[UPDATE] Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for T-Mobile Galaxy S4 out now

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.59.41

We just got word from our readers that they’ve been able to successfully download Android 4.4.2 for T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy S4. You might not get an automatic notification of its availability though, as it seems each of our readers has had to check for it manually through the settings menu.

Word of warning: Everyone so far has complained that it’s taking ages to download. One reader stated 45 mins, while the screenshot above shows over an hour for the download, and it’s less than 400MB.

Let us know how you get on updating your Galaxies. In this instance, it might be worth waiting until the process gets a little more efficient. Give it a couple of hours. Unless you have to have it right away, then get downloading.


Link to the official update on T-Mobile’s support pages: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-5887

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 13.14.28

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  • ewilts

    I’ve updated. It took about 45 minutes to download over WiFi, then it might have been 15 or 20 minutes to apply the update (I didn’t time it since I was driving in). So far, so good!

    • GreatNews

      65 minutes….

    • Jay Holm

      Wifi while driving?

      • ewilts

        You only need WiFi while downloading which I did at home before I left. After that, it’s the reboot/upgrade process that doesn’t require WiFi.

      • $15454173

        I gotta get a router like that ;)

      • Trevnerdio

        That’s what I did. Stupid thing was like “blah blah blah no mobile network” so what did I do?
        Pulled out my T-Mobile hotspot, naturally, and proceeded to download the update using a mobile network anyway.

  • UndeadSunbro

    Just updated and now the settings app is completely gone. Thanks T-Mobile/Samsung

    • Mushdagrt

      Wow …think ill wait to hear the final verdict on it before I grab it..that last one caused me some wifi connection issues as well as causing the battery to drain faster with the same amount of usage..

      • Bobby

        I still have the settings app after updating to 4.4.2.

        • Mushdagrt

          That’s good news..i still plan on waiting a day or 2 though..

        • Bobby

          Good idea :) but I must say the phone is faster and smooth. So far so good! I like the change to the notification bar being all white :)

        • UndeadSunbro

          Guess I must be an anomaly then. Normal app icon missing, cog icon from drop down menu does nothing, and Touchwiz crashes when I try to select it from the pop up menu options. No idea what the heck happened. If anyone else is having this issue, please reply to let me know.

        • Paul

          3 options:
          – You can see if Kies will allow you to install the new version
          – Go to XDA and load it via Odin
          – Go to a store and have them do it or replace the phone for you

  • Edgar

    Where is the Note 2 update?

    • steve1026

      Yeah! Where is the Note 2 update!!

  • Jay Holm

    I’m updating now at McDonald’s wifi, currently at 82%, should be done soon. If I could update over LTE it probably would have only taken 20-30m’s instead of 90m’s!

    • Arthur Dixon

      McDonalds only allows wifi for 1hr i think (at least where i live) then it disconnects you, but you can reconnect, better hope that doesnt screw it up lol

      • Jay Holm

        I finished the update just a bit ago. It does seem to run faster, no doubt.
        Regarding the hour limit, I don’t know, I don’t usually rely on wifi except for software update. More often then not, LTE is much, much faster than wifi.

    • $15454173

      I like your style Jay :) Gotta love that McD wifi. Starbucks though is always being hammered.

  • besweeet

    Just to confirm, if rooted on the stock Samsung 4.2.2 ROM with CF-Auto-Root, an update via Kies and then another root should be safe?

  • Randall Lind

    Took an hour WOW but, I bet the download site was hammer. No idea why I am excited. Doing updates are scary however.

  • Schnazzy

    I’ve tried the OTA update twice now. Both failed. 2nd attempt failed at 28% and began to roll back the changes. I’m not sure how far along the first attempt was before it failed. :(

    • Paul

      Try Kies.

      • Schnazzy

        Thanks. I’ll give it a shot when I get home and post back with the results.

        • Schnazzy

          Upgrade over WiFi at home failed again at 28%. Kies tells me I’m already on the latest firmware.

    • Dats

      Reset phone and try to do it over wifi

  • Randall Lind

    WTH white icons? No more Green battery look ugly as hell!!

    • $15454173

      Yea I noticed when I did my Nexus 7.

      • Randall Lind

        All the notify icons on top are white. They were all color before the update damn my s4 is now ugly.

        • Google made Kitkat white because it is a natural color. That way the green or blue wouldn’t clash with the color of the apps.

    • Sean

      I like it now. I’ve had all the Samsung Galaxys. Finally, something different.

    • Dats

      Yea the white is an android 4.4 standard

      • Zombiexm

        I like it, very simplistic.

    • TSkeezzy

      Agreed. Looks stupid and not appealing. Why take color away from notifications? They are notifications, should catch your eye.

  • Julian C. Taborda

    Tap and pay from Google wallet works now!!

    • zombie

      Ibsaid before on the other article.. it doesnt work on the note 3 yet because googles cramework doesnt support the nfc chipset I the note 3 yet…

      • Jay Holm

        I think NFC is a failed technology. Is ISIS catching on to the masses, tons of retail support? No! Are we seeing people using their smartphones at all sorts of different retailers to make payments? No!

        • zombie

          Its not. Its not catching on because the carriers wanted to play hard ball and block competition from using the se. With isis in only two citys why would it catch on? Now the lack of the need for a se hce will allow the masses to use mobile payments.

        • Jay Holm

          “se hce” is what?

        • Zombiexm

          SE Is the sercure element in most NFC phones. It is needed to store Credit card information. Carriers basically removed the framework to prevent any competitors from using it, and they went with a “sim card with NFC Chip” where they can control who can use it. They prevented google wallet from going on the market until they removed the need for the element which in turn removed tap and pay.

          HCE is Host-based Card Emulation and uses the web to act as the Secure element. Downsides to this are you need a data connection to use tap and pay. But in return, the carriers cannot block it.

          In the end it was clear they were trying to push ISIS as the only tap and pay carrier, but it clearly did not work because it has yet to even a massive nation wide launch. All google has to do now is package wallet in with every 4.4.3 or 4.5 phone and its set in stone.

          People were calming the carriers removed or block HCE with the 4.4 update to the note 3, but it turns out the Note 3 uses a NFC chip that is not yet supported by the HCE framework, and will work when google adds support for that manufacturer of that chipset. Only broadcom NFC chipsets are supported atm.

  • NOYB

    I read that there are issues with SD card access. Anyone having that problem?

  • i’m hesitant to download considering it strips SD card access for apps again. how could they update the phone to give it SD card access for apps and then take it away?

  • Randall Lind

    Why is the camera lock on the lock screen? I can’t remove it Now half the time when I scroll to unlock launch camera app. says Favorite app or Camera ON and it is blacked out so I can’t turn it off.

    • Paul

      If you add a lock screen it will go away.

      • Randall Lind

        That is fine but, why is Favorite apps or Camera disable? Got to be away to enable it.

        • Paul

          No idea why that is.
          Might have been a bad flash/upgrade install.

        • Randall Lind

          It is the first thing under lock screen widgets

        • Randall Lind

          figureed it out I had to check Multiple widgets then go in to lock screen widgets and it was enable and I turn it off

  • $15454173

    Just finished up date and nothing missing afaik. Seems smooth and all that. Now to do the mall test to see if it can hold up on an outing.

  • $15454173

    people with issues try rebooting 2 or 3 times.

  • pdxduckfan

    How about some S3 love?

  • djclove007

    question is kies working for the update? i try to update though kies and says my software is up to date or do u need wifi with the kies please help thanks everyone

    • Jay Holm

      Screw “Kies”!

      • djclove007

        Screw kies lol copy that so plain wifi is better then?

        • Jay Holm

          Yes. I like being independent of a pc.

  • bob90210

    Do we have to use the comic sans like font in order to update? No update is worth using that font.

  • jdubb2600

    where’s the note 2 update at?

    • Zombiexm

      We will get it by the end of April.

  • Zombiexm

    Does anyone have the bands the GS5 supports yet? >.> can only find the ATT models bands which doesn’t have 12. which is strange with me because they own one market with the a block, and will be getting a second with cricket. I guess I was right with them selling it off at a cost to tmobile later on..

    • randomnerd_number38

      Its been stated multiple times and from multiple sources that phones with Band 12 will start coming out late this year. I don’t get why so many people expected the Galaxy S5, new HTC One, etc to have it.

      • Jay Holm

        Wishful thinking. It hasn’t passed by the FCC yet, so we’ll see if Tmo gets Samsung to future-proof the S5. Personally, I think 700 Band 12 support is worth waiting for.

  • Rob Konzelman

    Updated this morning. Phone would boot past the White T-Mobile 4G LTE Screen. Called T-Mobile they had me wipe cache…still didn’t work. Then they said my only option was to factory wipe reset. Now i have to redo my whole phone. Arrrggggg.

  • Dr8820

    Downloading now. .. Hope it doesn’t soft brick like it did on my Note3.

  • Awt

    Downloaded it this morning and so far so good. Seems to work faster opening and closing apps. The one thing I have noticed is the signal strength is better for LTE and it seems like it’s switching better between 4G and LTE when it needs to.

  • Ilyas

    Just started downloading, doesn’t seem to be terribly slow, but could definitely be faster, considering my Wi-Fi speeds. Brooklyn, NY, by the way, if that makes a difference.

  • LosAngelesBen

    I’m on T-Mobile. Today’s 4.4.2 update FIXED AVRCP! Pandora now displays song title info on my devices including car radio (RCD510 VW) as does Spotify, Stitcher, I-Heart, Google Music, stock app, the new Milk, and even Botifier!

    Also this update introduces fullscreen lockscreen music controls and album art. White notification icons grace the right side of the notification panel and a new camera shortcut option can be added to the lockscreen (at the cost of the custom picked icons in the lockscreen launcher). A new language choice is in the T-Mobile update. (Accented English for developers). The notification panel no longer displays the two separate notification categories. They are now grouped together in time sequence. Clearing notifications clears all but the ongoing notifications (ie Weather etc).
    Google Wallet’s tap to pay feature has been enabled on this device as well as the proprietary ISIS. I choose Google! A New NFC icon decorates the black and white notification bar whenever that feature is turned on.
    Fonts appear clearer and easier to rread and the messaging app now allows a separate font size than that of the rest of the phones display. An updated Samsung keyboard is sure to give its users new features as well as some apps now displaying a rounded style for pop-up notifications (fade in /fade out).

    If you had a live wallpaper on the lockscreen/homescreen before the uupdate and find your effect has been changed from ripple or light effect to a boring click lock, this is normal. Samsung ‘fixed’ the glitch that allowed live wallpaper and dynamic lock effects to be used simultaneously. Lock screen effect choice greyed out? Change your lockscreen wallpaper to an image and try again.
    Upon downloading this update, I noticed that several apps were missing from my phone. I assumed it might be the SD card issue known with KitKat…. But some apps had widgets as well which were missing so this theory may not hold water. Either way, I reinstalled them with little trouble.
    Loving KitKat!

    • is the notification bar transparent now?

      • Dats

        No but the lettering is much sharper

  • Jay

    Download took awhile but here’s what I noticed with 4.4.2. Snappier, takes longer to charge, but battery life seems a tad better. Sharper fonts and settings shortcut disappeared. Not a great update, but better than nothing

  • Dats

    The interface is simpler and faster..Did anyone else notice the 5th bar if signal that is present now?

    • Awt

      My 4G LTE signal is better now. How were they able to make the signal better. Does anyone know?

      • Trevnerdio


    • Trevnerdio

      And yes

  • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

    The 4G LTE signal Strength is Amazing now I used to have 2 bars at my house and now I get full bars of LTE same as work I used to have 1 bar now I get 4 or 5 bars LTE!! Wooo!! But has anyone notice a decrease in download speeds?? Or maybe their working on the tower near me Idk ill check it out definitely better service everywhere ive gone so far

    • Trevnerdio

      The signal does seem a lot better…maybe too much to be true. I think the numbers may be slightly inflated now. The speed doesn’t match the bars, per se. I do, however, still get about 37mbps down.

  • Eric00

    This might be kind of dumb but I really like that there is now a fifth bar present for signal. I don’t know why but having only four before really annoyed me!

    • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

      Its not dumb at all I agree 100% I prefer the Fifth bar too I also wish their 4G LTE icon was bigger or the same as AT&T it looks cool on their phones

  • Randall Lind

    Can you remove the camera from lock screen?

    • Djclove007

      Yes just disable it in the settings under lock screen

    • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

      Yes u can on the lock screen settings you can disable it

  • Zbum

    Wont sync email now….hmm….anyone else ?

  • the surf

    its downloading super slow… 2 hours is what my phone is telling me

  • RonJeezy

    S3? I’m getting the S5 but I would like it to go down first and since my ps2 days I never get the first shipment of any electronic.

  • S4

    I am getting the andorid.process.acore error every single second. This has made my s4 unusable. Tried restarting. Any solutions?

    • S4

      nvm figured it out by clearing contact storage.

  • Ryan Vega

    Updated here no problems..slow download but that’s to be expected. It did take 3 restarts to get WiFi working but after that all good

  • Richard Yarrell

    Just for the record NO ANDROID USER should allow GOOGLE to determine what kind of day to day user experience you want to have for the device you paid for or the monthly bill you pay out as well.

    Kitkat 4.4.2 is a restricted update for all android devices that use secondary sdcard storage.

    The way you’re Note 3 works in conjunction with all your favorite third party applications and sdcard is something priceless on 4.3 Jellybean.

    My Note 3 enjoys a smooth day to day experience on 4.3 Jellybean without any issues it would be silly to change that experience for restrictions and not on my watch.

    If these links don’t show why you stay away from Kitkat 4.4.2 on your S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3 or any android handset with sdcard storage then I don’t know what to tell you







    • squiddy20

      Just for the record, Google has never “determined what kind of day to day user experience you want to have”. Everyone has always had the ability to accept or decline an update. Everyone has always had the ability to change up their home screens and other bits of UI, without root. Just more delusional claims from the ignorant biased Samsung fanboy.
      Further, based on your usage of the word “restricted”, you clearly don’t know what it means. Maybe you should use that “pimp slapping” Note 3 you claim to have to look up words before you use them.
      Finally, as many of the articles/comment boards you’ve linked to indicate, Google’s Storage Access Framework is a solution to this “problem”. The fact that you don’t mention this at all, and instead only say that it’s entirely Google’s fault (which it’s not), is proof that you are ignorant and biased.

      • RLB63

        No it isn’t a solution for me. I won’t download kit kat and will not recommend it to others that use me as there tech support.
        I also hate that Android allows any program to start whenever it wants. This is my 3rd Android phone and was able to over look this and other issues because I won’t buy Apple because of their restrictions, and hate the ui of ms phones. If Google doesn’t fix this or at least a phone maker I will wait until another os comes out to replace Android.
        Google isn’t looking at the ms model. MS got big by listening to their customers. They are crashing because they stopped. I have used windows since 3.0, and lived through the bad os’ s but 8.0 turned off tons of people. The first ms os to make me seriously consider never buying ms again.

      • Ajax

        Squiddy its clear that you take a conversation and steer it towards your own biases and insecurities.

    • Will Ś.

      Oh Richard.

    • Old_Curmudgeon

      T-M just sent me an update service notification. I don’t want to update from my Note 3’s jelly bean until the SD card issues are addressed. (That may mean never update or rooting my Note 3 so I can load a different OS. But I don’t want to go there just now.). The only options T-M gives me is to start the download or postpone it for a day. Does anyone know how I can just decline it and not have the notification repeat each day?


  • Bear

    Well I got the 4.4 update OTA for my Galaxy S4 , well let me tell you
    that I went from having 20 hours of battery life to 10 hours. That I say
    sucks not only that I was playing a game and it made 4.4 crash and when
    I reboot my wi fi gets turned off .. When I want my wi-fi turned off I
    will do it !!! Samsung ,Google ,T-Mobile you folks need to get your
    sh!t together ..FIX IT NOW!!!

  • scottmog

    Is scheduled message back that 4.3 did not have?

  • Karie Shotts

    I tried to download it last night on Kies and it only updated me from 4.2.2 to 4.3. When I tried to get 4.4.2 it said I have the latest version already. So I tried OTA and it doesn’t do anything when I click on it. Any advice?

    • SP

      You have to download it via WIFI, and it should respond. Takes about an hour and 15 minute to download, another 20-30 minutes to get the update. Make sure you have at least 386 megs of space on your phone for it.

      • Karie Shotts

        I have tried over and over to download it via WIFI and via Kies 3. It won’t download.

  • Josh

    Not that it matters all that much, but now I can’t hide certain applications that I have alternatives for, like Internet and My Files.

  • djclove007

    Downloaded yesterday am no issues yet as of today took phone off charger at 3am and now 730 pm battery still at 60% battery seems great using Nova launcher can’t stand TouchWiz like the white status bar not much changes as I can tell but phone seems more snappier and signal seems better

  • Randall Lind

    One thing I don’t care for is status update being listed above removable items from drop down menu. Example messages, facebook, mail etc listed above the My T-mobile app where before it was listed under.

  • Mark

    Downloaded kitkat 2 days ago on my S4. What I don’t understand is how all of a sudden my signal strength is much better. I went from 1-2 bars to 3-4. I’m not complaining but I just thought that was strange

    • superg05

      new radio drivers

  • Matt Pankey

    And no KitKat love for the Xperia Z. What a crock.

    • mike9889

      You don’t want it…bad battery life! Nothing else seems really new.

  • JJ Clark

    The update pretty much destroyed my battery life. Definitely wish I could revert back.

  • Jason Wilson

    I don’t know why everyone is crying about the update. I have a Samsung Galaxy 4 and did the update a few days ago. I like it and have no qualms. My battery is better and my 4G LTE signal is better and faster. One thing…there is a weird Icon just to the left of the 4G LTE Icon I have never seen before. It look like something from Krypton. I can’t describe what it looks like…just odd.
    Does anyone know what it is?

    • Luz

      I believe icon is for NFC

      • Jason Wilson

        It was! Thank you, Luz!

    • Bruce Bolduc

      There is a problem. A huge one. Some apps, and data they stored on sd card is no longer recognized. So everything like say my entire phones backup records are now unusable after update. If you lost everything, I mean every setting on your phone, would you not be upset?

  • Jeff Collins

    I did the 4.4.2 update on 3/17 using kites 3. My phone is the S4. it took about 20 min total to dl and update the phone. I don’t understand the kites pc hate. I tried OTA and it was crawling.
    The only problem so far is a big one. My WiFi speed has been slowed by half. I have Comcast with wired 50mbs down 10mbs up, the phone was getting 20-26mbs before update. Now getting 7-9. I have a Comcast Technicolor tc8305c all in one Gateway. With default router settings I was only getting 3mbs down. Default security was set using
    WPAWPA2-PSK(TKIP/AES) I changed it to WPA2-PSK(TKIP) after that I was getting up to 26mps down 10mps up. I talked with a very knowledgeable t-mobil tech this weekend about this( before I updated) and he told me that T-Mobile doesn’t use (AES) and the added encryption was what was capping my WiFi speed. So now after updating I’m at 7-9 and not very happy.

    Also the update removed at lest half of my shortcut icons, which was really strange. I’m reading here that some people had programs deleted? Are you sure it just wasn’t the shortcut. All my apps where still on the phone, and in my apps screen pages, just the shortcuts where missing on the home screens.
    Anyone else having this WiFi problem? BTW I tested my speed with two speed apps. I always use OOKLA speed test and try multiple servers for testing. I DL loaded another app just to be sure and it gave me the same results.

    • dan lavender

      Yes I have been finding my speed go from 30 down and 20 up to 9 down and 9 up but I found a solution! Try turning GPS on and wait until it finds your exact location ( the GPS will stop flashing and be solid) then do a test using ookla. Once I had tried this every time I now get back to my original speed of just over 30 down and 20 up. This is the only solution that I found accidentally the other day but its worked for me every time. I have the s4 i9505 version running 4.4.2 latest software

      • Jeff Collins

        Thank you Dan! I have no clue why your fix works but it does. Did just what you said , and now my speed is back to the mid 20’s. Read your post around 2:30am this morning and it really made my day.

  • PoloRican BX

    Upgrade sucks! Killing my battery. I use to go two days before charging my note 3. Now is twice a day on the charger. Wish I could go back to old OS.

  • bavan

    I like the update. No complaints so far. It took about 50 min to download

  • Ryan

    The update is ok. It took about an hour and a half to download

  • Ryan

    The only thing bothering me about it so far is that I have to press the button more than once to turn the screen on. Didn’t have that problem before the update

  • Michael Campanella

    DONT DO IT!! it stinks, wifi constantly will not turn on, screen will not turn on from sleep, battery dies within cpl hours and recharge slow..numerous glitches..S4

  • miky

    Where is the “hide apps” feature, i need it asap

  • nay

    Took less then 20 mins to download

  • steve

    I don’t know what this article is talking about because my S4 is still at 4.3 with no updates showing as available.

  • james

    Galaxy S4 m919uvufnb4 tmo. System update on 08-29-14 took 45 min to download via wifi. Remains ver. 4.4.2.