America Movil not talking to T-Mobile about buyout


Just a couple of days ago, a sketchy rumor claimed that Deutsche Telekom was still looking at selling T-Mobile US, and one of the possible candidates was Mexican telecoms company, America Movil. At the time, I sounded my own skepticism over the news, and it seems I was right to be suspicious.

Today, America Movil has moved to debunk those rumors. Its Chief Executive, Daniel Hajj told a conference call today that the company is not talking to anybody about a possible T-Mobile buyout.

So we can rest easy. Until the next set of rumors crop up online.

Source: Reuters

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  • taron19119

    Good I’m sick of the rumors

  • Adrayven

    Until next time on….. As the Cellular World Turns!

  • skittle

    Neither are McDonald’s, Mercedes, Apple or Bono ;)

  • lzc753

    Good, now I’m going to be able to sleep!

  • superg05

    all these rumors are just people trying to manipulate their stock prices with rumors

  • tranceformer978

    I would also like to put it out there, I am not talking to anyone about a possible T-Mobile buyout.

    • jonathan3579

      I might be.

    • Maximus

      I was in talks with them, but in the end, I did not have enough domestic spectrum or customers to bring over.

  • zeiferx

    America Movil is the worst! to put it into terms i would much rather a buyout from softbank than america movil.
    i’ve experience america movil taking over great networks and customer services and turning them into crap with their claro brand!
    one example is when they took over verizon in the dominican republic, they went from being top to being garbage, sneaky ways of charging customers, a network that turn into crap being very unreliable, turning from fast network upgrade to they just do it cuz they absolutely have to do it and in top of all that their customer service acts like they dont even give a crap.
    i hear in puerto rico they are still the best but they dont really have though competition for the market like in DR Where the Orange brand is very agressive.

    kind of a joke but what about if tmo cust start a kick starter to buyout dt :P lol

    • In Puerto Rico they are the worst! customer service is awful

      • zeiferx

        didn’t know about the CS i shoud have say i hear their network is the best. is this true?
        but either way they suck so bad! from wireless to tv service! they absolutely suck!

  • Ann Droyd

    Cam, do us all a favor and stop reporting these f@!^ing rumors. If and when Tmo says something about a merger then report that. Simple.

    • randomnerd_number38

      > Don’t post anything unless it’s official news straight from T-Mobile

      T-Mobile has a press release page. You could always go read that.

      • Ann Droyd

        Exactly, so why post rumors in this forum…the same damn rumors….month after month?

  • Mirad77

    Rumors please stop already. Jeezzzz!

  • Don’t let the Mexicans in!!!!! cusromer service is awful, it wil be the end of T-Mobile as we know it!!!

  • Don Goyo

    There’s also a rumor stating that Cam has nothing better to report… it’s JUST A RUMOR! I’m a little skeptical about it…

    • Dave@TMO

      That’s not a rumor…

  • NinoBr0wn

    Mexican telecoms company, America Movil. Next thing you know they’ll be making a movie called The Last Samurai, starring Tom Cruise.

    • It takes too

      Hey dumbarse, the term America does not just refer to the U.S. Get edumacated my brovah, word to your mother.

      • NinoBr0wn

        Oh you took me seriously. Sorry that you couldn’t keep up with the blatant sarcasm. My apologies.

  • vinnyjr

    These so called rumors are like flies on shit, way too many. I’m over all these rumors and stories about the selling of T-Mobile. Hoping they just fade away. T-Mobile can flourish as a single company in the USA. I hope DT allows them to prove it. John Legere and his team have proven with the right people anything is possible.

  • vinnyjr

    I wish Cam Bunton would stop writing a story every time some stupid rumor pops up about buy outs. This crap only hurts the T-Mobile brand, customers get worried and look to other Carriers. These stories are probably coming from pissed off competition hoping to stress out potential T-Mobile customers. Cam Bunton stop with these editorials about nothing.

    • Muckraking

      The reporting of non-news is the crazy part lol. Let’s talk about all the Companies that don’t want to buy-out T-mobile lol! The concept is a joke.

    • Mike Palomba

      This website is about anything that pertains to tmobile. If there’s a rumor about a company possible buying them then why shouldn’t he write about it? And if it’s a rumor that has been confirmed false then why shouldn’t he tell us? I doubt anyone’s going to leave because they think someone might buy T-Mobile

      • Where is David?

        If I wanted anything about T-Mobile Mike, isn’t it easier to just google T-Mobile and then read all the junk? In general, what you said makes some sense, but some of us long term readers of this blog have become used to more relevant “news” or newsworthy items that have been curated or somewhat vetted. I don’t want TMO news just to be anything Google news feed can easily pick up and I have to filter. Cam gets paid to do that.

        Fyi, when AT&T came close to buying T-Mobile a lot of us were ready to switch to other providers and any bad experience or news item made that decision less difficult when the takeover was well known. So people do care. Not sure how long you’ve been with T-Mobile but this kind of news matter, so when cam reports that X company is not buying T-Mobile then how is that news? It’s not like he reported the initial rumor and then put out this piece to squash that rumor. That at least makes more sense…

        • Mike Palomba

          I am a long term reader and news like this never really bothered me but I do see how news like this may bother other people

    • Stone Cold

      This is the unofficial T-Mobile blog so that is why he writes about the merger rumours.

  • skywalkr2

    Considering American Movile when I worked there a few years back wanted to be 100% Spanish… this didn’t make much sense.