LTE signal. I was in the same ranch a year ago and could barely get 2G then.

  • Mike

    Seen it in Shelbyville, Indiana as well.

  • carcomptoy

    Bensalem or Bethlehem, PA? I could’ve sworn Bensalem was already covered in LTE being part of the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Area…

  • Clevenger23

    In the Elkhart Goshen area, I really hope they are planing on getting it live quick, because since the LTE came and left, now the HSPA is running EXTREMELY slow. I am barley getting 1Mb, where i normaly get 5-10Mb. i use my Mobile Hot spot everyday for work, and this is causing me a pain right now, but if it is just short term because they are trying to switch it, then i can handle it, but if this last to long I am going to be in trouble.

    • Clevenger23

      also a side note. the tower that i got the LTE from I went out there (I work for the LEC, so I know where all the towers are) and there was a team of contractors working on the tower both the antennas and the building. they would not say as to what they where doing but seeing the LTE for a short term kind of gives it away.

  • Aurizen

    yeah I’ve been seeing Wideband in philly, but the but not 4×2. :(

    • Eric

      Some sites in my area of Philadelphia still need better backhaul. I’m seeing similar speeds on 2×15 MHz than from what I had on 2×10 MHz. On the sites that had a fast backhaul and received 2×15… my brain almost blew out as I saw the speed tests.

      • Aurizen

        same here! I wish they implemented 4×2 with the wideband, I wonder why the antenna for my area is only 1.

        • Jay Holm

          How do you check what the antenna array is in a perticular area? I live in Bridgeport, Ct 06604.

        • Aurizen

          well for iphone you dial *3001#12345#* then you look at serving cell info, I’m not sure about the method for android

      • taron19119

        U need a phone that’s category 4 lte. to get the best speed

    • Jay Holm

      I know how to check Service Mode, and if it’s Wideband LTE, but how do you know if it’s 4×2?

      • SZL

        It will say 4 on “Num Tx Antennas” instead of 2

        • Jay Holm

          No where on Service Mode does it say “Num Tx Antennas” 2, or 4. If I could post a screenshot I would. I’m using the S4 in Bridgeport Ct

        • SZL

          Sorry. I have an iPhone. That won’t be a help to you. lol :)

  • MyBetterUserName

    About the LTE in Waterville. I was driving to Portland last week and saw that. I was on 95 south from Bangor and noticed that i flipped over to LTE, it was pretty weak on the exit ramp. By the time that i made it to the Starbucks which is about 1/3 of a mile from the exit it switched to full signal edge. It is worth noting that there is a T-Mobile call centre in Oakland, which is basically in the vicinity of the blotches

  • Greg Victor

    Anybody seen any wideband LTE in NYC yet.

    • Roger Sales

      Nope, still 10×10

      • Greg Victor

        I just recently started getting speeds of over 40Mbps in Brooklyn so I thought tmobile activated their wideband LTE. Guess not.

        • Roger Sales

          It’s possible some towers are being trialed, but in Manhattan and on the jersey side of the area, every test I’ve done has come up just 10×10.

        • Greg Victor

          What speeds are consistent with widband LTE? Becuase yesterday when i ran a speed test with the ookla app i got a download of 47Mbps and and upload of 22 Mbps. Thanks for any info you can provide.

        • Roger Sales

          I’ve seen 50 down on a 10×10 configuration, so the only way to be sure is to go into service mode and actually check because traffic can make a connection look like wide band if the tower isn’t being stressed.

        • Greg Victor

          I have tried going into my G3’s service mode but for the life of me i can’t seem to figure out how to access the LTE bandwith information. Any suggestions on how to access that info?

        • Roger Sales

          I don’t know, I only know how to do service mode on iPhones

        • Michael Luscher

          LTE Discovery in the play store.

        • H Nathan Harper

          Junk? Or maybe I’m to dumb to figure it out. Idk

        • Fabian Cortez

          10×10 MHz is good for up to 73 Mbps.

      • Mike Palomba

        I’ve tried in staten island and most towers are 10×10

  • Josh P

    The upgraded LTE from 30 to 60mbps here in the the North West Chicago suburbs!

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I noticed the speed upgrade in Santa Clara CA (Home of the 49ers) as well. It use to ve around 30 mbps but now generally in the high 50’s.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    I look everyday on Sensorly and see new lte. It’s amazing. Hartsville is new and Sanford, NC is new. It’s really exciting to see 2G markets finally being upgraded. That means new customers

    • Verizonthunder

      Same here I even purposely drive to unchecked LTE coverage in the area where it was lit up. Now the areas near me are close to completely filled where LTE is.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Maybe in preparation for band12 but central CA has stopped

  • holden

    I live in waterville Maine, no 4g here. Just 2g

    • enkay1

      They are probably still testing then. Sensorly clearly reports some LTE there.

      • holden

        Hopefully they get it up and working. The whole state is basically 2g other then Portland.

        • gary

          There’s lte on main st and kmd and almost all of winslow

        • holden

          Since when? I live on main street and have a galaxy s5, the wife has a note iii and my son has the new HTC one and none of us have 4g, just 2g

    • sidekicker89

      You have to have a compatible device. I guess not all devices can connect to Band 2 LTE

    • mike

      Holden only parts of Waterville. Head out towards Thomas college and you will have it.

  • Guest

    Is there any way I can view this map to see if it changes?

  • Greg Victor

    Anybody heard when the next round of smartphones will get VoLTE enabled?

    • Mark Benjamin David

      iPhone 6 & 6+ are VoLTE enabled.

  • guest

    i know this isn’t related to the article but does anyone know or have a Verizon iPhone 6 that works on tmobiles 4G 1700Mhz band and LTE. i heard they come unlocked

    • BetterAndroidGod

      correct Verizon is not allowed to lock phones

    • Ron

      Samasung’s Galaxy S5, Galaxy Light, Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4 ready for VoLTE

  • josephsinger

    Regarding Waterville, Maine it’s hardly a Metropolis at 15,000+ but considering that the biggest city in Maine Portland is only 66,000+ it’s hardly rural.

    • gary

      The call center is in Oakland/Waterville that’s why

      • Mark

        It’ll be interesting to see what I get when I get up there next… at my relative’s home in Waterville, I usually just get roaming coverage.

  • sidekicker89

    So my HTC One M7 won’t be able to connect to 1900Mhz LTE correct?

    • Roger Sales

      to my knowledge yes, the M7 does not support band 2 LTE.

      • Shreddie88

        Neither does the HTC M8. it only has band 12 only.

        • Roger Sales

          The m8 supports band 2 & 4 but certainly not 12

  • BetterAndroidGod

    thats good to hear

  • Rich Reshetar

    i am living in Doylestown, PA, and am from Pipersville, PA (15 min north) The service used to drop at a specific intersection, when data switched from LTE to 2g. I noticed a few days ago, the data is in fact LTE and now HSPA+ 4G now. TMO improved the data coverage for about 7 miles north of Plumsteadville, into Ottsville. I hope it keeps improving.

  • Mathew Colburn

    Kind of related to Indiana but not the Elkhart area…I took a trip up US 31 this weekend and had full LTE from the time I left Indy and Carmel all the way through Kokomo and didn’t lose it until halfway to Peru. This is the furthest I’ve ever had any LTE between the large cities on 31. Of course on my way back I drove so I didn’t get to test anything but it was pretty amazing. I tried to map it on Sensorly but idk if it worked. I’d definitely say T-Mobile is about to throw down some rural Indiana LTE as some of it is already up and running.

    • tazsk8s

      Crossing fingers this means I-65 corridor between Indy and Chicago is coming soon. Was just on this stretch this past weekend and no change from my last trip in July.

      • Mike Menard

        I sure hope so. That drive can get rough at times.

  • Roberto Jaimes

    Every time I go to work there’s this area that I get full bars of LTE but when I do a speedtest its under 1 Mbps

  • mike

    I live in Waterville maine. I can confirm that were I live I am getting about 15mb-20mb down and 5mb up right now. I work 4 miles from where I live still in Waterville and I get edge network.

  • William Burr Winans

    Between Dillon, SC and Lumberton, NC I have noticed the network as been lot better through there. I drive through Interstate 95 once a month!!

  • Nick

    LTE spotted tonight around the I-39/I-88 corridor in Illinois. (Rochelle, IL)
    This area has been plagued by useless GPRS signal for years. About time… But still a good chunk of I-39 is garbage. There is still a good stretch in betweek DeKalb and Rochelle where data is weak/useless. (2G or lower)

    • Alex Zapata

      I hate driving out there because of the miserable network quality (at least data wise). Glad to see some progress is being made out there.

  • James

    65265 Mexico Missouri has lte now Hannibal Missouri has been upgraded to lte and will be on any day 63401

    • Josh

      Knob Noster Missouri has been switching to LTE at certain times of the day and Sedalia Missouri finally has reliable LTE

      • H Nathan Harper

        Band2 in Sedalia so far.

    • GameBoi/KillaBit

      Great, now bring down to southeast Missouri.

  • pmichos

    I have gotten download speeds of 67Mbps in Drexel Hill Pa witch is about 3 miles west of Philadelphia.

    • SEBA

      Broomall and Maple Glen gets the highest speeds in our area.

      • pmichos

        What speeds have you gotten?

        • SEBA

          Hey, I just tested Drexel Hill and it looks like 15×15 by tmobile store speeds were 27 down and before State Rd the network changed to 10×10 but the speeds were 47 down. In suburbs I’m getting upper 70s

  • JTE

    Finally! We are getting better service in rural NC! Now I recommend the service to some of my friends who are really aching to switch from Verizon and ATT.

  • Baxter DeBerry

    Texas is starting to get better to, places I use to have no signal im now getting 4g or LTE, and those areas are pretty rural, I dont think that its band 12 though yet.. cant wait to see what happens!

    • South of San Antonio down Hwy 181 to the coast is all crap, edge all the way,(if your lucky and get signal). Not sure what the hold up is, there’s like 50,000 new people here now because of the fracking boom,and tmobile is missing out on all of it.

      • eanfoso

        Try Austin to Houston on hwy 290… It’s ridiculous, I took the same road trip last year with my girlfriend and she had LTE with att, I figured this year I’d have LTE but got lucky with edge and GPRS

  • mooreteacher

    If you have signed up for service within 30 days let’s do refer a friend. Contact me at we get unlimited data for a year or $10 off your bill, if you already have unlimited. Plus, a $25 dollar Tmo card. Let me know.

  • Daniel

    Utah is getting much faster! Did a speedtest right next to a friend who had the same phone and my speed was double his! !

  • timmyjoe42

    Is it possible for my reception to be worse since they activated LTE in Cincinnati? My Nexus 4 doesn’t have LTE, so I was wondering if they took coverage that I was using and moved it to the LTE that I now can’t get? I know that I’m in the market for a new phone, but ever since the upgrade, my battery life has been significantly reduced.

    • taron19119

      Yes they took the towers u was getting coverage from for lte. You need a phone that has band 2 lte.

      • Pick

        Wow English much? How about YOU WERE USING you slouch

        • Alex Zapata

          I believe you meant to say ingrish much.

    • Bori

      HSPA+ has not been the same since they deployed LTE, my Nexus 5 does a good job at picking up LTE, but in areas where it doesn’t HSPA is terminally “ill” lol. You definitely need a device that supports Band 2, but give it time, It’ll get better.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        The reason for hspa being that way is because it’s on aws. 1900mhz for some reason is better all around. Not sure why. I use to hate hspa being on aws always dropped off easy.

    • CPPCrispy

      Cincinnati does not have vary much spectrum. So to deploy LTE that would have had to take some spectrum that was being used for 2g and/or hspa. Hopefully that can fix the spectrum issue with the AWS 3 auction.

  • volvoV70guy

    I was in Cobleskill (Central New York State) yesterday and my signal ranged from T-Mobile 2G to AT&T 4G (useless as T-Mo’s roaming makes no sense) and T-Mobile LTE. Anyway, I wasn’t actually able to use any data while I was there for some reason. Hopefully this gets upgraded soon as I don’t want to switch to AT&T when we move out there next week… I’m not sure if it was actually even getting these signals since nothing seemed to work.

    • eanfoso

      I was on the same boat, but dude switch to cricket, it’s just like at&t except you get throttled to 8 mbps which is not that bad, and that’s download only, upload doesn’t get capped so I’ve hit 17 mbps when t mobile didn’t even get me 2, and at times no service of any kind, plus since t mobile doesn’t do my RC discount, I now save money with cricket, plus they’re running a promo of porting a number from t mobile and they give you 100$ per line, I moved my 5 lines and now get 500$ or 4 months for free, since my mrc is 125$ for 5 lines, one with 10 GB of high speed, one with international calling, the rest with 1 GB of high speed.

  • JJCommonSense

    GO TMO GO!!

  • Dude

    Still 2G in New Holland, PA. 45 miles east of Harrisburg and 60 miles west of Philadelphia; the T-Mo black hole.
    ATT has LTE here.

  • Eric

    Still 2G in Shippensburg PA.

    • itguy08

      Aaah, Ship. Many memories.. :)

      I’m sure they will get LTE soon enough – there certainly is the bandwidth available. Probably working their way south.

      I remember when T-mobile had 0 service in Shippensburg.

      • Eric

        Thankfully im on the university campus enough so 2g really isnt an issue. I dont want to switch from tmobile however, ive contemplated many times haha.

  • Mirad77

    Keep the updates coming.

  • notyourbusiness

    T-Mobile is amazing. Once again, keeping true to their word and delivering LTE to even more areas.

  • Clevenger23

    I am actively capturing LTE in Elkhart Indiana right now on Sensorly i will get an image emailed to you soon once it gets it on the maps

  • Nicolas LaBarre

    I received a text from T-Mobile saying that LTE build out is complete in Panama City, FL. Finally I have LTE at home.

  • publikwerks

    I know they are screwing around with it up here in (Auburn) Maine. I was using my iphone in the supermarket the other day, and it jumped to 4g for a few minutes(that I noticed).

  • Rick

    When they get 3G into the resort towns along southern Route One in Maine (Ogunquit, for instance?), then I’m interested… EDGE is really not very useful any more, and hasn’t been for 8 years.

  • Mark

    I haven’t seen the LTE indicator light up on my Xperia Z here in Maine yet (although I’ve seen it in Boston), but I have a friend on TMo who’s seen it! I wonder if there’s a particular-bands issue.

    • Bori

      I think in Maine, well the Portland area, where it’s been seen the most, LTE is being broadcast on Band 2, PCS 1900. Check to see if your device supports LTE Band 2.

      • Mark

        Well, TMo’s spec page wasn’t much help (or I don’t know how to read it), but it appears from Sony’s page that the phone only supports LTE on Band IV. Now I really, really wish I had upgraded before they changed the rules for Jump. :(

        • Clevenger23

          if you still have and never changed your jump plan you still have Jump 1 as it is referred to. I have the 1st original Jump program, and and anyone else who has had it since it first started is grandfathered under the old rules. you can jump when you want with out paying the 50% of the device, and up to twice a year. call 611 and ask if you are on Jump 1 or Jump 2. If you have had it for more then 9 months then you should be on Jump 1.

        • Mark

          Thanks. I’ll call later, but I’m pretty sure I’m on Jump 2. I was on a Classic plan prior to that, and I think the rules had already changed by the time I switched over, upgraded my phone and signed up for Jump in April.

        • Clevenger23

          As long as you did not cancel the jump plan and restart it later you should be good. Let me know what they tell you. But as long as you never canceled jump you should be on the original.

        • Bori

          I agree with Clevenger call and find out if you can still “jump” if you can make sure you get a phone that is Band 2. Let us know what you were able to find out :-)

  • Bravodelta

    LTE Sighting in northern MN, between Baxter MN and Pine river.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    I love the opening paragraph it’s Hilarious! Red Bull soaked lucky charms ahah

  • Nathan

    I live in Winslow, Maine. I have 4g but its off and on, going into Waterville I have only edge. Some places in Winslow are also only edge. Speed tests are decent. Normally around 4-6 mbps down, hopefully it becomes more reliable soon.

    • Bubb

      This is pretty good news, I live in Winslow and I’m fairly close to what I believe is a TMO tower that has gotten the 4G updage. Plan on switching over to them soon, and hopefully they keep rolling out LTE on their network to replace the crappy edge connection. Can’t come soon enough.

      I wonder what their roaming is though on ATT, 4g?

  • Kyle Sweigert

    There’s also lte in Lebanon PA which is about 45 minutes away from Carlisle and a half hour away from Harrisburg. Only half the city is covered so far.

    • Dude

      Does that include the high school? There has been very bad to no coverage in the High school.

  • randude

    Also seeing it showing up consistently now between Dayton, OH and Columbus, OH on I-70. Also up and down now in Springfield, OH as though its being tested.

    • Putfire

      I have it in Yellow Springs as well now. The rep at the T mobile store told me they are building out fast here. Soon Xenia will be covered.

  • pmichos

    Did a speed test right befor going into West Chester Pa and I got 74.5Mbps download!

  • Tony Tone

    I gave Tmo a shot and in Oklahoma City they have blazing fast speeds coupled with unlimited data at a decent price you cannot beat, however if I travel 5-10 minutes away its Edge which is unusable. I had to port back to Verizon (ugh) today. I’ll revisit Tmo in a year from now. Love what they’ve done to the industry but their coverage has a long way to go. Piggybacking off my Verizon lines to use my T-Mobile phone is lame.

  • OTD66

    What’s with the coverage in and around Coatesville, PA? We used to have a solid 5 or 6 bars of signal strength on our old Nokia Neurons, then at the beginning of October it went to a big fat ZERO! We’ve had TMo for over ten years, and really were planning on upgrading to the ZMax phones, but then this happened and we don’t know what to do…. will we have reception at our home with the new phones, or will I be paying $100/month and not be able to make a call?

  • John Brown

    In Owensville Ohio we have LTE and absolutely zero HSPA coverage. Its as if tmo is telling us people with non LTE devices like the Lumia 521 or Alcatel evolve 1or evolve 2 that they don’t care about us and would rather us be eternally stuck on EDGE. I’m switching to Boost as soon as I can afford a moto g. At least sprint has 3g around here.

    • Former Boost customer

      Boosts 3g is not much better then EDGE. 4G-LTE with T-Mobile is blazing fast. Worth the investment in a new phone. You will have to pay for a new one if you switch to Boost anyway…

    • Thebestsgt

      The lumia 635 is $100 dollars. Problem solved.

    • Brandon Jiang

      I take it you’ve never used Sprint 3G

      • John Brown

        I have, via a virgin mobile broadband stick. I got 2mbps down and 768k up

        • Brandon Jiang

          are you sure you’re not confusing 3G with WiMax?

    • Ozgur Sen

      I live in Middletown Delaware and t mobile upgraded the tower from 2g to lte. After a week I got 3g/4g

  • Steve-o

    In Green Cove Spring, FL a suburb of Jacksonville we have had 4G-LTE, but it was spotty outside and would reduce to slower networks indoors. Lately I have notice strong 4G-LTE indoors and out. GREAT IMPROVEMENT in the last 4 months. Great job T-mobile. Love you guys…Stephen

  • Sharon

    Improve lumberton, nc lte tmobile!
    Some parts of the area are scattering signals. 2g to 4g then 2 g to lte it’s all messed up! Data-strong? You mean signal-weak!

  • justin

    LTE is fully on in Elkhart. But it sucks. I have the Samsung Note 4 and it only works if I have a full 5 bars. Anything less and I have had to turn off LTE to be able to use my phone. Also, the LTE is the same speed, sometimes slower, then the HSPA network currently in place in Elkhart. What in the world are they doing? It’s getting so bad u have thought about switch to sprint the has better LTE in Elkhart and at the same time for what ever reason, some WiMax. Anyone else in this area having issues with the LTE? Also a side note that maybe someone here can help with. The current hspa is on band 4. When I connect to the LTE, it also is on band 4 with 5Mhz bandwidth. One city over the LTE is on band 2 with 10Mhz and the hspa in on band 4. Why would they be overlapping the HSPA and LTE here where normally they do not do this?