HTC America President Says One Android 4.3 Update Coming Next Week

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Earlier this month HTC teased the masses with a tweet on the Android 4.3 update for their flagship HTC One. The tweet, posted on October 2nd offered up a mid-October date for T-Mobile and now HTC is ready to make good on that timeframe. A tweet late yesterday from HTC America President Jason Mackenzie stated the T-Mobile update should release “by mid next week.” Of course Mackenzie prefaced that with a warning: “barring some last second issue” which makes perfect sense. We all know that last second hiccups can happen with updates so the comment isn’t any cause for concern.

The update will include new lock screen widgets, numeric battery levels in the status bar, a new quick settings panel in the notification bar, options to configure the home button (hooray), improvements to the camera (always welcomed), and an easier to manage file format for Zoe clips.

Sounds like a good way to start the second half of October.



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  • NuShrike

    Ahead of Samsung, for once.

    • g2a5b0e

      To counter your silly comment, realize that Samsung is also working on getting 4.3 on all of last year’s flagships & many of this year’s mid-rangers too. Don’t forget all the tablets they’re updating too. Exactly how many phones do you think HTC is worried about getting 4.3 on? I’ll give you a hint. Not many.

      • knicksbaby


      • Daniel

        Samsung is also a much larger company with many many more software engineers.

        • g2a5b0e

          I suppose that should excuse HTC’s shoddy update history then.

      • JointhePredacons

        Well at least theyre updating their flagship phones early and as promised. Maybe its not going to be early for every HTC phones but im sure they will update most of their recent phones.

      • NuShrike

        When has Samsung EVER simultaneously released an OS update? You need a hint.

        All Samsung needs to focus on is SG4 first, as my comment entailed.

  • Excited to finally receive this update on an already Awesome performing device.

    • sidekicker89

      I have the HTC One too but i’ve been noticing a problem.. sometimes when i open up the camera it is frozen on a dark image the camera first sees…. won’t move at all.. the only fix is to restart the entire phone which is annoying. Has this happened to you? hopefully this will be fixed in the update.

      • No, I haven’t had that happen to me before but I have occasionally had that Purple effect in dark photo’s. Doesn’t always happen but when it does, it’s extremely annoying.

        • JointhePredacons

          Hmm i never got any purple effect.

      • JointhePredacons

        Nope, if its a recurring problem you should prob get a new one. It means its defective.

      • Romdude

        Hasn’t happened to me or the purple effect. Ask to get it repaired or replaced if you have premium handset plan.

  • TheCudder

    My body is ready….I just hope that this won’t be the last update. I know that HTC feels they have something to prove and will continue updating the One well into 2014, but T-Mobile will want you to buy a new device and probably block any additional updates.

    • Chimphappyhour

      Yeah, the way I got the 4.3 upgrade on my Note 2 was buying a Note 3. I figured there was zero chance of the Note 2 ever seeing an upgrade if I hadn’t already seen one in the year I had owned it.

      • kalel33

        There’s already a leaked build of 4.3 for the Note 2 and is supposed to be coming out very soon. Also, you’re phone did get an update this year, going from 4.0 to 4.1.2.

        • g2a5b0e

          Actually, no. The Note 2 was the first non-Nexus phone to debut with Jellybean. But, you’re right about 4.3 being on the horizon.

        • Chimphappyhour

          ^What he said. But I don’t trust “on the horizon” until I actually see it on my device. 4.2 and 4.3 have been out how long?!?

        • psychoace

          That is like saying ” I’m never going to get paid for last week. Do you see the money in my account? I don’t trust my work until the money is in the account”. They have leaked official roms. Those aren’t leaked until it’s close. So it’s on the horizon.

        • Chimphappyhour

          So you assume the money is in the bank even though it isn’t there yet? Wow! That sounds like a horrible idea.

        • psychoace

          I assume I will get paid because I was told I would and I worked the hours I should be getting paid for. You were told you will be getting a 4.3 release and signs show pretty well that it is being worked on since there was a leaked rom. Now if you are going to get all the features you want is the only thing you have to worry about. I never know the exact amount of money I’m going to get but I have a pretty good guess.

        • Chimphappyhour

          That’s pretty poor planning on your part to assume that then.

  • gadget_hero

    I think HTC is starting to get the feedback and hopefully they can right their ship, I saw the “leaks” of Sense 5.5 and they allow you to disable BlinkFeed, which was probably my biggest complaint. Heck I would probably switch back the One, baring the Nexus 5 has more to offer. (Or Motorola not being stupid and allow all carriers to use MotoMaker)

    • JointhePredacons

      I like the disable Blink Feed, not because Blink was annoying, just because id like another home screen.

      • gadget_hero

        I didn’t dislike it, but I don’t do social networking stuff that much (I have a G+ because you have to for some Google stuff). So I didn’t need something like that. I have been using Android a while but I never got into using widgets all that much, probably because back in the day it slowed the phone down and drained battery fast.

        • JointhePredacons

          The widgets have gotten better with the newer phones. I use almost all widgets on my home screens, not all widgets. The weather channel, Google Search, Yahoo Sports, Google Song Search, Facebook, and Twitter. The other icons are just home screen shortcuts for Gmail and settings. Other than that i just keep a picture on my homescreen, no icons at all on the main screen, just a picture of me and my wife. The battery drain is minimal from what i can tell.

      • Romdude

        Why bother with using sense if you need more home screens? Just use nova or apex. More customizable with gestures. Did I miss something?

        • JointhePredacons

          No you didnt miss anything, i dont want to use another launcher, ive had a bad experience with one or two of them. I just figure with Blink disabled, thats another home screen open.

  • Geek Man

    And then there’s the KitKat.. Damnit, always 1 step behind.

    • Jake

      They’ll probably skip KitKat and release another update when Android 4.5 comes out.

      • kalel33

        Doubt they’ll even get that. The HTC One X, last year’s flagship phone, will not be getting 4.3. Tech news sites are saying that HTC is no longer updating last year’s phone, which if HTC stays the course then the HTC One will get the KitKat update but then abandoned after that.

        • JointhePredacons

          I think the phone will at least get the next 2 updates after 4.3, but then again who knows. There wil probably be more advanced phones to buy by then and we wont care that the phone wont be updated.

        • Romdude

          Some of us have tmobile jump, I can jump every 6 months. No big deal.

        • JointhePredacons

          True, i still want to get JUMP. Itll make it easier to upgrade if i want to 6 months from the time i get it.

    • g2a5b0e

      Can’t be behind when KitKat hasn’t been released yet.

      • Geek Man

        The Kitkat hasn’t been released yet and so the 4.3 HTC ONE.. It is behind.

        • g2a5b0e

          What you said makes absolutely no sense (no pun intended).

        • Geek Man

          If you were Touched by a Wiz you’ll understand!

        • Alex Zapata

          Me thinks I smell a troll.

        • Romdude

          Once 4.3 is out, this is a non issue, get over it. Then everyone except Note 3 will be waiting for 4.4.

  • PhoenixPath

    Of course most of those ‘new’ features mentioned were actually from 4.2.2, which other carriers have had for…ages.

    Thanks T-Mobile… :-/

    [edit] lmao…5 downvotes. Truth must hurt, hmmm? Amazing how other HTC One devices were updated to 4.2.2 and *still* got 4.3 before T-Mobile. So who’s down-voting, T-Mobile fans or HTC fans? Curious who the ‘faithful” are that cannot stand to see the truth…

    • Jose Cavero

      You got really butthurt because 5 random people over the internet downvoted your comment.

      lol.. nice life man.

      • PhoenixPath

        “really butthurt”

        What an odd way to say, “mildly amused”…

        Lemme guess; since you comment didn’t answer the question or otherwise contribute, you must just be a really big fan of drama?

        • Jose Cavero

          Look, 8 downvotes now. Your life must be flashing before your eyes. Quick, get to a hospital before you faint.

          You talk about contributions but here you are, beating on a dead horse. We all know Tmobile is late with the update. Do we need to be reminded by some turd on the internet over and over again? No. Enjoy your downvotes, moron.

        • PhoenixPath

          Bang. Dead ringer. I nailed it.

          The boy likes his drama.


          One complaint and suddenly I’m a “moron” and “butthurt”.

          Boy, you’re just setting a really high bar there, No idea how one could ever hope to me more rational and civil than you… /s

          [edit – Jose’s comment below is apparently being moderated, cannot reply]

          Yeah. I nailed it. More name-calling. Well, I can take comfort in not being as bad off as you, trolling forums and calling anyone I disagree with names…

          FYI: My HTC one is running 4.3, full Dev Ed. conversion. I’d kinda like Wifi calling back though…hence why I’d like to see T-Mob release 4.3 one of these days…

          Good day, Sir

        • Jose Cavero

          I just upvoted you. Breath a sigh of relief.

          Again, nice life. :)

          Edit: Also Maybe if you weren’t such a big idiot you would have had 4.2.2 a long time ago like the rest of us. “Dead ringer”.. by a long shot. nt.

    • JointhePredacons

      No HTC ONE’s in any carrier had 4.2.2. HTC skipped 4.2.2 and went straight to 4.3. Everyone knows that. Android 4.2.2 was a minor, minor update. The fact that other carriers have it is irrelevant. The fact that HTC decided it wasnt important enough to update to and to skip it all together is the most important fact here.

      • PhoenixPath

        “No HTC ONE’s in any carrier had 4.2.2. ”


        “HTC skipped 4.2.2 and went straight to 4.3.”


        “Android 4.2.2 was a minor, minor update.”

        False. The give-away? Every feature listed in the article above was introduced in 4.2.2.

        “The fact that other carriers have it…”

        Did you not just claim no carriers had it?? (looks at first quote) Yep. You did.

        Sorry, but there’s more than one country in the world, and a great many HTC One users started receiving 4.2.2 *from HTC* in July.

        Sorry, but some Myths….I just can’t believe.

        • JointhePredacons

          HTC skipped the 4.2.2 update and skipped straight to 4.3 TRUE! Look it up dude.There were even multiple articles about it on this very website. Even if youre right about other countries having 4.2.2 who cares ? I live in the US, so i only care about if im getting the update here or not. Id much rather have the 4.3 than 4.2.2 To say its the same as 4.2.2 just tells me youre trolling. Next you’ll tell me 4.4 is the same as 4.3

        • PhoenixPath

          “HTC skipped the 4.2.2 update and skipped straight to 4.3 TRUE!”

          No. Simply not true. The HTC One 4.2.2 OTA started rolling out internationally to the HTC One direct from HTC in July of this year, starting with Taiwan. Look it up.

          “There were even multiple articles about it on this very website.”

          …about there not being a US release? Yeah, I bet there were. VZW’s One launched with 4.2.2. Seems to me they are a US carrier. Regardless? We’re still dang near dead last, even though we “skipped 4.2.2 to get 4.3 faster”…

          ” Even if youre right about other countries having 4.2.2 who cares ?”

          How about the majority of the planetary population, for starters. You do know that most of the planet’s population resides outside of the US, right?

          Why do you think most new devices launch internationally before they get to the US?

          “Id much rather have the 4.3 than 4.2.2″

          I’d liked to have had both from T-Mobile. I bet if you were honest with yourself you could admit that you would have liked that too. And it was most certainly possible considering the international version saw both 4.2.2 (which we never did) and still got 4.3 ahead of us.

          ” To say its the same as 4.2.2 just tells me youre trolling.”

          Please show me where I said anything of the sort. I said that all of the features listed in the article above were introduced in 4.2.2. In what bizzarro universe does that remotely equate to “4.3 is the same as 4.2.2”?

          “Next you’ll tell me 4.4 is the same as 4.3”

          I won’t, but I can virtually guarantee that most of the features in 4.3 find their way into 4.4.

        • JointhePredacons

          You seem like the type of troll that has to get the last word, but whatever dude. Im not wasting any more of my manual dexterity typing to an egotistical idiot. Have a nice life.

        • PhoenixPath


          …aaand there’s the name calling. (…can you feel the irony dripping from that post??? I can…)

        • Romdude

          Phoenix, they did say they are skipping over.

        • JointhePredacons

          Dont do it dude, Phoenix will not rest till he has the last word. God forbid we disagree with him. Its like beating your head against a brick wall.

        • PhoenixPath

          They who? T-Mobile? HTC US? HTC Global? It gets confusing, which I think is what has lead to some of this flaming…

          …let me try and clear things up a bit: Please bear with me:

          The main point of my original post: The article suggests that T-Mobile will introduce 4.3 with a list of nifty new features. Unfortunately, every single feature listed was introduced in 4.2.2. They aren’t new. Most HTC One devices have actually had these features since July. Users who ROM have likely had them even longer.

          The implication (not the main point, but it was implied) in my OP, which is what it seems most people ran with, is simply that: We got cheated.

          HTC has two variants of 4.2.2 (Sense) released; The international/Dev Edition OTA and the one that launched on the Verizon HTC One.

          My disappointment (the feeling of being cheated) stems from 4.2.2 being released by HTC back in July, but not to US carriers until Verizon launched their HTC One. Now, they introduce “4.3” with all these spiffy new features…that were all part of 4.2.2….that we could have had back in July had they allowed it.

          Yes. HTC America skipped, mostly (VZW?), 4.2.2. Their reasoning? To focus on bringing us 4.3. Did we get it any quicker?


          I sarcastically “thanked” T-mobile for the “new” features. I wasn’t trying to imply that it was TMob who held back the 4.2.2 update (not that they couldn’t have fought like hell for it, which may or may not have worked for them).

          tl;dr – I love my HTC One. My JUMP! upgrade is coming up and I am seriously considering not using it and sticking with the One. That said, I could definitely like how HTC handled the OTAs quite a bit more than I currently do.

          Clearer? Worse? Who cares? *shrug*

          moving on…

  • Guest

    Thank you Based God.

  • Daniel

    I honestly think the delay of the T-Mobile, At&t, and Verizon HTC One 4.3 update has something to do with Isis which should be launching very very soon. It would make sense that they push it back so they only have to do one update…
    Notice how Sprint (the only one not using Isis) is the only one with the update…

    Just a theory with no hard evidence but it makes sense… HTC Sense…

    • Daniel


    • JointhePredacons

      ISIS mobile payment ?

    • Michael Williams

      Isis is already up its in the play store but doesnt work on rooted phones

  • Dean de Leo

    This is great! I’m getting ready to get an HTC One. I’ll wait a little longer until it’s finally here.

  • mic check

    HTC One has major microphone issues. I would avoid it at all costs.

    • Rob

      That is a retarded comment. Some of them have microphone issues but not all of them. I have no issues with my microphone, the only issue I have is the all-too-common purple tint on my camera.

      • Romdude

        I had microphone issues with a handset but I quickly replaced it. It’s been generally ok so far with the new handset.

    • JointhePredacons

      Sounds like a defective unit. Bring it back and get a new one. People that keep defective equipment and complain like its a manufacturer problem irk me.

  • Rob

    No Sense 5.5 – just flash Maximus HD, Android Revolution 30, or Viper 3.0 and you get Sense 5.5 on a 4.3 base. The new keyboard is sick too.

  • Chong

    I am flashing Sense 5.5 on my Tmo tonight. What Android 4.3? That was many months ago ant it?

  • Methuen man

    Surprise surprise… no update…