T-Mobile opens up iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 pre-registration pages

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T-Mobile was remarkably quiet following yesterday’s Apple event, and didn’t officially announce that it would be carrying the new iPads. Today, the pre-registration pages have gone live and you can sign up to hear as soon as the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 are available to order from T-Mobile.

Of the two, the iPad mini 3 is the closest to its predecessor. Apple’s seemingly just added a Touch ID button and changed none of the other internals. There’s no speed bump, no better display, no better camera. So, my advice – Grab the iPad mini 2 for $100 cheaper.

As for the iPad Air 2, Apple has done a lot to improve the device, even if there’s nothing truly ground-breaking about it. It’s now just 6.1mm thin, that’s thinner than the iPhone 6. The non-protruding camera is an improved 8MP snapper that’s been updated with some of the iPhone’s best features: Slo-mo, Panorama and Time-lapse. It’s also got a clever HDR engine, all powered by the bespoke image processor built in to the brand new A8X. For a full write-up on the iPad Air 2, head on over to my piece over at TiP.

It seems like a great tablet, and the LTE model supports all the bands you need (except band 12). But, if you have an iPad Air, I still don’t quite see the need to upgrade. This is the first time in years I’m not planning on grabbing a new tablet. However, if you have any of the older models, this could represent a huge jump in performance.

Let us know if you’re planning on buying either of the new tablets. Personally, I think this is the most underwhelming iPad release so far. But I’m feeling particularly old and cynical today. How about you?

iPad Air 2 pre-registration page
iPad mini 3 pre-registration page

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  • donnybee

    It’s all about perfecting. And perfecting doesn’t come overnight. I think we’ll see slight changes moving forward, but we all know Apple will strive to ensure the best user experience of any tablet!

  • JG

    Like I’m going to pre-order from TMobile. Never again. I’m still waiting for my iPhone that I “pre-ordered” on launch day in the store, 4 weeks ago. Was 3rd in line. First guy was told the store got zero iPhone 6 plusses, but they would ‘pre-order’ and ship right away. And so down the line they went, suckering us all into thinking we’d get our phones ‘right away’. 4 weeks and counting sure doesn’t feel like ‘right away’.

    Just ordered the iPad from Apple’s website. Never had any issues with ordering form them in the past.

    • Steven Jobo

      Sucker beware. I don’t blame the reps for using and abusing the idiots that can’t seem to learn that this happens every year regardless of carrier.
      Well maybe you’re the only one that didn’t realize this lol. Maybe you were the only sucker. My buddy just ordered one and he knew he would have to wait. And he didn’t cry about it on the Internet…

      • just me

        Talk about blaming the victim…. Why shouldn’t we hold merchandisers to their own promises (assuming JG was in fact told that they would be shipped “right away”? Granted, caveat emptor applies, but I don’t see this as “whining.”

        • Steven Jobo

          Victim? WTF? Victim? He wasn’t sexually assaulted or anything. He decided to buy something everyone knows would be in short supply. It happens every year as far as I can remember. You think he’s been victimized? Then you are the bigger idiot. Victim? No one made him want to get the iPhone on day one dummy.

        • JG
      • JG

        Hey Steve, it’s easy to hide behind a web page and berail someone eh? I said I won’t be preordering from TMobile anymore. I’ve preordered from Apple in the past and have always had my items delivered or received them at the front door of the store as promised. I don’t know where you’ve been, but it’s simply not true that “this happens every year regardless of carrier”. I was with verizon a couple of years ago and got the iPhone 5 day one, no hassle.
        Fact remains, if I order an iPhone from Apple right now, I’ll get it faster than my TMobile purchase. Almost did it, but I’m on the Jump program and it isn’t as cost effective.

        • Steve Jobo

          Name the place and time. If it’s not too inconvenient and near me I will do it person. Cool?

  • Kate

    T-mobile yet again stock issues. T-mobile last to the party. On sale so far Apple store, Att, and Verizon check. Who wants to pre register?

  • BlackJu

    Stop facilitating photography with tablets. It is perhaps the most obnoxious thing you can do in public

  • jeremyvbk

    I csn already tell there will be bend test on youtube for awhile with the thinner devicds. Even the galaxy tab sbends pretty decent, bit not permanent bends. Wonder how a thinner and larger device will hold.

    • Steven Pham

      no more fun

  • trife

    I really hope T-Mobile starts getting with the program on these pre-orders.

    Definitely not a good look when the carriers that you’re constantly going hard at have their pre-orders up and running without a hitch, while TMO customers can only register to be notified when they’re available for sale. And we all know that notification will come 4 days after they’re up on the site LOL.

  • Cam Fas

    Guess band 12 on Apple products will be more of a 2015 thing

    • Chris Pine

      Yes, in other words, you will have to buy it.

      • JamesG

        You’ll buy it anyway

  • jon

    Wow, was happy when I signed up with Tmo 6 months ago, but am now wondering if it was correct decision. All other major carriers are selling the iPad Air 2 online, but not TMo. Really, a wait list is the best they can do. Did not want to wait so I went directly to Apple online store and bought 2 iPads. TMo really needs to get their act together if they want to keep me as a customer. Am not impressed with their “un-roll out” pf new iPad Air 2.

    • Moby

      What does it matter if you bought it from Apple or bought it from T-Mobile? Who cares?

    • Lebron

      Why does it matter when you pre-order it if you’ll still get it on launch day like everywhere else?

  • Ben

    If I am reading those pages correctly TMO is selling the iPad Air 2 at a $100 discount compared to direct from Apple. If so, why doesn’t the iPad Mini 3 get a discount?