Briefly: The 7 countries being added to Simple Choice Global International roaming list

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As you read here towards the end of last week, T-Mobile’s making some changes to its Simple Choice plans. They include more data, Stateside international texting and more countries have been added to the included international roaming. The list now includes 122 countries, instead of the previous 115.

Those countries/principalities are as follows:

  • Afghanistan
  • Guam
  • Honduras
  • Macao
  • Uganda
  • Canary Islands
  • San Marino

If any of you are planning a trip to any of these nations, from March 23rd – along with the other changes – you’ll now get unlimited texting and EDGE/GPRS data.

These countries aren’t yet showing up on the official list over at T-Mobile’s site, but we can expect them to be added at some point in the next couple of weeks.


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  • Sapper11d

    Great now I can deploy to Afghanistan and have service.

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      God Bless. Thank you for your service.

  • Robert Dunn

    Now I can update my Facebook status while fighting the Taliban, woo-hoo!

    • Nick Gonzalez


    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      God Bless. Thanks for your service.

  • SEBA

    Can you look it up a list of countries we can text from US? I can’t find it anywhere.

    • ThePhantom

      It will be *every* county except three:

      Maldives, St. Helena, and Wallis and Futuna

      That makes it easier :)

      • SEBA

        Much easier! Thx

  • bisayan

    Guam its not a country..its a territory. It is an american land. Its my first place to live when I moved from the philippines :)). But they have yet to add the Philippines? Come on Tmo pls. add it!

    • maestroalvarez

      The Philippines is included for free texting, going forward, from the 23rd of March. Ingat!

      • bisayan

        Do u have any confirmation? Id try searching for the list but couldn’t find it. Thanks!

  • sharklover

    I was hoping they would be adding the bahamas. Its the only popular place that is not included.

  • Wanderlust

    What about Mauritius??

    I will go there this summer.

  • JJ

    The article is slightly incorrect when it says the coverage is on EDGE/GPRS data. The data connections are well established to work on 3G as well however the speeds are capped. This makes a big difference since there is a strong yet persistent connection over 3G. On EDGE and GPRS the connections are more likely to drop and the data does not flow persistently like it does with 3G. A slowed connection is very reliable over 3G.

    • John

      This has been pointed out every time Cam has made this error, and he continues to make it, so I think we need to just accept that this error is going to persist on TMoNews.

      • Indeed. When my friend went to Germany, he was able to Skype over Telekom Deutschland’s HSPA+ network despite being limited to 128Kbps because the latency and quality of HSPA+ makes it incredibly usable.

  • Mguzma

    AT&T cut prices again. i better check it out

    • KingCobra

      If you don’t use that much data, AT&T’s recent price cuts are a good deal.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I personally don’t care about any coverage in any other country. Just get better coverage in USA, eliminate 2G and start the 700 Mhz deployment and 20X20 in more and more areas

    • Don Kim

      Actually that’s exactly what T-Mo has in plan for this year except for the eliminating 2G part.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        Thanks. Hopefully it comes soon.

  • cubanitA00

    well for someone who tried that out in mexico 2weeks ago i was dissapointed ,i roamed on movistar in Mexico city my lg g2 displayed3G but no data came tru half the time when it finally did it was SLOOOOOW fb took 5 mins to update so did twitter etc..i know thats a tmobile problem because i have a cuzin that livesthere and she has a mexican phone on movistar and she gets 5to 8 mbps . So they mean it when they say roaming speed is at 2g speeds reallly slow. Same when i roamed on telcel mexico in toluca lg g2 displayed 3G but data was horrible slow now on toluca my aunt has a mexican telcel phone her data was fine 3to 10 mbps.

    • jmclma

      YES they mean it when they said 2G speeds, but you can upgrade the speed by purchasing a data pass. So hey, pony up the cash if you don’t like the free cash.

  • Stephen

    We need some Bahamas love! Free data roaming Afghanistan, but we can’t handle a small island nation 180 miles off the coast of Florida?

    • TMOguy

      I was just going to post something on the Bahamas myself.. Indeed, it does seem strange. Obviously, the country is an attractive vacation destination. Therefore, it does stand out as being absent from the list. I wonder what the back story is there? We really couldn’t negotiate / reach an agreement with the Bahamas?

      • Apparently the mobile network operator there (Bahamas Telephone Company, controlled by Cable & Wireless Communications) has some kind of “preferred partner” arrangement scheme. They’ve got some sort of sweet deal with AT&T to allow reciprocal roaming at really affordable rates.

        But look at the rates BTC is charging for those who want to roam on T-Mobile… It’s ridiculous, which makes me think that the reason it hasn’t happened is because T-Mobile can’t displace AT&T as the preferred partner for BTC.

  • Rod

    Kind of a rip off that Guam, a US possessions is roaming. Airwaves are managed by the FCC and it’s part of the NANP.

  • Nearmsp

    I have had 2 international trips since this policy. I love T-mobile! While my co-travellers had their phones switched off, I enjoyed reading and responding to my e-mails. I used to miss my BB, but now I get that and more on Android device. This is the best benefit for users. T-mobile benefits too, because at 20 cents a minute for calls back home or to receive, I have started using the phone for important calls, while still keeping the bulk of calls for my Wi-Fi calling. iPhones will not be as popular on T-mobile for lack of wi-fi calling and of course Swype.

  • Luis Barahona

    I wish I had this available during my trip to Honduras but it shows my change from sprint to T-Mobile was worth it. Sprint wouldn’t even unlock my galaxy s4 world phone even though I had no contract. T-Mobile at least give me options.