Internal memo shows new 6-10 line Family Plan, extra 2.5GB promotion applies [Update: No confirmation yet]

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A little while back, we got word that T-Mobile is planning to increase the number of lines available to customers with family plans. Our sources informed us that the change would enable customers to have up to 10 lines on their Simple Choice Family Plan as well as 5 extra mobile internet lines. Today, we’ve received an internal memo informing retail staff of the upcoming change. As was revealed in July, the date set for this new plan is August 17.

What we didn’t know in July was that T-Mobile is also going to be extending the 2.5GB promotion to these extra lines. Currently, T-Mobile offers a 4-line family plan for $100, with a total of 10GB of data (2.5GB per line). With the new plans – coming to effect on August 17th – you’ll be able to get 10 lines with 2.5GB on each for a total of $200 per month. ($120 for 6 lines, plus $80 for lines 7-10). All-in, that’s 25GB of data (2.5×10). Like the original 10Gb for $100, 4-line offer, it ends on January 2nd, 2016 meaning every line drops to 1GB of data on that day.

Further new details include the fact that only A, B and C credit class Simple Choice and Classic customers. Also, a note to employees: You get a maximum of 8 lines, but you can also move to the plan. Once we get official word on this, we’ll bring you the full details. But, at least for now, the picture’s a little clearer.

UPDATE – Nothing on T-Mobile’s site yet. 

It’s August 17th, and so far nothing has shown up to confirm this memo in the online store. Whether that’s because T-Mobile is delaying the launch, or because it’s for existing customers only, or because it’s not happening at all is entirely up in the air right now. I’ll write up a separate post if/when T-Mo does announce it. 

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  • Anne Droyd

    Cam the Ham :)

  • VG

    This new plan would be so much more successful if they would allow phone numbers from different geographic areas to be on the same plan.

    • honestabe

      They don’t? a t-mobile rep had told me that different area codes could be on the same account

      • fentonr

        They allowed this as recent as a year ago. I’m pretty sure they still do, to disallow it would be a big system change and cause a lot of problems…also I’m not sure what the benefit to disallowing it would be.

        • honestabe

          ah, that’s good. I’ve been thinking about adding my aunt from another state to our account. Who needs the “framily” separate billing when adding another line is so cheap!

        • PHL

          I opened my TMO account in Jan/Feb of this year. There was no problem getting a different area code for my mom who lives in a different state.

      • jj

        That is great. I wonder how difficult it would be to work out the logistics.

    • mike

      We do. I’m not sure why you think you can’t. I have philly Illinois and tn area codes on mine.

      • VG

        Really????? Then why does this statement appear in the fine print on the bottom of the T-Mobile web site explaining the Simple Choice Family Plan: “Family Plans: Limit five lines. All lines must be activated in same T-Mobile market with same billing address.”

        Based on that statement, I was under the impression all the phone numbers had to have the area code(s) associated with a single T-Mobile market (which I assumed to be a specific geographic area of the country). If what you say is true (and I don’t doubt you are telling the truth), then T-Mobile needs to reword the fine print accordingly! I think there a lot of people like me who think the area codes have to be in the same geographic “market”.

        • honestabe

          I’m not sure about the activation part, but the “same billing address” means you can’t get separate bills

        • izick

          Yeah. It’s not Framily.

        • mikey

          It just means you have to activate the lines in the same area. You cannot open a contract in Texas then try to add someone who lives in new york to your line. Now if you activate both lines or 5 lines or ten lines in Texas then ship the sims or whatever to your family members to use it is fine, from my understanding.

        • jj

          But would you be able to change the phone number to a local area code if you activated in one market and shipped to another?

        • monkeybutts

          yeah just call them up and say x person has a lot of family there, goes to school there, travels there a lot and would want a local number.

  • Dark enV

    Great time to hear this, my buddy and his wife are gonna switch from Sprint and join our plan once the iPhone 6 comes out

    • Mike

      thats good even tho I don’t understand all the hype for Iphone’s when there playing catch up with technology on cell phone’s

      • Dark enV

        It’s about the OS for me. I really like android but iOS just suits me better is all. All about the user preference

        • mikey

          Yeah, I’m more of an android guy but I get where you’re coming from. Just like some people prefer macs while others do windows, and some do linux.

        • Dark enV

          Exactly, me personally I prefer Apple products but that’s just me. It’s just great that we have a lot of great options for each of us to find what suits us as consumers

      • Andrew

        It’s just a preference. Not everyone is going to like an Android or a Windows phone. To me, it’s not about having the best tech offered; I need something that is aesthetically-pleasing, matches my style, and functions the way I want it to. iPhones meet all of that for me. I am huge on aesthetically-pleasing products. I would never buy an ugly or cheap-looking phone regardless of the specs.

        • izick

          Nexus. The last cheap looking/feeling phone was the Galaxy Nexus… But we’ve come so far since then.

  • anthon

    Now what we need is wifi calling in all phones not only on tmobile phones

    • UMA_Fan

      It’s based on the manufacturer to support it and not t-mobile since they mandate it on the phones they sell. Also shame on google for not supporting it natively while Apple did.

      • izick

        Yeah, Apple just started supporting it like, yesterday. Android phones sold by T-Mobile have been using Wi-Fi Calling for years. Except for the Nexus, that will probably change in 4.5/5.0, whichever is the next major release.

      • Alex Zapata

        I have a feeling that it’s only a matter of time before WiFi calling starts becoming a more standard feature…..

  • Eric Stengrevics

    So there’s a $100 4-line plan, and then there’s 6-10-line plans…what about 5???

    • mike

      4 line for 100 also works for 5 lines it’s just 110 then. The 2.5gb free is still there for the fifth line.

      • jj

        Is that correct — $22 per line?

        • ChristianMcC

          22 per line currently, is what I have, but I’m going to add another person to get the little bit of extra savings. I just wish it could be separate billing.

        • hit_the_lights

          You don’t need separate billing, shouldn’t be hard to divide the plan cost by the amount of people on it and have them pay that amount, unless you’re dumb.

        • ChristianMcC

          That’s the reason, jerk. The reason is that some people aren’t timely in paying their bill.

      • steveb944

        That’s not what they told me. They were going to charge me for the 5th 2.5GB data. Maybe once this rumor goes through, I’ll be able to take advantage.

  • honestabe

    I almost wish that the plans were for shared data. That way, you get the better value out of the person on your account who doesn’t even use 100 MB out of the 1 GB. (or 2.5 gb in this promotion)

    • Derrick Ford

      Ummm… after you get the 2.5… You can always add more data (even up to Unlimited) to any single line

  • Irfan

    I m right now downtown Harrisburg PA and i must say horrible T Mobile coverage 4G and LTE in downtown the signal quality very week , and surrounding area even do not have EDGE , Verizon and AT&T covered with LTE, so t mobile should offer these type of packages with out this they may have a hard deal

  • Trevnerdio

    Can I add that extra 1.5GB to my tethering? :D

    • ChristianMcC

      Yes, when you’re on a limited high speed plan, all your data can be used tethering.

      • Trevnerdio

        I have the old $70 unlimited plan though

        • ChristianMcC

          Ditto, and I get 3GB legal tethering.

        • Trevnerdio

          Yeah, so 4.5 would be cool :D



    • ChristianMcC

      Yeah….. No…

    • dm33

      Agreed. Better if shared. Otherwise too easy to not use what you’re paying for.

    • xmiro

      an option to move data around yes, but not shared. Too many people on my line who have attention problems, they’d end up sucking up all the data and leave everyone else throttled

    • TechHog

      I wish you knew how to turn off caps lock.

    • Jon

      You can go to AT&T or Verizon they will make your data sharing desires a reality and charge you lots more for the privilege of using their network.

  • jj

    So this is $20 a line with 2.5 GB data until 2016 for 6 lines?

    • monkeybutts

      Yes $20 average per line if you have 6 or more lines.

      On your bill technically lines 1 and 2 are $80 together. Lines 3-6 are $10 each and lines 7-10 are $20 each.

      • jj

        Man, what a fricking good deal. Just imagine if this was an individual plan.

  • monkeybutts

    Lets see Sprint undercut $20 per line.

    • maximus1901

      Let’s see tmobile continue to invest in network at $20/2.5gb.

      • Trevnerdio

        Doesn’t cost them nearly that much to give you that much bandwidth.

  • maanshu

    I am thinking of switching to sprint, once the price goes down to $50 per line with unlimited data. That’s much cheaper.

    • Chad Dalton

      Let us know how that goes…

    • monkeybutts

      With this 6 lines or more truly unlimited is $50 per line that wants unlimited data or $40 if you have the old $20 unlimited data add-on.

    • twicetheprice

      Good luck getting service.

    • hit_the_lights

      Have fun with the slow speeds stupid ass.

      • gadget_hero

        Hey lets not be ugly about this, no carrier is perfect everywhere. Perhaps he lives somewhere more rural for example that T-Mobile isn’t the best for (or he is looking to save money the economy is bad remember). While T-Mobile works for you lets not project and be negative for no good reason.

        • TechHog

          Sprint is just as bad as T-Mobile in rural areas. Hell, worse now that T-Mobile is actually trying to do something about that problem.

        • gadget_hero

          That is pretty subjective to the area, for example I am in Nashville and generally enjoy amazingly fast LTE speeds/coverage, however south of 840 (a southern bypass for Nashville) I am generally on GPRS until I hit Columbia a ways down, Sprint on the other hand (as my friends use them) generally have 3G (as well as better voice coverage) at least in areas I have 2G only.

          That being said T-Mobile has gotten a TON better since the HSPA 21Mbps days where 3G was super spotty in populated areas. If they can get some A block in Nashville they will easily be able to challenge $T and $VZW.

    • hayan

      I am with you on this if I can get a note 4 for $200 on contract and $50 per month for unlimited everything I am in.

    • TechHog

      Gotta love corporate shilling.

  • Jay Holm

    That’s nice, just overtake Sprint already.

  • Mike Coleman

    Looks like it’s up and running now :)

  • Matthew

    I just logged into My T-Mobile and it shows “You are eligible to add 5 voice and 4 mobile internet lines to your account.” I currently have 5 voice lines and 1 mobile internet line. It is live onw!

  • Dark enV

    I just looked at the site and I see you can have 6 lines but nothing about 7-10

  • Mike

    Live for me too!

  • Rock

    Even it shows in my account. I still not able to add a line.

  • monkeybutts

    6 lines is now live on the website. I’m currently able to add 5 tablets but no phone lines yet.

  • SAM

    Hey cam the new family plan is online

  • Guest

    Important note: i called. The option to add lines is active, but the dude i spoke to said that the trade off if we add a 6th line, is that we LOSE the 2.5gb promo as it only applies to 4 and 5 line plans…after more searching on the website, i saw in the fineprint at the bottom of that plan that this is true. you do lose the 2.5gb promo, so yeah. thats something to consider for people planning to take advantage of adding these extra lines.

    im just hoping maybe they just havent changed that part of the website kinda like how these line additions werent active on the site right away this morning. if anyone has at least 6 or more lines activated, can they confirm this? i’ll be going into the store tomorrow to look into it.

    • Matthew

      I don’t think so as I am trying to add the 6th voice line in my account online, it gives me the “Free” 2.5GB data option.

      • Mike Coleman

        yes, you are correct. I just called again, and the additional lines ARE eligible for the 2.5gb of data.

    • T-Mo Customer

      I just called T-Mo and they were able to transfer a single line from a second account that I had opened over to my main account that already had 5 lines and gave all 5 lines the 2.5GB Promo. I kept the $20 unlimited plan for my device. I was then able to add a new 7th device for an additional $20 but it has no data so I am calling back to find out why this line doesn’t come with the free 1GB or 2.5GB Promo.

      • T-Mo Customer

        They fixed my 7th line with the 2.5GB data

  • netsup

    I have 4 lines and it says I can 6 more lines when logged into my tmobile

  • Erick

    its live check tmobile website

  • dan

    From the family plan sign up page fine print:Family Plans: Up to 10 lines with qualifying credit and plan (6-line total limit with available credit on; see store or call telesales to add more). All lines must be activated in same T-Mobile market with same billing address.

  • Nearmsp

    i have 4 lines and 1 device. It says “You are eligible to add 5 voice and 4 mobile internet lines to your account.”. I plan to add one more line!