T-Mobile Announces Next UnCarrier Phase 3 Announcement For October 9th

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We knew T-Mobile’s Phase 3 UnCarrier announcement was coming up soon and the carrier just let loose the date…October 9th. Let this date in October be marked onto your your Magenta calendars as the time we’ll find out exactly what T-Mobile has in store for the third and purportedly last phase of their UnCarrier plan to recapture both market and mindshare in the US wireless market.

As T-Mobile wants this announcement to go down in style, there is a special “ticketed event” with “international superstar” Shakira. I’ll pass on the concert but I’m eager to see exactly what T-Mobile has in store for the “UnCarrier Revolution.”

I know we are all eager to see what October 9th will bring and what kind of crazy on-stage idea T-Mobile CEO John Legere has in store. UnCarrier Phase 2 had puppets and a parody of AT&T’s “It’s not complicated” children’s commercial…so, what will Phase 3 bring?

October 9th…it’s on.


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  • TayshaunBoba

    Is it weird how EXCITED I am for a press conference??

    • nvitone23

      not at all haha

  • TmoBoss

    Secret meeting for some employees this Sunday.

    • thepanttherlady

      It’s not a secret anymore. :P

      • Jose Hernandez

        Lol, guess not anymore

  • PhoenixPath

    Announcing the announcement?


    We heard you like announcements, so were announcing that the announcement of our next big announcement will be announced…shortly. (But don’t worry, we’ll make sure to announce it ahead of time!)

  • Scott

    “Don’t miss it for the world.” International calling plan/discount?

  • Tina

    It’s just her new tmobile song. Oh tmobile when you drop calls like that, you make a woman go mad…

    • ra

      good joke too bad ive never had a dropped call from Tmobile in the past 5 years.

      • kalel33

        I drop them a few times a week but I’m in a very mountainous area, so it’s more the terrain than anything. When I lived in Kansas I didn’t have those problems.

      • Tina

        I apologize, it’s more like when you miss calls like that… And that happened to me on a daily basis just driving home from work in an area with supposed HSPA coverage. Not to mention missing text messages that my husband proved he sent to me and I never received. I live in Cleveland, OH so I had coverage my whole route home. What’s the reason… NO Fighting, Shakira Shakira

  • VG

    Shakira is definitely an upgrade over recent T-Mobile celebrity spokespersons like Rob Kardashian and Xzibit. :)

  • S. Ali

    Shakira – VP of Marketing

    Didn’t blackberry pull a similar stunt with Alicia Keys

  • JB

    You got something against Shakira or something, David? Lol

    • I know right!? lol I’ll take me some Shakira thank you very much! ha

  • Chris

    What?? You’ll pass on the Shakira concert? You know her hips don’t lie.

  • kev2684

    did you get the invite this time? if not John Legere is doing it all wrong.

    • I did!

      • sidekicker89

        FINALLY! haha :) it’s in NYC right?

      • lynyrd65

        At the q&a be the guy to ask about what they are doing about the vast swathes of 2g

  • AndroidProfit

    Maybe while on stage he will twitter.

  • Singleweird

    unlimited international roaming at no extra charge. a true world phone and carrier. thats my guess.

    • kalel33

      Yeah, that’ll never happen. The overseas carriers charge an arm and a leg to the US carriers and then they stack on some extra to sweeten the deal for themselves.

      • Jose Hernandez

        Tmobile USA could do this with their parent tmobile in Europe.

        • Bob

          That’s what I was thinking also. Free roaming with all the different T-Mobiles wherever they may be.

        • Bigjavar101

          That would so come in handy right now since I’ve moved to england! because I’m roaming on T-mobile UK – EE!

          I am so glad WiFi calling works overseas and it’s free :D

        • ChristianMcC

          Please tell me you’ve bought some plan in the UK, other than using the WiFi calling and roaming?

        • Bigjavar101

          Haha, yes I bought a phone plan with a company called 3. I only pop in my T-mobile sim to call home and keep in touch with the family when I’m on WiFi which is like 99% of the time.

        • Bigjavar101

          I was lost one day without wifi, made a call while roaming on T-mobile UK.. The call was 2 mins and I got charged $6.98!
          F*ck roaming charges lol.. No to mention $15/mb for data!

      • Singleweird

        hah. awkward.

        • kalel33

          I’ll say when I’m wrong. I never thought they’d do that. So now you get unlimited roaming in 100 countries for data but only 50MB of roaming in the USA. That’s just confusing.

  • I love T-Mobile and I love Shakira, I’d say this is a Win-Win situation for myself. Excited to see what they have in store for us this time around, they sure did not disappoint the last two times, and it’s showing in their numbers. – D

  • Eric

    All/Most EDGE towers get 3G/HSPA+/LTE connectivity within the next few months…

    BOOM, billions of dollars in profits and AT&T and Verizon filing for bankruptcy.

    • Tmo_man

      Woohoo can’t wait for that..~!

    • Robbie Refarm

      That truly is the missing piece of the puzzle……

    • samsavoy

      “Two years is too long to wait (for a picture to load)”

    • kalel33

      You say that as if T-mobile has the same native coverage as Verizon. Verizon has probably 20x the area of coverage in the US. Their native towers have a larger coverage area than even T-mobile’s with the roaming partners. Most of T-mobile’s coverage map is roaming partners.

      • mrmaster198

        Wow, you are pretty dumb…
        T-Mobile covers 96% of all Americans with their native towers, while Verizon covers 99%.
        99-96=3% more native coverage that Verizon has for the double the cost and half the data.

        • TC3

          You do realize that 96% claim is based on expanded coverage using roaming partners. The website even use to site that. The fcc’s information can’t be accessed right now due to the Gov. shutdown otherwise I can prove that. Look at go smart mobiles coverage map (that’s native t-mobile coverage) and tell me that that Verizon only covers 3% more than t-mobile. If you drive from Kansas to Bismark, ND then to Montana you wouldn’t be connected to t-mobiles native network the whole trip but I guess those millions of people covered don’t count.

    • twicetheprice

      ….and the GPRS towers! Yes, they still have GPRS towers out there.

  • one thing is certain .. TMO is starting to be a master at grabbing the headline.

  • Don Kim

    This better be good

  • By puppet did you mean John L.? ;)

  • Jason Crumbley

    Something tells me Shakira is a hint, along with international.

  • Bklynman

    I know what it is,free phones,free minutes, free data,all unlimited, all you have to paid for
    is texting for only $10.00 a month. The funny thing is this,if they did do this,someone will
    still complained about something. LoL.

  • Maybe they will let us convert from classic with no fees, I’d like that. I still have 4 lines over there, and doing unlimited. But I could save some money by switching over, so I’m ready. But not ready to pay any fees to do it.

    • ruizgt

      if you have over a 5 year tenure they’ve been waving them for customers who want to switch.

      • I’ve been with them for 16 years, they didn’t offer to waive the fees when I called.

        • kalel33

          T-mobile has only been around for 11 years.

        • Joe

          Omni-Point, then Voice Stream, then T-Mobile…the only possible way (like me), but technically not with T-Mobile for all those years.

        • John

          Joe and Kalel33, if you think about it T-Mobile as a company has been around since 2001, but under a different brand. In other words, in 2001 the company was under the name voicestream, but under the control of Deutsche Telekom (DT). The point is the company policies and procedures were the same in 2001 as they were in 2002 even though the brands were different. Thus, T-mobile has been around 12 years. With one year under a different brand.

          Deutsche Telekom is the parent company of T-Mobile and since they acquired VoiceStream in 2001 they took control of voicestream at that point. Thus, the company (VoiceStream) in 2001 ran exactly like the re-branded company T-Mobile did in 2002 just under a different brand.

          On June 1, 2001, Deutsche Telekom (DT) completed the acquisition of VoiceStream Wireless Inc. for $35 billion. Deutsche Telekom started controlling the company voicestream in 2001. Thus, T-mobile offered the same things voicestream did in 2001, just under a new brand. In 2001 after Deutsche Telekom acquired voicestream and Prior to the company re-branding.
          The company logo was:
          Global wireless by T-Mobile

          In 2002 the company was re-branded and the company logo was:
          T- Mobile

          I have been with T-Mobile since January 2005 and get $35 a month in loyalty discounts.

        • WW

          Some of were Powertel before VStream/T-Mobile.

        • tell that to my 13 year loyalty discount.

        • John

          In 2001 Deutsche Telekom took control over voicestream and so began its first year as a company in the U.S. Thus, T-Mobile as a brand has been around only 11 years, but T-Mobile as a company for 12 years.

        • John

          You have to ask for the waiver, and as long as you’ve been with them over 5 years they will waive all fees.

        • Lisa

          Yep, they absolutely will. I have been doing this for customers for months. :)

  • brenda

    How bout they just give us free shakira tickets? they announcing her so why not give us free shakira concert tickets?

  • iTried

    Free international calling.

    • Bigjavar101

      They already have that. WiFi calling =)

      • sidekicker89

        uh no… calling international numbers using Wifi Calling while in the United States will result in international rate charges… trust me I know since my family made that HUGE mistake and ended up with a $1,200+ bill!

        • Bigjavar101

          I’ve been using wifi calling fine since i’ve been in england and haven’t ran up a phone bill because I’ve been calling US phone numbers.

        • Bigjavar101

          I got a local sim to call/text local numbers, and I use wifi calling to call/text the states.

        • sidekicker89

          using a local sim card is completely different.. what i meant was using your T-Mobile phone to call international numbers from the states. So you use your T-Mobile SIM and then connect to wifi to call the states? does it really say T-Mobile when you’re connected to Wifi Calling overseas? I haven’t tried that yet. :)

        • Bigjavar101

          Yeah it does. It goes from showing “Roaming” to just “T-mobile”. When I go to settings>about>status when on wifi calling under roaming it says “Not Roaming” or something like that. You don’t get charged for calling the states on wifi calling. It’s like still being in the states, unless you go over your minutes. Which I won’t have that problem because I have Unlimited Mins.

          In the Wifi calling options in order to avoid the possibility of accidentally dialing a US number while roaming I put to use wifi only, instead of “Wifi preferred”. If the signal isn’t strong enough it will kick you off of wifi calling and put you back on the roaming network.

        • sidekicker89

          oh wow.. i’ll have to try next time i travel! I’ve always wondered about that. The call reps actually get confused with the question when i ask haha

        • BigBirdMiami

          I asked this to Tmo Customer service once. The WiFi calling system has no way of telling where you are when on WiFi. So in essence, WiFi is always a local call. But if you WiFi call a number in the country you visit, it will be international. So in Short:

          WiFi Call to USA from USA: LOCAL
          WiFi Call to USA from another country: LOCAL
          WiFi Call to another country #: INTERNATIONAL

          Just thought I’d put in my bit of knowledge.

  • minioninnc

    Maybe it’s gonna be a free Shakira song download? :) J/k

  • AJ

    I would really like to know if the other two big carriers are shaking in their boots – . heh. It would be really cool though, if they leverage DT to come up with a sweet international plan making it a truly global service.

    • AJ

      That obviously didn’t work. Heres a retry:

      I would really like to know if the other two big carriers are shaking in their boots – now we gonna have to change again to keep in the competition. heh. It would be really cool though, if they leverage DT to come up with a sweet international plan making it a truly global service.

  • TenderTuna

    I vaguely recall this gal named Carly that was part of the T-mo ad family, guess she’s gone now?

  • Shhhhhhh

    A little birdy told me:

    ALL customers, no matter how old or how cheap your plan is, will be force-migrated to a new Value Plan. Unlimited minutes will be the ONLY plan, with different pricing not available to customers unless being force-migrated. All legacy plans will be retired indefinitely, no migration fees for anyone on legacy plans, and your price may drop or increase when getting moved to the new plans. You will have until 2/1/2014 to cancel service with no termination fee should you not like the plan you will be forced to.
    Thankfully, single line Unlim Minute plans will start at just $20/MO vs the current $50 (again, not available to consumers, only those being force migrated, based on your specific needs). Once the force-migration finishes by December, it will be 100% Value or newest Classic with Bridge to Value as your only upgrade option, priced at the advertised rate, not the special price for forced-migrated customers.
    Last, deposits are 100% gone for new lines of service, regardless of credit score, but credit score will still determine down payment and EIP amounts for full priced phones.

    • Citizen Kane

      This doesn’t make any sense. There would be no reason to have the 2/1/2014 cancel date because moving everyone to new plans means no contract to begin with. Why would they get rid of classic to force people to a new Classic?

      • woooopss

        New plans are no contract RENEWAL, this does not however remove your existing contract.
        Example: Customer on an old legacy plan @ $70/mo for 4 lines (1k minutes, 2 add a lines, no data)
        They bought a discounted phone 8mo ago before all this Bridge to Value was available, hense they still have 16 out of 24mo left in contract.
        They’re now force migrated to a new value plan @ $80/MO (more minutes, data, etc) but they are upset about the price increase.
        They now have til 2/1/2014 to leave tmobile free of charge even if in contract.

        • Luis Medina

          oh i see.

    • David Lebron

      That’s pretty detailed… Where’d this bird get this info?

      • Shhhhhhh

        Let’s just say, the bird wears the company logo on his work shirt, but wanted to get the correct info out there before someone else sensationalizes or spins it to be negative.
        The bird wants people getting stoked for Uncarrier! Unlimited minutes for everyone, at special non advertised rates! Meow indeed the bird told me!

        • Tmosince2003

          I get it, and in general appreciate the need to simplify the business rules. I would not want to try to maintain the code behind a billing system with 350 plans either.

          But even still, I don’t need unlimited minutes and I barely need texting at all. I truly miss my $29.99 300 minutes no text plan, I would go back to it in a heartbeat if I could.

        • Luis Medina

          so will this add unlimited texting and web to all lines? like on the simple choice plans.

        • James h Jackson jr

          I have the even more plus 500 500 mins unlimited txt and 5 gig of data what plan will I be moved to and what price

        • elibomt

          I have the same question, I haven’t received any letter from T-Mobile yet.

    • samsavoy

      Our contract-based value plan is $80/month for 4 lines, 3 of which have data. Simple Choice would be a price hike for us with no added benefit (we only use 500 mins/month). All of our devices are unlocked…and poor coverage makes us want to port out..so if they did this they would promptly lose us as a customer.

      • Shhhhhhh

        Read some of my updated info above, and remember there will be special pricing available to you that other customers can not get. I’m familiar with the plan you’re on, and you should not receive an MRC increase, unless opting out of the special rates and going to one of the advertised rate plans. The letter you will get should ease any questions.

    • sidekicker89

      How can they “force” migrate someone?.. i’m not going to pay more for my plan! I only pay $84.60 for three lines and that better not change!

      • John

        Well under simple choice all your lines would have unlimited talk+text+ unlimited data (500mb high speed). All 3 lines would only cost you $90 a month so it won’t be much of an increase.

        1st line $50
        2nd line $30
        3rd line $10

        • Tmosince2003

          You forgot to add in the data which is more expensive than the legacy plan’s cost per gb.

          If they decommission my $20 really unlimited 4g data that I got last Christmas and limit my roaming data harder, we have to leave.

          The fine print nobody talks about is that the so simple it’s stupid plan limits roaming data to 10 mb. You read that right. 10. I get 5 times that, 50 mb on Family 1k and my line 3 has to have more than 10.

          Probably time to go anyway, it’s just that paying off the EIP on 2 phones now is going to be annoying.

        • Testing

          You’re going to leave? Good luck finding a cheaper option elsewhere

        • Tmosince2003

          (It’s always so nice when someone posts a nice polite ‘get lost’ note, especially from test accounts.)

          I didn’t say anything about the price of my account, it’s the roaming data that’s the final straw. Fully aware that I’m probably looking at a rising bill either way, but due to coverage (Sml Roanoke) it’s not optional. I really have been on TMO since 2003 and I understand the services and how they compare to competitors, usually better than the csr I’m talking to.

          If Mr. Shhh knows about the roaming limit on the new double secret probation plan, that would help. Maybe it will be in the fine print, but I doubt it. I had to get to a retention expert before I found someone who understood this critical difference between my plan and the ‘Simple’ plan. If I don’t get more than 10 mb of data roaming, whatever the price, I have to move that line. It’s out of contract thank goodness.

        • samsavoy

          We’re in a similar predicament. I was going to migrate to Simple Choice, but 3/4 lines have 2GB of data and Simple Choice would be more expensive and only give us 500MB of data. All of our phones are unlocked and at that point we might as well just port to AIO or Straight Talk. At the end of the day, we need better coverage. So if the price goes up with no coverage benefit, why bother with them? Unless they make some serious coverage announcement as well…we’ll leave. Honestly the only reason we haven’t is the ETF.

        • Shhhhhhh

          Maybe for some reason I didn’t emphasize it enough, but as posted above, ANY CUSTOMER WHO ENDS UP BEING FORCE-MIGRATED WILL HAVE SPECIAL, UNIQUE, OR DISCOUNTED PRICE PLANS, None of which are advertised or available outside of this transition. The only way to get a forced MRC increase (more per month) would be those on a VERY old Legacy plan with very limited minutes, no text, no data, and promotional discounts you got grandfathered into – or – an MRC increase if you willingly change to a currently advertised rate plan via declining the special discounted pricing you’re going to receive when force-migrated (no reason that should happen if you’re reading about this and call the customer care line to accept your specialty pricing)

        • Ernest Kincy

          Hey lil birdie, any word on Xperia z1?

        • Guest

          So NONE of this was announced tonight? All I see all over the web right now is news related to international phone calls and international data. I can’t imagine it’s a huge chunk of their non-business customer base. I’m disappointed. I was hoping for some better news on our own soil!

      • Shhhhhhh

        The force migration WILL happen, and it has to happen if they want to truly move 100% to the Uncarrier strategy.


        Don’t forget what I wrote above, THERE WILL BE SPECIAL PRICING ON RATE PLANS specifically for those being force-migrated. These are plans not advertised or available to customers, starting at $20/mo (Unlim minutes, 30mb of highspeed data)
        After receiving the letter, mailing Oct 10, there will be a 1-800 # to call to discuss options, although if you dont call, then the system has already picked a plan for you as detailed in your letter.
        The only real problem with MRC increases will be those on insanely low plans such as Prefered 75 for just $10/mo, or oldpromotional plans where they had $10 family texting and $5 add a lines with limited minutes, no text, no data.
        EVERYONE ELSE WILL NOT RECEIVE AN MRC INCREASE in 99% of situations due to the special nonadvertised rates they can get.

        • Tmosince2003

          All right, I guess I have to wait for the letter.

          This is why I hate having a phone contract, it can be torn up by the company for free but only at high cost by the consumer. I only got into this contract to lock in a rate plan I could afford in case of the ATT merger, I didn’t even take a subsidized phone at the time. Buying phones later on EIP has extended it.

          At least it sounds like no ETF might happen now, which would be appreciated. It’s very uncarrier.

    • Shhhhhhh

      Adding emphasis:

      ANYONE BEING FORCE-MIGRATED WILL RECEIVE SPECIAL, UNIQUE, AND/OR DISCOUNTED PRICING ON RATE PLANS; prices that are not advertised and will ONLY be available to current Tmobile customers being force-migrated.

      If you didn’t like the price of the currently advertised Uncarrier plans, then consider this a blessing in disguise, as you will be able to get all the benefits of Uncarrier, at a monthly cost lower than what you see advertised today. Some will get more, save money, break even, and only in extreme cases of very old legacy plans with no features will you incur a price increase.

      To give you a detailed idea to ease your mind, currently there are over 350 different rate plans across all tmobile customers since they started in the USA many years ago. This transition will not bring those 350 down to just 1 plan (the plan you know of as the current Simple Choice Value Unlimited Everything $50/$30/$10). It will bring those 350 down to just 50. That’s still 49 more options than you see advertised currently, to ensure everyone is happy with the cost and benefit of being 100% Uncarrier.

      Letters which detail the specialty pricing offered unique to your account(s) will be mailed October 10th for Family Plan rates, and Single Line letters have just been mailed already.

      Uncarrier for everyone! Get pumped! And look for your letter in the mail if youre on an old legacy plan to see what you can get! This is a great change!

      • sidekicker89

        I have a military discount on my current 1000k minute Value Plan… will I be able to keep that discount if I am forced migrated onto the Simple Choice plan?

    • Shhhhhhh

      T-Mobile loves surprises! Phase 3 may have more than what the birdie told me, we’ll just have to wait and see!

      (Read below for a better explanation on pricing for force-migrated customers)

  • Todd

    Thanks, David, for this announcement of the announcement of the upcoming announcement.

    • Don’t look at me, I’m just letting you know something is coming!

      • Marc Klein

        Do you have even a smidgit of info regarding what Phase 3 is that you can share?

        • I’ve already posted two separate groups of information, no?

        • Marc Klein

          If you did, I probably missed it but I see nothing but posts about Brightspot and that Gear watch thingie. in between.

        • just me

          You might want to look beyond page 1. You know this site existed before last week, right? The two articles he’s referring to are the elimination of deposits for new customers and selling refurbished devices in-store. Those are the best guesses now; its likely to be multiple initiatives and usually the biggest surprise is the one most carefully guarded(I.e. JUMP/phase 2)

  • Bubblez

    Lol somebody doesn’t want the Phase 3 info leaking and is trying to down vote the comments detailing the upcoming changes. Well turns out the info is spot on.
    = Tmo employee; info is posted on our internal community documents

    • Ernest Kincy

      T-Mobile branded xperia z1?

  • magentaemplpoyee

    As a higher up TMO employee, I can say that there is no info on the below uncarrier 3.0 info in our internal community site. It’s all speculation right now. Just fyi.

    • gentleman559

      I can’t find out anything at work. Not even a clue

    • Ernest Kincy

      any word on the xperia z1 yet?

      • thepanttherlady

        The unlocked international version (Model # C6903) runs on T-Mobile and has LTE.

        • Ernest Kincy

          T-Mobile beamed z1

  • Bob Archer

    OK, a concert to kick it off. Don’t tell me it’s some kind of lame Spotify type music service.

  • jr Fortenberry

    I am very anxious to find out about phase 3. I have 4 lines with Verizon with unlimited talk, text and share 10GB of data and our contract it’s up on all 4 lines. This cost me $350 per month! One of the lines is my son’s that just finished Army boot camp and is headed to Colorado (Ft Carson) and will be deployed to Afghanistan for a year in March. I really want to move to T-Mobile but I need to make sure the LG G2 work for him while overseas. I cover 6 states for my job (AZ, NM, CO, MT, WY & Utah) and need to make sure the same phone as above will get voice and text at the very least while in MT, WY, NM. Also that GPS will work as intended in these areas. Internet isn’t that big of a deal as I can wait to get on Wi-Fi at the hotel. I guess I have a question… what will I give up by going to T-Mobile over Verizon as far as service is concerned? Thanks for any help.

    • xmiro

      We drove trough CO, WY in 2008 and NM in 2010, I can report we had coverage as far as calls are concerned.

      On CellMaps app I see that T-Mobile does not have coverage in WY and MT. When we drove trough WY I noticed my phone was attaching to a 3rd party provider so it was roaming, and it was the only service showing up, AT&T wasn’t coming up when I scanned for networks. So in MT and WY you will roam on AT&T, and/or a third party local wireless carrier for sure.

      On T-Mobile you will give up the native network coverage you get with Verizon. Now, how much it would affect you, you wouldn’t know until you move to T-Mobile.

      Coverage is highly YMMV. No one can tell you that it would work out for you. I’d personally get 1 line of service with T-Mobile and use it for a while as the main phone to gauge how it works out being on the T-Mobile network before moving over.

      GPS is independent of the cell phone network. If you have sky above you you have GPS regardless.

      Get the CellMaps app, it’s by a third party company that tracks mobile network coverage and is very accurate it will show you T-Mobile’s native network then you can go T-Mobile.com and see if those places have roaming or not

      • jr Fortenberry

        Thank you very much for the information. Your time is greatly appreciated.

        • Luis Medina

          with the savings you get sometimes keeping an att mvno sim makes sense.

    • Barrera

      if your son gets deployed all he would need is WI FI and he will be able to call. I am in the Navy and every port i hit i was able to find a wi fi place and call home with out spending extra on a long distance plan. As far as i know T-Mobile is the only carrier to offer free wi fi calling

    • Mike

      I live in NM and have Tmo coverage. The main metro areas you shouldn’t have any problems with voice or data. The interstates and most bigger highways are all covered too. The only areas you’ll have to watch out for are in the more mountainous areas (nobody really has service in those areas) and the places out in the middle of nowhere. Otherwise if you’re sticking to the main areas and decently populated areas you shouldn’t have any issues.

      • jr Fortenberry

        Thank you Mike!

  • Deng

    Not to slight Shakira but I would prefer Carly and MORE COVERAGE.

    #jr Fortenberry Tmobile is the wrong carrier for rural coverage. Look at the coverage maps for ATT and Verizon to see which covers your route better in AZ, NM, CO, MT, WY & UT. You can save some money by using an MVNO like Page Plus, Air Voice, AIO etc. If you can live with 1GB of data, Verizon Prepaid has a great unlimited voice/text/1gb data for smartphones @ $50/mo

  • Deng

    forgot to mention that the Verizon $50 prepaid plan is available at Walmart exclusively. Red Pocket is the only MVNO ( ATT ) I know that has family plans. Go to their Facebook page for details

  • jr Fortenberry

    @Barrera, thank you very much for the info.

  • jamauai

    Why does nobody know what time this event starts??? I been searching google for hours and not a single post about what time it starts!!

    • samsavoy

      8:15PM Eastern. T-Mobile tweeted a pic the other day.

      • thepanttherlady

        And it’s on their Facebook page.

  • Mahesh

    Check Tmobile.com : “Tmobile nationwide data is going global with coverage in over 100 Countries”