T-Mobile To Stop Selling Postpaid Devices Inside Target Stores As Of April 7th, Prepaid Will Live On


A bit of retailer news this evening regarding T-Mobile and Target this evening as the carrier has apparently made the decision to drop its postpaid offerings from all 683 Target locations T-Mobile is available. T-Mobile will continue to sell postpaid services inside Target through April 7th, at which point they will pull their offerings. However, T-Mobile will continue to sell a full line of prepaid offerings in almost all of Target’s 1700 locations. Replacing T-Mobile will be third-place rival Sprint, the 3rd carrier of choice for the nationwide retailer along with AT&T and Verizon. Word has it that T-Mobile is aggressively looking for another national retailer to partner with to sell postpaid offerings — an announcement is possible before the end of March.

More details to come…

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  • Pikachu

    Pretty stoked as a rep. More postpaid business in the store!

    • JBrowne1012

      Nope means they are losing more customers because people can’t get good deals direct.

      • SouthernBlackNerd

        You might want to check your source. He lied to you. Tmobile is not getting rid of postpaid.

      • Pikachu

        Actually, they’re not. Just at target.

      • Dakota

        Exactly when store s sold sg3 for 279..more than other carriers +3rd party sites.

  • Me

    So which is correct? The article or the headline? Are they keeping pre or postpaid?

    • LC

      The article and headline are saying the same thing. T-Mobile will soon be switching to only offering prepaid options in Target locations, and dropping the postpaid options.

  • JBrowne1012

    this is terrible, t-mobile needs as much presence outside of their own stores as possible for competition sake. Noone wants to have to resort to buying online or at t-mobile themselves for a deal….

    • thepanttherlady

      It says they’re looking for another retailer.

      • JBrowne1012

        didn’t read that part tbh

    • mueller2051

      I agree in phoenix area. T-Mobile didn’t sell phones on. Hand at radio shack ,bestbuy and now target. How this going to help T-Mobile with no exposure.

      • Dakota

        Last time I went to T-Mobile stores, most of the handsets were dummies.. Only real phone to get hands on was sg3 and Note

  • Dion Mac

    I’m assuming that Target didn’t like the no handset subsidies model. I know I’m just one lil person in the cell phone world, but target would be the last place I’d get a cell phone.

  • Guest

    Wow! If you really read this stupid article, it contradict’s itself. A little confusing to readers if you ask me! Get it together TMOnews. Your articles usually make more sense than this crap. IJS!

    • MacRat

      The article is quite clear.

      Maybe you need to work on your reading comprehension.

    • thepanttherlady

      Wow. Hope your night gets better. Seriously.

    • g2a5b0e

      You need to work on your reading comprehension. Everything in the article makes perfect sense.

    • Wow! What doesn’t make sense? Will stop selling postpaid, will continue to sell prepaid. Will find another retailer. Better?

      • It’s pointless to try and talk sense to some people. You just can’t cure dumb. Ignorance maybe, but not dumb.

      • wilde_ride

        The stupid is strong today David. Don’t worry :-)

    • bisayan

      you contradict’s and you confuse yourself! you are crapeeeerrr!!

  • Madmac9

    I saved so much money buying my S3 at Target versus going to the t-mobile store. Really hope they partner with someone else because my local best buy and walmart don’t offer t-mobile only target did.

  • 21stNow

    This isn’t much of a loss for me. Targets in my area didn’t sell T-Mobile phones anyway. Also, the Target phone reps are not my cup of tea. I asked them about T-Mobile phones during the time of the proposed AT&T buyout. The rep looked at me and said T-Mobile is about to become AT&T anyway, so I should just get an AT&T phone. I bit my tongue and walked away from that foolishness. I’ve had similar experiences with other Target phone reps, so I leave them alone.

    • archerian

      its the same at the Target in my area, they used to carry prepaid devices, they stopped getting new devices a few months ago and had deep discounts on the existing mid-range and feature phones. The guy who is works at their electronics kiosk mentioned they were pulling back on selling prepaid as they were getting a lot of returns as Target had a no questions asked 90 day return policy on all items, something not seen in many other stores.

    • Dakota

      And you think Walmart employees are any better trained? They knew absolutely nothing about T-Mobile b everything they told me was wrong

      • 21stNow

        I don’t shop at Walmart, so I have no idea what their reps are like. I definitely wouldn’t go there for a phone, though.

  • AndroidProfit

    Yet again TMobile steps on it’s D**k!

    • Mark miskimins

      At least T-Mobile has one.

      • AndroidProfit

        Is that SERIOUSLY the BEST you could come up with?

  • Alvin Brinson

    You know, with this shift toward no-contract and prepaid…

    They REALLY gotta drop the term “prepaid”..

    I know several people who REFUSE to even consider a prepaid plan, despite being people who rarely upgrade phones and who are way overpaying on their postpaid plans. They literally see prepaid as something only poor people do, so they refuse to come close to it.

    • spritemoney

      Agreed. When people think prepaid they think of MetroPCS.

      • Or Cricket.

        • spritemoney

          Where I live cricket is notknown as well as Metro

        • Sectime

          I think of Tmobile

    • archerian

      interesting point, especially when around 75% of the world is prepaid .. but over 95% of the world would be “poor” under those same people’s perspective too

      • bob90210

        If you make $20,000 a year ($10 an hour) you are making more money than 95% of the world’s population.

        • Nearmsp

          $20,000 will go for a lifetime in many places, here in the US, some one with that household income will be living off the taxpayer subsidy through refundable tax “credits”, Medicaid and food stamps and maybe even a free cell phone in many states.

    • Zac

      Great point!

    • Third_Eye

      a) Pre-paid services do not have free-roaming.
      b) T-Mo will prioritize post-paid customer over pre-paid customers for bandwidth if there is any contentaion.
      c) With post-paid customers (who are on contract), there is some guaranteed revenue for the period.
      d) If you are in a family plan and you have a corporate discount, and u do not need unlimited mins/unlimited texts etc, postpaid family plans actually can make a lot of sense. Addition of a line is only 9.99 per month.

      The third one is important as it will help make more accurate projections to Stock market and other regulatory agencies. It will give Analysts positive information on the projected growth/revenue….

      • Dakota

        People who don’t travel a lot don’t need roaming though

    • Dakota

      That’s true for some but silly. No one asks if you’re postpaid or prepaid. Sometimes to brag though I tell them I pay $70 or more less than them…it also helps that my gnex wasfree

    • ArbeitMachtFries

      ign’ants be ign’ant & that’s all they be

  • UMA_Fan

    Its a shame Tmobile lost both RadioShack and Target now as national retailers.

  • rob

    Wow, what are their possible last choices to partner with that have physical stores and havent already gone sour before? This would leave them w/ only Walmart/Sam’s Club, Fry’s, Costco, (I’m forgetting someone here), still offering postpaid.

  • TyRetr0

    Who cares target sucks anyways

  • spritemoney

    Target is an awful place to buy anything mobile anyways. The salesperson that works at the Target Mobile section usually doesn’t know crap about cell phones. They don’t know anything about the specs of the product they are selling, new phones coming out, Some features on a phone (ex: Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile phones). This (and many other Target Salesman) tried to tell me it is a bad idea to unlock an iPhone (from it will void the warranty to it is impossible to it will NOT work on T-Mobile anyways). Also the Target Mobile salesperson tried to convince me why I should switch from T-Mobile to AT&T (and switch from my iPhone to an Android), but then I started to ask him questions like: What carrier has more 4G LTE coverage Verizon or AT&T? (He answered AT&T, this is false, Verizon has the most 4G LTE coverage), I asked him What is the difference between the LG Optimus G Pro and the Note II? HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S3, etc. He gave me either false answers, or he couldn’t really answer it (Like the HTC One isn’t out yet, so I do not know). Also this salesperson did not know about the 1900 MHz refarming and did not believe that my iPhone had 3G until I showed it to him.

    Although it is sad that T-Mobile lost a major retailer, because I believe that one way for T-Mobile to regain their legitimacy is they need to be sold at large retailers (The Best Buy by my house doesn’t carry T-Mobile Postpaid either). T-Mobile has been doing a fine job being the “uncarrier” but they really need to expand their coverage, and convert EDGE locations to HSPA+ locations. There is still a lot of work T-Mobile has to do, but I believe in them.

    Anybody remember this image?: https://www.tmonews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Screen-shot-2011-01-20-at-11.16.56-AM.png
    This is what T-Mobile NEEDS to be. It is 2013 and T-MO is no where even CLOSE from achieving this goal. I know you can blame things such as the attempted AT&T buyout, but they need to step their game up now.

    • Guest

      Remember this coverage map that T-Mobile proposed?: https://www.tmonews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Screen-shot-2011-01-20-at-11.16.56-AM.png

      This is what T-Mobile NEEDS to be. It is 2013 and T-MO is no where even CLOSE from achieving this goal. I know you can blame things such as the attempted AT&T buyout, but they need to step their game up now.

    • robert

      hey my friend that his friend work for at&t said they were told to go out to each tower site and mess things up on T-mobile systems so T-mobile look bad and lose costumes

      • Oh noes! What will T-mobile do on Halloween after AT&T makes them lose all their costumes?!

      • iTried

        You and your friend both sound like idiots.

    • kevin

      you deserve more likes, my friend

    • Dakota

      Sadly my local T-Mobile store employees r just as ignorant. Found out store is owned by 3rd party but no one would know sincelooks like any oother corporate store except the occupancy certificate in the back

    • Guest

      So what if they don’t know crap. It’t not friggin brain surgery. You go and you the tell the sales person, “I would like X phone”. They had your phone, you pay, sign the contract and leave. Again this isn’t rocket science.

    • AndroidProfit

      So what if they don’t know crap. It’s not friggin brain surgery. You go and you the tell the sales person, “I would like X phone”. They hand you the phone, you pay, sign the contract and leave. Again this isn’t rocket science.

      • 21stNow

        That’s the point. I can walk into Target, ask for what I want and they try to talk me in to something else. They make statements that are untrue just to push whatever it was that they were talking about. I’ve spoken to a Target rep three times and this happened two of those times. A 67% rate at being lousy isn’t great on their end. I just avoid talking to them at this point.

  • TyRetr0

    Target and Radio Shacks deal ends in April..

  • Poor chile’

  • ErnieD

    It was ok while it lasted. I got my sensation for free. good for what its worth. for sure the biz transaction was with radioshack. weird the shacks personel wasn’t aware of it.

  • robert

    I WANT TO KNOW ??? Why how come i go into stores like ..walmart.. .best buy …and other ones i see T-mobile stuck in a back corner ….but verzon. at&t .sprint .are right in front …..WHY IS THAT ???

    • Becuz they are the big three and considered the top 3 carriers in the nation. Regardless of how you or other nerds on tech blogs feel about them, to the average American consumer – they are considered and marketed as the very BEST!!

      Deal with it!

      • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

        Because Verizon, AT&T and Sprint pay more money to Target.

        • vrm

          I think so too. They charge customers more and then pay retailers a bit more. Results show- retailers push verizon most and then at & t.

          Same strategy as intel.

        • KevTheMan

          As a former Target Mobile(Radio Shack) employee I can tell you that some carriers do pay more for example Verizon Pays just to have an extra phone on Plano which I believe is pretty crazy. I’ll say nice move because I know In my area T-Mobile doesn’t do so well in Target locations.

        • I’m sure thats true. I use to work at Best Buy Mobile, and we was instructed to upsell Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint first. You can even tell by the displays in our department. This is around the time of the Nexus S.

        • ArbeitMachtFries

          lol, he didn’t list target but you saw what you wanted to see anyway (tmobile @ target is right next to the others in the middle of the aisle, all of the mobile co.s are merchandised together)

      • Dakota

        And I thin k having those huge T-Mobile signs over Walmart just furthers the negative brand reputation.. Selling it right next to Walmart plans. For better or worse, Target had a better reputation add a higher class store. Aka tar-jhett. I know many who go to Target all the time who’d never step into Walmart. At least in cities I’ve lived, target is in convenient city locations while Walmart is out in the boonies. It may notbe ffair but it’s considered a bit redneck-o-nize

        • daniel212

          Well maybe were u live I live in LOS ANGELES were there are no rednecks AT all and right in the city theres walmart, target etc,. Once u walk in those stores including walmart which is not out in the boonies like u said over here in LA its right in the city u dont see one redneck.., maybe its cuz I live in the city.

      • cozah

        Your on a tech blog replying to a nerd lol that’s funny, what does that make you? Why are you on this webpage if you so obviously a fanboi of the other carriers? Just trollin I guess…

        AT&T and Verizon I can see but Sprint is terrible they shouldn’t even count LOL.

        • Lol truth hurts! Imma T-Mobile customer. Its no secret that T-Mobile is not looked at much in the same boat as Sprint, Verizon or AT&T. Sorry bro, but its the truth! Let the butthurt sink in some more. Me personally, I can care less T-mobile being 4th place. I’m not on contract. I pay my bill, and they keep my service going. Thats our only relationship. Nothing more, nothing less. Lmao

        • daniel212

          @ cozah like storm millenium said TRUTH hurts its true what the other persons said when u walk in to best buy, target, walmart etc …. u always see Verizon, sprint, att at the front of the store and tmobile in the back if the store with metro pcs, boost and virgin mobile. ! Its sad really … im a tmobile customer and it sucks cuz most people dnt even notice that they sell tmobile in those stores cus its usually really hidden heck even I sometimes have a hard time finding them so the average customer dont even notice them cuz once they walk in the store first thing they see is AT&T, SPRINT, VERIZON.

    • Dakota

      At my Walmart the cell phone area has huge T-Mobile signs all over

    • Paul

      I haven’t seen T-Mobile in a Best Buy in a couple years.

  • The dragon

    I hope costco & wal mart are next. No more free phones! Nice!

    • Dakota

      Cuz Costco n Walmart customers are the types who will run to pay $600 for a cell phone?

  • New phones are more expensive and always require a crap ass mail in rebate when shopping at the retail T-Mobile stores. Never go there to get a phone. Go to Walmart or wherever else that sells the phone for cheaper and without need of rebate. Too bad we are losing Target as a choice though.

  • Guest

    they getting hit with fraud, why do you think they pulled from radio shack? staples is next

  • Mark

    I think people are confused about the postpaid headline. VALUE PLANS are considered POSTPAID. MONTHLY 4G {the plans that YOU CANNOT break up your phone payments} is considered PREPAID. This is taking effect at the end of March, unless something changes.

    • Zac

      …and therein lies the problem with this whole un-carrier thing: it’s confusing as hell!

  • kevin

    nothing is “postpaid” since t-mobile started to bill its customers a month in advance as well as at&t and verizon…i think the correct terms should be “Contracted” and “Non-Contract”

    • thepanttherlady

      For the record, I get billed AFTER my services on my Value plan. That is post paid.

      • brubawil87

        Well yes that is still possible since you have probably had T-mob before may of 2012 and are billed in arrears. Every one since may 20th of 2012 that has started a new account has what is call “bill current” which is a bill that comes out and is due in the current billing cycle.

    • 21stNow

      There is a difference in being billed in advance and paying in advance. If you are billed in advance, your payment due date is still at or around the end of the service period. Prepaid or paying in advance means that you pay before you can use the service at all. There is never a bill in prepaid.

    • xmiro

      Nope. I just got billed the other day for February services. We’re on Value1k plan

  • ike

    Target now. Who is next. Why do I feel like T-mobile is still trying to go out of business.

  • zak

    … the beginning of the end. I really wish T-Mo wouldn’t do this to themselves. If the “UN” plans were so awesome, leave postpaid as an option and really make it about consumer choice. This is going to be a royal flop. Mark my words: in 12 months T-Mobile will have fewer total subscribers than they do today, and it won’t be close.

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Target doesn’t carry T-Mobile in my area anyway.

  • Dakota

    Love that when I log on to mobile version, I always get ads from other carriers. Sprint 99sg3 today

  • FILA

    they are suppose to take out Verizon and ATT also

  • GinaDee

    It’s because Target decided to go with another distributor of hardware. You see carriers get their phones from large distributors like Brighthouse, Ingram Micro, Tech Data etc. They don’t buy them direct from the manufacturers.

    Target decided to go on their own and buy equipment (phones) from their own distributor so they can have more flexibility on hardware pricing to be competitive. T-Mobie’s full price no subsidy model won’t work because T-Mobile only offers equipment installment options from their distributor.

  • Bill Smith

    My Target store never sold T-Mobile phones.

  • OnlineRefugee

    This seems in line with T-Mobile’s shift to prepaid.

    Because I believe that prepaid is the way of the future, IMO T-Mobile is doing the right thing, establishing itself as the preeminent prepaid carrier.

    By the way, the prepaid stigma is gone. People are waking up, realizing that it is a lousy deal to pay $3,500 for an iPhone and two years service, plus from time to time suffer data and talk overage charges.

    Well, I won’t repeat myself to argue why I believe T-Mobile is making all the right moves. I’ll simply repost my comment made three years ago.


    DATE CAPTURED: 2010-04-09 14:04:13
    LIBRARY KEY = 1564; LIST POSITION = 1451

    I predict that in five years ALL the carriers will have two distinct divisions or service tiers. One the one end will be the “McDonald’s” prepaid accounts and services. Unlike the old days where prepay meant you were a deadbeat, the prepaid customer will be the middle class, tech challenged, elderly and others who have no need for expensive options/services (4G+, LTE, 5GB data plans).

    On the other end of the spectrum will be the “elite” customer, those who need and demand data services, perhaps most accurately called “the business customer.”

    IMO all the carriers know that the next big profit center is prepaid (that is, aside from data). Prepay is attractive to carriers because they don’t have to deal with defaults, late payments or costly handset subsidization.

    I predict that by 2012 we will see two service tiers/segments within carriers, prepaid talk/text and on the other end the unlimited data or “elite” customer who can afford top tier services and the latest, hot devices.

    You can tell where prepay is going by looking at Sprint. They have been sucking up prepaid carriers like a vacuum cleaner on super suck mode.Recently Sprint bought Virgin Mobile USA prepay. They added that to the Sprint stable of prepaid carriers like Boost Mobile. Look for T-Mobile to seek prepaid acquisitions and the other carriers too will solidify prepaid divisions or subsidiaries.

    Prepaid will become as common as debit cards. Prepaid will not be a stigma. I remember when people started to migrate to debit cards from checks. Back then people thought I was using a credit card for groceries and when in line I could see they had a chagrined, sympathetic look on their faces thinking “poor guy has to buy groceries on credit.” Now look at things, someone writing a check at the grocery store gets dirty looks for holding up the line.

    Bottom line, there’s billions to be made with prepaid accounts, after all there’s millions of potential customers out there who have no desire or need for 5GB data. They love the simplicity of how prepay works. No complicated plans, nothing to keep track of. No bill shock.

    While T-Mobile has prepaid services, I can see them expanding that arm of the company, just as all the carriers are doing.

    The next few years are going to be a fun and wild ride for all of us, fasten your seat belts.

  • T-Fumble

    They could always do that “partnership” with Dollar General they were talking about a few months back haha!

  • Gamesoul Master

    I imagine this has something to do with Marketsource taking over Target’s mobile department at that same time. The question is why, since Marketsource handles the T-Mobile reps that go to Target, Walmart, etc. Unless there’s a reason buried in that very fact that I’m not seeing.