Greater Bay Area gets T-Mobile wideband LTE



T-Mobile announced in a press release this morning that the Greater Bay Area now has wideband LTE. Meaning, if you live there, you’ll get much faster download and upload speeds using T-Mo’s 4G LTE service. This announcement comes just days after the company announced that Connecticut got its first official taste of the extra “lanes” of network.

The Wideband LTE upgrade stretches throughout Alameda, Contra-Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma counties in the Bay Area. 

T-Mo states that in this area, customers use an average of around 2.5GB per month of data and clocking speeds faster than Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. The average speed in the Greater Bay Area for downloads stands at 21Mbps, with highs of 90Mbps being witnessed in some locations in October, this year.

If you’re in the area, be sure to chime in with your experiences of T-Mobile’s network. Is it as fast as they say it is, or is your average speed lower than the 21Mbps quoted?

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  • Verizonthunder

    Wow nice.

  • Bori

    Lucky dwags lol Congrats SF :-)

  • Bill

    I see. 9.33 down .98 up.

  • Jaffar

    Nice finally Bay gets LTE Wideband: Contra Costa

  • Tosh

    I am curious about the timeline on backhaul upgrades?Dont get me wrong i personally have acces to 72mbps tower which is great of course.And since the pipes are wider now more people will be able to reach better speeds simultaniously at the same tower.Great job mister Ray.

  • Arjun

    My speed went from low 20’s to upper 50’s!
    Wow. In San Jose near new Bart station

    • Willie D

      Not sure San Jose has any new BART stations, since the route is not open, and the only station that is close to operation (or is built) is Warm Springs. Where is this BART station that has not been built?

      • Arjun

        My bad upcoming Bart station on berryessa Rd and lundy

  • msohail

    In SF .. 40 Down and 9 UP .. it used to be around 20 download before.

  • Jeff

    It’s been “upgraded” for a month or so now. Great speeds everywhere even in SF when congested areas whereas before the network would bog down. Consistent LTE in the BART tunnels now as well. Still have some long standing issues in a few places but those areas have been like that for years.

    • tosh

      one place on highway 4 has been dropping on 2g for years, but was upgraded a few months ago to lte as the rest of the highways around.Caldecot tunnel has pretty good lte at 42mbps too.

      • Ray

        What part of highway 4? Had no issues from the 680 interchange all the way to Bentwood. Never really ventured past 680.

        • tosh

          The parts just before Pinole, CA anyway now is covered.Hope you get better backhaul sooner than later in Pitsburg Ca

  • Ray

    I averaged between 20-30Mbps in July this year. Got the occasional 35Mbps. Pittsburg, CA

  • Greg Victor

    Somebody please correct me
    if I am wrong, but didn’t T Mobile state last year by the end of 2014 most of
    their top markets would have Wideband LTE whether it is 15+15 or 20+20?

    • bigsexy

      I think they said they would have 26 wideband markets by the end of the year.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I use to get around 25-30 Mbps in Santa Clara now it’s usually in the low 50’s to high 50’s. Only issue I have is my work location on Senter Rd in San Jose pretty much 2G. I am currently using the signal booster

    • Willie D

      Senter Road sucks. Its like all industry north side, and low income south side. Id be hardpressed to see where T-Mobile could improve that area outside of Tully Rd and Capital Expressway.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        We have couple buildings here and LTE is crazy fast in all but my current location. I am hoping 700 mhz is the only hope for in building coverage. This this has 18 inch thick concrete walls. Only 1 with decent signal is Verizon and I am paying them crazy money.

    • NYCTheBronx

      Ahh I didnt know Senter RD had bad coverage. San Jose can be spotty with 4G LTE. Around the Milpitas area, the speeds are insane. Over 30-50-70mbps+ on download speeds!

  • Kenneth Warner

    Anybody seeing improved speed in Sacramento California?

    • gentleman559

      Not yet but crossing my fingers.

      • B-Mobile

        i’ve seen a significant improvement out in Woodland from 2G/no service to 4GLTE but until they refarm the MetroPCS spectrum and resolve the channel 51 issue with the 700 A-Block mhz we won’t see anything

        • Justin

          Davis hasn’t improved in a while either

    • Joshua Miller

      I seem to have perfect service everywhere I go around Sacramento. Maybe its more the phone I’m using (nexus 5) but I have LTE virtually everywhere. Down in elk grove its weaker but I still get 1-2 bars of LTE inside of work (where I have WiFi anyways). Only bad Tmobile area for me is southbound I-5 about 20 miles south of Stockton

  • Willie D

    My average speed is 9-15 however I often experience slower than that, but in some areas, I regularly get 25-56mbps (downtown-civic center area)

  • symsoul

    I’ve gotten in the 70’s (Mbps) in downtown Portland on my HTC One M8. Though my average around town is between 20-30 Mbps which I won’t complain about.

  • bigsexy

    I’ve gotten up to 80 down 30 up.

    Areas that were slow on average before still are slower on the download but amazing on the upload, guess that means still congested but not as badly

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Yes exactly what that means. Customers just have more lanes now for the high amount of traffic

  • AAAA

    15×15 in SSF.

    Don’t see any big speed differences. Averaging 23d/7u.

    According to “Network Signal Info” app, the dB level has worsened from -109dB to -111dB.

    Galaxy S4.

  • FILA

    LTE spotted in Maryland Line on 83. This area has and still is a heavily 2G area till you get down to Hunt Valley. This is great news, shows T-Mobile is finally switching on in this stretch. Havent had a chance to test the speeds yet

  • dontsh00tmesanta


  • gentleman559

    For the love of God improve the coverage in the greater Sacramento area.

    • GinaDee

      And drive outside of San Fran and you’re back to GPRS.

      Lots of fluff but until T-Mobile gives me LTE everywhere I go like AT&T does than I’m not moving all my lines over.

      BTW: I took my T-Mobile phone throughout the bay when visiting Cisco on Oct 14th through the 16th and there was no way I averaged 20 Mbps DL speeds. I got insane speeds in “spots,” but many times my LTE speeds were subpar and my phone kept bouncing down to 4G and EDGE/no service indoors.

      • Woochifer

        Hmmm, I’m indoors in Walnut Creek (which BTW is outside of “San Fran”) and I just tested 25 Mbps up/23 Mbps down. Certainly a far cry from “GPRS” or “4G and EDGE/no service indoors.”

  • NYCTheBronx

    Whoa. The other day I tested out my Lg G3 T-Mobile vs. my Verizon Iphone 6. On 10th street and santa clara I was averaging 69mbps on download and 21mbps on upload with T-Mobile and with Verizon around 50mbps down and 20ish up. I live in San Jose, CA which is in the Bay Area. My question is did San Jose also get wideband LTE? Cuz 69mbps is insane speed!

    • Max

      San Jose is in Santa Clara county, so yes.

      • NYCTheBronx

        Oh tyvm!

  • Devin

    Still don’t even have LTE here in Los Gatos

  • Sexual Harassment Panda

    Does it matter which device you’re using? or would any LTE device be able to realize these increased speeds?

  • pap0tin07

    Yeaaaaa i get lte wibeband in nyc today in my note 4 thanks……. t mobile finally….i was waiting so bad…

  • Michael Carannante

    Need LTE in Thurmont, Maryland and I’ll switch back to T-Mobile. I just can’t live with Edge speeds. I’m on Cricket right now and I get 10 gigabytes for $60 using AT&T’s wonderful, huge, LTE network.

  • matt

    I’m in Napa. Generally 15ish u/d. Nexus 5 and now a Note 4. Yountville still doesn’t have useable service, you are usually lucky if you can get EDGE. Ok, well, getting EDGE doesn’t really make you lucky, it’s not like you can do anything with it anymore. But at least getting a signal doesn’t kill your battery as fast as no signal.

    Still isn’t any service (not even roaming!!) east of 1st Ave in Napa. It’s annoying.