T-Mo Xperia Z3 pre-orders arriving on doorsteps


Over the past couple of days, we’ve received a number of emails telling us that Xperia Z3 units were being shipped and arriving on doorsteps early. But, until today, we didn’t have any images. Thanks to one of ours readers, we now have physical confirmation that the Z3 units pre-ordered last week are already being sent to customers.

I’ve already given you my first impressions of the device, and reviewed it for PhoneDog. And, overall, I’m impressed by the device. Sony continues to refine and perfect its Xperia range. Now, if only the company could do the same with its marketing efforts, and we might have a market-leader here.

The Z3 went on “pre-sale” (T-Mo’s words, not mine) just 9 days ago with a release date slated for October 29.



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  • neospade44

    My wife chose this over the Note 4…I couldn’t agree more with her. Expecting the Z3 10/28!

    • Scott Benfield

      when did you order?

      • neospade44

        On 10/22, standard shipping; shipped on 10/23.

        • Scott Benfield

          oh man! I orderd on 10/23 and havnt even recieved anything ! Even did overnight!

        • neospade44

          That’s messed up, yo! Have you called customer service? It might be out of there hands but it’s worth a shot. If it’s any consolation mine showed backorder for half a day or day, then shipped.

        • Scott Benfield

          Called and told me it was on back order and would get an email when its ready. They are contacting sony to get more units. What a bunch of shit. This phone isnt as popular as the 6+ but god damn yo ufigure tmobile would learn from that fiasco about pre orders!

        • Scott Benfield

          Yeah they say its back orderd and some other bullshit

        • Patience. Give them some time to process your order. When your card gets charged, it’s ready and shipping.

        • Scott Benfield

          Thats actually not true. When i had my iphone 6 pre order they shipped it without charging my card for a little over a week.

        • Doesn’t mean that what I’m saying is not true, it just means you had a different experience.

  • Verizonthunder

    Got mine yesterday but sadly will not be able to play with due to business and the weekend

  • kgibbs29

    Order mine on 10/15 at 3:18 EST and it arrived on 10/23 at 1:42 EST via UPS. Now if someone would just start selling accessories….

    • jonathan3579

      You can find a crap ton online since this is still technically a late release for the Z3 albeit not as late as their other phones.

    • KenC17

      There’s a bunch of cases on Amazon and Ebay.

  • jeffy

    I’m in tmobile store and they have z3 in stock. Tmobile livermore, Fallon road

    • jonathan3579

      Yes but would they sell it?

  • mike

    Locked bootloader or unlocked?Mike

    • anon

      locked, not unlockable

    • KenC17

      It’s locked.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Love this thing, but it’s actually almost too thin, I’m afraid I’m going to drop it.

    • Dan

      I hear you on the how thin it is and have bad news. I had the phone for 4 days and it dropped this morning from about 2 feet. It shattered the top half of the screen and no response from the top half of the screen now either!! I have insurance, but it sucks to fork out $175 for the deductible. I have NEVER broke a screen before in 15+ years. So be very careful without a case!

  • Jarobusa

    Mine is scheduled to arrive on Monday.

    • Scott Benfield

      when did you order it ??

      • Jarobusa

        The 15th and chose UPS ground.

  • DiscoSpider

    I forked out for overnight shipping, but I’ve got a gadget-lust problem : It was on my doorstep by mid-day wednesday. Couldn’t be happier with both the device (jumped from Z1s), or T-Mo’s decision to put it in my hands early. Now I don’t have to watch iPhone6 users gloat ;-)
    FYI: keep in mind it’s a nano-SIM, so some of you may need to activate a new card. Also, Sony’s desktop backup/transfer didn’t restore content (music/photos/etc.) into their previous directories, so it may be easier to just skip that since it’ll just drag out the time to generate.

  • KenC17

    On my second day of moderate use without charging (All day Push email, Facebook, checked out few sites, a few hours call) and still have 40% left in the battery. Amazing battery life!

    • neospade44


    • Yep. This battery is a beast!

  • Alky_Jones

    I just received mine from tmobile…in the process of setting it up now…goooodbye hype phone hello Sony

    • PoppaCooldown

      does it have a plastic edge like the z1s or is it still metal? and are the buttons mushy like the z1s or do they press nicely?

      • Singleweird

        much higher quality materials, but it is still plastic. the rear is glass again and the side power button feels very substantial and metal. the rounded edges appear to be metal for a very clean finish but they are plastic. it feels 10x better than a z1s did if thats your comparison!

      • Jared

        The top, bottom, and sides are metal, the four corners are plastic

  • linda

    Dammit u people on tmobile are lucky!!!! I want this phone BAD! Sucks real bad att didnt get it :(

    • eanfoso

      ….. Dude at&t uses SIM cards, get it, get it unlocked, you’re done, I did this when things were reversed and t mobile didn’t get any Sony Ericsson xperia phones but at&t did

      • linda

        I tought of that but havent been able to find if it supports all of atts lte bands? Im sure it supports atts 3G but not sure about lte and if has support for atts new lte band thats its gonna start using later band 29.. Also another problem is money lol im sure its gonna be expensive.. Only if i still had tmobile i would of deff get this phone..

        • Ryan

          Yes, the international D6603 (Z3) or D5803 (Z3 compact) support all AT&T LTE bands (2, 4, 17).

  • seana

    Mine arrived 10/23

  • CMorGTFO

    Man, I came really close to pre-ordering one of these. Then I found out about the locked bootloader. Today it was confirmed. The international version won’t support Band 12 when it arrives here, so I guess no Sony phone for me. :(

  • Peter Smith

    Did the phone come with movies on it that T-mobile put on it? I like extra goodies!!!

    • Nope

    • Singleweird

      i think sony privilige has some goodies for you. just gotta download it.

  • Orlando Williams

    I ordered mine on the 15th got in on Thursday love the phone really solid used the Xperia transfer app to move all my info from my note3 smooth transition the only thing is I have to get use to how slippery it is with all that glass and metal until my case comes from eBay.

  • I got mine on the 23rd, love it

  • rcarlosnyc

    We received or order Friday. The box came severely crushed but the phone and other items inside were OK. T-Mobile needs to ship double boxed instead of in the little white plastic bag.

    • csaba

      You are right that white plastic bag was a joke I was really upset when I saw it!!!!

  • Alvin

    I wish there’s a white one for T-Mobile.

    • Verizonthunder

      I wish T-mobile had all the colors… (sigh) but love my new Sony Xperia Z3.

  • Singleweird

    cant wait until mine arrives! we were able to use one at the store and it is GORGEOUS

  • Peter Smith

    Very good question regarding onscreen buttons. Some media I watch they go away so I can have full screen other times they stay right there and take up screen. Does this phone have it where it doesn’t stay up on media (YouTube, movies, etc). Encountered this on nexus 5 too.

    • robert

      It is called immersive mode, introduced in kit Kat but LG is the only oem that includes an option to enable that mode on apps that aren’t updated to use that mode. I would like to see the same done to this phone, I’ll still buy it for ps4 remote play alone

    • Jared

      No, of course it doesn’t stay onscreen. All that’s on there is whatever you’re watching, until you touch the screen or swipe from whatever direction they are located to bring them back onscreen.

  • Moore Teacher

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    • jonathan3579

      I’m going to continue flagging these comments. Stop spamming.

  • Ddanstudent

    I’m on prepaid plan and I’m so wondering if I could purchase this phone at the physical store

  • Dan

    I hear you on the how thin it is and have bad news. I had the phone for 4 days and it dropped this morning from about 2 feet. It shattered the top half of the screen and no response from the top half of the screen now either!! I have insurance, but it sucks to fork out $175 for the deductible. I have NEVER broke a screen before in 15+ years. So be very careful without a case!

  • Stone Cold

    This device has front facing speakers now right? As the Z1S didn’t

    • thepanttherlady

      Correct. They started with the Z2.

      • Stone Cold

        Thank you 4pm tomorrow can’t get here soon enough.

  • geekcon

    I like the design, Sony HTC and Apple make the prettier phone, with good material unlike samsung and its plastique galaxy, although its more resistant