T-Mobile Family Plan now available for up to 6 lines


Twice in the space of a few weeks, we’ve been informed that T-Mobile would be increasing the number of lines available on the Simple Choice Family Plan. (First story here, second here.) We were told that lines 1-6 would cost $120 in total, based on choosing the lowest cost Simple Choice plan. At the moment, that means 2.5GB of data per line, for $120 per month. Once 2016 arrives, that 2.5GB promotional allowance then drops to the usual 1GB per line. But we were also told that customers could add up to 10 lines, with lines 7-10 costing $20 per month each.

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Heading on over to the T-Mobile store’s list of plans we see that that you can now sign up to 6 lines on a Family Plan. The list was updated at some point this morning. So, that part of the leaked memos turned out to be right. They went live today, August 17, the date we expected they would. It’s curious however, that there’s no mention of lines 7-10. Given that part of a memo to staff was correct, it’s unusual that on two separate occasions, they’ve mentioned the additional lines, on top of the 6 already confirmed. And yet, nothing’s showing for those extra lines (plus the 5 mobile broadband lines) on the website.

Now there are a couple of┬áplausible reasons why there’s nothing published. First off – T-Mobile changed its mind. Secondly, the staff memos had incorrect information on them. Third: The extra lines are an unadvertised benefit to specific well-paying and high credit-scoring customers.

As of right now, customers can sign up to a Family Plan and take up to six lines. One up from the old 5 line limit. Once we get any confirmation, or manage to unearth the truth on lines 7-10, we’ll update this post or create a new one, depending on when the information reveals itself.

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  • I log in, and it just tells me I can add 4 internet devices, lol. I guess I have to call and do it or go into the store. Still, it’s nice to know I have that option.

    • Nick

      It showing me online that I can able to add 5 voice lines and 5 internet lines and I already have 5 lines on my plan so I believe it goes by credit.

      • I’ve got great credit, so it might need to be updated. My credit class with T-Mobile that is, and I think you are right.

  • dan

    It says this in the fine print on the family plan sign up page: Family Plans: Up to 10 lines with qualifying credit and plan (6-line total limit with available credit on http://www.T-Mobile.com; see store or call telesales to add more). All lines must be activated in same T-Mobile market with same billing address.

  • netsup

    Cam must not read comments on his articles. It has been confirmed by many people that credit permitting, you can do 10 lines on your account right now inside of your online account.


    Lord this website gone to crap since David left. Cam read your own post man from yesterday. The internal memo that you posted that you shouldn’t of gotten. I am not even going to type all the information because you can go back your self and READ what the memo says!!!

  • David Lebron

    Credit classes A, B, and C are eligible for 10 voice lines and 5 data lines.

  • huskiefan91

    I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it for me to change to this new promo plan from the one I currently have with T-Mobile.

    4 Lines
    $80/mo Share Plan
    Line 1: Unlimited Data (grandfathered version) $20/mo extra
    Line 2: 3 GB Data at $10/mo extra
    Line 3: 1 GB Data at $10/mo extra
    Line 4: 1 GB Data at $10/mo extra
    Monthly Total (w/o taxes, fees, discount): $130/mo

    Promo Plan:
    4 Lines
    $100/mo Share Plan (promo thru end of 2015)
    Line 1: Unlimited Data (new version) $30/mo extra
    Line 2: 2.5 GB Data at $0/mo extra
    Line 3: 2.5 GB Data at $0/mo extra
    Line 4: 2.5 GB Data at $0/mo extra
    Monthly Total (w/o taxes, fees, discount): $130/mo

    In aggregate, thru 2015, it’s the same dollars/mo with 0.5 GB less data per month for Line 2 and 1.5 GB more data per month for lines 3 and 4. Of course in January 2016, it would drop back down.

    My line is the unlimited and I pay the whole bill so making the change is really a favor for 2 of the lines over the next 16 months. Anything I am not catching that would not make it worthwhile for me to switch the plan? I suppose it would really be an extra $10/month for me in January 2016 to have it all return to the way it is right now.

    • Michael Abrahams

      You get to keep your grandfathered data package, so on the promo plan it would actually be $120 ($100 for the 4 lines and $20 for the line with unlimited data)

      • huskiefan91

        Ah, I didn’t know that, thanks! I thought maybe that the data plan was tied to the share plan. Sounds like a no-brainer to have them make the change for me, right?

        • Michael Abrahams

          Yup, just call up care and have them switch it. Might be a bit of a hold time though we had system updates today. It kinda slows things down to a crawl!

        • huskiefan91

          Awesome! That was an easy 5-minute phone call! Grandfathered unlimited in-tact and everything else I described switched as expected…and now $120/mo instead of $130/mo. Thanks T-Mobile!

  • Charles Wick

    I am so confused! Do these new plans have all the taxes and fees or is it all inclusive? I have been trying understand and have been hearing different words with every different report. Is it all inclusive price or not? Thank you.

    • Jason

      No, of course not. The price is pre-tax. Just as the plans are now, only you get more high speed data and you can get a sixth line.

  • Bryan

    Logged into my account and it shows I can have up 10 voice and 5 data lines on my account. I now have 6 lines on my account all with the promo 2.5gig and one line with the old $20 unlimited data. Better yet I still have my corporate discount applied too!

    • Romdude

      Confirmed, “You are eligible to add 5 voice and 5 Mobile Internet lines to your account. Add an additional voice line today for as little as $10/mo. with unlimited text, talk, and data.” Cam, I have 5 now, so 6 to 10 is $10 too, not $20.

    • Sam_K

      Hi Bryan, did you have to do anything special to keep your corporate discount or since it was already on your account they simply applied it to the new promo?

      • Bryan

        Nothing special needed to be done. Since my corporate discount was already applied it just rolled over to the new promo.

  • George Salcedo

    I don’t blame Cam for all the confusion, it took me 3 1/2 hours to add a sixth line at my local tmobile store, the store rep and customer care were not on the same page whatsoever.

    • Romdude

      Thanks for letting us know, it’s just we know a lot of things often way ahead of actual tmobile store reps. I guess we can cut them a little slack.

      • Bryan

        Took me less than 5 minutes on the phone to get my 6th line. The representative already knew about adding upto 10 lines and she gladly added the 6th line easily. Maybe I just got lucky and got a rep who knew what was going on.

  • el_perezo

    Ahhh. Isn’t it nice taking care of your credit. The benefits you get for being responsible. But wait it’s only a matter of time before those that don’t start complaining and they get this benefit too. It’s only a matter of time before it spreads through the Internet that tmobile is catering to a certain kind of people.

  • steveb944

    Looks like I’ll be calling T-Mobile once again. They weren’t giving me the 2.5 on 5 lines, so I’ll be trying again. Having an extra line might work better if it’ll get me the bump up in data for ‘free’ if I’m reading it right.

    • STEVEB944’s FATHER

      u get 2 gb if u get 5 lines…hence 10gb divided by 5 ppl…for 4 lines its 2.5 in the same way 10 gb divided by 4 lines…dnt confuse urself


        Son…I have always taught you to have your facts straight prior to saying anything.

        Per T-Mobile site: “LIMITED TIME: 1GB of 4G LTE is increased to up to 2.5GB 4G LTE data
        per line (for the same price) through 2015 when you buy 4 or more lines”

        Based on that, my grandson seems to be correct. He should have the opportunity to get 2.5gb on his 5th line. If he wanted, he should be able to get a 6th line with 2.5gb of data…dnt confuse urself

  • ed

    I called and went into the store.the rep inside told me no 5 lines was my limit and when I told him about this and showed him on the website he looked like a fool.he told me call customer service .I did no luck there.looks like I’m gonna have to call and talk to someone else then And maybe get a discount for my time wasted

    • Mike

      Please for the love of God don’t be that guy. When you go into a bank and someone called out and you have to wait in line an extra 10-15 mins you don’t sit there and harass them for a discount.

      Things happen and nobody is perfect. Don’t put someone on the spot on customer service just because of that. If you wouldn’t sit there and badger the retail associate for a discount for your time, don’t do it to a CSR just because you feel braver on the phone.

    • Nearmsp

      Are you a “well qualified” customer. This is only available for a particular range of credit score, not for everyone.

  • Jwajid

    This is only available for well Qualified customers

  • Eric

    I was working at the store yesterday. I did notice that plans can be changed to 6 lines and can add up to 10. Pretty much if you do the normal 5 lines, it breaks down to 80 bucks for the first 2 then 10 bucks for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th coming out to 110 for 5. If you do 6 then it starts at $120 then $20 for the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. So if you did 10 lines on the Unlimited Mins, Txt, and 2.5GB of basic data, it would come out to $200 plus tax.

    • Nearmsp

      Is there any difference with iis there any difference with the old plans other than extra data? What happens to corporate discount? What happens hotspot? I tried to simulate getting a new plan with 6 lines, I never saw any information about hotspot. Is there a catch in this plan?

  • Glenn Urrea

    I talked to a T-Mobile rep and you have to call customer service to get up to 10 lines. My only question is, the plan I have is currently 5 lines with unlimited everything. I want a 6th line with the same perks. Guess I’ll have to keep digging.