New HTC Video Showcases Design And Manufacturing Of One Flagship

If there’s one thing I can absolutely say about HTC hardware, it’s the pride the company puts in to ensuring they combine the best of engineering and design to make something special. A new 85 second video from HTC highlights exactly that as the HTC One creative director and Senior Director of Manufacturing Design walk you through the thought process that went into the design and build of the upcoming HTC flagship. Even as the Galaxy S IV launch moves into a single digit wait period, I can’t wait to get my hands on the One and see what kind of premium hardware HTC has put together. Come on T-Mobile, take my monies!

The new One: bold design and engineering coming together. Watch the innovative processes that help mold and shape the new HTC One. This behind-the-scenes look also shows the thought process of HTC’s designers as they pursued the most innovative methods of phone construction to date.


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  • tomarone

    We need more than good hardware we need good software. Vanilla Android with whatever options they’d like to add as apps. Dingbats.

  • Luis Carlos Diaz

    Great! Can I have the same build design on a Windows Phone??

    • Whiskers


      And with the front facing speakers too.

  • Ghost79

    Will they keep it updated with new software or will they leave it out to dry like the other HTC lineups that had the power and the hardware to get updated. Like my Amaze that didn’t get the Jelly bean update!

    • PT1PPY

      Considering the HTC Amaze and the HTC Sensation were both the first phones on T-Mobile to get the ICS, I wouldn’t say they don’t do updates. It’s all up to the Wireless carrier to approve that.

      • Third_Eye

        Nope. It is not. No wonder HTC is going down (I really hate to say so even though Amaze 4G was a great phone when it was released) the spiral.
        BTW T-Mo has phones that run JB today. HTC One is going to be released with JB. So the network is “compatible with JB”.

        It is the job of HTC to keep the phones updated if they are capable of it.

        Adding Sense is another roadblock to upgrade. When Amaze and Sensation got upgraded to ICS it was ICS 4.0.3 +Sns 3.6

        The 2012 phones like 1X, 1X+ and even the lowly VX got ICS 4.0.3 + Sns 4.x
        The reason for 2 versions of Sense was described by HTC as for Sns 3.x users, 4.x is radically different and hence 3.6 was put in place to ease their concerns.

        All 2012 released phones have a JB upgrade path if > 512MB RAM. So what about 2011 phones that have > 512MB RAM with a capable processor? Crickets!!

        a) HTC is not willing to decouple the OS upgrade from the Sns upgrade.
        b) OTA updates for the phones are done by the carrier, after certification that the newer build works fine.
        c) But HTC has to provide a software like Samsung does with KIES or Nokia does with its Nokia Suite available so that we all know who is the fr****ng culprit.

        Just to have fun look at the TMo-Am4G support forums for these two topics

        T-Mobiles’ Reply 14Feb2013

        Currently we do not have any information on if the Amaze will receive this update. Updates heavily rely on the manufacturer,

        HTC’s reply 14Dec2012

        The release of the Jelly Bean OS is at the discretion of your carrier, given that the OS must be customized to fit the needs of the service provider and make sure it works under their network, in this particular case I advise you to get in touch with your service provider, they will be able to provide.

        HTC is designing good phones , but is being run by clueless idiots. When HTC was really flying till 2011, HTC used to care about their existing customer base well.
        Ever since then they have been only interested to push new phones than support the existing phone base. They throw a bone here and there.
        So we have non-removable batteries, non-expandable storage, boot loader lock (with a complicated procedure for unlocking)
        Meanwhile Samsung is rocketing up the stratosphere despite being far late to the Android game….

        As an example, My Amz4G after upgrade to ICS had too many reboots due to Sense 3.6 not playing well with the Task killers. After uninstalling them, I was able to reduce them but in Nov-Dec once again it started happening regularly that when I wnt to Disney, I could not trust my phone to capture any picture as it will switch off as soon I put it in my pocket as I am going on rides. So any picture during the rides I can’t take.

        Then after taking to the TMo store, they CS Rep said that it is most likely the battery issue, opened the “removable battery” felt it and spun it on a flat surface and said that the battery needs to be replaced and since it is under a year, TMo will provide me a replacement battery except for 9.99$ S&H (which is a overkill as they used UPS Mail innovations).

        If I had got a 2012 + HTC phone and a similar thing happened, I would have to fight to get a new phone for battery. Penny wise and pound foolish….

    • PT1PPY

      And the only phones that even have Jelly Bean are the S3 and Note 2. The One S is getting it soon as well.

  • Youmamma3

    I will never ever get a non-nexus phone again. My Sensation took +6 months to get ICS update. With my Nexus 4 I already got 3 updates since November.

    • trife

      Agreed. Although this device is reaaaalllllly tempting.

    • Jake

      I agree. although the average sheep wont care, the Fact that HTC chooses now to have a non-removable battery and no Micro card. they lost my sale!!!

    • Jonas65

      LOL agree. By the time the One is updated to 4.2.2 the Nexus 5 full HD with Key Lime Pie will be out! Catch 21..
      Google Nexus FTW.

  • M42

    The hardware is intriguing. The Blinkfeed, not so much. You can do virtually the same thing with any phone with the Flipboard app.

    • exactly .. no idea how Blinkfeed got approved to be the default on the One .. just crazy.

      • M42

        According to the first look review on CNET you can’t turn Blinkfeed all the way off, so it’s going to be constantly draining the battery and using data. I was interested in this phone until I read this.

        • You can empty the blink feed so there is no source to constantly pull data from. It will not drain your battery.

        • M42

          Did you read the CNET article? My understanding was that you couldn’t empty it completely and some things had to run. But if you could empty it out then that would be great.

        • it would be even better if it just didn’t exist . i don’t want a newsfeed on my phone like that .. i don’t do Flipboard etc so Blinkfeed is pointless even if you can limit what it pulls .. i don’t want to be forced to use it and because i would be with this phone, it won’t get my $.

        • QBeastly

          That’s why it’s nice to be Android-smart. Once u learn how to root an Android phone, you’ll be amazed at how personal your phone can truly be. Don’t like bloatware? Easily removable. Want eye candy? MiUi baby!

        • M42

          I jail broke my iPhone when I had one, but haven’t gotten around to rooting my Android yet. Kind of been thinking about it so I can install Jelly Bean on it. Rooting looks to be a lot more involved than jail breaking.

        • Andres Galvan

          You can make Blinkfeed not autorefresh, which makes it not do a single thing until you refresh it yourself. Give Blinkfeed a try, I didn’t have faith in it, but I love it now.

  • FILA

    Then watch Sammy make there S4, stamping out plastic pieces out of one long sheet of plastic, lol

  • crazychef

    ok this video feels like a copy of Sony. Sony has been doing videos like this since last year. looks like htc is afraid of the competition.

  • Spanky

    I’d love to know whose brilliant idea it was to release this supposedly “flagship” phone with Android 4.1.2, particularly when 4.2 has been out since September 2012. HTC is really digging its own grave.

    • Get_at_Me

      I don’t fault htc for launching this with 4.1.2….name a current, stock non nexus device running 4.2.

      • Andres Galvan

        Just the GS4. It’s the only one. 4.2.1 is buggy anyways, since it’s the x.x.1 version. So the GS4 has Android related bugs, not just Touchwiz related bugs. Besides, non Nexus devices dont see much with 0.1 updates.

  • auser72

    I was a big fan of HTC. The MyTouch 4G is still the best built phone I have ever owned. They messed up when they tried to make it all about the HTC sense experience vs Android. I hope they have learned their lesson because I missed the premium feel and quality build of HTC phones.

    • fixxmyhead

      uh no i had this phone and its the worst phone i ever owned . i gave it to my wife and the POS died while being charged. theres nothing premium about that phone. idk what ur smoking

  • Joseph Tongret

    I’ve been using Samsung phones primarily for the last six months, so I’m really interested in the One if only the beautiful build quality & HTC’s always gorgeous screens. I’m almost definitely going to end up with the GS4 also, even though at the moment I’m feeling like I really don’t want another go with TW on a plastic phone. Despite what the GS4 has to me it doesn’t take away from the One being a good choice also.

    • fixxmyhead

      u guys b*tch about this “cheap plastic” build yet there are million dollar cars that are also made of “plastic” oh the irony. must be all that apple marketing about “premium quality build”getting to u guys.

      • Joseph Tongret

        That’s my thoughts, not bitc++ng! Now STFU, YOU’RE NOT IMPRESSING ANYONE WITH YOUR IDIOTIC REPLYS! You’re dismissed now! Have a nice day!

      • QBeastly

        I’m almost certain that’s not the same thing lol. A million dollar car is a million dollar car. It’s status. Rich people buy it. The common man does not. Phones, on the other hand, mostly anyone can afford. Since we can afford it and there ARE metallic/plastic options, our b*tching and complaining is more than valid. When you start comparing one situation to another, make sure it’s entirely valid to compare… or else it’s called a “FALLACY.”

  • Whitney

    David you have any iphone news? Today my birthday

  • Samsung, take notes!

  • ant

    honestly if your not a developer or journalist updates shouldnt matter if the phone work take good pictures and dont die until you get home or whenever u need it the phone should be good

  • ant


  • nerdlust

    This is going to be a hard choice. My sensation is starting to show its age. Gs4, moto xphone and this all seem tempting. Even note2 would be a good choice.

  • Very nice

  • tomnewtn

    Break through is two words.

  • Ghassan Abdul Wahhab

    they could made the camera 8 or 13 ultra pixel camera and they could
    made the screen 5 inch and bezel-less from the sides. it would not sell
    10 million only. it would sell 50 million for sure. they made a big mistake
    HTC the features are not enough to make many people to buy it. they lost
    there chance this year it can’t compete with other smartphones features
    wise. the design is great but it should been fully bezel-less from the

    • Noel

      Perfect design but i would have gone with two 8+ ultra pixel camera. I would also have liked onscreen buttons and the ability to dual boot. That said..this is one hell of a phone and i hope HTC puts all their advertising power behind this phone and also hope no delays in production so that this should be readily available to all who want one. It should also be priced right so as not to scare off potential buyers. We all know Sammy will do anything to get the upper hand in HTC needs to have their A game on.

    • tonkotsu

      please explain the benefit of a 8 or 13mp camera with less detail, vs a 4mp camera with more detail and better low light

      do you actually use 8mp? do you print posters? have you actually seen what a 8mp pic looks like full size?

      2240×1680 – 4 mp

      3264×2448 – 8 mp

      now tell me your desktop resolution

      there’s ABSOLUTELY no reason for 8mp, and even less of a reason for 13mp

      the bezel-less argument is trash because you’d be constantly inadvertently activating functions

  • shawndh

    I’m surprised no one has said this; but this commercial is a rip from Apple’s marketing. Apple had several videos like this talking about the construction process of the iphone 5. Remember? See at 4:55

  • slant

    looks awfully like Jonathan Ive from Apple.

    • J-Bird

      talks like him too!

  • hhfstk

    Is this a joke? Like it’s not a parody video. People are buying this full blown rip. You gotta be way head deep in the sand to take this seriously. This is blatant cloning.