T-Mobile set to kick off fresh advertising campaign against AT&T [Update: Official ad image]

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Ever since John Legere took over T-Mobile and the Uncarrier movement kicked in to high gear, he’s made a point of aiming jibes towards the country’s #2 carrier. In fact, at one point on Twitter, it seemed like barely a day went by when he didn’t dig at his company’s most bitter rival. Getting thrown out of an AT&T party at CES confirmed without doubt that there’s clearly no love lost between the two. Following on from a targeted ad campaign last year in which T-Mobile openly mocked AT&T’s efforts, a fresh bunch of print ads are set to run, starting from tomorrow. Advertisements will feature in print newspapers, and are aimed at AT&T’s $450 incentive for Tmo subscribers to switch. As reported by Bloomberg:

“T-Mobile announced they would pay early termination fees for customers if they broke up with AT&T and traded in their device for a new one at T-Mobile,” the new T-Mobile ads say. “Now AT&T has made that offer essentially risk free.”

If you’ve seen any of Legere’s interviews since CES, there are common themes that always seem to crop up. One of which is AT&T’s own offer to pay up to $450 for only T-Mobile customers to switch networks. Legere jokes that it’s given AT&T’s customers an even easier opportunity to switch and try Tmo for themselves. If they switch to Magenta, taking up Tmo’s own ETF payment scheme, and happen to not like it for whatever reason (coverage/service/cost), their old carrier will pay to take them back, and they’ve not lost anything.

It’s taken – by pretty much everyone – as fact that AT&T’s promotion was only put in place once we broke the news of what Uncarrier 4.0 would entail. It’s hard to see otherwise when it was clearly only targeting Tmo customers, and no one else. Prints ads should appear in major newspapers from tomorrow. So, if you spot them, be sure to email me pictures to cam@tmonews.com or on Twitter, and I can share them with the rest of the Magenta-faithful.

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A digital copy of the ad running from tomorrow is below. In an email from T-Mobile, there was a link to a very “tongue-in-cheek” press release, along with the following nugget of information.

 All jokes aside, AT&T is showing it an apparent change of heart towards former consumers. With AT&T’s incredibly generous $450 T-Mobile customer buy-back campaign, if a customer makes the switch to T-Mobile from AT&T and is not completely satisfied with T-Mobile and its state-of-the-art nationwide 4G LTE network (now fastest in the U.S.), AT&T will cover the costs for those customers to switch back!

T-Mobile has seen an insane number of people switch to T-Mobile since announcing Contract Freedom. People just enjoy the risk-free, zero-cost opportunity to switch to the Un-carrier. And out of those people switching, nearly 39% came from AT&T.

ATT Ad Deathstar

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  • Verizonthunder

    I dispise At&t they are the most vile carrier I ever encountered. I am glad to leave At&t 3 years ago.

    • JB

      …but do you hate them?

      • Verizonthunder

        Yes ! I planned on upgrading to the Iphone 4 brand new at the time but was told at BB that I was not eligible for a upgrade I was stunned. On a family plan with my mother on the phone with AT&T rep. Telling my mother that I upgraded to a Blackberry Bold 9000? My mother explained to them I buy my devices outright.. after a 40 minute back and forth the At&t rep. discovered that the upgrade was placed on the wrong account. Both me and my mother were furious and I demanded they cancel my service with them. I never looked back either and two years ago my Mother finally left At&t for Virgin Mobile USA and is extremely happy saving well over $75 buck’s a month.

  • KingCobra

    Nice reverse marketing there. Most people seem hesitant to leave their carrier because they’re comfortable with what they already know despite the price. AT&T has effectively given T-Mobile a lane to encourage even more of their users to try out T-Mobile.

    Just saw the AT&T Q4 numbers, around 560K. Significantly lower than what T-Mobile and Verizon added. I see now why they responded to T-Mobile. I can only imagine how bad Sprint’s Q4 must have been.

    • Dakota

      Yet AT&T announced record low churn rates?

  • sam michaels

    My only problem with going to T-Mo is that they want too much upfront for me to switch. They want me to pay $200 per line deposit and half down on the device.

    • Sikety

      You must have some shitty credit.

    • JJ

      save money, build your credit and you should be fine.

    • Chad Dalton

      i think their credit system, has issues because i applied for back in september, they then wanted a 400 deposit for a single line and 130 down on the phone…I didnt take them up on that offer…so the first week of Jan i applied again, this time they wanted 50 deposit and 180 down for samsung galaxy 3…hey i didnt complain,

      • HeadBangToThis

        I would say, FIX YOUR DAMN CREDIT

  • GinaDee

    I like T-Mobile but 3 of the 5 lines I moved over to them went back to AT&T last week. The big reason really boiled down to preferring LTE coverage over EDGE in what they say, “too many areas.”

    I hope T-Mobile hurry’s up and gets that 700 MHz network grown and expanded with LTE in all the areas in California that currently don’t have it.

    I still kept my T-Mobile line active. I guess I’m a bit more patient. My other lines can come back once T-Mobile beefs up LTE around here I guess.

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      You must live in the middle of nowhere. T-Mobile covers Cali brilliantly.

      Your comment kind of reeks of AT&T trolling.

      • Spanky

        Why is it that anytime anyone posts anything critical of T-Mobile, they are automatically accused of trolling? A few days ago, you stated that T-Mobile has superb coverage in NYC. As a resident of NYC and a former T-Mobile customer for over 7 years, my personal experience with T-Mobile’s coverage was anything but superb, specifically their data speeds. I am not trolling, as I’d love to come back to T-Mobile if they did something to improve the gaping holes in their coverage and building penetration. I’ll say this again: John Legere needs to curb his obsession with AT&T (it’s on the verge of becoming unhealthy) and concentrate on his own company’s shortcomings.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Recently, I’ve noticed there have been tons of Deathstar fans just spamming the comments, usually with nonconstructive remarks about T-Mobile. I wasn’t sure, but it seemed as if the criticism this time was a slightly more advanced iteration of that same garbage, with just a little more thought involved.

        • Spanky

          I’ve been visiting/commention on this forum since 2008. In the interest of full disclosure, I am currently an AT&T customer, but am most certainly not a fan of any utility. As I’ve always said, I’d love to pay T-Mobile’s prices, but they’d have to drastically improve their service in order for me to consider coming back. According to recent census data, my part of Brooklyn has approximately 175,000 residents. T-Mobile’s downstream data speed here is 0.5 Mbps. That’s a lot of people to ignore in a city where T-Mobile supposedly has a better network than AT&T (in John Legere’s own words), isn’t it? With regards to AT&T’s brand perception, their customer retention in Q4 2013 was at a record high.

        • Dude, its America, its website for everyone to participate in. Stop acting like the neighborhood watch guy that everyone rolls their eyes at.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          By the way, if you think this AT&T focus is not helpful, you’re very much in the minority. This has radically changed AT&T’s brand perception.

          Not that too many people ever thought AT&T was a fantastic company, anyway.

      • Ordeith

        As a California resident and a decades long customer of T-Mobile I can assure you they certainly do NOT cover Cali “brilliantly”. Coverage is terrible most places, data speeds are terrible where there is coverage, and you still have to put up with T-Mobile’s lack of support for their phones on top of the network.
        If my grandfathered plan wasn’t so darned cheap, I would have run to another carrier long ago.

        • Omarc Boyer

          I agree tmobile aint that great in cali.

        • Sean Walsh

          Where do you live, because I dont have the issues you are having

        • Wait! if you say anything about AT&T in a good way, we are “trolls”. They don’t like facts on this website.

      • Omarc Boyer

        Thats dumb obviously u dont live in cali i live in the heart of los angeles tmobile lte is great when u can get it but in east la,montebello,dwtwn la, pico etc many more places tmobile lte is spotty u walk down the wrong street u on 2g edge yes its 2014 and u on edge on tmobile in the city at&t has Lte in all Those places and is much more reliable than tmobile lte so i.might go back to at&t.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Well, I don’t live in California, so I cede the real judging to the residents there. But judging on the maps and POPs covered, it doesn’t look too bad at all.

          Also, this site has recently been inundated with Deathstar trolls, so don’t blame me for being skeptical of all these AT&T references. (Like yours.)

        • Omarc Boyer

          I know lots of att trolls on here lately haha but yes 2 reasons i havent switched to at&t is because they have no unlimited data and are much more expensive i guess im gonna have to cut back on some things like how i use data on tmobile i average 8 gigs a month imagine how much that would be on at&t? Alot more… I borrowed my moms at&t galaxy 4 for a while one thing i noticed was better lte and signal deep in buildings were tmobile usually crapped out. So yea sucks cuz its more expensive only if tmobile was like that signal deep in buildings and better lte coverage i wouldnt even think of switching..

        • Sean Walsh

          Everytime I have gone to the LA area, I havent had any issues with LTE on T-mobile. (not saying you are wrong) LTE is great up in the SF bay area, & just as good in San Diego. Although I have family with other phones than what I have with issues in strong lte areas. Could be the device or the apn settings. I check mine after every update.

        • Omarc Boyer

          I have an lg g2 one w buttons on back my best friend tmobile iphone 5s she has complained about same problems as me she told me tmobile coverage was great when she went to Seattle then she came back to LA and went back to having crappy service. ONLY difference is she told me she going to verizon me i might go to at&t.

        • Sean Walsh

          We go to Monterey Park to visit family a lot. I have had a few Sony Xperia devices, & have had great service. I eve had a unlocked one as well. We drive all over there, although I am not going to lie and say I’ve used the phones everywhere in LA. I have had pretty good service when I did use it.

  • fsured

    I like how 3 articles on CNET today about At&t but relating back to T-Mobile in some fashion. Their quarter performance report and how T-Mobile is affecting them (I also like how they are merging two figures to give a large “total” subscriber growth which they never done before), how they plan on shaking up the industry with prepaid services from Leap (this one rings of MetroPcs and even the Sprint brands), and how their upgrade program Next is working by listening to customers concerns. Ha! That article calls them out for that comment.

    There was even an article yesterday on CNET on how Verizon can’t ignore T-Mobile much longer even though they are not the main target. The are the biggest company and continue to grow but they are feeling effects from magenta and are responding in subtle ways. They just don’t need to be as aggressive compared to At&t.