Target Confirms Launch Of “Brightspot” Prepaid Plan On October 6th

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 8.45.59 PMTarget took to its company blog this evening and confirmed the announcement of “brightspot,” it’s new prepaid offering with T-Mobile launching October 6th.

We know guests are looking for customizable and convenient mobile plans that won’t break the bank. Starting Oct. 6, Target will offer guests more options and flexibility with brightspot, the Bullseye’s fresh, new mobile program. brightspot brings together the mobile phone plans you want with the devices you desire.

Target highlights two rate plans, a $35 offering talk and text option and a $50 per month plan that offers unlimited talk, text and 1GB of 4G web. Perhaps the most enticing aspect of being a “brightspot” customer: every six months of paid service is rewarded with a $25 Target GiftCard. On top of that current Target REDcard holders will receive a five-percent discount on the two rate plans.

All in all, brightspot seems like a direct attempt at competing with Walmart’s Straight Talk and other prepaid MVNO services. Given that the service itself will launch out of the gate with LTE availability on T-Mobile’s network, it’s already got a leg up over the competition. If all of this sounds good, you can make your way with your unlocked GSM device to Target or pick up one of the select brightspot models on October 6th.



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  • Joel9799

    I wonder if this includes roaming off the Tmobile network as Tmobile prepaid currently does or if this is going to be a standalone MVNO using just the Tmobile network. Anybody with any thoughts

  • alex

    Very tiny voice roaming area .
    No data roaming.

  • chardog

    Likely stand alone MVNO and would question the “LTE” capability, as the collateral says 4G (which is separate from LTE) and LTE access is usually reserved for direct customers…

    • 21stNow

      I doubt that this is a stand alone MVNO, as they name T-Mobile in the promo material. If you check Simple Mobile’s website, they only say “With SIMPLE Mobile, you’re part of one of the country’s largest 4G networks” without actually naming that network. Even Straight Talk doesn’t name the network for coverage purposes. They only name the networks when specifying which SIM card a customer should get.

      • Dakota

        It seems they keep LTE for themselves. I think thats how Straight Talk works with Tmobile although the press has reported that ST now offers ATT LTE (although I still havent been able to find that on their website)

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Interesting to see how this is going to play out in Q4

  • Dakota

    On the $50 plan, do you get throttled or does your data just stop after 1gb? If the former, it would be better than the Simple Plan $50…assuming you were able to pay for the phone upfront or had a phone you wanted to migrate. Something like Straight Talk using a Tmobile SIM, however, is still only $45 and according to most, you get about 2gb of data before getting warnings. Ive used ST and havent had any issues but dont use a lot of data or spend my day uploading Facebook content or streaming…(You cant really do the latter on 1gb anyway)
    Still would like to see TMobile offer some sort of plan like Boost where theyd lower your bill every 6 months you pay your bill on time. Thats a smart policy to encourage loyalty on a no contract plan

    • Read what it says. “Unlimited data, with 1GB of 4G”. You’ll be throttled.

  • tomarone

    You can do the $35 plan and just use data on WiFi networks, right?

    • Manny

      You can use wifi on a phone with no service. Its like turning into just an MP3 Player or iPod with apps.

  • guidomus_maximus

    guests? What kind of new age doublespeak mumbo jumbo is this?

    • Manny

      When you work at tmobile, its what we call customers. not allowed to refer to them as anything else.

  • KathleenNowlin

    If I choose to put more down at purchase, say $150 to $250, is it
    standard practice to shorten the number of payments or is there an
    option to lessen the amount of each monthly payment for the phone?

    • thepanttherlady

      Putting more down will lower the monthly payment.

      Also, spam link removed from your original posting.

  • Bklynman

    Does anyone know if you can just buy the phone from them,use your T-Mobile, sim card
    without signing up for the service?