Update on Family Plan changes: Up to 10 lines possible


Yesterday morning, T-Mobile updated its Simple Choice Family Plan policy to allow customers to activate up to 6 lines at one time. The previous limit was just 5 lines. Leading up to the change, we’d heard rumors and seen internal documents indicating that the maximum number of lines would be 10. Initially, we’d not seen any confirmation of this, but further communication with sources and customers has revealed that the maximum does indeed extend beyond the 6 line limit shown on the Family Plan page on T-Mobile’s online store.

A customer got in touch who’s been with the company for 11 years. Upon checking their My T-Mobile account online, they noticed that they are eligible to add 7 voice lines and 4 mobile internet lines. They informed me that the account already has 3 voice lines a 1 mobile internet line. Do some simple math, and you get a total of 10 voice lines and 5 mobile internet lines. Exactly as we’d been told previously.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.06.06

Another of our sources got in touch to confirm the 10 plus 5 numbers, and a scour through the fine print at the bottom of the Family Plan page reveals the same:

“Family Plans: Up to 10 lines with qualifying credit and plan (6-line total limit with available credit on www.T-Mobile.com; see store or call telesales to add more). All lines must be activated in same T-Mobile market with same billing address”

It’s clear then that you can have up to 10 lines on your account. However, you can’t simple sign up to lines 7-10 on T-Mobile’s online store. You need to go speak to a member of the sales team on the phone, or in a retail store. And it would seem that it is dependent on your credit status. To check your own limit – if you’re an existing customer – log in to your My T-Mobile account online and check there.

Lines 1-6 cost $120 per month all-in, if you go for the lowest Simple Choice plan. Lines 7-10 cost $20 per month each (if you go for the lowest plan).

Thanks to all who helped dig up the information.

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  • ed

    The reps for the 6th line don’t know anything about it.when I called they said I couldn’t get lines added,I have 5 already.I wanted to open up 3 more lines for 30 extra bucks a month.she said sorry but I’m not approved for 3 lines being added but you can open a separate account and have 3 lines added for a cost of 90 dollars!!.wtf in what world does that make sense that I can’t add 3 lines for 30 dollars extra but I could open a separate account under my name and spend 90 instead.

    • archerian

      If you want to open 3 more lines in addition to your existing 5, then it will be $10 for line #6, and $20 each for #7 and #8. So it will be $50 extra instead of $30, subject to credit approval.

  • kev2684

    i wish T-Mo’s credit check was soft inquiry not hard. i’d like to update my credit score but they will pull my credit score down if they do.

    • Mike

      It Is a soft inquiry. Why do you think it’s a hard one? Hard inquiries only happen with lines of credit and your eip is not an official line of credit.

      • g

        Wrong. A soft inquire is one you do not see on your credit. Ie: insurance company pulling credit, mail preferences approval offers, etc. Every time you authorize a company to run a credit check it is a hard inquiry, meaning it will show on your report. Applying for a loan or a new phone account is the same pull

        • Oms

          I agree with g. I checked my credit report and when I opened my account at T-Mobile they did place a hard inquiry, which did lower my credit about 10 points.

        • Romdude

          If you had a good score then, at least are set at that. I myself qualify for 10 lines and 5 internet only devices.

    • MuthaFuckinStephen

      It is soft. Even with my shitty credit they still finance me with a very low down payment.

      • kev2684

        it’s hard. it pulled my credit score when they moved my line on my own in 2012. my credit was not good back then and they pulled it down further. it stayed for 2 years.

      • TechHog

        That’s not what he meant.

    • Guest

      you cant update your credit score when you already have service with tmo…it stays the same forever unless you leave for more than 2 months and come back…then they have to rerun it.

  • Young blood

    Go into the store people on phone don’t know anything. I went into store and representative took good care of me he knew plans and all.

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah, seems not everyone’s been informed yet. I’m sure it’ll become common knowledge soon enough.

  • Sagar

    i added a line yesterday to make it total of 6 lines. All reps knew the promo and was able to add it easily.

  • George Salcedo

    It took 3 1/2 hours to add a sixth line at my local store, they did a lousy job and were not informed properly about the new changes, my sales rep spent an hour arguing with customer care about the ability to add a sixth line. T-Mobile dropped the ball on this one.

    • besweeet

      Was this a corporate store?

      • George Salcedo

        Yes it was a corporate store, customer care didn’t help very much either.

        • Guest

          because systems were down all day and care didn’t do a good job with this.

    • It happens, and could happen again. But anything new, will have some issues.

  • It’s true. I have 3 Lines (1 in use and 2 on military) currently. And when I go to Add a Line I get: You are eligible to add 2 voice and 5 Mobile Internet lines to your account.

  • Volker

    I’m showing it on my account too. Also available to add to my family plan are free lines, which include unlimited text and 500 voice minutes. You can see this by pressing “plan details.” It says you have to add that option on at a T-Mobile store though, not available online. But it’s great for me because I have someone who will only use less than that, so free line with unlimited texting! Sweet!

    • enoch861

      Say what? Free lines? I don’t understand. Where do you see this?

    • I saw the same thing, but haven’t had any luck in actually getting a 500 minute, unlimited text line activate. I went to my local T-Mobile store and they said they hadn’t heard of it. The called customer care, who also hadn’t heard of it. I showed them the text, and the rep at the store actually said, “that blows my mind” and then called over the other reps to take a look. They said they would have to talk to “their boss” who won’t be back until Monday. Have you had any luck getting one of these 500 minute, unlimited text lines for $0 actually activated?

  • jj

    So all the lines are $20 each for a plan with 6 to 10 lines?

    • SZL

      $10 for the 6th line, Line 7-10 is $20.

      • your_mom_blows_me

        Why the fuck would they bump it up again from 7-10

  • Jeffrey Wang

    Shows for me. We are Simple Choice w/ credit check.

  • I had 5 voice lines and 5 data lines on our account and just called last night to add a 6th voice line. The reps did know about the increase in the maximum number of lines, but said their systems have not been updated correctly to handle the change yet. They processed the order and are sending a new SIM card, but the order shows that it is a separate account at a separate $50 per month. The rep said that when we receive the SIM, we should call back in and by then their systems will be updated and they can just transfer that line into our primary account as a 6th voice line at $10 per month. It took me almost an hour and half on the phone and that is the solution that they came up with. Plus, I had to constantly be transferred around from rep to rep since everything is handled by different departments. It was not a great experience.

  • jj

    When is the sign up window ending for promotional data?

  • Bill P

    Tried online, but not able to add additional lines. I currently have 5 voice and 2 Internet. Online says I have 0 voice and 3 Internet lines available to add. When I called in, my account showed the same thing. Been a customer for 12 years and tried asking the rep about it, but couldn’t quite understand the rep, so just let it drop for now. I do not need any additional lines at this, but was just checking it out.

    • Guest

      A, B and C credit class only. You might be diff credit class based on what your credit was 12 years ago. Credit doesn’t change with tenure. I would call and ask what credit class you are and that will answer your question.

    • Rodrigo Calderon

      I was told it was because of my credit that i could only have 5lines i told them that my credit is good they said they go by the credit score when the acount was opened and that it could not be updated, i was 17 years old when i opened my acount wtf.
      anybody knows how to get around this

  • Morton H

    Yes I have 4 voice lines, and I checked my account today online and I can add 6 more voice lines and 5 mobile tablets=15 for Family Plan,,, GREAT!!

  • neospade44

    I’m unfortunately a D credit class, have been with Tmobile for the past 2 years, always paid my bill up to 3 weeks in advance and they told me to pound sand when I asked if I could add another line or two, currently at 5 lines. Does anybody know how to bypass this or work to get additional lines added via a local store or customer service. I’ll gladly pay a deposit for each line like I did my current ones.

    • Daniel Anonuevo

      I think you can redo your credit check once you’ve built it up?