(Updated) T-Mobile Confirms 900,000 iPhone Sales For The Second Quarter

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Update: The moment this article Twitter I got a response back from the man himself, CEO John Legere who said and I quote: “Absolutely no Q2 numbers have been given out anywhere and particularly to this tweeter.” 

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When the iPhone 5 launched on T-Mobile April 5th for pre-orders and launched April 12th in stores T-Mobile called the first week sales “gangbusting.” Of course that left plenty of room for interpretation about how the company defined “gangbusting” and whether they met any internal goals.

Well, the exact sales figure has come to light via a Tweet by Walter Piecyk, a wireless analyst at BTIG.

“T-Mobile confirms iPhone sales ~900k for Q2. Yesterday we estimated 750-900k,” he tweeted out.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere did mention that iPhone sales accounted for 39% of April smartphone sales and 29% of May sales.

“May was better than April, and April was most of our ‘iPhone blip,’” Legere told AllThingsD yesterday.

T-Mobile will make its quarterly earnings official on August 8th at 11:00AM Eastern and I suspect iPhone sales will account for a good deal of conversation. T-Mobile’s true iPhone sales test will come with the next-gen launch and how many customers T-Mobile can pull from other carriers when the device launches simultaneously on all carriers. With the unveiling of JUMP!, it’s also likely that some of T-Mobile’s current customer base will take advantage of this new offer to get an existing device now and then take advantage of their early upgrade in January.



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