BlackBerry rolling out BB10 version 10.2.1 update, features new phone app


Although BlackBerry is losing some of its appeal, it still holds a loyal audience and I know there are a few you who use a Z10. Today, the company announced that it’s rolling out an update to BB10. Version 10.2.1 is being launched today internationally and has been designed to make the experience faster and easier, and features the following:

  • Custom pinch gesture to filter messages in BlackBerry Hub. Filter can be set for Unread Messages, Sent Messages, Level 1 Alerts and more.
  • Refreshed phone app with ability to swipe to answer or reject call as well as new shortcuts to silence or reply to a call with a message.
  • Support for SMS and email groups.
  • Actionable lock screen notifications allow users to tap on an alert and open the message from the lock screen.
  • Picture password lets the user place a number from 0 through 9 on an image. To unlock the phone, the user will drag a grid of digits around and line up their number with its placement on the image.
  • Customizable quick settings lets users decide what shows up in their device’s Settings menu.
  • Offline reading mode in the browser can save articles for later reading.
  • Preferred contact sync lets the user choose which sources contact information should be synced with (like a corporate address book or Gmail).
  • New device monitor gives info on battery and memory usage, storage, etc.
  • FM radio support for the BlackBerry Q5, Q10 and Z30.
  • Option to enable automatic software updates.
  • Additional enterprise and security features.

We have no word yet on when it’s going to be available for T-Mobile users, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. Check your Z10 settings menu for software updates and let us know if/when it shows up.

Via: Inside BlackBerry, Phonedog

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  • Jon

    I had just sold my Z10 and then this update comes out…. Oh well I really wanted the Z30 instead it is much more appealing. These enhancements look very appealing.

    • boris

      just buy the z10 again and save 400

  • Zacamandapio

    I’ve had this specific update since December. I’m really pleased with all the features to be honest.

    Really wish I could use a Z30 on T-Mo. Okay, I can use it but I want a T-Mobile one for warranty and insurance issues.

    • thepanttherlady

      Glad to hear from you again! :)

      • Zacamandapio

        I read here and there. Not many BB news so I stay off the webs.
        I rather enjoy this beautiful weather in Anaheim.
        This morning was great.

    • fcep22

      same here bro, i want to be able to use the LTE on it. ive been thinking on buying a Z30 but i guess ill have to wait. maybe something better is planned to come out.. and since TMobile is pissing me off late with updates, and not really showing love towards Blackberry,, i might jump to another carrier just to get it.

      • Zacamandapio

        You can still get LTE on an unlocked one. For me it’s just a matter of not having any troubles if I break it or anything else.
        Otherwise, I would just get an unlocked one (the right version) and get the Z30.

        • Bklynman

          I didn’t even know BB,came out with 5″BB. Maybe they did offer it to all the carriers,they might have said thanks but no
          thanks,since the new ones did not do that well. No way am I putting BB,down. I am really hoping they make a comeback somehow. When you wrote the right version,do you mean a unbanded one,or just unlock one?

  • 21stNow

    Maybe I’ll put my Rogers SIM card back into my Z10 to see if I can get the update. I heard that it wouldn’t hit T-Mobile until mid-late February.

    And, boo for the Z10 not having FM radio support.

    • Bklynman

      How the camera in th Z10? The few reviews I have read about it,soild phone,but the camera is not that great. Thanks. Thinking about picking up one from Ebay,or from other online stores,now they are $200 or less. This phone should had 4.3-4.5 screen. If it did it would be a bigger seller for BB,that least that what I think.

      • 21stNow

        I’ll preface this with I’m not a camera person. The camera can capture the details in the photos that I took, but the photos weren’t crisp and the colors were somewhat washed out.

  • Guest

    Why isn’t BBRY advertising the over-air installation of Android apks? In my view this is probably one of the biggest perks of the update…

    • 21stNow

      I wouldn’t expect BlackBerry to tout the ability to load a competitor’s apps as a strength. While it is a convenience for the owners, other people perceive this as a weakness for BlackBerry.

    • Foxeh

      It is interesting that it’s easier to sideload Android apks than Blackberry bar files with this update.

      Just for kicks I went to that Amazon Appstore site to download their Appstore apk just like I would on any Android phone and it just plain worked on the Z10. There’s also “Snap” that somebody made over at the Crackberry forums that let you snag Google Play apps. I have to say that’s pretty snazzy.

      I don’t care what any of these bloggers say, it’s still the best phone I’ve ever had and I’ll use it so long as there’s support.

  • MorningWood

    I’m using a leaked version in my T-Mobile Z10. It’s works great. I like it much better than Windows phone that I was using. I can even run Google play apps with no problems.

    • ATInsider

      SNAP is the best Google Play Client to date. And its fast.

  • JBrowne1012

    Thats great for the 5 people who still unfortunately have the device.

    • Bruce Cross

      Why even comment, just to be negative? Just makes you look like a prick. There’s nothing unfortunate about owning a Z10. I’ve been using it since March of last year. You don’t have to like it, but no one cares to hear your garbage negativity…

      • JBrowne1012

        Z10 is too complicated to be of use to me but what makes you think I’m interested in your garbage negativity?

        • Blackberry Fan


        • ATInsider

          If the Z10 is too complicated then go buy yourself a iFruit and continue to drink the Kool Aid OK.
          On a side note, just for your information, BB10 is the most easiest mobile OS to learn and use. FACT. Unless you actually listen to the nonsense BBRY bashing propaganda.

    • boris

      Eat smegma, look it up, i just bought one and its the most under rated device out there, now with the Amazon app store, it is the best android hybrid device on the market, much more mature and sophisticated than my cartoon Samsung device

  • Charles Moore

    blackberry is killing ios and android just not as popular, i blame that on a week advertising campaign.

  • ATInsider

    BlackBerry 10 has been regarded as one of the most Intellectual, Instinctive, Elegant, Fluid,
    Advanced, Multitasking & Multimedia Mobile Operating System ever created in
    the World to date.