“Test Drive” iPhones to be upgraded to iOS 8 from next week, switch to iPhone 6 in future?


Earlier this summer, T-Mobile launched its “Test Drive” as the major driving force behind Uncarrier 5.0. It essentially enabled customers with other carriers to try out an iPhone 5s on T-Mo’s network free for 7 days. And the motivation was two-fold: Boosting confidence in the fast-growing LTE network, and letting consumers know that T-Mobile actually sells the iPhone.

To ensure that customers are left with the best experience on their iPhone 5s units, T-Mobile is planning to start upgrading their software to iOS 8 when it’s available. In a statement to Re/code, the company stated that once the software’s been tested, and meets quality standards, it will start upgrading its iPhone 5s test units to iOS 8.

What’s more, it also plans on eventually offering the iPhone 6 as a Test Drive device. However, due to high demand, it’s unlikely that the iPhone 5s’ will be switched out for the iPhone 6 any time soon.

“We don’t have a definitive timeline, but we do intend to switch over in future,” a T-Mobile spokesperson said. “There are a variety of factors that affect that timeline, (including) product availability.”

So for those of you potentially worried that T-Mobile only ever planned on offering the iPhone 5s with iOS 7 for as long as it offered the ‘Test Drive’, that’s not the case.

Source: Re/code

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  • Ryan M.

    Upgrading the 5s’s would be quite important given Wi-fi calling would then be enabled thus removing one of the big impediments of some T-mo infrastructure: bad reception inside of homes.

    • Adrayven

      WiFi calling comes with iOS 8.. it works just fine on my iPhone 5s with iOS8 Beta 5

      • Ryan M.

        exciting times!

  • Huzaifa

    Did anyone order the phone yesterday early morning and got a text today saying it’s backordered? Any news on when they’re getting shipped?

    • Adrayven

      yup.. and no news.. except JUMP! customers seem to be JUMP’ing ahead of the backorder line.. unable to get a straight answer from T-mobile reps.. some say it’s just a free upgrade to shipping (UPS ground to priority…), which, ok.. fine.. But others like twitter T-Mo’s USA account are saying they get to jump ahead of other pre-orders.. grrrr..

      Never knew I had to pay to get good service from them..

      • Huzaifa

        This is making me nervous! I ordered Friday morning at 5:20 am thinking I’ll get it on the 19th. Hopefully. I’m super exited tho.

      • Kirk

        While I understand your frustration, you also need to consider the frustration JUMP customers like myself dealt with yesterday. Yes, pre-orders as a whole on T-Mobile yesterday were a terrible experience, but JUMP customers had absolutely no way to pre-order at all until yesterday evening. I was up at 3am trying to pre-order and couldn’t get it in until 5:30pm. Meanwhile, new customers and non-JUMPers were able to slip in and pre-order online sometimes and customer care was able to place orders over the phone if you weren’t using a JUMP upgrade.

        I think it’s a great customer service recovery to offer priority to JUMP customers in this case. If pre-orders hadn’t been a mess and everyone was on a level playing field, no…we shouldn’t have priority, but that wasn’t the case here. JUMP customers were paying extra for the ability to upgrade and T-Mobile wasn’t allowing us to be able to make that upgrade during a time other upgrades were allowed.

        • Matt

          I dealt with 4.5 hours of frustration myself from 1:00 AM MST to 5:30 AM MST when finally got my phone ordered under EIP. Then I went to work right after. So it isn’t like my day was “easy” as the whole situation wrecked my day too.

          I think the right thing to do would just be move the Jump orders up and start shipping in parallel with all the other orders. Like when you get into a traffic jam due to lane closure everyone switches every other car to let the closed lane in.

        • fentonr

          I understand where you’re coming from wanting to get a new phone…but dude, its just a phone. If you let ordering a new one make you stay up all night and then you had to go to work right away after and it wrecked your day then the situation sucks, yeah, but it was your choice to stay up all night.

        • Matt

          Sure. I look back and say “well that was stupid” too. Sometimes plans don’t go as we hope. I hoped to be online 10 minutes at 1am to place an order and go back to bed. Ended up staring at the screen too long or just ended up too awake because I couldn’t fall back asleep.

          If your closet has no “just a phone” moments you are lucky. Most likely we all have skeletons.

        • fentonr

          Fair enough.

        • loopyduck

          Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, prepaid customers are being treated like crap. Can’t upgrade through the account page at all (keep getting redirected to the selection for prepaid phones).

          If they preorder over the phone they have to agree to at least a Simple Choice No Credit Check plan to pre-order (and then cancel later on) PLUS put down a deposit, which won’t be refundable because deposits are not refunded until 12 months into a No Credit Check plan.

        • fentonr

          That’s the downside to prepaid. There seems to be an assumption by many customers that prepaid and post paid are the same thing just that one is pay in advance and cheaper. They aren’t though, post paid plans offer the full experience while prepaid plans give a set amount of service and doesn’t offer fringe benefits.

      • Christopher Olson

        It’s not that you have to pay to get good service from T-Mobile, it’s T-Mobile putting their high tenure customers first. It’s a hard choice on which to prioritize but this seems to be the best effort on their part, if you go with the other three tenure customers would be on the back of the list to new customers. This is one of the biggest things I’ve always appreciated with T-Mobile.

    • tomnewtn

      I did but still shows estimated delivery 9/29/ I really could care less. I just wanted to lock in to avoid waiting for months. Even then, it may give us a chance to assess the MotoX or new Nexus before it’s a done deal. It’s a tool for me, and I’ve already got great tools getting the job done. I just like the idea of the build and larger display. If folks pay more for Jump, and were screwed out of access to preorder, then it’s good form for TMobile to move them to head of line or upgrade shipping. I bet they come sooner than expected.

      • Huzaifa

        I don’t see an estimated delivery? Do you know why? Or where do you see it?

        • tomnewtn

          It’s over to the right side on the order status page. Under Delivery Method.

        • Huzaifa

          I know! But my estimated delivery isn’t there. It just says over night shipping. I placed the order at 5:20 am PST!

  • Dakota

    So many #firstworldproblems. You’ll live if you’re not the first person to get a new device

  • Dragonkal8000

    Hey guys. So apparently T-Mobile is selling phones at ridiculous prices to loyal customers. An example is the Galaxy Avant for 96 dollars. I just bought one today and I know it has nothing to do with this post but if you take the time to call their loyalty department, they can hook you up with brand new phones for upgrading at dirt cheap prices.