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T-Mobile To Stop Selling Postpaid Devices Inside Target Stores As Of April 7th, Prepaid Will Live On

A bit of retailer news this evening regarding T-Mobile and Target this evening as the carrier has apparently made the decision to drop its postpaid offerings from all 683 Target locations T-Mobile is available. T-Mobile will continue to sell postpaid services inside Target through April 7th, at which point they will pull their offerings. However, T-Mobile will continue to sell a full line of prepaid offerings in almost all of Target’s 1700 locations. Replacing … [read full article]

Is This The Nation’s Most Advanced T-Mobile Store?

According to an article written by the Carlsbad Patch.com online AOL magazine the T-Mobile PhoneZone Retail location in Carlsbad, California is the most advanced T-Mobile store in the country. Store owner Ken Plachno calls it the “technologically most advanced cell phone store in the nation and very experimental.” Brave words for Mr. Plachno but a quick look at the video shows that the T-Mobile PhoneZone is definitely trying something new with their learning center. “Additionally, we are … [read full article]