August was T-Mobile’s biggest month ever with 2.7 million gross adds


Right at the beginning of last night’s Uncarrier event T-Mobile’s enthusiastic CEO, John Legere gave a sneak peak at the 3rd quarter’s financial performance. And the figures he revealed make for very, very exciting reading.

T-Mobile added 2.75 ┬ámillion gross subscribers during August alone. Just one single month. In what is normally a quiet period, T-Mo had its biggest month ever. It’s also the biggest postpaid adds month in the history of the company, with 1 million subscribers added to its postpaid ranks.

Now these figures didn’t include customers leaving, so we didn’t get any “net adds” figures. But, as a comparison, T-Mobile added under 700,000 net postpaid customers in the entire 2nd quarter (April-June). It’s biggest quarter ever was the first quarter of this year, in which T-Mo added 2.4 million net subscribers. So I think it’s fair to assume the company’s going to announce figures for its best ever quarter when earnings for Q3 are made public. If it doesn’t, it’ll be mighty close.

As for where they’re coming from, it’s “those other guys”. Four times as many customers left Sprint for T-Mobile than went the other way, and twice as many customers left Verizon for T-Mo than went the other way. Clearly, what T-Mobile’s doing is working.

Source: IBD

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