JUMP! customers getting priority as iPhone 6 pre-order shipment dates get hazy

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iPhone 6 pre-orders didn’t exactly go to plan for T-Mobile yesterday. First off, they didn’t go live until much later than expected, then when they did the company’s systems didn’t cope with demand. Many customers tried more than a handful of times to get their orders through, with many opting to speak to Customer Care instead of proceeding with the online store.

In an effort to keep its loyal customers happy, T-Mobile this weekend announced that it will be giving priority to JUMP! customers looking to upgrade to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Any JUMP! customers ordering the device this weekend will be placed at the front of the queue when iPhones eventually get packed up for shipping.

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Great news for JUMP! customers, I’m sure. Not so great news for customers who aren’t on the JUMP! program, or are/were looking to switch from another carrier. Customers who have already pre-ordered the device aren’t being guaranteed shipment on the first day either. Popularity has clearly exceeded anything T-Mobile was prepared for this year. One customer who’d pre-ordered by 7:10am on Friday morning got the following message:

Free T-Mobile Msg: Order #xxxxxxx is currently backordered with no estimated delivery date. You will receive another message when in stock and shipped. More info at my.t-mobile.com. “

I sincerely hope T-Mobile manages to get its systems and stock levels right swiftly. Pre-order issues have already left a sour taste in the mouth of many hopeful T-Mo customers. The JUMP! priority move is an effort to make sure at least some of its customers are left happy, and John Legere openly apologised for the issues on Twitter yesterday evening.

How many of you received the same text from T-Mobile yesterday?

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