Noticing drastically reduced download speeds? You’re not alone


At the back end of last week I got sent some information from one of our readers regarding some drastically reduced data connection speeds. Since then, a growing thread on HowardForums and another on XDA-Developers seems to show that he’s not alone. I also tweeted out just before the weekend to offer some of our followers the chance to share their experience. Essentially, I wanted to make sure that people were experiencing the same and that there wasn’t just one person having hardware or software issues.

Apart from those aforementioned threads, I’ve received at least 20 emails complaining of the same symptoms. Now, while these subscribers are accusing T-Mobile of throttling, I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. There could be a number of issues at play here, and checking the forums above, it’s clearly been an ongoing thing. It could be the effects of masts/towers being upgraded, or having a slightly wrong setting on the phone, or a bit of both.

Quick tip: Check your connection settings if you have an Android device, and make sure you have the right APN setting in there.

Another thing is clear: It’s not happening to everyone. I can’t imagine the number of complaints and entries to a thread would be seen if this was a real network issue.

Users are reporting that downloads of almost any kind are slowing down after a couple of minutes. This is predominantly larger files and video streams, but it’s not restricted to one app or one device, or even one location. Videos through YouTube, files through tethering, files through the mobile browser, SlingPlayer and even apps being downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store are showing the same problem. The download starts really well, at a fast pace, and after a short while it slows to a crawl. From 20+ Mbps to a few Kbps in a minute or so. And these are in areas where signal is a good strength and is running on a minimum 3G connection.

As you can see in the speed tests below, the drop-off in speed is clear.

Locations I’ve heard from so far:

  • California: San Marcos, East Bay, Sacramento, Danville, Oakland, Salinas, Greenfield, Inland Empire, San Francisco
  • New York City, Manhattan
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Lubbock, TX
  • Boston

Devices have included iPhones, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2 and others. So it’s not restricted to anything except the network, seemingly. It also doesn’t seem to matter what plan you’re on. Postpaid and prepaid are both suffering.

The big problem here (apart from the reduced speeds) is that T-Mobile is seemingly unaware of any issues. Calls to tech and customer support have mostly blamed hardware or specific apps but without offering any real way to improve the situation.

Is T-Mobile throttling? I doubt it. But I’d love to hear from you if you’ve experienced the same thing. Please, use the comments below and give us the following information: What device you’re using and with which version of software, what apps you notice it in and the area you live in.

The whole idea of this post isn’t to point a finger at T-Mobile, more, to hopefully help you guys. If you’ve noticed any of this, you’re not the only one. But also, Tmo doesn’t seem to know what’s wrong or how to fix it. So, if any of you have had a successful call to Tech Support or found a way to fix the problem (even temporarily) please also share below.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped out so far, and to Brian for sending in some of his own in-depth research in to this. Let’s hope we can all get to the bottom of this problem soon.

I have reached out to get word from T-Mobile, but have heard nothing back yet. I’ll update the post if I get anything.


#1 – One reader emailed with the following tip: 

“I have found a way around this, even if its only temporary. With HSPA+ speeds being near the same in-house speeds I get, which I think are very acceptable for the technology used, I will manually go into the settings of my phone and select 3G. I have settings for LTE, 3G and 2G. So I wait till it flips back to HSPA (indicated by the H next to my signal) and go exit the offending apps, click on them to load again, and low and behold, I get them to stream, download, etc without issue. The only issue at this point would be HSPA speeds dropping out themselves, but not from throttling.”

#2 – Those APN settings – From T-Mobile’s support pages

  1. Touch Settings.
  2. Touch Wireless & networks.
    Note: This varies by software version and phone.

    • Android 1.6: Wireless Controls.
    • Garminfone: Wireless Manager.
    • Behold II: Phone Information.
    • Android 4.1 (Samsung): Connections tab then tap More networks.
  3. Touch Mobile Networks.
  4. Touch Access Point Names or APNs.
  5. If there is a T-Mobile APN, touch it. If not, press the Menu key, and touch New APN.
  6. Enter the following settings for the Data APN:
    • Name: T-Mobile
    • APN: or (for LTE devices)
    • Proxy: <Not set>
    • Port: <Not set>
    • Username: <Not set>
    • Password: <Not set>
    • Server: <Not set>
    • MMSC
    • MMS proxy: <Not set>
    • MMS port: <Not set>
    • MMS protocol: WAP 2.0
    • MCC: 310
    • MNC: 260
    • Authentication type:<Not set>
    • APN type: <Not Set> OR Internet+MMS (depending on software version)
  7. Press the Menu key.
  8. Touch Save.
  9. In the list of APNs, delete all others that may appear. If there is a FOTA APN, you may leave that one. To do this:
    1. Touch the APN you want to delete.
    2. Press the Menu key.
    3. Touch Delete APN.
  10. Verify that there is a circle next to the one remaining APN to show it is activated.
  11. Reboot the device.
  12. Test your data connection, by accessing a web page or sending a picture message (MMS) to yourself.

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  • bikeryder007

    I am not having this problem at all on my Nexus 5. Download speeds are fine, and LTE is blazing fast.

  • zeiferx

    did anyone else notice that the video said metro pcs not tmobile ?

  • Luis Medina

    I’ve noticed it often. It happens when downloading stuff like app updates. It also happens while watching videos. I tweeted Jon Legere but never got an answer. I think they are doing it on purpose. I don’t mind them doing it on people that use the data for their computer or any other device than their phone but for people to get throttled on their phone that is just wrong. I have an iPhone 5 from tmobile and I’m in Chicago.

    • TatDude806

      John doesn’t respond to us, the common people. I have tried before and his account has actually blocked me… He may seem like the “cool dude in a tshirt” but he is still a stuffed suit…

      • Luis Medina

        He has responded to me, or favorited a tweet. He does get spammed a lot.

    • Paul J.

      I don’t mind if TMo does what Verizon does to their unlimited users. For unlimited users, Verizon throttles your speed or puts your connections at a lower priority if you’re the highest bandwidth user connected to a tower and if the tower’s bandwidth is currently being maxed out.

      • Luis Medina

        I don’t mind that either, and they already do that. I wouldn’t mind if they throttled people that tether when they are not supposed to. But the people that only use the data for their phone shouldn’t be throttled as hard as they are doing it.

        • Alan Thompson

          Throttling bandwidth hogs on overloaded towers is excellent. However, I think the issues others are getting Related to this aricle are due to general network problems.

  • TatDude806

    I can second Lubbock, Texas having issues. And of course TMO knows nothing about it, and has told me to factory reset my Note3. I don’t think so.

  • Debo Jenkins

    This is also happening in Seattle, What gives!

    • Qbancelli

      Yes, they’re also doing it in NYC.
      Thats the reason I got off the $70 unlimited after I tried it for a month.

      Very sleazy!

  • dave

    In Oakland, CA using an iPhone 5s. Getting DL speeds of 20 mbps. Haven’t had any slowdowns that I’ve noticed!

    • Luis

      I have an iPhone 5S also. And I live in Oakland. Have you had any signal issues jumping from different networks in one place ?

  • Luis

    I’ve had problems with my tmobile iPhone 5S since the day I got it. It has problems picking up signal and it jumps from LTE, HSPA, EDGE, and GPRS in one spot and my moms galaxy s4 doesn’t have this problem she’s always on LTE. I’ve done my research and others are having this same problem. Do any of y’all have this problem ?

    • Carlos

      Yes I have the same problem

  • sushimane

    im thinking of upgrades when i get lower then usual speed.

  • TmoGuy87

    Here in Tampa ,FL getting close to 40mbps down with Ping of low 30’s
    Loving it

  • Razzledbrat

    St. Louis, Mo….I cant even get a download …..If I dont have wifi..I dont have data…period. Its a crock…I have to pay for this service but dont get it. My family and I were on a trip…we were lost…All 4 of us could not access tmobile internet to get gps, directions etc. What a crock! We had to go to our local starbucks to access their free wifi so we could get directions….

  • Johayan

    I’m at work now. Normally at this location (Eden Prairie, MN), I’ll get 27-30mb down and 12mb up. Today, the best I’ve seen is 15-17mb down and 1.8mb up on same signal. Today it’s averaging around 11mb down and 4mb up.

    • PhoenixPath

      Haven’t seen anything like that in Lakeville. Still holding steady at 20+ depending on where in the building I run the test. Those speeds you’re getting today suck though… Ick. Sorry, man.

      (check at desk moments ago is 24 down/6 up)

      • Johayan

        Yeah I know. Add to it that around 50th and Penn (along 50th) You don’t get LTE. The tower is 54th and Penn…but the bluff along Minnehaha Creek gives a nice “shadow”.

        I can’t get LTE at home in that area and even HSPA+ is spotty.

        • PhoenixPath


          I live in New Prague and we get LTE there…surrounded by farms. Can’t believe you’re not getting it. Heck, I get HSPA+ most of the way into work (Lakeville). I even get LTE near Elko/New Market (which just makes me scratch my head…there’s nothing there but the racetrack…)

          Their coverage is confusing as heck, but thankfully I’ve been extremely lucky with TMo apparently. When I was on VZW the same areas got me slower speeds and I’d be dropping voice/data every day on the way to/from work. It was horrible. (they always had more “bars”, but apparently…that doesn’t actually mean a damned thing)

  • Robert Le

    I think they are doing upgrades. Yesterday the speeds were slow and today they jumped up from what I usually get on LTE

  • Indianapolis, IN – Normal speeds at this location: ~10 down and ~7 up

  • Rob

    I see it often on my iphone 5s here in Texas. From updating apps to watching a movie on Netflix

  • oreo

    Same here Houston Texas speed slow down after a while watching YouTube videos. Nexus 5 owner here.

  • Willie D

    I found that switching from LTE, to HSPA+ ( by forcing the phone manually switching LTE to 3G in the settings) will give the speeds a boost and not buffer.
    Im a Monthly4G plan holder myself. Unlimited – but the fine print says they can curb my usage if I put excessive strain on the network. I dont think watching a few videos or downloading apps that are updated periodically is an issue. Sure I use 20GB per month of data, but I dont find that excessive. I find that in line with the network functionality and speed offered. HSPA+ and LTE are designed for speed and data usage. I am simply using it for what it is. No tethering or anything. The irony here is that none of this happens when I watch Netflix, only YouTube. Streaming of 128kbps music generally does not do this either, but occasionally it will happen.

  • ProductFRED

    Happens to me when downloading/updating apps from the Play Store. I rarely ever stream anything (including YouTube videos). One minute I’ll have 10-20 Mbps on LTE, then next, I’m downloading in kilobits per second…

  • Jose Bordetas

    Not here. I get excellent speeds. Just tested and 25.42 D and 18.97 U

  • Diego Vazquez

    This happened to me when LTE went live and HSPA+ speeds were horrible at the beginning of the test. I can’t test now since the service is suspended.


    Still okay… hovering between 9 to 10.5 DOWN on my Nexus 5 via LTE connection here at work (Mundelein, IL). I’ve peaked at 32.69 last week while in Arlington Heights, IL.

    • bisayan

      dude I didnt know your from mundalein’ im from gurnee! hooray!

      • PiCASSiMO

        Just work here, bro… Live down in Mount Prospect.

  • SoFarSoGood

    just logged 11.5 down on 2 bars LTE in Washington, DC. Also worth noting that reception is deteriorated by the building I am in so it would go about twice as fast outside. Cant wait for 2×10 Mhz LTE channels!!

  • Rudy Belova

    Nothing like taking a half hour to download an app from the play store while speedtests will show 35Mb down.. Drives me nuts!

  • Dan Greenberg

    What struck me as odd is if I try and download a large file 200MB the first 14% goes very quick. Speed test showed 14mb/s before download. Now download crawls after 14%. Definitely seems odd.

    • besweeet

      Pretty much that. Even if they’re adjusting the network, it just seems extremely odd that it would be really fast for a short while, and then come to a crazy crawl thereafter, never picking up its pace.

  • breenda

    YES OMG FINALLY. SOMEONE NOTICED!!!!!! I know something was wrong with tmobile everytime i pay my bill speeds are great for about 2 weeks sometimes less than 2 weeks get up to 15 mbps ,then 2.weeks later speeds go to 1 or less than 1 mbp with full bars lte on the same place i had high speeds before i check my account everyday im paying for unlimited truly unlimited dnt why tmobile is throttling my speed im sure they are and i use less than 4 gigs a month btw i live in east los angeles..

    • lagurl

      same here evrytime i pay my bill speeds are great i chcekd my xperia z is on fast tmobile im also paying unlimited data i would understand if i would use more than 10 gigs a month that they would slow me down but i use about 3.5 gigs a month i even have my bill to prove it ,i wanna know why if im getting 15 mbps nxt day im getting 1 with full bars lte on the same places im sure tmobile is slowing down data speed ridiculous im going back to at&t btw im live in montebello nxt to east la ., im gonna give tmobileone more month if they keep doing that im going back to at&t ,att is expensive but i was good with there 3 gig plan because i dont use a lot of data but when i do check email or fb i want speed to be fast tmobile when they slow u dwn is bad at least att never did that speed was alays fast ..

  • philyew

    Saw complaints from other users in the Houston area in the Howardforum thread, but I’m not seeing anything that looks systematic from my Slingbox. I’m using HSPA+ on my GS3 and it got a little stop-start after about 15 minutes, but I’m now at 30 minutes streaming and the throughput is bouncing between 150-360 kbps which keeps the stream active. Every few minutes it dropped below 50kbps for a few seconds and the stream was interrupted, but it bounced right back almost immediately.

  • phi

    It’s not just wireless. FiOS speed tests have been all over the place too. I think some of the speed test servers are just getting attacked or something.

    • Khalints

      It’s not just on speedtest. Youtube doesn’t work. Soundcloud, facebook videos, etc. Anything that needs a constant down stream just stops working because the speeds drop from 25+ mbps to under 1 for no reason…

  • DoDaDum

    Definitely something is fishy with T-Mobile’s network.

    I actually started to experience this problem sometimes mid last week. I have the same exact symptom while I was torrenting. This is with a 2:1 ratio of seeders to peers with upward of thousands of connections, so can’t blame the torrent on this. Also, when doing a test with the speed test app, I would get speed that does not match my current download speed.

    Also noticed this problem with any apps that is downloading for a prolong period of time, essentially large enough files that would require such a duration. The symptoms are as described from this post, going from 20+Mbps to couple of hundred “BYTES”. The apps that I noticed this problem in are uTorrent, Valkyrie Crusade, and Play Store.

    It’s kind of funny how I was about to start researching into this issue and this post just came up.

    • jbean

      I don’t mind TMo throttling people who torrent IF they’re affecting other users connected to the same tower.

      • DoDaDum

        Before we get into the ethical issues and so forth. This happens to anything with a prolong download period like I mention. Just that I used my torrenting experience as an example.

      • DoDaDum

        Before we get into the whole ethical issue and so forth. This don’t just affect torrents, it also happens with anything with a download of prolong period. I’m just using my torrenting experience as an example.

      • besweeet

        I wouldn’t mind it IF the throttled speeds weren’t as drastically reduced as they are for most people.

      • STLMO

        This is not about data hogs. Someone on Howard Forums reported if while within the limit of their limited data plan.

  • pickles

    Now that a lot of TMo users heard of this, it’s going to get worse as they repeatedly run speed tests all day long.


    Nothing going on here. Nexus 4 seems to be doing okay.

  • Paul

    They could be installing equipment. I noticed slow and 4G speeds when they were installing the 2×20 equipment in the Dallas area, all week long.
    Just an idea of what could be happening.

    • Cam Bunton

      Absolutely. It could be that. It’s why I mentioned it in the post, and why I’m not keen to start pointing fingers at Tmo. It might be something they can’t do anything about while they’re quickly updating network infrastructure.

      • DoDaDum

        On certain cases, that may be the cause of this issue, but highly doubt it for the majority of the case. A good example would be my below post. Instead of reposting my post, here’s the shorter version of it. During torrenting, speed stays a consistent 2MB/s, couple of minutes down the line, speed drops to a couple hundred “BYTES”. During that time frame, I would jump to my speedtest app and it would show a upward of 20+Mbps(2+MB/s) as my results. This happens to a friend of mine that lives two blocks away from me. For both of us, it happens both at home and work(minimum of 10 miles away). Where as I’m using an unlocked Xperia Z1 from the UK and my friend is using one of the first batch of Nexus 4 from the play store.

        I call bull on the no throttling from T-Mobile!

        My assumption is that they’re throttling speeds based on ports after a certain usage point, then it gets reset after a cool down period.

    • besweeet

      All week long? Try two months and longer long.

      That sounded funny.

  • paul4tA

    Nexus 4 in Atlanta here. I’m having the same issues and am glad to see that it’s not just me. I’ve used quite a bit of data this month (over 5 GB), so my first thought was throttling, but I’d hate for that to be the case since that’s the reason I switched to T-Mobile in the first place. I also wondered if something in the KitKat update didn’t mess up my data speeds, but if others are experiencing it, that probably isn’t the case, either. I use Google Play Music several times daily and noticed tracks take a couple of seconds longer to start playing, but it’s most noticeable in YouTube videos, which have to stop and rebuffer so often it’s basically unusable right at this moment. I sure hope this is only temporary, but it’s still much better than the speeds I got on AT&T’s throttled plans.

  • Hotspot User

    Is the My T-Mobile website down for others too? After I login, it’s been saying it’s down for over a month now.

    • ShermCraig

      If it’s been over a month, clearly its you. Try giving them a call, using a different browser, or clear your temporary files.

      UPDATE: I just tried to login using Chrome browser and could not. It made me reset my password. I then tried logging in using the same browser twice using the new credentials and could not. I opened Firefox and had no problem logging in. So, it definitely appears to be related to temporary files/browser you are using. Hope this helps!

    • Jason

      I get this too. Just Google: my tmobile down and you’ll get several links to TMo’s forums about it.

  • donnybee

    Northern Utah between Ogden and SLC are having this issue with LTE. I’ve noticed it for about 2 weeks now, and it’s gotten worse as time went on. Videos will buffer perfectly, but then start freezing and loading. Apps would start great and then suddenly drop off. Websites will load at a crawling pace in many instances.

    I have the unlimited package and only average around 4gb a month. I’m not a “power user” and speeds were great up until around 2 weeks ago on all surrounding LTE. I’ve got an iPhone 5 for daily use and a GS4 for side use, both under the same plan and they both face the same issue..Definitely network related. I checked the bandwidth here, and in the Clearfield/Roy area we’re running a 5+5mhz network. Hoping this is related to some type of upgrade, as opposed to poor strategy from T-Mo to accommodate the influx of subscribers.

    Also to note, when my speeds seem slower (downloads, streaming, surfing) I conduct a speed test and it still has below 100 ms ping, and speeds upwards of 15mbps – usually in the 20’s. This has got to be either bandwidth or configuration of user’s access.

    • Travis Tabbal

      Might as well report the rest of SLC-metro. SLC-Provo, same thing.

      • SLCpunk

        Yes, Salt Lake City has this issue. I first noticed it a few months ago. 4 bars of LTE, 12 meg downloads on a speed test, but downloading a file gets throttled to dial up speeds after downloading between 10 – MB. This is on my Note 3, not rooted, with the unlimited 4G plan.

  • 21stNow

    I’m on the Nexus 5 using LTE in suburban MD (DC area). I noticed that when I first received my Nexus 5 and downloaded some apps from the Play Store, the data started off at decent speeds and then dropped to very slow speeds. I gave up downloading apps that night as one app (I don’t remember the size, but a small one) took more than 20 minutes to download. Since then, I haven’t had problems with the download speeds.

    The upload speeds come in fits and starts, so that is very inconsistent. Oh, and this is on Android 4.4.

  • Zach Guithues

    no issues in Dayton, OH. Note 2 here. 16Mb Down, 8Mb Up on LTE. That’s about as good as we get here. No complaints, it’s way fast enough :)

  • philyew

    While it’s interesting to see raw DL/UL speeds, if TM is operating any kind of traffic prioritization, it will be applied to particular classes of traffic and you will only see the impact when running an application which handles the the affected traffic type. Raw speed tests are, therefore, unlikely to reveal anything directly about such an issue – though they can be used to indicate that a slowdown in one type of traffic is not a general problem.

    • besweeet

      It’s happening to seemingly *any* type of high-speed data stream. The speedtest screenshots above demonstrate this.

      • philyew

        I don’t follow what you are saying here. Are you suggesting that TM are throttling even Speedtest transactions?

        Given that the speedtest is a consistent transaction which, when repeated, results in highly variable outcomes, I’m not sure how you can use speedtest screenshots to demonstrate anything other than the fact that a particular type of transaction might be limited by policy, whereas a concurrent speedtest could still indicate high speed circuit capability.

        • besweeet

          You claimed that “raw speed tests are unlikely to reveal anything directly about such an issue,” even though they show exactly that.

        • philyew

          All that it tells you is that, somewhere between the server delivering the content and your device receiving, there is an issue causing the performance to be less than you anticipated.

          There is no ability to show that the cause is a deliberate policy administered by the carrier.

        • besweeet

          It just seems fishy, considering this is recent, is happening to more people everyday, and happens consistently for those experiencing it (while the results are consistent with each other as well).

        • philyew

          Which is why I haven’t dismissed the possibility of a deliberate policy, just cautioned people to be careful about the conclusions they draw from incomplete data.

          I haven’t yet seen enough data, organized in a consistent way, to conclude that we aren’t seeing a number of issues conflated into a flawed conclusion.

        • besweeet

          There are several forum threads online where people are documenting as much as possible, giving their usage scenarios, time and location, etc. Not organized, yes, but the data is there.

        • philyew

          I’m sure, if they are capable and willing enough to do all that, then they will be able to reach reasonable conclusions and I look forward to seeing the outcome of their efforts.

          It would be much easier, of course, if someone in a position of authority at TM just came out and said: “yes, we are doing this, this and this to manage our network.”

          Aside from doing the kind of traffic prioritization that I have already mentioned, which allows non-critical traffic to burst to full bandwidth when it doesn’t interfere with core services, I don’t see any mileage whatsoever in TM interfering with the user experience of moderate network users at this time.

        • besweeet

          “I don’t see any mileage whatsoever in TM interfering with the user experience of moderate network users at this time.”

          It seems quite clear that they ARE doing something to interfere with the user experience. Why else would the speeds slow down up to 98% of where it originally was prior to the slowdown?

        • philyew

          There’s a subtle distinction here. They may be doing something which is inadvertently interfering with the user experience, such as testing out traffic prioritization rules which aren’t quite right yet. The current outcome would not be their intention.

          That is qualitatively different from a set of throttling rules which say no user will be able to download this or that protocol, for more than a particular duration or file size, at full speed.

          It is the latter which I would consider to be TM interfering with the user experience, and I don’t think they have anything to gain from doing that at this time.

        • kalel33

          They did it back when I was working there. They used to throttled data speeds of certain packets, specifically downloading MP3 files.

        • philyew

          Doubtless the old regime, with the state of the 2010-11 network, would not have balked at doing that.

          I’m not saying they are not doing it now, I just think there is a lot of 2+2=5 in such discussions, and you need a lot more coherent evidence than has been offered here to determine this is happening in 2013.

          I struggle to see what advantage TM would gain from deliberately undermining the user experience of almost every sustained download. At this time, with their aggressive approach to the market, what could possibly be gained by deliberately making the network look like crap?

        • kalel33

          It’s not making their network look like crap deliberately. There’s two different reasons why they did it in the past.

          1.) It saves them money. The more data that is used, the more it costs them.

          2.) If they throttle people with particular activities, that use up quite a bit of bandwidth,then they can keep their towers from getting bogged down. There’s only so much bandwidth per tower and they might be worrying that they don’t have the capacity with all the added customers per quarter, plus the people switching to smartphones. Look at Verizon with their capacity problems now and AT&T when they were the only one with the Iphone.

          They can do the same thing now that they did then, deny deny deny. “Throttling? What throttling?” Oh, and they were still throttling audio downloads when I was there in the summer of 2012. For some reason, if you rooted and ran a custom ROM then that eliminated the issue. Probably had more to do with the APN settings.

        • philyew

          With respect, applying traffic management rules that don’t flex with the tower utilization would be the equivalent of deliberately making the network look like crap.

          You’ll have to explain what you mean in (1) about greater data volumes costing more. Unless you are adding to headcount and/or paying overtime to handle overload issues, or investing to expand network capacity, operating costs won’t increase with larger data volumes in my experience of network management. In what other ways can costs be increased?

          Your point (2) describes the kind of traffic management requirements to which I would absolutely expect them to be responding. It’s a perfectly legitimate business practise to create traffic shaping rules which flex with the network load – you don’t have to set rigid limits. By setting prioritization rules, you can allow low priority data to use the bandwidth which is otherwise reserved for high priority traffic in the event of priority conflicts.

          I can believe that the APN could have a bearing on your experience rather then the ROM.

        • besweeet

          Your thoughts: this throttling doesn’t happen when using a VPN, yet it does for normal network traffic. Sure sounds like they’re up to something…

        • philyew

          As I’ve said a couple of times elsewhere, some VPNs can and do change the routing, so it’s still not necessarily a valid conclusion that TM are causing this with deliberate traffic restrictions.

          All I’m saying is that it’s a hasty judgment to conclude that TM are deliberately messing with download speeds. It’s possible that they have been working on some traffic shaping settings, and this may be an unintended consequence. I’ve seen that happen more than once as network engineers try to tune optimum network performance.

          On the other hand, it might be that people are seeing the consequences of higher traffic with the inherent limitations in the amount of spectrum that TM have been able to assign in some areas.

          There are too many variables in all of this, and there is no structure to the diagnosis, to go directly to the conclusion that this is happening because TM are in the process of setting limits on download duration and/or volume for all customers. It might be true, but there are still other possible explanations.

        • Frustrated

          When the speedtest starts out great and then bogs down at the end, consistently, and it works great over a vpn, from the exact same spot, consistently, then it shows T-Mobile IS filtering and throttling traffic.

        • philyew

          Depending on the type of VPN you use, it’s possible that the VPN is changing the routing of the traffic and, in so doing, perhaps it avoids one or more problematic hops which cause degraded performance.

  • Kuma951

    Oh my God, I thought this problem is mine only , hmmm, I have the same issue, not only mine but included my girlfriends phone too, I have iphone 5s, and my girlfriend , she has iphone 5 , when I test speed test on both it start around 25-30 Mbs, in less than 2 second it goes to around 9 mbs , and I can’t watch youtube video, it buffer many times, I don’t know what is the problem

  • Khalints

    Hi guys. The second screenshot Cam used is from MY phone :). I first noticed the issue about a month ago. It started off slow but it go so bad, that the phone was becoming seriously unusable. About 2 weeks ago, I left to Phoenix, AZ for the weekend and the problem stopped completely. When I got back home to El Paso, TX, the problem came back.

    At first I thought it was tower work or something, but I then tried finding another solution. I downloaded an app called “Hostspot Shield” Basically it is an VPN that secures your connection.

    Anyways, long story short, my problems went away! So that means t-mobile IS throttling because as soon as I turn off the VPN, my problems come back.

    This is something other than tower work, because if not then why does using the VPN make my internet fast and consistent again, but turning it off makes the throttle come back?

    Anyways thanks for bringing this up, Cam, and using my screenshot of my phone :D (the second one) and as you can see in the screenshot, I have 4 full bars of LTE at my home.

  • philyew

    It’s been 4-5 years now since I was last involved in network traffic management, but I would be amazed if TM isn’t using some kind of traffic management tools to ensure that the network delivers core capabilities when routes become congested.

    The techniques may have changed in recent years, but we used to assign protected bandwidth to critical business traffic, which would result in lower priority traffic throughput being slowed when conflicts occurred. This is standard business practice and I see nothing wrong with TM doing this to preserve the integrity of their core business traffic.

    There is a difference between this approach and that of automatically throttling a particular traffic type after a certain period of utilization, regardless of congestion levels.

    While the anecdotal evidence tends to suggest that it is the latter method which TM is currently deploying, it is possible that there are legitimate traffic management issues at the root. We would need to see a great deal of similarity between different user’s experiences to conclude that there was a consistent throttling policy being implemented, rather than sporadic instances of traffic prioritization being encountered.

    • 21stNow

      My particular situation doesn’t seem to lend itself to automatic throttlling. I generally only use 1GB per month on any one device. I didn’t download a lot of apps the night that I noticed the massive drop off in speed; it was between one and three small apps downloaded.

      I can believe that there are network upgrades happening in my area, as I now get around 20Mbps download speeds where I used to top out at 13Mbps on a good day.

    • mogelijk

      Except that I’ve seen it happen late at night/early morning hours; when there is little traffic and even less business traffic.

      • philyew

        I’m not saying it isn’t happening, I’m just saying that we need to be cautious about the conclusions drawn from anecdotal evidence.

        Throughput is determined by the capacity, health and network interface of the server; the end-to-end health and capacity of the WAN (which will include route segments that are not controlled by TM); traffic prioritization policies operated by the source, intermediate service providers and the carrier; signal/traffic/backhaul issues for the carrier, and any issues on the user’s own device. In other words, there are plenty of potential factors.

        To conclude there is a throttling policy based on transaction duration or volume, you would need to see the same outcomes repeated consistently for the same basic transaction, and experienced by multiple users.

    • kalel33

      When I worked there they throttled downloads of MP3s. I used to get a bunch of calls about it slowing down their HSPA+ speeds to less than 2G. I downloaded podcasts and seen the same things. After I rooted my phone and ran a custom ROM I no longer had the issue.

      • philyew

        I remember the discussion about podcasts and participated in it, but why would your ROM make a difference? If they were shaping the MP3 file format, it wouldn’t matter what your ROM was, they would do it off the packet headers in the download stream.

  • Nairb

    I had a Similar situation occur for about a month on my HTC One at work. Then LTE came to town. It did the same thing for a couple of weeks at my house about 30 miles away. Then my house got LTE and fixed it. I suspect that the slower speeds are part of the network resources being diverted for LTE use.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    I can confirm it happens in

    Fresno, ca
    Madera, ca
    Gilroy, ca
    Livermore , ca
    Tracy, ca

    Happened on my old gs3 and now on my HTC one

    It doesn’t happen on capped plans as my gfs phone is fine on the 2.5gb plan

    Doesn’t happen using hotspot shield

    • Mike Diaz

      Happens in Escondido, CA and San Diego both on HTC One and Sonic LTE Hotspot

  • TmoUser

    No problems in Northern Virginia (eastern Fairfax County/Washington DC suburbs). Rocking about 39 Mbps down and about 18 Mbps up. Consistently.

  • besweeet

    Everyone: when you’re doing speedtests, I highly recommend using, since it can better tell the story of what’s happening. Start off with a 12MB test. If it’s fast and consistent throughout, increase the test size (large tests might crash your browser, though). Sometimes, using the regular app doesn’t have long enough tests to demonstrate this problem.

  • Guest

    Everyone: when you’re doing speedtests, I highly recommend using, since it can better tell the story of what’s happening. Start off with a 12MB test. If it’s fast and consistent throughout, increase the test size (large tests might crash your browser, though). Sometimes, using the regular app doesn’t have long enough tests to demonstrate this problem.

  • Jay

    This is a frequent problem for me. It usually happens when I stream YouTube videos. The only way I have figured out how to bypass this issue is to fast forward then rewind the video to the original point where it stopped. The video then begins to load again at normal LTE speeds. Sometimes I do this 2 or 3 times depending on how long the video is.

    This is definitely a network issue. When I connect to my home WiFi everything runs smoothly with no hiccups or buffering issues… I’ve suspected this is T-Mobile’s way of encouraging us to use WiFi whenever possible.

    • Jay

      PS I’m incurring this issue on my Note 2

      • Khalints

        what worked for me was getting “hotspot shield VPN” from market place. I got a subscription for 1 month (5 dollars) and everything is working fine.

        Now I will be downloading non stop to get back at these a-holes

        • ChristianMcC

          Interesting, but an extra $5 per month doesn’t seem like a solution…

        • Khalints

          Yeah but you can have 5 devices so I figured this solved the problem for me and 4 friends/relatives.

  • CJ

    I am having low bars and frequent internet issues with T-Mobile Chicago. Called on it and they said they are working on my tower should be completed by December so we shall see!

  • G

    Flagstaff Arizona same issue with a HTC one s and a nexus 5

  • P

    Yup same problem here. I got a Note 3 and my Web speed overall is much slower, especially with youtube. I live in Connecticut

  • Eric

    2×20 LTE and/or significant network upgrades anyone? :-D

  • ChristianMcC

    Getting the issues on my N5 and the wife’s GNex, Provo/Orem Utah, and have noticed the issue while watching YouTube, Xfinity TV go, and just downloading portions of my library on the play movies and music apps, or just downloading app updates, super fast then crawling at .01MB per second or longer. This isn’t just happening at peak hours, either, as it’s occurred between midnight and 5AM, as well. Checked my APN and it was set to the one listed, fast.T-Mobile, and had the same settings, but deleted the other ones to be sure they weren’t affecting.

  • ChristianMcC

    My personal thought is the algorithm they are using to assist with network traffic is also trying to weed out hotspotters and slow them down, as I’ve seen it occur in that condition on our tablets or netbook, but it’s not notice it’s the actual device registered with the network.

  • Sherman Davis

    No problem in Orange County, California. I’m clocking 35+ Mbps download. Love my LTE iPhone 5s! Thanks T-Mobile!

  • mogelijk

    I’m having it happen in Houston, TX. Often the Speedtest will start at 20Mbps and finish at under 1Mbps. One question I’ve had is if they type of plan you are on makes a difference?

  • besweeet

    Everybody: when doing tests, I highly recommend using testmy DOT net SLASH download, since it better explains the story. A lot of the time, tests using the standard Speedtest DOT net app aren’t long enough to show any potential issues.

    • STLMO

      When I experienced this in Saint Louis, the speed would drop from fast (10mbps or more) to almost nothing after a few dozen megabytes on iPhone 5. Pausing and resuming download restored the speed for a few brief moments. Was like the throttle was designing to look good on a speed test.

      • Adrayven

        I’m wondering if their throttling system for those that go over their max is not working correctly? You know, those with 500mb of 4G, burn through it.. but for some it’s kicking in even though they’ve not used their allotment yet?

        Could be a bug like that..

  • Thor

    I can confirm this has been happening in Salt Lake City for a few months. It’s pretty frustrating. Nice to see I’m not the only one with the issue.

  • Bradley Smith

    My G2 (while old) in the east side of Orlando is only getting ~1M where I usually get 4-7M. BTW: my phone shows ‘H’ not 3g and full bars.

  • Mario

    This describes my issue perfectly. Starts out fast and slows down. I cant stream a video or download an app without it stopping half way. That’s on LTE and full bars. I get speeds test of 32 Mbps down and 12 Mbps down. I have the G2 and the Nexus 5. Happens on both devices. I’m in the east bay California. Union City

  • Andre Dionne

    Just tested using that testmy website… 50MB tests on H+ and LTE showed no slowdowns at all. Actually it did better with the larger download than the smaller ones. Also been using Netflix without any issues. The only thing that takes forever, funny enough, is loading any pages on this particular website.

    HTC One, running the latest InsertCoin ROM (Android 4.3), outside of Milwaukee, WI.

  • ccnet005

    I’ve had this problem since May.
    I’ll look at the settings and try it out.
    Update: the settings were all correct and the download speed is still between 3 – 8 download.

  • Andre Stubbs

    Using Xperia Z on 4.2.2…..In OKC, LTE speeds tank on Speedtest. Topped out at 3M Down, 0.45M Up. Terrible.
    Turned off LTE and switched to HSPA+ and speeds are now at 8.6M Down, but still sucks on Upload at 0.8M. I don’t know what the hell’s going on here

    • fsured

      Did you root your phone and put a custom rom on there? I did the official update they finally released last week and it has taken away the option to set which network to connect to; LTE or HSPA+. It has defaulted to LTE which is not the more solid network where I live and work. It will pick LTE with 1 bar of singal over 4 bars of HSPA+. I always set it to HSPA+ for the better signal and better battery life.

      Apparently tech support wasn’t aware that the update did this and have no way around setting the phone to connect to HSPA+ and ignore the LTE signal. This is what they have told me.

      • Andre Stubbs

        Using stock ROM with the new update and did the *#*#INFO#*#* option to switch over to WCDMA preferred. I have more bars that way as opposed to LTE. It switched back to LTE unfortunately after a reboot. They launched LTE in OKC some months ago here supposedly.

        • fsured

          Thank you for the info. I’m going to try that code and forgot what was it. I asked tech support about and they claimed they were going to look into it and call me back. That was Friday.

    • Adrayven

      Could be in developing area for LTE.. Sounds like they have not finish upgrading the backhaul.

  • Christopher J Sacra

    Still getting 27Mbps download with LTE on my iPhone 5 in Norfolk, VA

  • TechHog

    I just wasted 200MB of data to find out that I have no issue. Bottoms out at 14Mbps. Brooklyn NY

  • Chimphappyhour

    I actually saw higher speeds last night than I’ve ever seen in my area. I was getting 34 down in an area that has previously maxed out in the low 20s in KC.

  • ett11

    Just saw this in Riverside, CA. Tried download 200MB speediest and stuck at 39%

  • No Throttling?

    I have T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice plan with the free 500 MB on each line. I get a text telling me every month that my speeds will be reduced because I reached the 500MB limit, however, after a few hours, I can get speeds on my LTE device in the 30Mbps range. I have used over 2GB this month already on my 500MB “throttled” plan. Is this normal?

    • enoch861

      Normal or not, I’d be happy not to be throttled.

      • No Throttling?

        Oh I am happy, don’t get me wrong. I’m not one to watch much video on my phone but since I only get throttled for just a few hours at a time, I find myself using more mobile data. I can listen to Pandora just fine when throttled, however, since my throttling is only temporary, I can pretty much do the same on my phone as someone who pays to have unlimited nationwide 4G data.

    • besweeet

      So you’re using the standard $50 plan (500MB @ 4G, unlimited @ 2G), and you’re still getting fast speeds past 500MB? I wouldn’t really mention that anywhere :).

      • No Throttle?

        Yeah, it’s strange. Maybe I should shut up now lol. I have 5 lines on my plan and I pay $110 for unlimited everything, including unlimited LTE Data, however, I don’t abuse the data. I have used 3GB on my 500MB unlimited plan so far and I have about a week to go until my next bill cycle.

  • King Jay

    My LTE never really worked right when it comes to youtube on the galaxy note 2 in nyc.

  • All_show_no_go

    When T-Mobile does this, they send the message to hurry up and get your few web pages and get off the tower, and that high speedtest results and LTE symbols are just for bragging rights. All show and no go.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Where did you read this from

    • All_show_no_go

      That’s what this looks like when speedtest shows a fast speed and real downloads longer than a few seconds bog down. Hope Tmo is not doing this on purpose.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Using hotspot shield I was able to download a 100mb video at full speed the whole time without it it would veal out at 20mb

  • Bakersfield Beaner

    I live in Bakersfield,CA and I have a Galaxy Note 2 with two bars of lte and no matter what apps I have used all downloads slow down after about 60 megabytes.

  • edfranco1

    I’ve been noticing some issues with my speeds in Rancho Cucamonga (Inland Empire) but didn’t think much, thought its all the upgrades and it will be corrected asap. I am concerned now. I will use rootMetricks to monitor the connection and speeds and repost my results.

  • Toasted_Cracker

    I can confirm the same issues here in Greer SC. Fast download for a little bit and then it slows to a crawl. It does it on my note 2, note 3 and Nexus 5. All on LTE with good signals.

    • Andrew

      I can confirm the same problem in the Upstate, SC. Using a VPN let me continuously download at full speed, so T-Mobile is definitely up to something here.

  • smolo

    Is happening everywhere, I’m in miami some thing here, I used to have 15mb down and 5 up on hspa+ then they switch it to LTE then I had about 32 down and 7 up, now I got 5mb down and 900kb up on LTE this is 3g speeds not LTE, another thing since they switched to LTE the hspa+ become unuseble either you have LTE if not the data is super slow this started happening week ago of course they are throttling us it happening to everybody no matter area city all I freaking need is constant 10mb down at least

  • Blackhawk 2013

    The windy city Chicago 60639 60641 60618 60647 60707 its slow 4g or LTE 3 download 0.2 upload for the past 5 month. T-Mobile said there modernization on the towers. Those results are on samsung galaxy s4 and IPHONE 5. They need lots of work in Chicago I’ll 60639. Its horrible. Max upload 4 upload 0.9 anywhere in Chicago.

  • Irfan

    15 days ago I felt the same I used 21 gb and I thought the same ,I read about on xda finally I figer out it was a malware over tmobile network , but right now they killed that bug ….so I dont thing issue remain same just if any one getting this issue reset your phone

    • ggfb20

      Can you link the xda about the malware. Thanks

      • Irfan

        no about malware it base on my problem and my troubleshoot , i found about this all which tmo explain on xda ..

  • zombienator89

    Same has happened to me aty work place roughly about 2 wks ago lte speeds would start high 25mps and slowly go down to 2 mps or lower it would affect you tube streaming but when I would change the settings to use hspa+ YouTube would load no problem and speed would hit roughly 6-8 mbps IM using galaxy s4 stock rom 4.2 jb and have unlim data so should not be throttled

    • zombienator89

      This took place in el paso tx

      • Khalints

        I’m in EP east side and it’s affecting all the east, lower valley, and far east too.

        If you guys want a solution download “hotspot shield VPN” from the
        play store. I got it and a 1 month subscription (5 bucks) and the
        throttle went away. I can finally now watch videos and update apps, etc,
        without a throttle.

        It’s either that or put up with TMO’s BS

  • zombienator89

    Forgot to mention to my previous post this took place in el paso tx

    • ggfb20

      I’ll check it out, which part of El Paso did you run into those issues? I have been mapping with sensorly for a while now throughout the El Paso region, I have added many sites tests to the sensorly map, see if it is consistent with your readings. I’m using the galaxy note 3 btw.

      • Khalints

        I’m in EP east side and it’s affecting all the east, lower valley, and far east too.

        If you guys want a solution download “hotspot shield VPN” from the play store. I got it and a 1 month subscription (5 bucks) and the throttle went away. I can finally now watch videos and update apps, etc, without a throttle.

        Of course its gonna cost some money but its the only real solution I have for now, other than putting up with that BS.

      • besweeet

        In general, how’s T-Mobile’s coverage in El Paso? I moved to San Antonio a year and a half ago, where I was on AT$T and things were practically as good as they can get (didn’t have an LTE device back then, just 3G). Just curious.

        • zombienator89

          Most of el paso areas are well covered with LTE but as you move out a little far east heading towards outskirts it falls off to hspa+ and even EDGE

        • besweeet

          I travelled between there and SA several times when on AT$T and had EDGE the entire time. Looking at their maps now, it’s all covered in 3G and some HSPA+. T-Mobile should do the same everywhere, but that’ll still be a while out unfortunately.

      • zombienator89

        This was by rojas/zaragoza area far east in el paso I would normally get 25 mbps but did notice recently running speed test starts at 20 mpbs and goes down all the way to 2-3 mbps

        • ggfb20

          I’ll be in that area tomorrow I’ll check it out. The downtown area has been spotty the last week or so. Except by Silvas market off border highway. Bowie hs area had been solid along with Chamizal park. Other areas that tested well in the past two months have slowed down a bit. I’ll try using that hotspot sheild to see if it helps also.

  • jimmyhoffa007

    I just got 32 dlc and 12.5 update. I’m just south of Detroit.

  • GinaDee

    I think further clarity needs to be made.

    From what I gather it has nothing to do with watching YouTube or Netflix casually. I believe it has more to do with uploading or downloading files… am I wrong?

    The problem with over generalizing stuff is that we all have anecdotal experiences where streaming data slows down from time to time. It’s hard to pick out slow downs associated with an abnormally congested cell site during peak hours, area of poor service, tower maintenance vs. actual network traffic shaping done by T-Mobile directly to discourage certain kinds of data transmissions.

    • Khalints

      It has to do with data in general. Youtube, soundcloud, facebook videos, even the play store. ANYTHING that requires a constant down stream of data is being affected. Need to update a 10Mb app? starts off great and about half way into it, speeds slow down to a crawl, so much that the 10Mb app that should take a few seconds to finish is now going to take upwards of 10 minutes.

      And this is with full cell coverage of LTE, it affects everything. It happens at 1am or at 1pm, doesn’t seem to matter if the network is congested or not.

      Using a VPN removes this throttle. Why? Who knows, but for now I will be using a VPN and download as much data as I can because T-Mobile is really screwing us here.

      • applegeek

        Not trying to defend T-Mobile here, but they did mention their network optimization policies upfront when they launched their “Unlimited 4G Data” earlier this year. They reserved the right to implement this policy and it sounds like they’ve started to roll it out. Personally, I’d rather pay a decent rate per GB than be slowed down for any reason. A lot of people utilize their phones for work and can’t afford to wait 30 minutes to download large e-mail attachments.

        • Rudy Belova

          Yeah, but the speeds get so slow that it took me close to 45 minutes just to install swype, in LTE!

        • KB

          Horrible policy if that’s the case. I am under 2.5GB on unlimited plan and I can’t watch a YouTube video. It’s 2am, this is surely not peak time.

      • GinaDee

        If this is true and T-Mobile is willfully doing this… even to protect their network… I say we ask John Legere directly.

        We have social media at our disposal. Anyone want to reach out to him?

    • ccnet005

      I see your point concerning “over generalizing” but some of us speedtest, coveragemap, and FCC speed test, during peak and off hours in areas that Tmo claims are LTE covered.

      I can’t speak for others but using speedtest I’ll try to find the closest server hosted by t-mobile and run tests to and from that server. The other apps yield the same if not worse results.

      I was going to run a test right now, but the error message “Network Communication Issue” popped up.

  • landmarkcm

    No problems here with LTE in Vegas.. Knock on wood

  • Joe

    I have experienced this issue as well but this seems to be in areas where they’re transitioning the spectrum (AWS 1700/2100) to upgrade their LTE and even refarmed HSPA+ (PCS 1900). Existing 5+5MHz LTE will go to 10+10MHz, and even 15+15 if there is enough AWS. Areas that started out as 10+10 will go to 15+15 or 20+20. Currently, the northeast side of Dallas, Tx is the only area with 20+20. Areas where AWS 1700/2100 is limited will have to downgrade DC-HSPA+ 42 to HSPA+ 21 or even completely remove it and upgrade existing refarmed PCS HSPA+ 21 to DC-HSPA+ 42. This has occurred in parts of Chicago already. In short, as these spectrum changes and transitions occur, lower quality signal and speeds over HSPA+ and LTE nationwide is to be expected and should subside once the towers have been properly adjusted.

    • Khalints

      I don’t think you(and many others) understand what the problem is…

      Speeds start out GREAT, i mean upwards of 35-40 mbps, then all of a sudden, they plument to UNDER 1Mbps. This has been going on for a little over a month, previously to that I wasn’t having any problems whatsoever. To add to this, my city, El Paso, TX, has already been “completed” and others in completed cities are also experiencing these problems, like Phoenix, AZ.

      Using a VPN removes this “throttle” so if it really was “tower upgrades” or “changes” then why does using a VPN completely remove the throttle? Something else is going on here….

      • Joe

        I do understand quite well. I will reiterate what I just said and go into more detail this time so you understand. Since all of these spectrum changes are going on, and they’re going in most LTE markets, the speeds aren’t going to be reliable so optimization or QoS policies have been placed on the towers until spectrum and physical hardware changes have been properly made. You can try calling to customer service whenever this issue arises and request for a network reset from their side and it does seem to help, at least it does for me. Trust me, I’ve had this issue come up a time or 2. This isn’t something unfamiliar for me. :)

        • Khalints

          Hi thanks for replying. I see what you are saying, and you mentioned this has happened to you “a time or 2”

          That’s great! but this has been happening ALL of the time to me, for about (almost) 2 months now.

          Again, I see what you are saying about the spectrum, etc, but if a city/market was deemed “completed” by t-mobile, and added to the official list of markets that have been refarmed or upgraded to LTE, why is this now happening? Especially to completed cities?

          and why does using a VPN make the problem completely go away? Is it still tower work and spectrum changes then? Is it really a QoS policy change that hasn’t been worked out?

          Seems like if that’s the case, they’re really messing up and i’ve even heard of multiple people wanting to leave T-Mobile if this doesn’t change, as you would imagine, after 2 months of every day problems and not just “a time or 2”. One would leave in a heartbeat :)

        • Joe

          “A time or 2” is only expression. I too face the optimization of network speeds often. HSUPA remains in the Kbps and LTE download starts off great but is reduced to ~4mbps. I get it. I really do. I just call 611, have the network reset, and all is fine for awhile. VPN possibly overcomes the QoS policies set in place, which doesn’t surprise as I’ve heard many times before on other networks that VPN can overcome throttling. I know in the iPhone there is a network setting you can add that will disable any network side QoS policies but, as of iOS 7, requires a jailbreak since Apple cracked down on the ability to do such things to the iPhone. As for any Android devices, you can root the device and try out what’s called a “build.prop tweak.” I tested this with a Note II and seemed to have fixed this ongoing issue on it. No incident for 2 weeks now.


    Brooklyn, NY significantly reduced speeds on Nexus 4. downloads peg at 3 and uploads at just under 1. Speeds are way below what the usually are testing under exact same conditions in same space.

  • applegeek

    Here’s another thought: Maybe after upgrading towers to LTE, they’ve decided to test out their throttling capabilities in certain areas. I could really see them implementing a policy where you’ll experience LTE speeds for web browsing, audio streaming, and app updates. Everything else you’ll get a certain data allotment “behind the scenes” and you’ll get throttled afterwards.

    • besweeet

      If that’s the case, I can imagine many fleeing elsewhere to not have to put up with that kind of crap. Sprint and T-Mobile are America’s last hope for good, respectable carriers. AT$T and Verizon will continue to do everything they can to get the very last penny from people and find new ways to limit the things that people can do.

  • Gerad Munsch

    Everything seems to be OK in Erie, PA (on HSPA+ 21, at my house, at least).

    I have noticed the network oddness on LTE and HSPA+ in Cleveland, OH, Pittsburgh, PA, and Buffalo, NY all over the past few weeks.

    It seemed more so to affect the uploads; download would be wicked quick (35+ mbps), then the upload would time out.

  • jimmiekain

    My speed and coverage has gotten much much better of the last 2 weeks. I used to get about 14mb down now I average about 30 down and in some areas I get about 38mb down.

    Southern California

  • zeth006

    Yes, noticing speeds are down lately. Come on T-Mobile, get your butts in gear. Stop with this crap!

  • The Man

    Could be because some dumb people are trying to max out their unlimited plan.. I have the 500 mb plan because I have wifi at home and on wifi I usually use 7 GB a month. And I use it quite often but on threads I see people showing screenshots of them using over 120 GB on T-Mobile! How the hell can you even use that much data. Stupid data hogs.

    • Trevnerdio

      I’ve used 33 a month, but that’s trying. Normally I use about 10 or so

  • frustrated

    I have this issue in Salt Lake City for the last few months. My phone is a Note 3, plan is postpaid with the unlimited 4G, and I’ve seen it happen on sling player, Google Play downloads and updates, YouTube, and even speedtests.

  • TmoSamsungMan

    Before I post my comment let me just say I’ve been arrogant on not posting cause of Daves departure, but your kinda doing a good job cam. Congrats. Now on to the subject! I have noticed a pattern here in Midtown Manhattan, in the area close to the Empire State building. I’ve noticed that the speeds are reduced at only certain hours then go back to normal, so I suspect that it must be hardware maintenance or testing. I’ve noticed that the speed is dramatically slowed to the point where you can’t even navigate the Web or much less log on to Google play. And I’ve also noticed that it’s only for about an hour maybe two so who knows what their doing. If anyone can give insight into if its also happening in the surrounding Burroughs please do so. But I don’t think that tmobile is thinking of throttling, they just can’t cause then sprint will be ahead and they have guaranteed unlimited for life. The $70 plan is basically keeping them alive!

  • achusaysblessyou

    Hmm I noticed I was having slower speeds, but I attributed it to my new Nexus 5 having a slightly worse antenna than my Note 2. Although the speeds never really dropped to a crawl, it’s for certain not as fast as it was about 3 months ago.

    Maybe T-Mobile’s popularity has started to catch up with their network infrastructure

    • TmoSamsungMan

      Hmm you know something? I didn’t think about the high usage hours, hmm you could be right maybe tmobile’s slowing down during congested hours only. Guys you all have to see if you noticed a pattern in the timing and if there is one then I guess it’s definitely high traffic hours.

      • kalel33

        People were seeing this same exact thing happen in the middle of the night, so high traffic periods would not be a good explanation. Also, it doesn’t explain how people using a VPN aren’t getting slowed down but the moment they aren’t using a VPN the “throttling” comes back.

        • philyew

          Some VPNs will change the routing, so unless you can do an identical tracert both on and off the VPN it’s not necessarily a valid conclusion that the cause must be something that TM have done with their traffic management.

        • philyew

          Just tested the Hotspot Shield VPN app, which I think a number of people have been using and, sure enough, it completely changed the routing for a simple tracert.

          All that it proves therefore is that using that VPN routes around a problem somewhere in the normal routing tables. It doesn’t define the nature of the problem.

  • sean32

    I’m glad I’m not alone. For about 4 months or more I have noticed speeds drastically reducing after around 20 to 40 Meg, and often stopping completely. cycling between 3g, h and h+ with nothing happening. I am on the unlimited plan.
    I have tried uploading large files in Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland using a galaxy note and my old nokia n900. All have the same problem. I even returned a t-mobile lte hotspot for the same problem. I used all 6Gb just on speedtest trying to sort it out. Even resorted to a booster and outdoor antenna. Noting helps.
    Weather tethering, uploading via ftp, streaming or downloading from a cloud drive. They all fail.

  • mtmjr90

    For what it’s worth, I’m getting drastically faster downlink speeds on HSPA+ (~14Mbps) as opposed to LTE (~4Mbps). Using a new Nexus 5 in San Jose, CA. Latency is obviously higher, but not an issue for me.

    • NYCTheBronx

      Try beryessa. I get around 40-50mbps there. And 60mbps at the dealership off the 880 at Milpitas. When I’m back in San Jose. I’ll keep speed testing. I still haven’t seem to find a good coverage spot in Los Angeles where I’m getting over 7mbps.

  • breenda

    well this is bull this is the last straw today as of 9:20 pm i have full bars lte and i cant even load a freaking youtube vid its not even on hq its regular quality this is pathetic or upadate my fb app ,tomorow i will be joining my boyfriend on his at&t plan adios tmobile, like i mentioned on another post here i dnt use alot of data so atts 3 gig plan is good for me, i been using my boyfriends att galaxy s4 videos on hq or facebook are loading fine no buffering at all on att lte something tmobile lte dont do.

    • Michael

      T-Mobile is most likely “upgrading” their network still since this problem is not affecting everyone only certain cities, I would wait if I were you, it may be worth the wait, also AT&T is a rip off even though they have better coverage, T-Mobile is making good progress with adding LTE for the past year.

      • breenda

        The thing is that its been like this in los angles for more than 2 months ,sure i have unlimited data but its worthless i left att 2 months ago and got tmobile its been such a bad experience since day 1,i think ill just go back to att they never slowed me dwn since i used about 3 gigs a month.

  • Disqus seemed to eat my last post on this, but when I was having this problem a few months back, making sure the APN Type line in the APN prefs for fast or eps included the following keywords: default,supl,admin,dun,mms seemed to fix the problem. This was on a N4. YYMV, of course.

    • Mind you you have to reboot after changing APN settings. They don’t just take real-time.

  • Sir Gadget

    I’m in the San Francisco East Bay and have noticed the same issues with streaming/downloading data. However, I’ve ALSO noted something that wasn’t an is issue with 4G/LTE before: I cannot stream/download data and talk on the phone at the same time. For example, if I tether my laptop to my phone, my data is cut off when a phone call is made or received. What’s going on????

    • Simon

      I don’t know if this the correct answer to your problem, but note that calls cannot be made over LTE. When a call comes in, the phone has to switch to 4G which would cause a drop in the data stream.

  • Ethrem

    No problems in Denver. 30 ping, 19 down, 8 up over LTE.

  • dan

    san francisco is bad in general

  • Magenta Man

    Bullhead City, AZ……same thing happening here, started about a week ago. Also affecting upload….went from 1MB up to 1KB up. I hope they figure it out soon.

  • Christopher_McG

    I’m not experiencing a slowdown, then again I’m not running speed tests all day to see what my speeds are because my service just works.

    • vrm

      gotta love the idiots (not) who keep doing it and posting shots of that useless information, further clogging the network. I hate them even more than the people who keep posting pictures of crap they eat just about everywhere.

  • KingCobra

    No problems with slowed data speeds here but I am having a sudden major problem with dropped calls. For the past week or so I’ve experienced an extremely unusual amount of dropped calls. I’ve dropped more calls in the last week than the entire time I’ve been with T-Mobile. It’s so bad right now that I almost expect for calls to drop at some point everyday. Hopefully this is a temporary issue and they’re upgrading towers or something.

  • tc3030

    I’ve seen this happen on a friends phone. Everything works fine but go to download a app or large file (around 7-12mb) and the speeds drop drastically about halfway though the download. This could hurt T-Mobiles image if word spreads. People seem to believe it only affects the data hogs well that’s not true unless you consider a max of 2-3gb alot.

  • Hexus K

    I’ve noticed my connection speed drop since the beginning of October but didn’t waste my time worrying until I noticed its been ongoing. Surprisingly, as I test my speeds right after reading this article, its up 25 Mbps average now. Could be that its early morning and less people on the network, not sure. I’ll run a test later in the day where there should be more network traffic… North Jersey.

  • NYCTheBronx

    Isn’t this a glitch or a bug issue on T-Mobile’s network? The download speeds where I live in Los Angeles says that I’m getting around 17mbps-21mbps. Yet, when I download an app. Regardless it being a small or large file. It downloads that app in a 3mbps speed. The same speed I used to get when I first relocated Los Angeles. Plus, I am having the same issues with some people. Where my downloads would stop half way and then I have to cancel and restart downloading that app again. Same goes for the buffering and hiccups on YouTube. Even good coverage spots back in San Jose CA where I’m getting 30mbps, my YouTube would buffer or stop half way. I don’t know what the problem is but it has been happening to me for a long time now. I hope T-Mobile fixes this issue. Going back to San Jose for a bit in a couple of weeks. I’ll do another speedtest there. Cheers.

  • Tony

    I can tell you I kept experiencing this same thing here in Wisconsin. I would call their cust service an they would put me on a new tower which would resolve the issue for me but not permanently. They told me one way to try to fix it is call your voicemail from your phone because this actually resets your tower connection sometimes. They also told me its because of the upgrades that they were doing in my area. About 1-2 months later they released their LTE network an I havent had that happenes again. Couls very well be from them making network improvements which causes their data to act funny while their doing it.

  • FYI-101

    IDK if anyone noticed but the speedtest app pushed out an update this morning…

  • Mesa Softic

    9MB/s here in Des Moines, Iowa I’m not experiencing any slowdowns

  • GinaDee

    No slowdowns here. I’m hoping these are just anecdotal flukes

  • vrm

    I agree with the verizon CEO on the unsustainability of unlimited data on wireless networks.

    Wireless networks just cannot sustain streamed video/audio continually as some users are prone to utilize it. If there is 100 MBPS bandwidth available to a tower, a dozen people connecting to it at the same time ( not unusual in an urban setting), the speeds will drop down to less than 10 mbps average. If 50 people connect, you are looking at < 2 mbps. And the LTE deployed by tmo is nowhere near 100 Mbps as most markets only have 5-10 mhz spectrum.

    As more people stream, it is more likely that users will hit the bandwidth crunch as streaming locks up a certain bandwidth and makes it unavailable to everyone else. Since streaming is a process that is engaged in continually, for minutes or even hours at a time, bandwidth is hogged by a few users and others will have to wait for them to go to bed or die (hopefully they turn off the phone before that happens).

    So there- quit whining. And stop threatening to go to at&t or verizon – they do not have any magic to make it work better; they merely do not offer unlimited data and gouge you for every MB you use.

    Wireless networks are NOT like the internet – they will NEVER be, despite marketing speak from carriers, equipment makers etc to the contrary. Implementing a packet switched network in radio is inherently a very inefficient process, has lots of overhead and bandwidth is limited by spectrum available.

    • vrm

      Every wireless customer seems to believe, erroneously, that they are the only users of the service, not realizing that they are sharing the network which has a very limited capacity.

  • Travis Tabbal

    There are a few points people seem to be missing here.

    What people are complaining about isn’t dropping to 5Mbps. It’s dropping to 5Kbps, LESS THAN EDGE SPEED. Or, in some cases, just plain cut off. I have downloads that never finish, I just get an error. That’s sitting almost directly under the LTE tower. And not just speed tests, but normal everyday stuff like updating an app. And no, I’m not a data hog. I’m about 2 days away from cycling and am at about 2.5GB on an unlimited plan.

    And while I watch my download fail, I can launch a speed test or another app and download fine, for 50MB or so. So it’s not congestion, if it were, my second session would fail immediately, not hit 30Mbps for 50MB and die. If it were congestion, a VPN session wouldn’t work either.

    If it’s upgrades, that’s one thing, but this has been going on for months. And I can’t think of a valid reason to kill sessions of completely like that even with upgrades. And I doubt they have people climbing the towers at 2AM with the temp at about 20F. I could understand slower service, but this is just weird. And cutting off transfers just leads to people or apps trying again and again, downloading the same data over and over. That’s not helpful if it’s congestion you’re trying to avoid.

    The fact the VPN changes the routing is irrelevant. The data still has to traverse the T-Mobile network to get to the internet. The issue is obviously on TMobile’s network, not the internet. If it were somewhere else, it would be effecting other networks and we would hear about it. And if it were server-side congestion, VPN wouldn’t help.

    Given the hard cut at predictable transfer sizes and that VPN gets around it, it’s hard not to see it as deliberate. If it’s malicious or not is another question that we simply can’t answer with the data we have.

    And for those “just use Wi-Fi” people, that’s great where I can, and I do. However, at the office they banned outside devices on Wi-Fi. That’s one reason I pay for cellular data. If I just use Wi-Fi, I don’t need T-Mobile or any cellular carrier. That’s not always an option though. And I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to want to get the service they are paying for.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of T-Mobile and their recent un-carrier stuff. But that doesn’t make them immune from having issues. And as you can’t fix issues you don’t know about, it’s reasonable to call them out about it.

    • Frustrated User

      I have the exact same issue in Salt Lake City. You described it perfectly, even the amount of time it has been happening.

    • philyew

      I’m afraid I can’t go along with your suggestion that both VPN and non-VPN traffic having to traverse the TM network proves that the problem with non-VPN traffic must be on the TM network. Your conclusion that any problem off the TM network would be noticeably affecting other networks just doesn’t do it for me.

      Why? Because TM probably use a modest number of gateways to break out of their private network into the Internet. Each one of those gateways will initially route to a primary device which will take traffic into the internet mesh. Any one of those devices could have a problem on its interface card which could be causing sporadic, but significant packet loss.

      If so, it would have a serious impact on a significant number of TM customers, but would be a drop in the ocean as far as other, non-TM internet services are concerned.

      Today I ran some tests to get an idea of latency and packet loss on a route from my PC to the Google servers. Using my ISP, it was a clean 5 hop route with good latency – less than 100ms.

      I then tested it using the hotspot on my phone. Immediately the number of router hops more than doubled and latency worsened, though not badly initially. After a period of persistent testing I saw a huge range of variability with latency anywhere between 38 and 2000ms and packet loss up to 60% on some hops.

      After that, I tested it using the Hotspot Shield VPN, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Similar results ensued, with latency and packet loss veering wildly from one extreme to the other.

      All that can be concluded from this is that the TM network can be highly unstable. When it is at its worst, downloads will be impossible, with server connections timing out because of the delayed responses.

      All that said, it doesn’t prove that TM aren’t running a debilitating traffic shaping policy, but it does show that there are enough issues with the TM network for the problems to have another cause.

      As it happens, Legere’s tweet today blaming “a minor software issue” could be translated into my earlier suggestion that they have been tweaking traffic shaping policies and got it wrong. No malicious intent, just someone not properly understanding the impact of what they were doing. I’ve seen that before on other networks more than once.

  • Trevnerdio

    If I start downloading a big file on my computer while connected through my phone, I noticed that it gets slowed to a crawl. Glad this is finally being addressed. And before you guys say I shouldn’t be abusing my tethering, this file download is well within my allotted monthly tethering use (what a joke) and in my small city of Panama City, we have 10x10MHz LTE and very, very little congestion. I’m not hurting anyone by downloading 50MB on a computer over a phone.

    • fsured

      I just tried tethering not to download a file but to remote into my home pc with my tablet to email myself a file. Has worked previously and it now it won’t even connect. When I have tethering active there are moments where opening a web page on my phone or tablet will display the unable to connect message but after a few minutes it works fine and then bombs again.

      Not everyone who tethers or uses data is out to take advantage of the network and if you are within your data limits people shouldn’t complain. You paid for that data and they should direct their attention to those who are using programs and what not to go around the network policies.

      • Trevnerdio

        I used to try my best to get around the tethering policies simply because they’re BS. Why should I pay twice for internet usage? I can understand if I’m being obnoxious with the usage, but they used to want you to pay right out of the gate for tethering and that’s simply not okay.

        • Travis Tabbal

          On capped plans, I agree the tethering limit is BS. 5GB is 5GB, it doesn’t matter what device is the endpoint. That’s like an ISP saying you can’t have a router at home to use more than one device. Some tried that, and people didn’t tolerate it. Nor should we with tethering.

          Now, Unlimited plans are a bit different. For those, I do see reasons for having a separate cap for tethering. I’m not sure I agree with them 100%, but there are at least some valid points there.

          What’s going to end up happening with this stuff combined with the NSA stuff is people are going to start encrypting the hell out of everything and they won’t be able to tell if you’re tethering or not.

        • Trevnerdio

          I agree. I’m okay with 2.5GB on my unlimited plan, that’s reasonable.

  • Uxorious

    Same problem here (San Francisco, Nexus 4 and 5).
    Has been happening for at least 2 weeks for me.
    Starts off nice and fast, and after 10 seconds or so, drops to 2G speeds!

    As other commenters have pointed out, T-Mobile (and other carriers) throttle traffic so a few individuals can’t wreak havoc on the network.
    This is something else!
    When the carriers do QoS, they *shape* the traffic – meaning everybody will share the bandwith available.
    What is happening right now is the connection is getting clamped down hard – thats not something a carrier would do as part of normal business as it really makes the network experience terrible.

    It *is* something they would do when somebody goes over his plan data allotment – but most of us aren’t even close to that!

    Also, why does switching down to 3G make the problem go away?

    T-Mobile: Please at least make a public response that you’re investigating the issue!

  • Hawkye

    This has been driving me nuts the past month or so. If I forget to download my small podcast on my home wifi before heading to work, it will start downloading fast then cut to 2G speeds. The only way to get the podcast to finish is to stop the download and retry about 100 times. I will be almost to work by the time it finishes. It used to be done downloading by the time I get out of my community. I am in the Sacramento area using a Note 3 on TMo.

  • Trevnerdio

    Perfect example of this crap. This download started out at 768KB/s (I’m on HSPA+) and now it’s dropped down to about 120KB/s (and it was actually much slower than that), nearly stopped and decreasing every moment. The kicker? I’m using my hotspot which has only 500MB and is meant for computersss. It picked back up again after a few minutes.The speedtest result? 6.52mbps while I was doing the download.

  • Pitiful

    Pitiful network brought to you by a pitiful carrier.

    All this LTE and UnCarrier crap is smoke and mirrors. TMo is going down, and I’m moving onto a FUNCTIONAL network that actually works. Morons.

    • Deez Nutz

      I smell a Verizon or AT&T exec here.

      • breenda

        he just saying the truth why offer unlimited data and advertise as being unlimited at 4g speeds if watching youtube downloading apps is worthless if they slow u down to 2g speeds even if u in a good 4g area i like him are moving on . im paying for unlimited data my area has good 4g lte i do speed tests i get up to 20 mbps i try downloading an app or even watch a vid i CANT when downloading an app it craps out halfways never loads same with videos i have had it i gave up i had galaxy s4 lg g2 i give up on tmobile i cant even update my apps when theres an update up even with full bars lte no data comes tru hspa was fine before but now even that sucks , it just pisses me off i have to go back to at&t which is alot more expensive and gives u 3 gigs of data but lets face it they never pull a fast one like tmobile and slow down your speed as long as u use leas than 3 gigs they give u access to full speed unlike tmobile..

        • Aaron Davis

          It’s easy for at&t to give you full speed when they limit how much you can use, and charge you more for it at the same time.

  • nenes78

    I’m happy. Watching netflix daily. Just checked my speeds, 18.64Mbps down 3.94Mbps up at work North Hollywood CA. At home Burbank CA I average between 22-27Mbps down and 3-5Mbps up.Iphone5.

    • NYCTheBronx

      Nice. I’m getting 17mbps-21mbps on LTE at Wilshire Blvd. But when I download apps. The speeds are a 3mbps speed.

  • Frustrated User

    This article should be updated to explain to everyone that a standard speed test will NOT show this problem. A standard speed test will actually show great speeds most of the time. But if you run a speed test with a large file instead of the standard small file, you’ll see the speed start out great (which is why the standard speed tests show great results) but then totally bog down after a couple minutes. This is a big deal if you are tying to stream a video or download a file, or update a large app.

    By the way, I have been eexperiencing this issue in Salt Lake City for a few months now on a Galaxy S 4 then on a Note 3. We have had LTE that entire time, and I get 4 bars of LTE. I’ve called T-Mobile about it and the reps have never had any idea about what causes this. They went from troubleshooting my phone to referring me to the support of every app I use that had this issue (Google, Slingbox, etc).

  • furiousInDavis

    Same thing is happening to me on LTE but not HSPA+. I get a max of 40mbps on LTE in the Sac Area and 15mbps max on Hspa+. This started since the end of the summer. Whenever I watch something on netflix or YouTube, it loads up 1 minute and then buffers the rest of the video. When I download apps, it takes FOREVER. All the while, I run a speedtest showing LTE speeds of 35mbps. Dear T-Mobile, if I pay for unlimited data then I should get UNLIMITED DATA.

    • Chrisrj8084

      I have the exact same issue as you and it started at about the same time. No fix for it yet.

      • Irfan

        100 % right …this only happen lte not on hspa+ I tested and got same as u said ..what I am thinking 1. they have some problem going on with LTE setup .2 may be they trying to setup some extreme level internet firewalls or kind of , update is coiming to us by john its just a joke or they want some file which they control devices , In usa blocking ports on network its ileagal so they wanna do in devices for example if u jailbreak iphone u can do free facetime no neeed to pay 10$ over att ..etc

  • Croatian

    Nexus 4, KitKat (stock), Nashville, TN. On HSPA download is @ 4Mbps, upload @ 2Mbps. Watching YouTube is a perfectly smooth experiance… for now ;-)

  • cyde01

    having the same issue. htc one, 4.3 jelly bean, orange county, ca.

    • cyde01

      forgot to mention, it happens when i’m streaming video. apps include youtube, flash video using sites like daily motion, etc.

      • cyde01

        also, my device doesn’t allow me to edit the APN settings. MMSC is and i have no way of changing it.

  • Anonymous

    This is not throttling.. It’s congestion on the network, even Verizon is suffering from the same thing. They need more towers to accommodate more people using LTE.

  • The fall out of offering “unlimited” anything… it SOUNDS great, but it’s unsustainable. It’s impossible to offer both great speeds AND unlimited data. I’d be *much* happier if “unlimited were actually 10Gb then throttled… that would prevent bad users from ruining it for everyone.

    • tmotk

      Perhaps the sensible way to throttle unlimited plan users for excessive use would be to throttle them to a still useable speed (maybe 1Mbps) that discourages large transfers at times when ALL the following conditions are met:
      1)They used over xx GB (some piggish number perhaps 10, 20, or larger) in their current billing cycle.
      AND 2)Their current tower is congested as they attempt a new download
      AND 3)Their very recent use is also large, perhaps over 500MB in the past hour, or over 1GB in the last 24 hours.
      4)Maybe this throttle, when active, can kick in a few seconds into each continuous access somewhat like the current malfunctioning throttle, but only when these data hog conditions are true.

      When any of the conditions stop applying, the throttle disappears immediately. I am suggesting a higher throttled speed for this case than when one exceeds their plan because this is intended to improve the network experience for others when a tower is hit by data hogs, not to punish. The data plan exceeded throttle should be much lower (but higher than it is now), perhaps 0.25 – 0.5 Mbps to encourage purchase of a proper sized plan.

  • anshephe

    I think sometimes the speedtest app makes it look worst than it is i speedtest get a low result. But when i open a webpage its fast!!

  • Travis Tabbal

    From Twitter: @JohnLegere Very small # customers saw slower data recently and only when downloading very large files. Minor software issue; Fix going in place

    I’ll agree to disagree on the definition of “very large files” if it does get fixed today.

  • rdubmu

    Wife is having an issue of apps taking forever to download. We are in Seattle. I have no issues myself.

  • Irfan

    happen over LTE not on HSPA+ , Arlington, VA

  • Yup. This has been happening to me over the past week. #1 fixes the problem, and for at least a time, it stays solved even if I switch back to LTE from 3G.

  • Tropical

    I don’t see any changes here in San Francisco. Same problem usin youtube cnet and internet.

  • Lakers4life

    Try resetting ur fone, it worked for me!
    Frm Los Angeles/Orange County!

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    Never noticed as lagging in speed here in the Bay Area.

  • ruben

    I live in El paso TX I used to get around 40 mbps around town and my house now I’m only getting 1 to 5 mbps .

  • Gary R

    I have the same problem but am working with a FIOS fiber optic cable (50 Mb) and a Debian Linux system on a desktop computer. Large file transfers start at about 5 MB and slow to about 500 KB within about 20-30 seconds. Since I also use NetFilx on my TV/DVD Player for streaming movies, and have no problem, I think it must be a harware setting problem. I live in the LA area and have 3 computers and the TV on my router /switch

  • When I started with my ISP a couple of years ago the speeds were great at 4G and I had no problems at all. For the past billing cycle of my prepaid broadband plan I have been getting some 4G speeds and then for no reason I am shifted down to 2G. This is an on and off situation. My backup plan with a different ISP has no speed problems whatsoever. When I call my customer service for my primary ISP it is always something to do with the towers in my area. I am on the verge of cancelling my primary service and going to the alternate I have been using to fill in. I am paying $80 a month for 4G and that is what I would like to receive. By the way my “Device” is working properly so that is not the problem.

  • malinnet

    Update article for 2019? I am having problems since metropcs became metropcs by t-mobile a coupla months ago.