Sprint Prepares To Challenge T-Mobile With One-Size-Fits-All Rate Plan


While T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere and CTO Neville Ray made no attempt to hide their laughter at Sprint’s pitiful data network, the “Now” network is preparing to challenge T-Mobile right back. The folks at PhoneArena received the image via an anonymous tipster and Engadget has learned the plans are correct and could kick off as early as tomorrow, Friday, July 12th.

Sprint looks to replace its existing “Everything” plans with new “Unlimited, My Way” options. There’s no need for current Sprint customers to switch, but it brings a new set of plans for future Sprint customers to choose from.

The setup is pretty much how T-Mobile has it, with one line of unlimited talk and text for $40 per month. A second line adds an additional $40, a third line is an extra $30 with lines 4-10 added for an additional $20 each. Smartphone data can be added to each line for $30 for unlimited and $20 per line for 1GB of data.

Sprint is touting these plans as an opportunity to “lock in unlimited data, text and calling while on the Sprint network — not just for now, but for the life of that line of service. Guaranteed and only from Sprint.” If you want to go all-in, there’s a plan for you for just $110 that offers unlimited talk, text, data and 5GB of data for mobile hotspot use for $110.

Comparatively, T-Mobile offers $50 for the first line, $30 for the second line and each additional line is $10 per month. T-Mobile customers can choose from an array of data plans with most customers opting for either the 2GB plan for $10 per line per month or the unlimited plan for $20 per line per month. T-Mobile doesn’t make the same “keep it for life” guarantee that Sprint does but that’s ok, I’ll accept lower pricing now and take my chances later.

Will Sprint be able to better compete with these new offerings and open up a larger gap between the #3 and #4 carriers? Well, if Sprint really wants to keep T-Mobile at arm’s length, they really should focus on those horrid data speeds first.

PhoneArena; Engadget



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  • Cellphone Chris

    Sprint couldn’t pay me to use their terrible service. Lowering their prices will not make them competitive.

  • minioninnc

    Guaranteed (to drop calls), guaranteed (to not get a signal), only from Sprint.

  • ratnok

    If this is a contract, they’ve already failed.

    I’m going contract free for life.

    • Shuang Li

      With the contract. You only pay 199 for an iPhone 5. But you need to pay 649 from tmobile.
      I hate the sprint 3G data speed. But with this price and a discounted price phone. I think sprint is a better choice if you are under spring 4g coverage

      • Jose Hernandez

        T-Mobile offers you better speed, better service and cheaper. The price of the phone can be paid up front or on interest free payments while enjoying a better network experience for the most part.

        T-Mobile upfront cost for the phone are usually lower than the 199 you are talking about.

        And you are paying more for the phone than that 199, it is built in to the monthly rate for a two year contract.

        Discounted phone pricing is not real.

        Do a Google search on how subsidizing your cell phone really works.

        • well said Jose .. let them enjoy those high priced monthly bills and 2 year contracts thinking that they somehow got a deal from Sprint on a $199 phone LOL

        • kalel33

          But it’s not higher priced with Sprint. It’s actually $10 a month cheaper if you figure in $20 a month for EIP with T-mobile.

        • Wyn6

          That’s with one or two lines. Add a third or fourth or fifth and Sprint comes out higher.

          But, ask yourself this. Would you rather pay $10 less per month, but still be locked into a CDMA carrier with slower data speeds and a two year contract?

        • kalel33

          C’mon, you can’t use that as an excuse. If a wireless customer cared most about the network and not pricing then they’d be a Verizon or AT&T customer. I’d like to not have Edge and no service in areas outside of major cities but I choose to go to the cheaper carrier. I don’t use over 2GB worth of data, so it’s not that big of a difference to go with the other carriers but I’m cheap and that’s why I’m with T-mobile.

        • cybersedan

          This is the big problem most people who dislike the subsidized / contract model have, they don’t understand it. People actually believe they are paying $199 for a $650 phone which is simply nonsense.

          Not only are you paying $650 probably even more for the phone over the life of the contract, if you don’t get a new phone, you still keep paying the same rate. How this is better than what T-Mobile is offering is beyond my comprehension.

      • TechHog

        If you do the actual math, you’ll see that you pay more overall. The iPhone 5 is still $649 from Sprint; the other $449 (plus interest!) is included in your bill for the next 2+ years.

        EDIT: While your reasoning is wrong, Sprint really is a lot cheaper, so you win.

        • thepanttherlady

          The math I come up with is as follows:

          T-Mobile: Line 1 is $50, line 2 is 30. Unlimited data for both is $20/each. = $120/monthly = $2,880/24 months. Plus cost of phone (using iPhone 5 pricing): $650 x 2 = $1,300.

          $2,880 (service) + $1300 (phone) = $4,180.00

          Sprint: Line 1 is $50, line 2 is $40. Unlimited data for both is $30/each. = $150/monthly = $3,600/24 months. Plus cost of phone (same phone): $200 x 2 = $400.

          $3,600 (service)+ $400 (phone) = $4,000.00

          Keeping network out of the argument, the only way T-Mobile in this scenario comes out ahead is if the customer purchases a phone through other means (e.g. Nexus 4 through Google, Ebay, Craigslist, received as a gift etc).

          Please feel free to correct me if I missed something in my equations. It happens. :)

          ETA I found my own math error. In my original post I used pricing for lines 2/3 instead of 1/2 for Sprint. Corrected.

        • TechHog

          For Sprint, based on the image, line 1 is $50 and line 2 is $40… However, Sprint is still cheaper by $180, so yeah. T-Mobile just got served. :/ Though, for any other phone, the difference becomes smaller.

        • thepanttherlady

          The idea here though is that I think Sprint is doing this in direct response to T-Mobile’s moves. When the UnCarrier was first launched, I do believe Sprint’s plans were more expensive. To me, this would confirm what John Legere has claimed all along. T-Mobile is indeed shaking up the industry. :)

        • TechHog

          True I guess…

          Oh, one thing I just noticed; the Sprint plans don’t have tethering by default. Not a big difference, but yeah. :/ I don’t think T-Mobile can afford to go any cheaper, so this might really hurt them unless they boost the default tethering on the unlimited plan to 1GB.

        • gillontmo

          @thepanttherlady what do u do with iPhones after 2 years? I sell mine every year for 480 something. So I pay 80 bucks a year for one phone. Please revise your calculations.

        • thepanttherlady

          My calculations are only based on 2 years which is what Sprint is requiring with these plans. Each customer will need to calculate their own savings after the initial 2 year period because not everyone will do what you do. Some will keep theirs, some will gift it and start over with a new one, some will sell it to offset a new one etc. Too many scenarios to list them all here. :)

        • WW

          A very small percentage of the population sell on eBay or Craigs List (the primary avenues consumers “yard sale” their old “junk”). I believe a large majority of people’s used phones are disposed of for little to no monetary gain (“trade in” for $100-$150, sold at mall kiosks, left in drawers, “gifted” as you mentioned).

          I’m impressed by Sprints new pricing (I’ve been impressed by their unlimited data for years). They actually have subsidized phones and lower prices than TMo now.

          T-Mobile still has the significant advantage of SIM based phones and no-contract plans

        • vrm

          sprint 1st line is $50 and second is $40 so they come about the same.

        • bleeew

          They are going to have those subsidized phones eat into their margins.

        • Wyn6

          With two lines only, you are correct. Aside from being locked into a 2 year contract, Sprint is slightly cheaper.

          However, if you have multiple plans, that’s where Sprint costs you slightly more AND you’re locked into a two year contract.
          Let’s say we have a family of four. Adding two more lines to Sprint with unlimited data is another $110 ($30 for the third line + $20 for the second line + $30 each for unlimited data).

          In contrast, T-Mobile will add another $100 –
          $10 for the first line + $10 for the second line + $20 per line for unlimited 4G data + $20 a piece for two high-end EIPs.

          So, Sprint now cost you $240 extra over the course of two years omitting any upfront cost for phones, activation fees, taxes, etc. And, no matter what, you are still stuck in a two year contract with an early ETF that ranges between $100-$350 depending on where you are in your contract.

  • minioninnc

    They can try and try, all of them can, they will never beat T-Mo’s pricing.

    • kalel33

      If everyone on the account buys high end phones then yes they do, but the network sucks. Though, Verizon and AT&T customers state the same thing about T-mobile.

  • crazychef

    sorry to be the one that corrects this but if you look at the photo and then you read your explanation the numbers don’t add up. because the picture says 50 for the 1st line not 40 sorry to correct you in your own blog.

  • Paul

    Terrible coverage, and Magenta has me with unlimited everything for $70 a month. That’s $10 cheaper than Sprint’s unlimited everything.

    • kalel33

      Unfortunately, neither one of them is unlimited everything. Is there unlimited data roaming with either? Nope. Is there unlimited tethering with either? Nope.

    • kk888

      Sprint included subsidy tho

  • Paul

    Just read “other plans may receive prioritized bandwidth availability.”

    So these plans aren’t comparable to Magenta’s plans.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    As I read it for Sprint $50 for the first then $40, $30, $20 for up to four lines $140 plus $30 for each line for unlimited data? WTF? That would be $260 for unlimited for 4 lines. I am paying $160 for 3 and would be $190 for unlimited 4 minus my 15% discount. T Mobile it is for me for now

    • kalel33

      If both accounts all had Iphone 5 or Samsung S4 phones then it’d be more expensive with T-mobile, because you’d have figure in 4 EIP payments of $20 per month, per line.

      • Robert Le

        I have 4 smartphones with talk,text,data and a extra line for less than 105 each month…. but I do buy phones outright still cheaper than the other wireless providers

      • JB

        It would actually be the same price if you factor in the EIP, they both round out to $260. Unless you’re counting the fact that you have to pay sales tax on the full retail, then I suppose T-Mobile would be more expensive. T-mobile’s savings really kick in if you don’t finance a device (or at least all of the devices), which still makes it a better deal.

        • kalel33

          4 lines at $190 plus 4 phones with $20 EIP would equal $270.

        • JB

          It’s actually 4 lines at $180.. ($50 for 1st line $30 for 2nd line and $10 each for lines 3 and 4 and $20 for unlimited data for each line) add in the $80 for the EIP and that equals $260. Don’t believe me? Go to T-Mobile’s website and check.

        • JB

          I didn’t even think of what @S__Ali:disqus brought up. There’s still the $36 activation fee per line, so depending on the tax rate of your state, then T-Mobile would be a better deal, regardless of the fact you have to pay tax on full retail.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        No it’s not more expensive. We have 2 S4’s and Nokia Lumia 521. We bought phones outright, you need to check your math. $80 for 3 lines for unlimited talk and text $60 for unlimited data for 3 lines. 80+60=140-15% employer discount. no EIP

        • kalel33

          That’s where it makes a difference, if you go with the low end/cheap phones. If were talking flagship phones then it’d be more expensive.

          I shouldn’t have to check my match, because I went off of your math to begin with, $190 for 4 lines.

        • S. Ali

          Sprint also charges activation fees per line, and still has the $199 upfront cost per device. It is way more expensive.

        • JaswinderSinghJammu

          S4 is a flagship device. Are you for real?? I would be $190 for 4 lines unlimited. Tell me what is it with Sprint? $190 or $260? Come on dude

  • Frettfreak

    “Well, if Sprint really wants to keep T-Mobile at arm’s length, they really should focus on those horrid data speeds first.” Yeah… um… so should tmo. I get 0.33Mbs in my “4g” tmo area! Yes.. thats a ZERO then a decimal. :)

    However, i wil say i get better coverage in more places with tmo (still slow a F though)

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Tmobile is far ahead in the process then Sprint

    • TechHog

      You’re an outlier, though.

    • Sidekicker89

      May I ask where you are and what phone you are using?

    • kaw

      your probably in an area that is getting upgraded to LTE…if not than a tower is not functioning in your area and you should call tech support.

    • MingZhang

      I’m in New York, New Windsor area. And I’m getting those slow speed with 4G too. I got an iPhone 5 unlocked with HSPA+ supported. Sigh

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Sprint do us all a favor and dig your grave. This isn’t anything close to competing.

  • JB

    Go home Sprint, you’re drunk!

  • no thanks Sprint .. your network sucks “Now”. and your prices don’t fool me.

  • D_Wall__

    Shouldnt this article be written in Chinese now?

    • Sidekicker89

      Not really, especially when SoftBank is JAPANESE lol

      • D_Wall__

        Lol, You are correct, I fail.



  • Sidekicker89

    So did they get rid of the single line $80 plan?? If you want only one line you HAVE to pay $110??

    • xmiro

      no the single line $110 is with 5GB tethering, otherwise it’s $50 voice and text + $30 for unlimited data

  • D Velasquez

    someone is scared?

  • taron19119

    Sprint suck I think tmobile is closing the gap between number 3 in number 4 I think in one year T Mobile will be number 3 wireless carrier in America

    • g2a5b0e

      T-Mobile will pulling be pulling in new customers like mad for the foreseeable future, but there’s no way they close a 10 million customer gap in one year. That would be ungodly. It will take three years at the very least if Sprint gains no customers or hopefully, loses some. And even that would be a ridiculous pace.

      • taron19119

        wait until the next iPhone come out on the iPhone people will be making a big switch to T Mobile

        • g2a5b0e

          I completely agree. I stand by my statements, though.

        • Don’t forget all those MVNO and M2M customers that count in both Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s subscriber counts. T-Mobile’s wholesale division is doing very well. It has even managed to steal a long-time Sprint MVNO customer away (PlatinumTel).

  • Scarf22

    Sprint’s network is a joke.

    • Jody Smith

      So is T-Mobile’s in the grand scheme.

      The CEO of T-Mobile is laughing all the way to the bank because he has you guys thinking he’s giving you a great deal w/o contract when in reality he’s dragging you by the leash suckering you in for life by constantly owing them money for new phones.

      Legere is a very bright guy. He’s not running a charity.

      • Sok

        ^Angry man stuck in Sprint’s 2 year contract

  • Binny Gupta

    This is good, tmobile will then offer more deals and stuff

  • Stephen McAteer

    there is an error in this post.. it states that T-Mobile is still cheaper even after Sprint’s new plans.. that is not entirely accurate… It may be cheaper if you don’t get a phone, or are ok paying upwards of $700 upfront for a new phone… If you add in the phone’s monthly price(average $20) Sprint is cheaper($80 vs $90)… take the HTC One for example.. it is $99 upfront at T-Mobile and Sprint, but T-Mobile charges $20/month for 24 months for the phone…

    • Jeff Howard

      Yeah let’s see how long the wait is between this offer & the end of phone subsidies at Sprint, then compare the monthly rate – Sprint well have an EIF & be more expensive.

  • S. Ali

    This is not a challenge to T-mobile, it is way too expensive.

    • Stephen McAteer

      actually it is cheaper than T-Mobile..

  • Shuang Li

    Don’t forget that , you can always get an extra discount when you sign a contract . for example 99 dollar iphone 5 . sometimes even free,(use some sites like dealmoon, you can get these deals)

    I am using t-mobile . because i like the prepaid unlimited plan, and it’s pretty fast. But, the data speed in San francisco of T mobile is getting slower . A year ago i can always get 15-20Mb/s down even it’s just HSPA+, now even under LTE i can only get 10-15Mb/s down.(don’t tell me it’s still testing , HSPA+ is now even worse).

    It’s predictable that the data speed of t mobile will get worse and worse with more and more people have the truly unlimited data.

    If i use postpaid i might choose someone else. Because the discounted refill card can only work on prepaid :(

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      I think it will get better when LTE advance and also when Metro Spectrum is utilized.


      That will change. They probably need to increase the back haul to make up for the LTE being live. When the stats start rolling in it will happen pretty quick.

  • Jaymoney88

    Hmmm…I don’t see ANYTHING about No contract, less expensive plans nor the option to Upgrade twice a year…sad.

  • xmiro

    Hmm. Interesting.
    Mobileplancheck.com calculator comparison shows $150 savings with Sprint over two years, for two lines with unlimited data vs T-Mobile 2 lines with unlimited data, and 2 x $20 EIP

    If you drop the EIP to 2 x $15 you save $15 over 2 years with Sprint

    But Sprint still has contract. And the 1GB per line data option is capped and with $15/GB overage

    • Jody Smith

      Drop the EIP and you either have to pay T-Mobile $600-$700 for a top phone or buy an used one on the internet negating any savings by a long shot.

  • mingkee

    Don’t forget T-Mobile has a MAJOR advantage over Sprint: GSM/UMTS and you can bring your own unlocked phone as long as the bands are supported.
    Your unlocked phone choice with Sprint is VERY LIMITED (can you use Sony Xperia ZL with Sprint LTE?)

    • Unlocked phones do not yet exist that are compatible with Sprint’s networks. As a result, you are quite effectively locked into Sprint’s portfolio of devices.

      • Mike

        not really, if its a multi banded LTE phone…….

        • Alex Zapata

          Even if it has the lone Sprint LTE band their CDMA network won’t allow unlocked devices.

  • DT

    Will sprint still charge a 10 dollar premeium data fee like the old plans?

    • sidekicker89

      no apparently these plans are for data ready phones so when you add either the $10 1 GB or $30 unlimited that is all you will pay on top of your unlimited minutes and texts.. T-Mobile is a better deal for this since you are getting 2.5 GB for only $10.

      • DT

        and 20 dollars is unlimited data w/ 500 mbs of tethering.

      • Dion Mac

        Thing is you still get discounts on phones with sprint. their Data is crap so I wouldn’t do it.

  • Mike

    Its a no brainer. Its Sprint. The nowhere network. Enough said?? Atleast on T-Mobile I get coast to coast EDGE :]

  • noc007

    Being objective here, I don’t see how this is competitive with T-Mobile. Perhaps VZW depending on your usage and what plan you’ve got. When I try and compare my current plans with T-Mobile (their current Simple plans) and Sprint’s rumored plans, Sprint would be a $90 premium for the three lines I have now and a $50 premium when I drop a line in a few months. Not what I would call competitive.

  • Jeff Howard

    Sprint’s plan is still more expensive for the plan alone because the unlimited data is $30 a month instead of $20 a month with tmobile. The only way this would be cheaper is if Sprint kept phone subsidies, don’t see any mention of a “guarantee” for that….This looks like Sprint’s move to prevent a flood of early terminations & switches to tmobile. …. …. I can’t think of one single reason why Sprint isn’t worse than tmobile right now except that they own more spectrum (that they have yet to deploy), and that would take about 2 more years to happen.

    • izick

      I’ll give you 3 that had me running from T-Mobile.
      1. Enhanced Data-rates for GSM Evolution, or you may know this as EDGE.
      2. General packet radio service, you may know this as GPRS.
      3. There is a black hole of coverage on the east coast in the state of West Virginia, and T-Mobile only offers 50-100 MB of roaming data. If you travel through or near WVa (that’s 5 hours of my trip or more if I stop in to see family), you’re screwed on a smartphone.

      Those three reasons alone have kept me away from T-Mobile. Otherwise, I loved it. I was originally a customer from their Suncom Wireless acquisition.

      I went to Sprint and in 3G I’ve always gotten at least 600kb and where I’m at now I got .6-1.2 Mbps. Now I’m on Straight Talk AT&T which has finally set some solid limits on data usage and throttling.

      I’ve also tried out AIO which seems to be the best option, for 70 a month you get 7GB of AT&T 4GLTE and then 2G data after that.

      • Jeff Howard

        …Right so this article is about tmobile & Sprint, (not at&t). We know they both have lousy coverage outside of cities. Of course there are prepaid carriers using the big 2’s networks that are better in these areas. Stop trolling.

  • Jeff Howard

    Wait wait wait……all they’re doing is guaranteeing unlimited service, but not the price – it even says it in the fine print, “price and phone selection subject to change.” Tmobile already has a guarantee for this – no 2-year contract, so if tmobile changes their product or price, you can leave. This is either someone trolling tmonews with false info, or an uncompetitive offer that’s a desperate attempt to retain uninformed Sprint customers.

  • RICK


    • gshoq

      If you are on any type of corporate discount, I believe you do not get hit with an ETF if you switch prior to your two year commitment. Do confirm with your company though.

      • Loyal tmobile customer

        You CANNOT leave without an ETF. You signed a two year contract

  • Noah James

    even if spint came up with an alternative to simple choice… they still don’t have a large LTE rollout and their 3G EVDO Network is the slowest network I’ve had the displeasure of using. Until they fix the network speed I’m staying with magenta.

  • rob

    Shots fired! Yes, this is what was needed to get tmo’s attention on sprint. If TMo responds with the same kind of ads it hits AT&T with, they’d totally roast them and take away from some of their unimpressed subscribers.

  • MagentaFl

    Did you guys read this the same way as I did _ It says Unlimited Calls And Text While on the Sprint Network ? Only on Sprint lines ??

    • JJCommonSense

      Yeap… And since (from what i’m reading) there’s a lot of roaming going on.. THATS HOW THEY GETCHA! LOL

    • Loyal tmobile customer

      They are informing you upfront that if you are roaming then the talk and data is not unlimited. All the carriers have a limit to you roaming on other carriers towers. Now, as far as roaming limit voice: 800 min. or a majority of minutes; or (2) data: 100 megabytes or a majority of kilobytes on My All-in and Unlimited, My Way. Next, The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee: Available while line of service is activated on Unlimited, My Way Plan or My All-In Plan. Applies to unlimited features only (excludes other data options and mobile hotspot). Price and phone selection subject to change. Account must remain in good standing and non-payment may void guarantee. Non-transferrable. That means if you get suspended once from non-payment then you LOSE plan. That means they put on whatever they want. This also says to me, here comes data tiered plans.

  • John Kurokawa

    I had no problem with Sprint’s plans or customer service. I had to leave them because their horrible data speeds in the Dayton, OH area prevented me from getting any work done- not to mention I was often roaming. Until they fix that, they can offer me service for free it they want- I won’t bite until they fix their subpar network.

  • JTrip

    I tried sprint for about 2 weeks a year and a half ago. Their coverage map showed that I would get great service. I didn’t. I was roaming all over town. Right now I’m getting unlimited talk, text and data for $68 and change with T-Moble and getting great service everywhere I go.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Sprint coverage map is misleading they don’t even tell you when you are roaming. it just say Extended Network.

  • Dakota

    Sprint must have decent coverage somewhere since they keep having more customers than Tmobile

  • Phil

    If both have the same coverage in your city, it comes down to SIM card which if you phone is unlock can be use any where in the world! So, GSM wins hands down. Forget about the pricing man.

    Lastly, AT&T and Verizon sucks! They are not a pricing leader. Do not go with them!

  • izick

    Uuhhh … What?

  • Winski

    Let’s see… I pay $70/mo. On T-Mobile for unlimited EVERYTHING, and Sprint wants $110 ??


    • Loyal tmobile customer

      The 110 is for unlimited with a 5gb hotspot. The unlimited for a smartphone on Sprint is $50 for talk and text and $30 more for unlimited data. If you do not want unlimited data you can get 1gb for $20 instead.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        This plan is horrible !!! I pay 70 Dollars for Unlimited Everything and get 500MB of free Mobile Hotspot. But T-Mobile doesn’t have a way to cut it off once you go pass 500MB so really I get unlimited Hot Spot lol.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          But they supposedly throttle you after 500 MB. (I’ve never made it that far to see what happens after 500MB).

        • Jay J. Blanco

          The crazy thing is they count hot spot towards your data plan so if you have unlimited data you technically have unlimited hot spot until they come up with a way to track hot spot usage.

  • Paul

    Your post has nothing to do with the new Sprint plans.

  • mingkee

    WHAT IS YOUR F’ING PROBLEM????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • mingkee

    STOP POSTING YOUR F’ING SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOTS of fine print. Streaming Video is throttled, Everything Data Plans receive priority network access. This is fishy. Sprint is in bad shape.

  • monchis

    Don’t think anyone will be able to compete against t-mobile without a strategy that gives 2 upgrades a year + no contract. HA!