Legere: “We’re on fire!”


Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference with Braxton Carter and Neville Ray, John Legere revealed more details of the company’s August performance. Having already announced at the Uncarrier 7.0 event that last month was the company’s best month ever, the popular CEO was keen to dig deeper in to figures, stating that the company “is on fire”. From the event on Wednesday, we already knew the company had added more than 2.7 million gross adds in August. But we didn’t have a clear indication on net adds, or the breakdown of prepaid, postpaid or branded additions.

In August alone, T-Mobile’s branded net additions reached 760,000. Of those, 552k were branded postpaid net adds, making it their best ever month for branded net postpaid additions. The company also added 208,000 net branded prepaid customers. To help you get some sort of context on those figures, in the entire third quarter last year, the company added 672,000 net customers. In the second quarter of this year, it added 1.01 million branded net adds. Which ever way you look at it, August’s figures are staggering.

“I think you get the gist–the company is on fire. It’s going extremely well”

Clearly T-Mo’s executives are delighted with the company’s growth and will be hoping Uncarrier 7.0 boosts its ranks further. And it should do. Uncarrier 5.0 was designed to help people get a feel for the company’s network performance by offering a test drive. Uncarrier 7.0 goes one further with the Personal Cellspot, and all the other Wi-Fi calling and texting offers by ensuring that even when you’re out of signal, you can still keep in touch with friends and family. It’s almost literally Un-carrier.

I for one am very much looking forward to hearing Q3’s entire financial results, which should be revealed towards the end of October. Will T-Mobile be #3 carrier by the time the next earnings call happens?

Source: Fierce Wireless

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  • VicRooLoo

    Just remembered about that T-mobile Test Drive thing

    I wonder when will they upgrade that trial iPhone to the 6

    • taron19119

      No time soon because Apple is going to fill the 10 plus iPhone orders first

    • honestabe

      Once they have enough refurbished units to give to tmobile for the Test Drive program… January I’d imagine. And maybe we’ll see Samsung join mid next year…

      • Dakota

        Has Tmobile released any numbers on test drive conversion rates? I wonder what % switches to Tmobile and gets iPhones vs other devices… Its ironic how popular the 6 plus is when Apple fans used to mock phablets

    • Dakota

      I actually might do it to see what an iPhone is like since it will at least have ios 8. Even though its less than a year old, My nexus 5 is already acting up

  • taron19119

    Cam did you miss the 9 million pops of 700mz bands 12 spectrum t-mobile recently purchase

    • maximus1901

      Can you please post a link?

    • Jay Holm

      And where does this pu2 cover???

      • taron19119

        Of the 700mz bands 12 its not known where the location of this new purchases is but it puts it around 60 or 70 millions pops more

        • maximus1901

          No. Verizon’s alone was 150mil. We’re at least at 168mil

        • taron19119

          No what i said was we got 50 or 60 more pops scents the Verizon purchase

        • superg05

          this might help mapsengine(dot)google(dot)com/map/viewer?mid=zYsWXH8QR36Q.k_csKbu63eVk

        • taron19119

          T-mobile has purchase altogether 200 million pops of 700mz bands 12

        • Jay Holm

          So what is the total number of pops that T-Mobile can cover with 700 Band 12 now?

        • taron19119

          210 million pops

        • Jay Holm

          That’s a good amount! T-Mobile better get the word out next year of their much improved coverage! If word gets out, maybe they can get up to 60m customers by next summer.

        • taron19119

          Slow down only 150 million can be used for now the other 60 million has to be approved by the FCC

        • Jay Holm

          Also, some markets still need Ch.51 to be cleared, right?

        • taron19119

          No John said that worked/working out a deal to get ch. 51 cleared

    • William Burr Winans

      Ray disclosed at the conference that T-Mobile has purchased more A Block spectrum covering another 9 million POPs, but he did not say how much T-Mobile paid or which company or companies it purchased the spectrum from.

      • Nick

        What’s the status on that build out?

        • William Burr Winans

          It doesn’t say where the build out is!

        • Jay Holm

          Dang! Where is important!

        • Hoops

          It seems that 9 million includes the 6.5 million (estimate) that Cam already posted about previously. It already includes purchase from actel and i-700. Says the price paid was $50 million, so it just a matter of who the other 2.2 – 2.5 million lucky people are lol

        • Hoops

          Disregard my last. It says an additional 9 million on top of the previous purchase. http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/t-mobiles-legere-we-had-760000-branded-net-adds-august-alone-company-fire/2014-09-12

        • taron19119

          No it didn’t its new 9 million

        • Hoops

          Yeah saw that after I re-read it. My mistake, Can’t wait to see where it is though. :-)

        • vrm

          Its 9 million more- the 9 million is just a coincidence.

        • redman12

          specmap.sequence-omega (dot)net/

    • Hoops

      Where did u get that info? And what areas is it supposed to cover?

  • loopyduck

    Well, if nothing else the Twitter mentions for T-Mobile and Legere were certainly on fire this morning.

  • Guest

    i want it in white too.

  • garblicks

    Tmobile is on fire bcuz Sprint is a dumpster fire.

  • Nathaniel Ily Jacob-Joshua Hud

    So does this mean DT won’t sell out?

    • taron19119

      Dt still want to sell

      • Anonymous

        SELL not SALE. Why do I notice this sell/ sale thing more and more lately? Whonas a native English speaker would ever think it’s sale there instead of sell?

        • Android_God

          What is,”whonas”?

  • How about LTE spreading like wild fire in the vast 2G wilderness?

    • Roger Sales

      has there been a lot more light ups I don’t know about?

      • Not anywhere around a 200 mile radius around my home town.

        • hit_the_lights

          Too bad for you troll now scram

        • Spanky

          I guess anyone who doesn’t fellate T-Mobile is a troll?

      • eric

        I have had almost all towers near me upgraded to LTE in the past 2 months. Its been awesome. Just waiting on one more. 45 mins outside Boston.

  • Dakota

    If there are no contracts or subsidies, what exactly is prepaid these days?

    • Danny Lewis

      If you have poor credit, prepaid is the only route people can take.

  • Mike Palomba

    Anyone who signed up for T-Mobile in the last 30 days email me mpalomba3@msn.com . I can say I referred you and we both get unlimited data free for a year. If you already have it then you get $30 off for a year

    • JE_25

      Why is it that your email keeps chaingng. Quit asking.

      • Mike Palomba

        My email doesn’t keep changing. If I can get someone else and myself unlimited data free for a year why shouldn’t I? It helps me and it helps them.

    • S. Ali

      Quit spamming

    • S. Ali

      Quit spamming

    • Terrell

      Really? Whats your email?

      • Mike Palomba

        My email is in the post…

    • Terrell

      Really? Whats your email?

  • Anderson

    “ensuring that even when you’re out of signal, you can still keep in touch” Unless you’re anywhere other than your own home! The Personal Cellspot is an incredibly lame response to T-Mobile’s signal penetration problem.

    • Da Facts

      And you’re a lame excuse for a customer…. Move on!

    • Trollkiller

      Get out of here Troll! Go!

    • TBN27

      It’s just a stop gap. As much as they are “relatively” fixing the problem, network upgrades don’t happen overnight. So wi-fi calling and the cellspot is actually an alright solution until they can penetrate your walls naturally if you live in an area covered by band 12

    • Jay Holm

      I don’t have a problem with T-Mobile’s signal penetration. Actually, where I live at, INSIDE my room, I get decent speeds. Just wait until there are some 700 Band 12 phones to upgrade.

      • ChilenoinUsa

        yeah, I have to say I like their penetration…

    • NinoBr0wn

      The cellspot is obvious to anyone with a brain, that it’s providing a bridge while they are [actively] working on expanding coverage and signal. You didn’t think the router was the ace up their sleeve, did you? Besides, you can use wifi calling anywhere you have a wifi connection. It doesn’t have to be at home.

  • ATTBrah

    Too bad T-Mobile coverage is still terrible.

    • trollkiller

      Get out of here Troll!

    • Mike Palomba

      T-Mobile coverage is great.

      • Spanky

        T-Mobile’s coverage leaves a LOT to be desired and is far from great. However, that doesn’t make trolling any less pointless.

    • Yuri x Yaoi

      Their network is significantly better than it was a year ago.

      • Jay Holm

        And it’s only going to get better next year!

    • hit_the_lights

      Stupid ass troll

      • MagicMiguel

        Remember, these people feel the need to try to justify why they are spending nearly twice as much for a lesser service (that may get slightly better reception in some places).

  • Huzaifa

    Anyone switched to tmobile in last 30 days email me Huzaifaimran@outlook.com

    • jonathan3579

      Why? I see no reason why anyone should email you.

      • Jay Holm

        Also, who uses “outlook” in 2014? Most people use Gmail.

        • hit_the_lights

          Stupid comment

  • Grandy Cuban

    Where can we see John Legere’s complete presentation?