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“Test Drive” iPhones to be upgraded to iOS 8 from next week, switch to iPhone 6 in future?


Earlier this summer, T-Mobile launched its “Test Drive” as the major driving force behind Uncarrier 5.0. It essentially enabled customers with other carriers to try out an iPhone 5s on T-Mo’s network free for 7 days. And the motivation was two-fold: Boosting confidence in the fast-growing LTE network, and letting consumers know that T-Mobile actually sells the iPhone.

To ensure that customers are left with the best experience on their iPhone 5s units, T-Mobile is planning to start upgrading their software to iOS 8 when it’s available. In a statement to Re/code, the company stated that once the software’s been tested, and meets quality standards, it will start upgrading its iPhone 5s test units to iOS 8.

What’s more, it also plans on eventually offering the iPhone 6 as a Test Drive device. However, due to high demand, it’s unlikely that the iPhone 5s’ will be switched out for the iPhone 6 any time soon.

“We don’t have a definitive timeline, but we do intend to switch over in future,” a T-Mobile spokesperson said. “There are a variety of factors that affect that timeline, (including) product availability.”

So for those of you potentially worried that T-Mobile only ever planned on offering the iPhone 5s with iOS 7 for as long as it offered the ‘Test Drive’, that’s not the case.

Source: Re/code

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