Rumor states Deutsche Telekom is seeking a buyer for T-Mobile (again)


A report published earlier today claims that Deutsche Telekom is looking for an alternative buyer for T-Mobile after the deal with Iliad proved to be a no-go. The publication, Manager Magazin, cites people familiar with the company and claims that DT is specifically looking for companies that aren’t direct competitors to T-Mo US.

This report does come as something of a surprise, after another report (again, a rumor) claimed fairly recently that Deutsche Telekom had already decided not to pursue any deals before it rebuffed Iliad. Another reason to be skeptical of this most recent rumor: DT itself has stated that it believes T-Mobile US can remain independent.

From a by Bloomberg just a couple of days ago:

“We are looking into the options, but nevertheless we have an independent, self-funding future for our activities in the U.S.,” Timotheus Hoettges said today in an interview in Hamburg. “It is a great business, it is a great perspective, we could have a lot of potential to realize in the future.”

Although the language indicates that T-Mobile could be sold, there’s clearly no desperate desire to get rid of the US carrier. T-Mo is in a much healthier position that it was 12 months ago when buyout rumors really kicked off with stories of Sprint wanting to take over the controlling stake.

There is a concern that T-Mobile won’t be able to raise enough capital to be competitive in the forthcoming spectrum auctions as an independent company, and Deutsche Telekom isn’t willing/able to dig in to its own reserves. Is a sale to a wealthy company the only option for T-Mobile to get the immediate access to cash?

One potential suitor put forward in today’s reports it America Mobil, a Mexican telecoms company. But in response to questions on a potential deal, DT claimed it is in no rush to make any deals. There’s no pressure now that T-Mo is doing well.

Source: Reuters

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  • kev2684

    jesus. when will it end?

    • Johayan

      It’ll end when every flipping “news” site quits posting rumours as news and continuously fanning the flames of the rumour mill. It’s old and just about as frustrating as waiting for the Nexus 6 and 9 to show up in T-Mo stores.

  • MT3GS

    I am so sick and tired of this same old talk, day in and day out! Either DT sells T-Mo US or they shut up and reap the benefits of owning the fastest growing wireless provider in the country. Every day you hear this one wants to buy T-Mo, that one wants to buy… At the end nobody buys anything and we are left to uncertainty! Enough is enough!

    • maximus1901

      They are trying to sell it, read the news much?

    • maximus1901

      What benefits exactly are those? DT sees no dividends or share buybacks.

  • Bori

    I am wondering if this is more of Publicity stunt than anything else. I agree with you guys, it is getting old…

  • sushimane

    They should just let them be independent.

    • maximus1901

      They own 67% so unless you have $40bil…..

      • sushimane

        I mean they must have a way that T-Mobile usa itself can buy themself from DT.

        • Ryanide

          And retake the name VoiceStream!
          That would be something indeed.

        • maximus1901

          Right. The data strong network is voice stream?

        • maximus1901

          TMO doesn’t have $40bil in cash. So no.

        • Jose

          lol I don’t think he/she gets its.

  • cure92

    Sh&t or get off the pot DT!!

    • JoshMcCullough

      Yes indeed!!! My stock in the company took a shit after both Sprint/SoftBank and Illiad backed out….papa needs a new pair of shoes :)

  • dunkinchris

    Even if a transaction happened, would it be through regulatory process and fully finished before the 600 auction next year? If not I don’t see it changing much for TMo for the auction

  • SnagitTool

    at this point post it on ebay

    • Jay J. Blanco


    • redman12

      As a “gift” so they don’t get hit with huge fees.

    • Douglas Quaid

      Jokes aside, until these guys sell it to someone who cares, T-Mobile is never going to be able to compete effectively.

  • America Movil owns Claro in Brazil, the fastest mobile carrier in the world (v. ).

  • Guest

    It needs to be a US company that owns a ton of spectrum T-Mobile USA can use.

    • Adrayven

      No, because that brings in Dish.. and they have a lot.. I hate dish.. I’d leave just for that alone.

  • Makoute

    Wasn’t there just a report last week, that they were not seeking a buyer?

  • OMG


  • notyourbusiness

    Oh, for crying out loud! I thought DT was no longer interested in selling T-Mobile??? WTF happened with that?

    • Adrayven

      Find out, next week on …..As the Cellular World Turns!

  • Prod1702

    My god why did not just take the offer that Iliad gave them. Man I am getting tired of seeing this. Seems like they are trying to pass this around to everyone.

    • Adrayven

      Exactly.. Iliad might not have had anything to offer.. just more of what T-mo was already doing, but it would have, without question, taken them off the market..

      Now.. we flop, flounder, and continue the dumb rumors.

  • wazmo

    The sooner they can get their Band 12 online the better chances they have of organic growth.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Enough of this DT selling TMO sad news. Some of the Z3 preorders are already shipping as reported on XDA

    • Stephen

      I’ve already received my Z3. It shipped out Monday and I received it yesterday.

      • How do you like the Z3, it looks really slick(as in a good way, not the slippery kind lol). I’m not buying it, but I really like that phone a lot. Plus we got the true version, not the fake Verizon Z2 in wolf’s clothing.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        I would buy it but it doesn’t have universal remote. Samsung has spoiled me

  • JustSaying

    I wish DT would just make up their damn mind already! Maybe they start the rumors just to drive up stock prices.

  • Aurizen

    I’m tired of selling news, no one will buy T-Mobile.

  • Alex Zapata

    Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!

  • This is an Unfounded Rumor, T-Mobile USA now has legs to stand on. This isn’t the same company it was Three years ago.

    • Seth

      None of which is necessarily relevant to Duetche Telekom wanting to sell their stake…

  • Fabian Cortez

    Apple. Google.

  • Mirad77

    Getting tired of this old news every month or two. Maybe we can raise the money and kick DT to the curb.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Tmobile should buy US Cellular and sell off some US Cellular towers. Maybe that’s another option.

  • Jsun

    BLAH BLAH BLAH… DT is one indecisive company and it’s a friggin turn off. All these reports about DT wanting to sell TMo might have a negative reflection on TMo’s side. Then again, maybe DT saw something about TMO that isn’t worth keeping. Either way, I’d rather read TMobile, spectrum, and buying in one headline.

  • KristiMartin7

    Man I am getting tired of seeing this. Seems like they are trying to pass this around to everyone.

    • KP

      Call me

  • Mike

    As good as T-Mobile has bounced back there still not big enough to expand there network or outbid the other big three carriers in spectrum auctions. T-Mobile can be the cheapest carrier out of the big four but what good does that do if your coverage doesn’t cover areas your competition does.

  • ChitChatCat

    So, the general summary remains, we’re a business and are willing to entertain offers that might put us in a better position. News, no. Normal business, yes.

  • t_newt

    This is like the girl who says she doesn’t want to date you because she’s just not interested in dating right now, but a week later she’s dating the football quarterback.

    She was just trying to let you down easy, just like Deutsche Telekom was doing with Iliad (and any other small timer trying to reach too far out of its league).

    Some full-of-spectrum high roller like Dish, on the other hand, is handled very differently.

    • DirkDigg1er

      It’s okay bro. There’s more fish in the sea. You’re better off without her lol.

  • KijBeta

    The writers restarting this couldn’t find any interesting or semi-reliable rumors to write about. So they dig up stupid and ran with it.

  • RJ

    This is absurd, you know what this is really, the industry knows T-Mobile is on fire right now. The problem is the industry doesn’t want gasoline to be poured onto the fire and continue its astonishing underdog story. Instead they want some one to put out the fire. The problem is they are scared of the new improved T-Mobile that is on a mission and becoming a x-factor and keep turning the industry upside-down.. Three things may happen. One DT finally sells off the rest and then the new owners undo the changes and send us back into the dark ages. Two DT swallows their pride and finally backs TMUS and after years of neglect and throwing us out at the wolves they realize what they were missing.. Three TMUS keeps moving forward and fights off every rumor merger talks and finds away to give DT the finger and pull a move like Verizon did to Vodafone. Hell if TMUS keeps creating fire storms I’m sure Legree can find a way to grab the remaining ownership stake away from DT for good.

  • analyzethis

    DT has already tentatively agreed to a deal with Dish/Ergen imo. They have the credit to put themselves into debt hell and they have an existing customer base that they can market to. A US customer base was voiced as a requirement for any buyer so Illiad was just p*ssing in the wind anyway.

    Illiad had no US customer base, not a lot of credit juice (so some of TMUS would have ended up belonging to Goldman Sachs etc) and no one here has heard of them either.

    Dish will market bundles etc and if they can keep T-Mobiles network upgrades going they have the spectrum also.

  • Joshua Jones

    I vote for a Google buyout. Never happening though. =(

  • DirkDigg1er

    Good luck. I don’t any company rushing to purchase tmo before the spectrum auctions and network modernizations. Maybe another Japanese wireless co. looking to expand to the US will make it happen.

  • tomarone

    What’s the price? some group of investors will step up to the plate. in the 40 billion range maybe?

  • Honestly, Dish is the real logical choice at this point and has been for a long time. Especially since ATT now owns DirecTV.. Ergen has made comments about “Partnering” with T-Mobile for years. I think that DT would have been fine with the ATT acquisition, but I think they’ve been looking at Dish as a suitor from the beginning. They just wanted the other bids to drive the price up. I don’t think they counted on Legere bringing back T-Mo from the dead, but I’m sure they’re happy the company is worth more.

  • Bklynman

    Cam,give Panther Lady a raise, so she can buy T-mobile.

    • thepanttherlady

      Do you know how many raises from zero that would have to be to get there? LOL

      • Bklynman

        Then Cam should break open his children piggy bank,then ask phone dog for a raise, so he could buy T-mobile. LoL.Cam,do us that for us,buy T-mobile.

  • WhatUSay

    Let’s put tmo on the black market instead. I’m sure DT won’t have issues selling the company this way.

  • I T-Mo can’t present a stable image it’s going to begin loosing customers, the rumors are very harmful to the company. John Legere, do something to stop them.

  • If T-Mo can’t present a stable image it’s going to begin loosing customers, the rumors are very harmful to the company. John Legere, do something to stop them.

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  • vinnyjr

    Most of these so called rumors are coming from writers like Cam Bunton. Stop the propaganda, these ridiculous articles will only hurt the momentum T-Mobile has picked up over this past year. I don’t buy into anyof it.