New Leak Points To Target/T-Mobile Prepaid Tie-Up

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 10.21.29 AMWhile it appeared that T-Mobile and Target cut ties earlier this year, a new leak courtesy of @evleaks indicates the two may start dating again with a new prepaid offering “bright spot.” The @evleaks tweet highlights a $50 unlimited talk text and 1GB of 4G web and the Galaxy S III image highlighting the device as LTE capable. The SIM kit highlights the ability to

  • Activate any unlocked compatible GSM phone
  • Activate compatible Apple iPhone 4 and 4S
  • Standard and MicroSIM included

Other device expected to arrive with brightspot include the LG Optimus F3, LG Optimus F6 and Lumia 521. No word from T-Mobile or Target on any official announcement but the leak itself might mean news will be on the way rather soon.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 10.23.47 AM

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  • Irfan

    Good job ….t mobile can sell its inventory .

  • Baxter DeBerry

    I want the F6… but I got the L9 for now and pretty much does everything I need it to do, rooted and perfected lol

    • mueller2051

      picked up L9 at target for 130 on clearance it tmobil straight talk but works with my value family plan i impressed with the phone

    • jose

      I recently purchased the F6 and it’s much smoother and faster in transitions compared to the older l9. I definitely recommend that you purchase a F6.

  • mikey

    Between this and family mobile, they have no reason to do regular T-Mobile service in retailers anymore at all

  • S. Ali

    Why would you get this when Simple Mobile does 3GB @ $50

    • Jason Crumbley

      Why would you do either when you can get unlimited text and data with 100 minutes for $30 at Walmart, on T-Mobile?

      • ChristianMcC

        It’s only 5GB at 4G, for the Walmart one, but I’d definitely say it’s the better deal, though I can see some wanting more talk time.

        • mikey

          If you want unlimited minutes pay 40 and get unlimited talk text and 3g data. Better than get 1 gb 4g and then pushed down to 2g

        • ChristianMcC

          Definitely, but just to be clear that one only gives you 2.5GB 3G data, before throttled, if you’re talking about the family mobile plan.

        • Dakota

          Straight Talk gives you hspa+ for usually can get 2gb or so with unlimited talk text

  • waste_of_space

    Seriously, who cares?

    • g2a5b0e

      Clearly, you did since you felt the need to comment. Now, your comment is a reflection of your name.

  • jose

    T-Mobile needs to offer unlimited talk and text and 5gb of 4G data for 50$.1GB and 2.5GB just does not get it for most consumers .

    • The Man

      Not trying to be rude but that’s pretty dumb remark. As if any network would do that. But anyway you can get unlimited talk and text with 3 GB of 4G on a T-Mobile MVNO called Simple Mobile and 5 GB for 60.

      • jose

        Why they offer a 30$ 5gb with 100 minutes and unlimited texts at wal mart. 20$ more for unlimited talk would be fair.

    • besweeet

      Wouldn’t that canibalize their postpaid plans? $50 for unlimited talk/text/data (500MB @ 4G), then $60 for unlimited talk/text/data (2.5GB @ 4G), and then of course the truly unlimited everything plan for $70.

    • Dakota

      Actually surveys always show mist people use 1gb. If you’re not streaming music or watching video, I don’t see why you need so much data

  • Jason Crumbley

    Would this possibly be where the trade-ins will go?

  • Autumn Raine

    Why can’t they have 4G for the full speed data then drop to 3G speeds. At least then you could actually use your phone instead of not being able to do anything.

    • jose

      I can’t even use my phone when i am on 2g.

      • ChristianMcC

        Sadly they have a lot of broken connections out in edge territory, and if you are talking about throttled speeds, totally. They are actually using the very low end definition of 2G, where the high end is 384Kbps, which is quite useable, from my experience in Europe. Pulled down and uploaded over 2GB in less than 30 days on my phone.

    • Ray

      …because then you wouldn’t buy more 4g data

  • samsavoy

    Okay but does T-Mobile’s HSPA+ signal actually reach all the way into the electronics section at Target? Because at my WalMart I get 1 bar of EDGE inside and they sell
    T-Mobile there. Kind of interesting.

    • ChristianMcC

      Of course that would depend. At my Target the electronics section is at the front, and I get at least 2 bars HSPA+, but definitely could have been easily the back section where it is the same sitch as your Walmart experience.

    • Dakota

      Depends. My target you cant get any service. Good thing phones are locked I so you can’t test it out

  • Bklynman

    David,unless I read wrong you can just buy the phone you don’t have buy the sim card kit with the phone. If so that is great. I wonder how much these phone will go for,will they be new or use?

  • If T-Mobile would change their current $30 plan offered by wal-mart to have a few more mins, it would be killer. Say about 500 mins, unlimited text, with 5GB of data…woohoo. That would be so nice.

    • Bearxor

      I think an extra 400 minutes for $30 is a bit of stretch. Maybe 200-250 for that price. But if they had a $50/mo 5GB 500 minutes plan, I think that would be pretty attractive to a lot of people.

      • Dakota

        I thought minutes cost them near nothing.. Or do 100 with free nights & weekends or add 1 MyFave type. If you’re going to compete on price do so. For many plans, ATT was cheaper cuz you don’t really need to pay for texts when you text free with do many apps or ios users have imessage. $70 for 3gb LTE data & 450 rollover with free nights weekend is more than enough for most

      • Free nights and weekends would be nice for this plan

  • Alan713

    i think it’s rather expensive. MetroPCS has the similar deal for 40. This 1gb should go for $35.

  • landmarkcm

    Strange how no Tmobile MVNO’s offer short code support! I gave up though on these prepaid deals Straightalk and there new supposed lte sims on AT&T was the last straw. Was pathetic like slow Sprint. Im even gonna dispute the charge. Converted to Iphone 5C got good deal with AT&T contract which I get some work discount off plan too. I really think the postpaid people get better service all around. I would have would have went with Tmobile but they wanted 100.00 deposit and half the price down on device. Prob because I had owed them. 100.00 down I might have done but not half the device price too. Anyway ya no short code support right off the bat is a big NO for me.

  • Dakota

    Or get twice the data using the Tmobile SIM on Straight Talk for 45