HTC Tweet Says One Android 4.3 Update Coming Mid-October

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 2.03.02 PMIn a move that will hopefully appease HTC One owners across the nations four largest carriers, HTC’s official US Twitter account recently “announced” a time-frame for the Android 4.3 update. According to the tweet, HTC One owners on T-Mobile can expect to see the update sometime around mid-October. There’s no specific date, but at least mid-October provides a specific time-frame to ease the frustrations of HTC One owners that have been left wanting some sort of news regarding a date. According to The Verge, the update will “include lock screen widgets, numeric battery levels in the status bar, a quick settings panel in the notification bar, options to configure the home button, improvements to the camera, and an easier to manage file format for Zoe clips.”

The release of the HTC One Android 4.3 update will offer HTC bragging rights as the first Android manufacturer to release the update outside of Google. Google previously updated the Play Store editions of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 to Android 4.3 a few weeks back.

Your move Samsung.


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  • sidekicker89

    I wonder what it will change on my phone… i’ve heard only minor changes though such as a two finger slide down when on the lock screen to access the settings.

    • Trevnerdio

      1080p Netflix streaming

  • chuck

    my samsung note 3 has 4.3 out of the box

    • And that launched what, yesterday…. so what’s your point?

    • Sbps1

      well good for you

  • Pacersman

    Yes, by next October we will have our update. I imagine that there are consequences for layoffs and tough decisions.

  • MNBug

    And this is why I only buy Nexus phones.

    • Wayne Peterkin

      If the sound quality through the headphones weren’t so terrible on nexus the nexus 4 and if it had more storage I would’ve gotten it.

  • E

    Can’t wait for the updatre!

  • ex_nokia_exec

    Hopefully this will fix the purple tint issues I have.

  • kalel33

    Reports from Cnet and Engadget have stated that the S4 will be getting the 4.3 update this month too. The S3 and Note 2 will also be getting the 4.3 update shortly after. We’ll see if HTC updates the One X or will they continue abandoning their phones after one year, like they did with the One S and the Amaze.

    • g2a5b0e

      From what I understand, the Mega, the S4 Mini & a few other mid-range phones from Samsung will also get 4.3. Even if the One X gets 4.3 (which I doubt), I doubt HTC will be able to match that kind of commitment to updating a wide range of devices.

    • Daniel Duran

      Hence the reason I jumped the HTC ship and onto Samsung’s. And HTC 4.3 update barely with “quick settings”?? that shoulda been there from the get go. I don’t see another flagship device coming from HTC with their Q3 loss. We’ll see though, I predict an RIM fate for them.

    • V_i_m

      Not even a year for the Amaze. JB 4.1 dropped only 9 months after the
      Amaze was released, and it never got the update unlike Samsung’s Galaxy
      S2. Then there was the way HTC never addressed how the 4.0 update broke
      WiFi on many T-Mo phones. And don’t get me started on the Amaze’s
      absolutely horrible battery life. I started carrying multiple extra batteries everywhere I went. I just can’t imagine buying an HTC phone now that batteries are no longer swappable. Finally the fact that they locked the phone up tight put a real crimp in the developer community’s ability to support the phone for the longest while, and by the time S-On was finally established, a lot of devs had already moved on to newer phones.

      I bought three HTC’s in a row, but no longer. My next phone will be
      either a Samsung or a Nexus. HTC has with the Amaze done an excellent
      job of burning up all the good will I used to feel towards them. I wish them luck in turning their ship around before it sinks, but I’ve had enough and I’m jumping ship.

  • Trevnerdio

    British style

  • Mark

    Has anyone heard anything about what HTC’s next flagship will be?

    • kalel33

      They’re doing one a year, so the next one won’t come out until next spring.

      • Mark

        Sounds good. I’ll be off my current contract by then so I’ll hopefully be able to compare the (placeholder names) GS5 to the HTC Next One.

  • tomnewtn

    I have the Nexus 4 but I like what I’ve read about the enhancements to the ONE and it’s version of SENSE. So naturally I’m eager to get this update.

  • tonkotsu

    htc is done

    another qtr of losses

  • PhoenixPath

    Converted mine to Dev. Ed. to get it early. Will probably convert back when TMob gets it so I can get WiFi calling back.

    Good to see HTC on the ball. Hopefully they’ll make it through this rough patch.

    The posts on this thread are simply exasperating. A lot of angst from people who apparently don’t even own the device or like HTC. Nothing better to do?? Lame.

  • fsured

    By HTC releasing the update does that mean T-Mobile will immediately release it? Wouldn’t they hold on it to test it on their network, add in their programs, etc.?

    • No, it sounds like it’s already carrier-specific. Otherwise it’d be one generic update released at some date, not four different updates released on different times.

      • Prod1702

        I am sure HTC is talking about a over seas updated then T-Mobile tests it and puts it out. 4.2 is already out over seas now for some time. All T-Mobile had has to do is put it out for their customers, but they haven’t yet.

  • Rick

    Halloween. Sadly, TMO is always slow with updates. A function of resources and urgency, and choices are made. I love my ONE, but I could go CM and never look back.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      Well at least we bypassed 4.2 to go straight to 4.3. Its all good in the hood for me…

      • Prod1702

        4.2 has been out for awhile now for the HTC One its just t-mobile didn’t update the One with it.

        • TheCudder

          That’s what he was getting at with the “we bypassed” comment.

    • Eugene

      TMO is actually pretty quick with updates, unless they are adding something different to their firmware. For example, we were last to get 4.1.2 on the GS3 but it came with multi-window and other premium suite features while all the other carries only had the security patches. I’m actually not even sure if the GS3’s on other carries have those features now.

      • Rick

        They sure updated the Sensation 4G quickly.

        • Drew

          And ruined it just as fast

      • Spanky

        AT&T was actually the last to issue 4.1.2 for the GS3. Over 2 months after T-Mobile, in fact.

  • Nick Gonzalez

    Muy Bueno!
    Thats also the first time I heard about lock screen widgets and Zoe improvements. Just got a little more excited.

  • sorandkairi

    I spoke with HTC on the phone today (regarding my HTC ONE) and they verified that 4.30 in about a week for T-Mobile.

    • I did also and they confirmed 4.3 at 4:30PM Eastern in Exactly a week. *nods**

  • Whiskers

    I bought my original HTC One less than 3 months ago and have gone through 4 of them so far.
    Speaker sensors turn to shit and makes the phone useless on 2 out of the 4 I’ve had. The third one just went haywire all the time after you charged it , random calls and random data searches like it had a brain of it’s own.
    The 4th one i’m on now is finally working good for the last two weeks , i’ll keep my fingers crossed that it last.
    HTC can update all they want but I would like to see a better internal parts build so I can keep one that actually will last.
    I like this phone a lot but i’m losing confidence in their internal parts they use so the next latest greatest version won’t do any good for me if the phone hardware is falling apart.
    This is just my experience with the HTC One , i’m sure others have a different experiences.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      Wow man that’s crazy. Did you install any mods to them or something? What kind of apps did you install?
      I could understand going thru 2 Ones, but 4? Sounds weird

      • jonathan3579

        I’m calling shenanigans.

        • Whiskers

          Believe what you want , it’s the truth.
          I’m not trying to trash HTC but i’m going to be honest and say it like it is. It may have a nice feel in the hand with the one piece curved aluminum back and front facing speakers , but I don’t think their internal build quality is a good as they use to be.
          And I’ve owned many HTC devices over the last 10 years.

        • jonathan3579

          That’s just ironic because my pre-launch HTC One never had any issues. (Well, with the exception of dropping calls and the screen turning off randomly.) I’ve never seen anyone who got so many defective devices in a row. So whether your story is true or not, well, only you know but I have never had anything close to that from any manufacturer.

      • Whiskers

        Nope , didn’t do any mods or high tech rooting at all.
        Every phone had no custom high tech down loads that would conflict with the software either. They were all free simple downloads from the app department like a compass , words for posts , weather channel , etc. Nothing really high tech at all or big in size.
        All of the problems have been hardware issues involving sensors and speakers. The ear speaker on the phones would work good for certain period of time then the speaker sensor would go south and cause the speaker to start distorting and eventually quit working while having a phone call.
        On one of the them the charging sensor went bad. Once the phone was fully charged and you disconnect it from the charger , it would start randomly calling or surfing on it’s own while you try to use the phone.
        Bought the first one on 7/17/13 and I’m now on number 4 right now and it seems to be working for the last two weeks but i’m not holding my breath.
        I do like this phone a lot better than my Windows or Iphones I have but I never know if it’s going to last or not .
        Maybe I got a bad batch or something , don’t know.