T-Mobile Family Plan now available for up to 6 lines


Twice in the space of a few weeks, we’ve been informed that T-Mobile would be increasing the number of lines available on the Simple Choice Family Plan. (First story here, second here.) We were told that lines 1-6 would cost $120 in total, based on choosing the lowest cost Simple Choice plan. At the moment, that means 2.5GB of data per line, for $120 per month. Once 2016 arrives, that 2.5GB promotional allowance then drops to the usual 1GB per line. But we were also told that customers could add up to 10 lines, with lines 7-10 costing $20 per month each.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 20.48.48

Heading on over to the T-Mobile store’s list of plans we see that that you can now sign up to 6 lines on a Family Plan. The list was updated at some point this morning. So, that part of the leaked memos turned out to be right. They went live today, August 17, the date we expected they would. It’s curious however, that there’s no mention of lines 7-10. Given that part of a memo to staff was correct, it’s unusual that on two separate occasions, they’ve mentioned the additional lines, on top of the 6 already confirmed. And yet, nothing’s showing for those extra lines (plus the 5 mobile broadband lines) on the website.

Now there are a couple of┬áplausible reasons why there’s nothing published. First off – T-Mobile changed its mind. Secondly, the staff memos had incorrect information on them. Third: The extra lines are an unadvertised benefit to specific well-paying and high credit-scoring customers.

As of right now, customers can sign up to a Family Plan and take up to six lines. One up from the old 5 line limit. Once we get any confirmation, or manage to unearth the truth on lines 7-10, we’ll update this post or create a new one, depending on when the information reveals itself.

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