T-Mobile Promises UNcarrier Phase 3 Will Convert Any “Non-Believers”


With T-Mobile’s UNcarrier Phase 2 now in the books, attention has turned to Phase 3 as T-Mobile’s CEO teases. Rewinding for a second we’ll recall Phase 1 was the unveiling of Simple Choice and UNcarrier and the end of contracts. Phase 2 was the JUMP! program and the Simple Choice with no credit check plans unveiled yesterday.

Legere teases that Phase 3 will debut later this year as the company looks to continue capitalizing on its challenger image. In fact, Legere says Phase 3 will address some industry practices that “drive people nuts” and will convert “any non-believers left.”

“This one will be more fun than the last two,” he said. “I can’t wait for them to get comfortable and spring this.”

Legere adds that Phase 3 will be something other carriers can’t match. Whatever will it be Mr CEO?


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  • Whiskers

    Dear T-Mobile , how about FREE unlimited tethering with all DATA plans that you are already paying for as part of phase 3 .

    • Kyle

      It just doesn’t make sense! The network would get soooo congested! It is meant to be a mobile network, not run an xbox, playstation, stream video at home instead of having cable… it would be sweet if it was realistic, but it just cant happen!
      Can’t wait to see what it is though!! Jump is so exciting!

      • Whiskers

        Either I tether YouTube or Netflix on my 17″ laptop or watch it on my tiny smartphone 4.3 screen , they both still suck monster data usage quickly.
        So as long as I stay within my 5gb/month data agreement I think I should be able to use it anyway I like since I don’t get any refunds or credit for unused portions of it.

        • Cruise Guy

          All of Tmobile’s new plans give you unlimited tethering of all of your data unless you are on the one plan that has unlimited unlimited data on your single phone. All of the new 2GB, 4GB, 6GB plans include unlimited tethering. I love it.

        • Whiskers

          I can’t tether on my WP unless I pay a tethering fee.
          Everytime I try I get a message to contact T-Mobile about signing up for hotspots/tethering.
          But when I first bought my HD7 19 months ago I could tether as much as I wanted and I never went over on my data plan and haven’t changed my VP at all. So T-Mobile must of changed their rules when the new Simple Choice VP plans came out.

        • usconcepts

          Yes. The new plans are great and all of them include free tethering except the unlimited high speed data plan for one phone. That is $50 for talk and text and $20 for unlimited high speed data. I picked the $50 for talk and text and $20 for 4.5 GIGS of data with free tethering over all of it. Its awesome and tons of data.

    • Cruise Guy

      This would be the worst thing to ever happen. I would just turn my 4GLTE phone or next year 5G or whatever it will end up being into a router in my office, and add a repeater and give my office and the next office free internet. Unlimited data is for yourself on one device, maybe another. But totally free unlimited tethering would be a disaster.

      • thepanttherlady

        I haven’t quite figured out why this is such a hard concept to grasp.

  • AntDroid

    free international roaming :)

    • Jarrod

      That wouldn’t be impossible Three allowed users on their other networks to use Three networks in different countries, Ireland Denmark Austria Uk Italia and another Scandinavian country I cant think of right now HongKong and I think maybe Australia though they are joint 50/50 with Vodafone.

    • rfgenerator

      Back in March I emailed John Legere regarding what I deemed as the ridiculously high price of international roaming ($15/MB) linking to his T-Mobile’s pricing and also to ATT’s International Roaming rates. The ATT rates are not cheap, but they were at least somewhat affordable without taking out a second mortgage. I received a reply that I made “good points”, however nothing so far has changed. I would really welcome a change to the international roaming rates as I will probably be heading to Germany in the next year.

      • birddogg98

        There is something coming for international roaming/data. Stay tuned.

      • Cruise Guy

        There is already something called Global Mobile. I use it but 90% of the agents have no clue what it is and you can’t find it on their web sight. Its 9.99 per month and it gives you discounted calling and data all over the world. For example, England is 2 bucks per meg of data roaming instead of 15 per meg. Austria is the same. Now the discount in New Zealand and Australia isn’t worth it. Some countries have no discount hardly. I have it turned on whenever i go over seas, and shut it off when I get back, so its only a few bucks. I love it and nobody really knows about it. They also have an unlimited Europe data program for business customers, but this is different. Remember, when you call Customer Service, most of them have never head of it but its there.

  • J05H

    Interesting. . .

  • Binny Gupta

    I like tmobile and all and am currently using them
    but their old contract were better.

    • Stephen Norton

      How so? The new plans are much better. If you like the old plans, you have At&t or Verizon to choose from.

      • Binny Gupta

        I dont like At&shit and verizon does not have gsm.
        I mean the contracts gave me 3 gs3 for free and stupid dumb phone my dad uses
        we have unlimited talk text
        I have unlimited 4g
        my brother has 5 gb tethering
        my mom has 2gb
        for 165 with taxes and everything

  • jawash22

    Start counting sms as data and eliminate that text message charge. That would be crazy!

    • Ahmed A

      A lot of people don’t have smartphones/data ….

      • Stephen Norton

        Those people aren’t really people

        • JointhePredacons

          yea theyre weird, i laugh everytime i see a flip phone.

    • JointhePredacons

      People still get charged for text messages ? its the 21st century, isnt everyone on unlimited txt plans ?

  • mmunson

    Make incoming SMS’s free? But still charge for sending SMS?

  • t

    There horrible coverage

    • Yancy

      Your horrible grammer! It should be their no there.

      • luithbert

        …and, it should be grammar, not grammer.

        • JointhePredacons

          Lol, “there grammer” is horrible.

  • JB

    FREE PHONES FOR EVERYONE!!! Seriously though, I can’t wait to see what he has in store…

  • rfgenerator

    Uhm, let’s visit the elephant in the room (or is it simply a dead horse that needs another flogging ;-) ), the vast portions of T-Mobile’s network that are still EDGE/GPRS. I gotta figure Mr. Legere has figured out that this is a major problem for long term growth and does need to be addressed. The market for customers who reside/work in cities and never go anywhere on vacation or business is limited. I know it costs $$ and I think most of us want T-Mobile to succeed, but we need our data to work along major interstates, in suburbs, etc. Hopefully this will be component of phase 3. My contract is expiring next month and to be honest right now I’m on the fence of staying with T-Mobile or going to ATT. God knows I hate ATT, but they do have better coverage. Hopefully T-Mobile will show some indication (which they have not so far) that they give a damn about coverage outside of the major cities. John Legere in talking about the Jump promotion referred to “oh s***” moments. Well when I’m in a suburb and I’m trying to get to a website, check email, twitter, etc. and I find I have GPRS/EDGE, guess what I say…. “oh s***”!

    • Whiskers

      I would go “Straight talk” on AT&T towers for $45/month with no contract before I would jump ship on a postpaid 2 Year contract with AT&T.
      Then that would give you some time so see if T-Mobile does any upgrading in your area before making a real commitment.

      • rfgenerator

        I thought ATT had terminated their agreement with “Straight Talk”. Existing customers may still have it, but I think the only option for “Straight Talk” is currently using T-Mobile’s network.

        • Whiskers

          I’m not completely sure , good point though.
          I’ll have to check on that and get the current 411 on them.

        • vrm

          I noticed that, too. I got their go plan to try. I find at & t ‘s network much better, at least in the Raleigh metro area.

    • TechHog

      They can’t fix it anytime soon. It’ll take years to get the spectrum and upgrade the towers, so if you really need the coverage, you’re better off switching even if they announce that they’re expanding 3G/4G coverage.

    • samsavoy

      it has to be the network. With AT&T and VZ’s massive LTE network, and Sprint going for a similar footprint, T-mobile would be dead last in that category very quickly. Then again the other carriers have already matched and exceeded T-Mobile in this category, so I’m not sure how they’re going to compete. Part of me still think they’ll ignore EDGE again

  • Jay J. Blanco

    hmmmmm only time will tell about phase 3. My mind is wondering right now lol

  • adam

    Does any one know examples of industry practices that “drive people nuts” that have not been addressed by Tmobile yet?

  • Philosoraptor

    No more termination fee?

    • Adrayven

      There is none.. if you buy your phone outright. silly non-human. Oh wait.. you do that even under EIP.. your just paying off your CREDIT LINE.

      • fsured

        Some people are still under contracts and can’t take advantage of the new plans. ETFs will apply to them.

        • Whiskers

          Bingo !

        • Philosoraptor

          This! I’m still under contract and while Jump and all this stuff Non-Carrier stuff is cool, I can do any of it unless I pay $200 term fee per line. Yeah so no.

  • QDOG8

    Pase 1: No contracts
    Phase 2: Upgrade whenever you want

  • thepanttherlady

    End all non-Classic plan contracts?

    • lifeisgr84all

      $10,00 decrease in all the… plans thats what i would expect in Phase 3.
      Hard to believe but non believers will believe it as it happens:)

      • lion7718

        Give users 1 Free GB a month each year for 5 years.

  • JAY

    Well I know the one thing that always drives me crazy with T-Mobile.. WALL PENETRATION =]

    • rfgenerator

      Unfortunately there isn’t much T-Mobile can do about this. Due to the frequencies they are allocated they are pretty much saddled with poor building penetration unless they want to put cells on every other building.

      • vmr

        that is nonsense. Tmobile saves on the towers with low output and it can be seen in the weaker signals even outdoors. Most of the time I get -110 db in a metro area with refarmed towers.

        • Cruise Guy

          You are incorrect. It is due to their frequencies. They are too high. They have a limited amount of low frequencies across the country and those penetrate buildings well. Sprint and Verizon are mostly on low, wall penetrating frequencies.

        • mikey

          Yeah you’re right cruise guy, thats why they are hoping to get some of the tv spectrum, along with the spectrum they are picking up from metro, which will make it better eventually

        • Mike

          Exactly…… 700MHz or 800MHz would be ideal, but 600 will work well and i hope they buy enough to go atleast 20 x 20 :]

        • vrm

          again, that IS a lie. tmobile’s signals are pretty weak even outside, in a metro area with refarmed towers/antennas. I rarely get better than -110db for LTE and for HSPA, it is better and between -90 and -100 db. Nothing to do with walls or rural areas. This is their best performance, period.

          In the same geographical area, with the same device, I get at & t signals that are 20db stronger, on an average. It is hardly surprising that at & t’s signals travel further and penetrate better.

        • Alex Hutchins

          You may have an issue with your radio in your phone. Most of the time I get -80dB for LTE and HSPA. EDGE I get around -70dB on the interstates or areas with only EDGE. I am running the Nexus 4.

      • bob90210

        AT&T is basically doing this. They are testing small cell towers. These can be deployed in denser populations where it’s typically difficult to built typical cell towers. This will improve building penetration since the source will be closer to where they are used.

        • D Velasquez

          that is interesting it reminds me of the old PHS days in Japan, the advantage of PHS was that small towers allowed for coverage in crowded places even places like the subway but the technology was phased out in favor of 3G FOMA and XI LTE , SoftBank and KDDI followed later.

    • HiyaBuddy

      Believe it or not T-Mobile rocks for indoor coverage in my house. My uncles nexus 4 always has full bars while Verizon can’t decide between 4g, 3g, or 1x, AT&T has no service, and sprint has one or 2 bars of 3g but no 4g. I live right next to Boston too. My house is in a strong coverage area for all carriers and they say I should have LTE…yeah right!

  • taron19119

    Lte advance

    • khalidalomary

      ur probably right

      • noc007

        Pretty much all the would need to do is a firmware upgrade at most. The hardware they’ve been deploying is ready.

        • khalidalomary


  • comm

    how about bundling all of those ridiculous taxes into the price of the plan!

    • taron19119

      this will not happen seeing as though sales tax is different in each states

      • Jeepers Creepers

        Huh? When I pay my plan I pay only my state sales tax….no admin, FCC service charges, excise taxes, regulatory fees…that’s one of the reasons I’ve always done prepaid, $50 is only $50 plus state sales tax.

        • mattinmo

          The only fee that is the same everywhere is the Fed Reg surcharge. All other taxes and fees are based on your home address and if you have a PO Box listed as a physical address those taxes may be higher. You can still have bills sent to po box just making sure that a phy physical address is on file to make sure your not over charged on taxes. I worked for tmobile for several year and often saw customer’s taxes and fees go down by over 5 % just by adding a physical address. Also for those that have paperless billing, if you move make sure to provide a new address so you’re not paying a tax rate from old address.

        • TransMaroBird

          Regardless, if the fed tax is there, I don’t see it…

      • RedGeminiPA

        AT&T’s new AIO prepaid service includes taxes and fees in the price of the plans.


        Use Tampa, FL zip code 33601 to see available plans.

    • Metro PCS already does this. I would love to see Tmo do it next.

  • JAY

    One normal payment will now cover 2 months of service? Now THAT would be something.

  • Alex Zapata

    I’ve got it: seamless handover to a cellular network from a Wi-Fi call and Wi-Fi calling for non T-Mobile devices.

    Wishful thinking……

    • unknown

      With LTE in place phones will be able to perform the hand off from wifi/uma calling to LTE

    • S. Ali

      That already existed, but T-mobile dropped it. UMA WiFi calling on Blackberry and Nokia devices from 4 years ago could seamlessly switch between cell and wifi.

      • Alex Zapata

        I’m quite familiar with UMA, but if memory serves me well the technology isn’t compatible with the IMS based network that T-Mobile is migrating to. I miss it quite a bit most days.

  • kev2684

    there’s more? jesus. if t-mobile participate in that 600mhz spectrum auction and win spectrum nationwide it will probably the end of AT&T/VZW duopoly for good.

    • RedGeminiPA

      The only hope for that would be that Verizon and AT&T somehow can’t show up for the auction and it goes cheap. T-Mobile isn’t rolling in cash yet…

  • jroblopes

    Well, this is a simple one…. Phase 3 will remove all small/fine print allowing the consumer to believe when they read what T-Mobile says can be taken at face value and not require a lawyer or secret carrier dictionary to translate fine print.

    BTW The T-Mobile $70 Pre Paid NO CAPS UNL WEB 4G voice and text is working out really well for me. Just past 10GB of 4G Data 3 weeks into my month while streaming Google Music. Good luck trying to find the link! If you live in a T-Mobile area, you may want to give it a go.

    • Whiskers

      Can you tether ?

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        Yes you can. Not officially but it works.

      • jroblopes

        T-Mobile Prepaid plans do not offer tethering . The 10GB so far in 3 weeks is streaming 320kbps Google Music on my Google store purchased Nexus 4. Nexus 7 works as expected

    • wilde_ride

      And you’re the type of customer that keeps carriers from being able to offer unlimited plans. Congratulations on clogging up the network for everyone else.

      • jroblopes

        @wilde_ride:disqus it’s a T-Mobile $70 prepaid unlimited 4G data NO CAPS unlimited voice (land line or mobile) and unlimited text. Not sure I understand why you would say I’m clogging up the network. I’m using the network as it was advertised by T-Mobile and you have an issue with that? I’ve done nothing to alter my Nexus 4 from the factory and don’t use any additional communication applications. I’m 100% stock from the Google Store. This isn’t AT&T… Try doing a Google Hangout or Facetime on AT&T, not allowed. T-Mobile has the confidence in their network to handle both of those applications.

        Is there a reason why you may think 10GB is a lot? It really isn’t. The carriers just want people to think that 2GB per month is normal and fair use. Pay attention to T-Mobile, they are in the process of exposing the carriers most dark secrets, they’re ripping you off while making you feel bad for using the service you pay for.

        • RedGeminiPA

          You’re a data hog, plain and simple! Do you really NEED to STREAM music to the tune of well over 10GB(!!) per month? Don’t you have WiFi? You’ve obviously never been an AT&T customer from a few years ago.

          Cellular networks DO have limitations. If/when T-Mobile ever gets coverage saturated at least as good as AT&T, you’ll start seeing severe network issues with data hogs, like you, thinking it’s alright to abuse a LIMITED network. LTE can handle a lot more than HSPA/+, but it DOES have its own limitations.

        • jroblopes


          Alright, this just proves that you folks are clearly brainwashed.

          Why are you people so hell bent on believing when the carriers tell you that 2GB per month is fair use and 10GB is abuse?

          Why is it when I tell you T-Mobile has a $70 prepaid NO CAPS plan to stream music and video (their advertisement) you have an issue with me using the Unl 4G service to stream the music?

          Why is it YOU believe AT&T tells you the truth? Do you really think AT&T cares about you and your experience on their network?

          Since when did you start believing what the carriers tell you? And at what point did you become an expert in cellular technologies?

          “If/when T-Mobile ever gets coverage saturated at least as good as AT&T” – Really? So I tell my kids they can’t Hangout/Facetime because we are on a fragile network that can’t handle the load? NO

          Are you going to troll me because I use Google Hangouts while on 4G? Really? Really? Think about what you are saying before you start going off on someone who is using and paying for a service offered by a carrier. AND do not accuse me or anyone else of hogging bandwidth when the carrier set those rules and those rules happen to be NO CAPS. Don’t troll me when you are on AT&T and I’m talking about the T_Mobile network.

          Enjoy your AT&T lack of experience and I’ll enjoy T-Mobile no shackle deal.

          T-Mobile will change the way you troll, I guarantee it.

        • GIBZ

          Both @redgeminipa:disqus and @wilde_ride:disqus are bunch of lame prudes… 10Gb of data really isn’t that much… I use 10gb easy just on Spotify. In fact, thats one of the reason why I just left AT&T. Each month I kept hitting crazy overages and with $10 per 1GB over, it was really costing me..

          So far so good with T-Mobile… My first day on the network was 7/10/13…. It’s now 7/13/13 and according to the T-Mobile app, I have used a little over 3GB of data.

          SO you losers who dont stream music… or complain about normal data usage need to put down your iPods and jump into the future.

          Let me guess… you still pay your bill by check… Losers.

          I’m from the FUTURE.


        • jroblopes

          Good point @disqus_f3Up7IHtNn:disqus – people are so used to living in the past, they can’t seem to grasp the future. All Internet services are becoming cloud based. In order for those cloud based services to survive, bandwidth and capacity is needed. T-Mobile is meeting this capacity by putting money into their mobile network infrastructure. Unlike AT&T who continues to profit and not upgrade their capacity. *Note I said capacity…*

          T-Mobile will change the way you troll, I guarantee it.

        • Guest

          Both @RedGeminiPA:disqus and @wilde_ride:disqus are bunch of lame prudes… 10Gb of data really isn’t that much… I use 10gb easy just on Spotify. In fact, thats one of the reason why I just left AT&T. Each month I kept hitting crazy overages and with $10 per 1GB over, it was really costing me..

          So far so good with T-Mobile… My first day on the network was 7/10/13…. It’s now 7/13/13 and according to the T-Mobile app, I have used a little over 3GB of data.

          SO you losers who dont stream music… or complain about normal data usage need to put down your iPods and jump into the future.

          Let me guess… you still pay your bill by check… Losers.

          I’m from the FUTURE.


      • pbxtech

        I must be one of those persons who clogged up the pipe. In one billing cycle I used up well over 200GB of data.

        There are 2 GN2 and 1 GS3 in my abode while testing this unlimited limit was. Mind you this was pre-LTE, and didn’t even experience any slow network connectivity.

  • minioninnc

    Maybe it will be all EDGE areas will finally get that (at least) 3g love.

    • CPPCrispy

      That would be nice but it does not go with “Legere adds that Phase 3 will be something other carriers can’t match.”

    • RedGeminiPA

      That would just mean T-Mobile is playing catchup, sorta… considering Verizon is starting to saturate many small rural towns with LTE by now. I’ve been surprised to see LTE connections in many places with my iPad mini running on Verizon prepaid.

  • Toasted_Cracker

    Phase 3- Profit!

    Actually the only thing I can think of is perhaps getting rid of all the over seas technical support. Every call center will be based here in America.

    • Oompa Loompa

      Already done. Most loyalty teams are reintegrated back into customer care, about 75% insourcing now, vs about 75% outsourcing a year ago.

  • CPPCrispy

    Please keep in mind that this is vary outlandish thinking and probably can’t happen.

    Going along with “Legere adds that Phase 3 will be something other carriers can’t match.” what if T-Mobile went to the broadcasters and bought up all of the 600Mhz spectrum?

    • RedGeminiPA

      On that note, T-Mobile can’t AFFORD to do it at this point.

  • khalidalomary

    this one is easy don’t you guys see donkeys will be able to fly

  • HiyaBuddy

    Buy me out of my contract???

  • D Velasquez

    all they need to keep me is to add atsc-m services with phones that have the receiver no internet streaming and also services like Docomo’s ID and Toruca….although ISIS promises coupons just like Toruca does in Japan…..in any case why not take the lead on integrating mobile services with transportation? here in NJ/NY we could use something like that when instead of using those metro cards which are a big waste of plastic and money (you see them everywhere on the floor) we could use something like a FeliCa chip which could allow us to use virtual cards on the phone…..these are the things i want to see and of course a transition from edge to hspa+ in certain areas…….like i wrote on my previous post….wishful thinking…

    • Bklynman

      I work for the mta,for that to work not ta would have change the whole system,
      not that they are not working on getting rid of the cards they are but it will be at
      least another 5yes if not longer.

      • D Velasquez

        i’ve heard that many times from the MTA, not that im trashing or anything, but the port authority did have a trial with mastercard and paypass enabled cards, it was awesome but it was taken down…..i guess i’ll have to wait for this to happen. thanks for sharing the info!

        • Bklynman

          I know you are not,other mass transit systems have that already,
          NJ Transit,has pass systems that don’t invoke cards,not sure about
          theirs buses,I know the Path train,using different system.

      • kk888

        I really don’t like the Metrocards. It has a high maintenance costs cuz u need to replace it every year and the magnetic strip break easily.

    • RedGeminiPA

      Apple is working on something like that with Passbook. It’ll be up to the companies to start using it, though many are jumping on it. It doesn’t even need NFC to work.

      • D Velasquez

        the reliability of NFC is what sells it for me, if you are on a subway station you won’t have data access therefore passbook won’t work on the other hand a nfc embedded chip with the proper software allows you to be used and store the data in it and when the phone connects again to the network it updates the information so you could virtually add balance to your mta card and use and not depend on data.

  • S. Ali

    LTE-Advanced……WORLD WIDE COVERAGE….boom

    • RedGeminiPA

      T-Mobile wouldn’t have anything to do with worldwide coverage. They need to start focusing on areas that aren’t major metros in the US first.

  • Serge

    I was thinking about this: they can give you a phone to use totally for free (including the service) for a month or two. This will convert “any non-believers left.” How could this work? The phones can be securely protected from stealing similarly to iOS 7 activation lock. It’s doable, T-mobile just need a phone manufacture to do it. If the phone is not returned it will be remotely disabled.

    • xmiro

      right because why pay for a phone you can’t afford anyway

      • Serge

        It’s only for people to try T-mobile’s network. A lot of people think T-mobile’s network is crap when it’s actually not. If they give a free phone and free service for a month people can just try.

        • RedGeminiPA

          Considering I live in the largest city between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg and we’re STILL stuck on EDGE, it would be nearly impossible to convince anyone to switch. In many cases, it would only reaffirm the distaste by many.

          T-Mobile may be great in large metro areas, but a large percentage of the country doesn’t live in (and travel through) metro areas, contrary to T-Mobile’s actions concerning network upgrades.

          I’d totally love to jump on T-Mobile, but I refuse to be stuck on EDGE 99.999% of the time (that includes my frequent travels).

          The main reason I visit this site is to look for network update news, hoping my area fill FINALLY get something better than EDGE. I can suffer through traveling on EDGE. Hell, I did it for years with AT&T until they pushed hard to upgrade all the areas I travel through and to.

    • Oompa Loompa

      There is already an IMEI block for blocking phones that are stolen, not paid for under installment plants, etc. It blocks the phone from use on Tmobile AND on other carriers.

  • Mgoggles

    How about free calling to any country in the world. That would be a game changer.

    • Oompa Loompa

      They already offer free landline calling to 50+ countries, unlimited sms, discounted mobile calling, free wifi calling while roaming, and more.

  • TMoFan

    Legere has turned out to be a great asset to T-Mobile along with Mike Sievert and Neville Ray. When you have leadership that’s truly passionate it flows from the top down. Eagerly awaiting UNcarrier 3.0.

    • xmiro

      weren’t Neville Ray and Mike Sievert already there? The company was just mismanaged all these years

      • TMoFan

        Sievert joined the company late last year, and Neville Ray has been CTO since December 2010. When the AT&T sellout was announced the company was muzzled but since the collapse of that deal I’ve been impressed with Ray’s presentations and his work on the network modernization and MetroPCS integration.

        You’re right though the company has been mismanaged for years with a neglectful parent.

  • Andrew Howe

    I Work for T-Mobile and going to start trainning on the Jump program tomorrow, hopefully soon this will be the money making challenge to get our towers in


    I bet it is going to be EIP for the iPad

  • Kermit Frosch

    I’m personally hoping it’s unlimited tethering/hotspot or an unlimited hot spot? Outside of that I don’t know what else would really jaw drop anyone at this point. Anyone else have any ideas?

    • Doubt it. They have already stated they don’t want to be anyone’s ISP.

  • taron19119

    I think it will be 0 down payment on the iphone 5s/6 or exclusive on the budget iPhone

    • What’s the point? They sell more Android phones than iCrap’s anyways.

      • taron19119

        when the next iPhone comes out there will be about 8 million iPhone users that will upgrade T Mobile can steal away about 3 million to 4 million

        • JointhePredacons

          i refer to them as 8 million idiots. The next iPhone will be the same as the one before it, as that one was the same as the one before it, and so on, and so on. Iphone has been tweaking the same version of the software it had in 2007 yet people run out every year to buy the new one. Like I said 8 million idiots.

        • RedGeminiPA

          And if it weren’t for that iPhone that you love to hate, your beloved Android would be nothing more than a Blackberry knockoff. Ever wonder why Android NEEDS Project Butter? It’s because Android’s core was written around physical controls, not touch, just like Blackberry (pre-10) Learn a little history before you blurt out nonsense.

        • JointhePredacons

          Really? You wanna go down this road ? Android came out less than 1 year after the iPhone. Meaning they were both in development separately at the same time. One has nothing to do with the other. If android copied the iPhone then the iPhone should be better. Its not. Ever since 2008 when the G1 came out Android has been on top. I should do research ? Project butter had nothing to do with enabling touch interfaces, it was about making the OS faster, or buttery smooth and it didnt even get introduced till Android 4.1. You are the one who should do research because its you who just blurted out nonsense. If you like the crap which is the iPhone just admit it, but don’t try to convince yourself that the iPhone is better, its not.

        • Guest911

          The biggest moron here has to be a yankee fan.

        • mikey

          guess some ppl don’t realize that even the first android device the tmobile g1 had a touch screen, and onscreen keyboard, it just had a qwerty keyboard also giving users the option of which to use. But that was before physical keyboards became obsolete

        • JointhePredacons

          Yep I rocked a G1 and a G2, both were faster and better than their iPhone counterparts.

        • mechapathy

          Actually, the earliest demos of Android show the use of physical buttons AND touch-based input. Meaning it was built to be flexible. Also you pulled that connection to project butter directly out of your ass.

        • Not until they upgrade the network. I love T-Mobile, but so many are hesitant to switch because they feel T-Mobile’s network is crap.

      • wilde_ride

        Shockingly to an android fanboy, this is a business… made to make money, not made to support your personal favorite platform.

        • Did I say it’s not a business? All I said is that Android is still more popular than iOS on T-Mobile. And for $0 down, they’ll have to make the EIP over $20/month.

      • RedGeminiPA

        Only because Android phones are a dime a dozen. Many buyers go for cheap, or they’re trapped in the illusion that Android is so much better because it’s “open” and “free” without knowing exactly what that means. Hint: it’s primarily “open & free” for carriers, then Android licensees, to add and subtract what they please.

        Forget all of that. The main reason Android outsells is because there are dozens of companies who offer phones that run it. It’s the law of numbers. Economics 101…

        • TylerCameron

          Don’t be silly. Most people buy the newest, top of the line phone.

      • Andy

        Why does it matter what people like? Just because YOU think Apple is crap doesn’t mean others think so. Some people just prefer iDevices. Get over it.

      • Stone Cold

        The IPhone helped T-mo stop the bleeding of losing customers alot of people using T-mobile wanted and were very happy when the Iphone was finally released for T-mo.

  • John

    They are going to cut voice and text plans and do data only with a VoIP option for calls and text.

    • Oompa Loompa

      If they plan on this, then why did they make a big deal about HD voice?

      • Alex Zapata

        HD voice would still work over a VoiP solution.

    • RedGeminiPA

      If they do that, T-Mobile will really be bashed over coverage. VoIP won’t work on EDGE, which most of the country is stuck on.

      • pbxtech

        VoIP actually works on the EDGE network.

        I’ve piped my SIP traffic on Tmobile EDGE without any issue.

  • Serge

    They can offer to pay ETF if people JUMP to T-Mobile and turn in the old phone (if it qualifies).

  • Jeff M Grace

    Some of the stuff you guys are mentioning below has been done…

    Sprint(Sprint CO.) now owned by SoftBank that changed its name to sprint co. Sprint has offered if you leave your current carrier they will pay your ETF but it does not happen for 90 days of perfect account paid etc… That alone voids the benefit of paying ETF when you are stuck with bill from previous carrier.

  • Jeff M Grace

    LTE advanced , the towers are equipped already with this it’s still I’m testing no phones available except overseas 100 meg speeds with maybe owning dish network coverage to make full coverage everywhere . Satelite coverage and cell tower combined

    • RedGeminiPA

      Satellite phones are INSANELY expensive to sell and provide service for. That’s why they’re primarily only government (and insanely wealthy) use at this point. I don’t see that going mainstream for at least another 10 years.

  • Jeff M Grace

    As in no one can copy it … So it has to be big … No ETF at all you just have to pay for device.

  • Jeff M Grace

    Keep in mind ETF is carrier created not obligated to pay… Verizon and sprint and AT&T won’t get rid of ETF T-Mobile will. And if they say all u pay for is phone and you can leave. Then they have to be doing LTE everywhere coverage lower plans …he did say 4 no credit lines for $100 so if that is offered then postpaid will have to be cheaper…or the same

    • Joe Hendren

      It is the same.

      • qpinto

        etf and paying off the phone is not the same. you can be on contract with your own phone you brought, and still have to pay etf. im currently going through this with another line of mine on att.

        • Joe Hendren

          That’s the main purpose of the ETF is to make up for the remaining subsidy on your device, your right though att will still lock you into a contract even if you bring your own phone. Even though that’s completely unfair to the customer cause they are paying padded bills that are meant to pay for a device over two years.

        • philyew

          The main justification for the ETF has become the subsidy repayment, but its existence preceded the high level of subsidy required to make smartphones a competitive and acceptable option.

          Originally, it was intended to guarantee a minimum level of income from each contract and the obligations in the TM terms and conditions are in no way modified by the existence or otherwise of a handset subsidy. Thus, until the recent no-contract changes, TM did exactly the same as everyone else.

  • wilde_ride

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there a rumor that Apple is making LTE A (advance?) in the next iPhone for a country in Asia that has LTE A already running? If this is true and TMO is able to turn on LTE A they would be the only carrier in America able to have the iPhone at that high speed. Fitting Legere’s comment “they can’t do it”. What do you think David?

    • RedGeminiPA

      Correct on the rumor. If Apple is able and willing to launch an LTE-Advanced iPhone this year with persuasion from a large carrier elsewhere, it would surly be offered worldwide. Very few markets will be able to take advantage of it, but the phone would be capable when the networks catch up.

    • Dakota

      that doesn’t sound, however, like a solution to a problem that drives phone customers crazy.

  • Jeff M Grace

    There are other carriers that are working on LTE-A Verizon as a example but they have to refarm towers and that is a lot of money. T-Mobile having hspda 42 already up and LTE and some with LTE A already and they are putting 10×10 antenna they will be faster than all carries with better penetration you will see not a myth . Most carriers use 5×5 and slower towers antenna tmobile has a lot of advantages

  • Jeff M Grace

    How about satellite and land tower cell phone and capable to use all carriers towers including there own no roaming fees…

    • Dakota

      I’m sure many would go for just better overall coverage. Verizon coverage at Tmobile price is a very simple strategy to communicate

    • noc007

      Erm, satellite phones are still bulky and require a massive antenna or a dish/directional antenna. Micro cells OTOH are a better idea.

      The best thing T-Mobile can do is get their hands on spectrum in the lower frequencies. If they can get a good chunk of 600MHz spectrum, they’d be in great shape. I really do hope that they can get preferential treatment from the FCC when it comes time.

  • Bklynman

    I know what it is,free phones,free service,free Starbucks coffee!
    There is Tmobile store in LI, not part of a mall,that has Starbucks,
    in the same building,one part is Tmo,the other half of the building
    is Starbucks.

  • Dakota

    So this is the ‘wait to join Tmobile until later because something better is coming, we promise’ strategy

    • Bruce Lin

      But Tmo has no contract, you can come and go any time. If it’s already cheaper at the current time, I don’t see what you get by waiting.

      • noc007

        Yep. It was cheaper by $60 and I added an additional line. I dropped VZW after nearly a decade of being a customer.

  • jj

    i hope it releases existing customers from their contracts. i subsidized a note 2 right before uncarrier (bummer). i also think they will buy out contracts with no limitations, and offer high end phones free(if u join jump of course)

    • jj

      not free but i meant no down payment.

    • That won’t happy, sorry bud.

  • Zero0

    More possibilities:
    1. No intereference in the update process/bloat-free phones. People get mad about the slow updates on Android, and T-Mobile will get out of the way to solve that.

    2. International roaming rates that aren’t insane. Make agreements with carriers around the world and act almost as an MVNO for them.

    They aren’t as big as Legere is making it sound, though.

    • Bob

      International roaming for free with the other T-Mobiles around the world.

      • iansltx

        I have a feeling that something like this is coming. Seeing as how DT has a hand in all of them.

  • paul

    Somebody get this guy a tampon

    • Katrina

      That’s insulting to tampons.

  • Omar Castro

    Free T-Mobile msg: Our 4G LTE covers 150+ mill., now including you! Enjoy incredibly fast downloads & streaming on an LTE phone. Go fast: http://bit.ly/10xsbaC
    Any one else get this? My city isn’t listed on the list but still got this I live in palm spring area

  • CommonSense

    AT&T and Verizon, the confirmed warrantless wiretappers, “ethical?”

    Sorry, no.

  • drklahn

    Guys, check this link out. Found it from a poster on hofo. T-Mobile LTE Coverage. Seems accurate….


  • Scott

    If they really want customers, forego all this hype and focus on expanding their coverage. There’s significant, internationally-popular tourist areas nearby that offer spotty Edge service at best. Heck, I lose service altogether in Target, which is smack in center of the oldest, largest, suburb of Denver…

    • Nick

      I lose service in the target by where i live too.

      • mikey

        tmobile frequencies dont penetrate walls good

        • nycplayboy78

          BullSugar…Tell that to VZ….

        • mikey

          tmobiles frequencies, thats why they are planning on trying to buy some of the unused tv frequencies, so they can have not only wider but also better indoor coverage

        • nycplayboy78

          Also T-Mo need to invest into getting coverage in subway tunnels and whatnot it is horribe in NYC and DC that when you are underground you have NO SERVICE…VZ seems to have all that wrapped up one way or the other…SIGH….

        • Stone Cold

          It is true when I go to my moms and I have to use her Wi-FI to get a decent signal and her house was built in the early 50’s

    • Stone Cold

      Ahhhhhh must be a in Glendale.

  • Douglas

    Shut the hell up already. Nobody gives a shit.

  • mikey

    They are going to reintroduce contracts, but with no etfs. basically the same thing like it is now, only difference is you are locked into an agreement, so they cannot change prices on you, which is what alot of people fear right now. Lots of ppl tell me they will not join tmobile because it is no contracts. So if they wish they could change the price and make you pay more to keep service. Since the only thing with a set obligated price is the device you buy itself and not the service. This makes complete sense given sprints new plan and the fact sprint has heavy focus on the point they are allowing you to contract the rate price so they cannot change it. This is the only thing the other carriers offer that tmobile doesnt, a locked in rate.

    • Logical

      Except a contract doesn’t stop them from raising prices on you. Sure, if they do you can walk away without an ETF, but that is no different than T-Mobiles current plans.

      Contracts offer zero protections for the consumer. They exist only to protect the cell phone company.

    • spider

      Read ur contract. The cell companies have the right to raise ur rate whenever they want to. It’s in the fine print.

  • maximus1901

    How about they simply upgrade their 2G-only towers to LTE?!!!

  • Charmed79

    How about a signal, our awesome $650 smartphones are great, but if the signal went downhill and has been this way for almost a year, than what good are they??? Claims to be so much better than ATT and Verizon, but fails to give his customers a friggan decent signal!

    • Hoppysport

      Hahahahah! Too funny. What a perfect first comment. I live in NYC so signal isn’t an issue. But rural and expensive home areas in the suburbs are a T-Mobile wasteland.

  • mingkee

    Mods and admins have to step in and delete all posts from this SPAMMER!

  • NardVa

    I’m curious to see what phase 3 is. Will Tmobile start unlocking phones so you can bring them over to Magenta?

  • Quan Bui

    How about free texting?… because, you know, it doesn’t cost cell phone companies much, if at all. I mean, most European countries have free texting and it’s embarrassing that they laugh at us because we have to pay extra for the service =(

    • mikey

      Texts are bundled with voice already, they just keep it listed to make you think you are getting more for your money, unless you have a grandfathered plan then maybe you do still pay for texts in some cases. Which would be dumb since there are apps that use you data network to allow you to send texts free anyways

  • pbxtech

    If they bond HSPA+42 with LTE, then it will be fast.

    In a refarmed tower with HSPA+42 running on the 1900 band, bonded with LTE on 1700 band, you might get a download speed close to 90Mb.

    • Moby

      That’s not technologically possible at this time. The devices don’t have the hardware to do something like that.

  • master94

    I hope they pay the etf for leaving other carriers. I would jump to tmobile in a heart beat if they did. Damn vzw etf.

    • Matthew Prendergast

      Thats my guess. That is the one thing that carriers will not do today but it was a practice for phone companies in the 80’s and a few other industries. If they did this, I think they would leap damn close to at&t numbers.

    • RS

      They couldn’t do that without making you sign a contract, because then you could use TMo for 1 month just so that you could get them to pay off your ETF, and then switch to a different carrier altogether and they now have thrown away hundreds of dollars per line and still not gained a customer.

  • bman893

    Im telling you right now i know what phase 3 is its gonna be there gonna throw away the free 500mb the $10 2.5 gb and the $20 uncapped data and give everyone with the $50 single or 80$ or above family plans 4g lte unlimited data uncapped for free (well its gonna be included at no extra cost) this only makes sense its the one thing other carriers would not dare due because its there biggest money maker this would be the biggest game changer thats 100% do’able with out forking out millions to launch

  • Mark Livesforjesus

    yes all this great now can work on getting serves in my town is still 2 g they neeed to spend more thime and money improving there serves

  • Jacob Dagenais

    Can phase 3 be free roaming? T-Mobile may become an unofficial canadian carrier that way. :D (I know its not financially possible) …..unless its of mutual benefit to a Canadian Carrier Say wind or Rogers? :P

  • TMO Dino

    How about something for long term customers?? A loyalty bonus, like cheaper phone or shrinking plan cost? Why fixate only on the newbies. It must cost less to KEEP a customer than to GET one. I have been with TMO for 10yrs, I don’t get JACK.