Univision and T-Mobile partnering to launch new MVNO?

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Univision has been on something of a roll this past few days. In one major announcement, it’s teamed up with Simon Cowell’s SYCO Entertainment to discover the “Ultimate Latino Boyband” with a “La Banda”. It’s also hosted its Upfront conference. But we’ve just been told about another new initiative the company’s going to be launching within the next week.

We’ve heard that the company is partnering with T-Mobile to launch a new MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) named Univision Mobile. Our source (who shall remain anonymous) tells us that the announcement will be made on May 19th, just 6 days from now. We don’t have any details on plans or any further specifics, except to say, it’s happening and there’s SIM card kit packaging to prove it.

For those who don’t know, Univision Digital is the #1 multi-platform site for Hispanics in the US. It has an average of 6.7 million multiplatform unique visitors each month and consistently attracts a larger audience than any of its competitors. In short: It’s massive. What’s more, the audience is very social. So this is a huge deal for T-Mobile. By partnering up with Univision, it’s immediately opened up its brand to an entire portion of the market who are already very loyal to Univision.

As a report by Forbes recently stated:

“If that doesn’t tell you where culturally relevant content is headed – the Nielsen study revealed that if US Hispanics were a standalone country, their market buying power would be one of the top twenty economies in the world.”

The report also states that Hispanics consumer will generally build loyalty with a brand that properly represents them and their cultural nuances and identity. Something which Univision has shown it clearly does. And one which T-Mo is smart to be taking advantage of.

Of course, while we’re pretty certain this is happening, it’s still just a rumor for now. Hold on for the official announcement at another date. But, the fact that there are Univision Mobile SIM kits floating around with T-Mobile branding printed on them kind of says it all. We’ll bring you more if we hear it.


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  • trife

    inb4 the inevitable racial/socioeconomic jabs…..

  • S. Ali

    Makes sense, huge Hispanic populations live in urban centers (LA, Miami, Chicago, Elizabeth, Paterson) all places where T-Mobile have excellent coverage. They tend to stay close together, hard working, and are highly price sensitive. Coupled with their international packages, its seems like a no brainer to target this demo.

    Verizon launched Viva Movil not long ago. Tracfone has Telcel America on T-Mobile already.

    • bakgwailo

      Two of those places you listed don’t fit in with the other three…

  • monkeybutts

    They’ll have plenty of free advertising on their own channels, wonder if that will help keep the costs low. Metro PCS already heavily markets to the hispanic community. Pretty much 90% of the advertising is AT&T and Metro PCS in my area for spanish media. T-mobile is picking up more of it though. Verizon and Sprint both have very little but verizon seems to be focusing on the calls to mexico in new campaigns when they run ads.

  • elrorro

    Gosmart mobile , simple mobile , layca mobile, ultra mobile , univision mobile , metro pcs , none of this mvno’s have 4glte and also are NON contract plans for individuals only ( except metro ) tmobile is putting everything on the mvnos but good signal

    • grod46

      MetroPCS and SIMple Mobile both offer 4G LTE on T-Mobile

  • Alejandro

    As a Latino, I see this as a fantastic move!!!! I see T-Mobile going beyond the number 4 spot very soon. AT&T and Verizon better watch out.

  • noelsito

    Good. I hope they finally dump AT&T

  • Rick Rudge

    I noticed that Hispanics have always been shown prominently in most of T-Mobile’s printed brochures and other literature. Univision has been partnered up with Universal Studios, Comcast/Xfinity, etc. I see this as a very good deal for T-Mobile.

  • Hate the “invented” word “Hispanic”. Makes me want to scream. No historical value. Latino is the preferred term..

  • Jay

    No contract, no credit check and the name Univision how can i not be successful for the Latino community

    • Jay


  • La banda? No hay banda.