The Complete Breakdown Of Simple Global International Data And UnCarrier Phase 3

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As T-Mobile’s Simple Global international data roaming plan continues to earn rave reviews, I’ve received many inquiries on Wi-Fi calling and traveling abroad. Well, some good news all around as T-Mobile has posted a full breakdown of the Simple Global plan, including its impact on Wi-Fi calling. There’s plenty of data contained within, including a breakdown of the 2G international roaming plan at 128Kbps abroad, how much voice calls work out to and the cost of sending and receiving text messages. Not highlighted but requiring mention are the three add-on plans available for people who need a little more data when traveling internationally.

The three speed boosts plans are available to international travelers only on Simple Global plans and allow 1 day of data service or 100MB for just $15. A one week pass can be obtained for $25 and allows 200MB of data. If you need even more data you can score a $50 two-week pass good for 500MB of data good at the highest possible data speed available in the country you are currently traveling.

At the end of the day T-Mobile’s Simple Global plan and its international capability is really best served for individuals wishing to catch up on email, Twitter and Facebook. It is definitely not for lengthy web browsing, uploading, downloading or tethering. Still, even at what amounts to 2G speed, it’s free and it keeps you in contact even if it might conjure up the thought of AOL dial-up tones as you wait for Facebook to load…and load…and load.

Hit the full read below for all the details.

T-Mobile Support

Roaming in Simple Global Countries

  • Data roaming requires a domestic roaming feature.
  • Includes Unlimited Web at standard speeds of approximately 128Kbps & Unlimited Messaging in Simple Global countries. 128kbps speed is ideal for email, web pages, navigation, and social apps.
  • $0.20/minute voice calling to Simple Global countries (including the U.S.).
  • $0.00/message, unlimited text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS) to any mobile number in Simple Global countries (including the U.S.).
    Note: See below for Wi-Fi charges and details.

Roaming in Non-Simple Global Countries

The following applies if you’re on an eligible rate plan traveling to non-Simple Global countries:

  • Talk and messaging are automatically enabled and charged at WorldClass rates.
  • Data is disabled by default. You can enable data by dialing #RON# and then pressing Send on your device.
  • If you have enabled data via #RON#, you can disable it anytime by dialing #ROF# and then pressing Send on your device.
  • You can block voice, messaging, and data by adding the International Blocking feature at no additional cost. For more information, contact Customer Service.
    Note: If you have the blocking feature, it takes priority over dialing #RON# or dialing #ROF#.


The following rate plans are eligible:

  • Simple Choice plans, including consumer, business, data-only, and Mobile Internet (formerly Mobile Broadband).
  • New Classic plans launched since March 2013, including consumer, business, data-only, and Mobile Internet.

The following rate plans are not eligible:

  • Simple Choice without Credit Check
  • Prepaid / Pay in Advance
  • FlexPay
  • Legacy plans, such as grandfathered Classic and Value (launched prior to March 2013), Even More, Even More Plus, myFaves, and Get More

You can switch to an eligible plan to receive included international roaming.

Text Message Customer Notifications

You may receive a message if you’re on an eligible plan about the new included international roaming.

Free SMS message: Free T-Mo msg: Big News! Our unlimited data coverage is now global including 100+ countries-at no extra cost. See your global benefits.

Wi-Fi Calling and Messaging Impacts


  • All incoming Wi-Fi calls are $0.00.
  • All Wi-Fi calls to the U.S. while roaming are $0.00, no matter where you are.
  • Wi-Fi calls placed while outside the U.S. to a destination on the Simple Global Country List is only $0.20.
  • Wi-Fi calls placed while outside the U.S. to a destination not on the Simple Global Country List are $0.20 plus Wi-Fi toll charges. See the current list for international long distance rates by country, which already includes the $0.20.


  • All incoming text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS) sent over Wi-Fi are $0.00.
  • SMS/MMS sent over Wi-Fi to the U.S. are $0.00, no matter where you are.
  • SMS/MMS sent over Wi-Fi while roaming in a Simple Global Country are $0.20.
  • SMS/MMS sent over Wi-Fi while roaming in a Non-Simple Global Country are $0.20.

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  • Paul

    ” Wi-Fi toll charges” WTF is that, besides a rip off?!?!
    Bad enough that I would pay to use a VoIP-style setting, but to be charged a toll…I’ll get the lube, it’ll help my wallet cough up more cash.

    I get what they’re doing, and some slow data is better than none, but I’m not sure this is shaping up to be worthy of a Phase 3 move. That’s just my opinion.

    • The toll charges are standard international calling charges. They’ve always been there, and you can get those discounted with certain international calling addons.

      • Paul

        Aaahhh, I was wondering what they were tolling.

  • Noor Mahmoud

    Where is the list of simple and non-simple global countries?

    • Hit the link in the first few lines of the story, there’s a complete list there.

  • Confused

    currently i added a $10 plan on one line for unlimited calling to select countries which includes international SMS. On another line, i added a $7 plan for unlimited SMS to international calling. Does this mean, i can remove those services from my lines and still be able to call/text for free to international countries while i’m in the US?

    • gentleman559


    • enoch861

      No. You first have to be on a qualifying plan. If you are, the SMS thing can be removed.

  • UMA_Fan

    Simply put: No change to WiFi Calling to those who were panicking.

    Why would they charge for it anyway? From a business perspective you monetize what people are using a lot of or what you are taking a loss on. WiFi Calling is none of these things to T-Mobile. It’s the same as you sitting in the US making that same call/text. WiFi Calling to countries you are in ALWAYS charged you because that’s no different than you sitting in the US calling that country.


    So no love for Value customers… :(

    • Dakota

      That’s yesterday’s news.

    • what’s wrong with the new Simple Choice Value plans?

  • Guest

    Odd that they have different rates for Wifi calling based on whether the customer is in the US or elsewhere; wonder how many people are going to be billed based on GeoIP DB errors.

    • Delusion_FTL

      Nope, rates are the same whether someone has wifi calling enabled in the US or anywhere in the world.

  • Plow Rox

    My son calls Canada on the International plan for $10.00, Free to land lines [currently] When asked about the upcoming changes was told that the Canada plan will now include [at no additional charge] free calls to mobile/cell numbers. I will check before letting him though…..

    • Dakota

      I currently use Viber to call or text foreign countries from the US.

  • Tmo_Question

    So according to the chart above, if I am in another country (Simple Choice Country) and receive a voice call from the U.S it is free. (Free incoming).

    If I place an out going call back to the U.S it is $0.20 min?

    And also free text message regardless?

    • AJ

      If this truly is correct, who is paying for the “international” call then? The caller in the US?

    • Guest

      No. Look again. All outgoing calls to the USA are free. No matter where you are if you’re using Wi-Fi calling.

    • Cruise Guy

      Its 20 cents for all calls in and out to the US and the rest of the 100 plus countries. If you are connected to WIFI, your inbound calls are then free. If you are connected to Wifi, your calls to the US are free, and calls to the rest of the 100 plus countries are 20 cents per minute.

  • Talmai

    SMS/MMS sent over Wi-Fi to the U.S. are $0.00, no matter where you are.
    SMS/MMS sent over Wi-Fi while roaming in a Simple Global Country are $0.20.
    SMS/MMS sent over Wi-Fi while roaming in a Non-Simple Global Country are $0.20.
    I’m confused, how does #1 not contradict #2 and #3? Do #2 and #3 only apply to messages not US bound?

    • Josh

      #1 doesn’t consider “roaming” status, it’s just saying for people that aren’t roaming, i think, #2,3 apply to roaming status

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      I think what it is trying to say is that when you are using Wi-Fi calling, everything is billed as if you were currently in the US, no matter where you are.

      Makes slightly more sense on

      if you are using Wi-Fi calling, everything is treated as originating from the US. If you are texting from the US to another country, it is billed at $.20 a message, unless you have an “international plan” addon.

      The new roaming changes only applies to when you are in another country and you are trying to “get back to” the US. Basically if I am in Italy, I can use text and data just like if I was using them from New York. If I am in Italy and try to call my friend in New York, it is $.20 a min. If he calls me, it’s free.

      What I am confused about is that depending on what page I read on TMO’s site, it says that outgoing SMS/MMS may or may not be billed at $.20 a message when they are sent to another country.

      On it says:
      “Texting: If your plan does include domestic texting:

      Send texts to another country: 20 cents per text
      Receive texts from another country: Texts deducted from your plan’s allotment”

      On it says:
      “$0.00/message, unlimited text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS) to any mobile number in Simple Global countries (including the U.S.). (While in a Simple Global Country)”

      • Chris

        It is a misprint or typo on David’s part. Look at the image. It says $0.00.

        • I didn’t post anything in the quoted area so whatever it says is straight from Tmo.

    • UMA_Fan

      If you are in another country calling another person in the country you are in you are billed for it regardless of using WiFi Calling or not.

      WiFi Calling has always been a way for your phone to think it’s in the US even when it’s not.

  • Deihmos

    This is a lot to digest.

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    I think I figured out the Wi-Fi Calling & messaging thing…basically if you are using Wi-Fi calling, everything is billed as if you placed the call or sent the text from within the US to another country, no matter where you are.

    Using this principle, I am confused by “SMS/MMS sent over Wi-Fi while roaming in a Simple Global Country are $0.20.” I am guessing it is a misprint? Earlier on in the article it states “$0.00/message, unlimited text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS)
    to any mobile number in Simple Global countries (including the U.S.).”

    If there is a $.20 a message charge to use Wi-Fi calling to send SMS/MMS, this does not seem very transparent! I bet alot of people are going to get burned by this…

    • Dakota

      Is that. 20 text thing in the article or the press release. If in the post, its probably a careless error

    • Cruise Guy

      I spoke to Tmo tonight. Its free to text to the US over WIFI, and 20 cents to other countries. He read me right from his internal training page. So you get unlimited messaging if you are on a cellular network. But if you attach to the wifi, you still get free texts to the us (yes, it doesn’t show that but its in their training materials and makes sense) and pay 20 cents per text to other 100 plus international countries.

  • Question

    When they say Wi-Fi calling, what exactly does that mean? Using of the compatible T-Mobile phones that support wi-fi calling? or using an app based on the wi-fi connection to make a call such as all those voip apps?

    • Danny Lewis

      T-Mobile’s WiFi calling. Any other non-T-Mobile app does not go through their accounting systems.

      • Question

        So I guess this wouldn’t apply to the new iPhone, as Apple does not allow T-Mobile to do Wi-Fi calling on iOS 7…

        • Dakota

          The release should say iPhone not eligible. I have a friend who wants to get a new iPhone & this peaked his interest. I told him to triple check coverage & read fine print.. Here there wasn’t even fine print. Think it would be a good ideato uinclude that in your release if thats become one if not the best selling handsets.

    • Cruise Guy

      The software built into the T-Mobile phone that lets you make and receive phone calls using your regular number, not some VOIP number or service.

  • calichik

    Does anyone know when this takes effect? im in tijuana mexico i just crossed the bridGe and my lg g2 from tmobile and my bfs xperia z are switching back and forth between t-mobile and TELCEL since im still close to the border right now i still have data on but im afraid that once i go in deeper in tj and stay on telcel they gonna charge me alot before i left i told the gurl on the store if they were gonna work in mexico she said yes that she needed to activate international roaming i told her to do it she didnt explain nothing about this plans and all she just said she activated it and they should work. And since im flying to Guadalajara obviously ima be roaming full time on Telcel does anyone know if im gonna be able to use unlimited data ?dnt care if its slow at 128 kbps i just want it to work..

    • Sorrytoobusytoread

      Learn to reread would be my suggestion. Look for the phrase that discloses that information. I think it says it in the article, but I’m not going to reread since I don’t care to at the moment. That said. Have fun, I hope it’s a vacation. Post pictures.

      • Sorrytoobusytoread

        Haha it’s in the support link. And it’s not effective yet. Too bad. Have fun. I was just reading it and you are a week too early for this as far as the support link states. Not sure if that is stated in article but click the link to source info when in doubt. Don’t depend on other to read this stuff bc t-mobile wont care if you were misled. Now if it says it on their site that’s another story. Roaming data fees are no joke.

        • dudebro

          In MX, the partners are only Telefonica and IUSACELL, so no telcel for you. Also I believe only 15 days max out of the country is what I believe is what you get of international roaming.

        • calichik

          i dont know what part of mexico you are but in tijuana ,uruapan michoacan ,apatzingan michoacan and guadalajara u have telcel,movistar as roaming partners using a tmobile sim well thats what i have gotten everytime i been to those places and roam using my tmobile phone . The only people i seen roaming on IUSACELL are my friends on verizon and sprint since IUSACELL is mexicos biggest CDMA network so verizon and sprint people connect to it so far on tmOBILE i never been able to connect to it im only able to connect to telcel or movistar which are gsm when telcel is not available my phone switches to movistar and vice versa

      • calichik

        never mind 3G data aint working at all i went deeper in tj no tmobile at all im 100 percent on telcel and nada both phones data roaming on both displaying 3g no data nada i get webpage unavailable good thing my mans xperia z is unlocked tomorow first thing in the morning once i get to guadalajara i will be buying a prepaid telcel sim fix apn settings and try to get data workin on it.

        • TmoSamsungMan

          Meanwhile in America a lunatic screams FREEE, FREE on a tmobile forum.

        • Cruise Guy

          You are the luny, not that other person. The person above forgot to turn on their data roaming in the phone. T-mobile automatically turns it off in most cases and you have to uncheck that box or use the short code to turn it back on. Don’t be so nasty with everyone.

        • Cruise Guy

          Try the short code to turn it back on, or uncheck the box that blocks roaming data. That is automatically check by default, meaning you will see the signal, your phone will work, but you won’t get the data to work. That’s standard. #RON# turns it on. #ROF# turns it off.

        • calichik

          no need to do that anymore but thanks i unlocked the phone and using a mexican prepaid sim telcel amigo for about 40 bucks gives 1gig of data and its 6- 9 mbps speed much better than the 128 kbps i would have probabaly gotten using tmobile.

    • nps_ca

      You will be charged per MB and full call roaming rates. None of the new rates are effective till Oct 20th

      • enkay1

        October 31st for existing customers

  • Eugene

    So outgoing texts are 20 cents each…? I thought incoming and outgoing texts were free.

    • noelsito

      To the US

      • Eugene

        Right, they made it seem like texting wouldn’t cost extra regardless of receiving from the U.S when you’re in one of the 100 countries or sending from those countries to the U.S.

        • Manny

          I think it is an error or something. Because the only time it mentions .20 cents per message is during Wi-Fi. Everything else I read is free unlimited from Simple to Simple.

        • Cruise Guy

          Correct. The may have a problem determining your location on Wifi or something. So its totally free except on Wifi, then its free to US, free inbound, and only 20 cents to the rest of the countries on the list.

        • Dakota

          I thought texting was supposed to be free & only calls would be. 20

        • Cruise Guy

          Incorrect. Texting is free to the 100 countries. If you latch onto wifi, then texting to the US is still free and texting to those 100 countries outbound is 20 cents. But if you are just connected to the regular network, its unlimited texts in and out to the US and to the 100 countries.

    • Cruise Guy

      They are totally free. Only if you connect to wifi will there be a 20 cent charge to all of the 100 plus countries except the US (still free). Totally free.

  • nps_ca

    Don’t forget none of this is effective till Oct 20th US time.

    Also its throttled data. You still use whatever 3g/Hspa network when roaming. The TMO APN will throttle data to the 128Kb speeds on TMO’s side once data packets go back to TMO from roaming carrier. 128Kb is hardly 2G as 2G even with edge was latency problematic.

    • Dakota

      When my device would go to. 2g In the US, it was a brick. Email wouldnt load;forget a Web page or GPS… Doesn’t give me much confidence it would work elsewhere

      • nps_ca

        As I said it’s throttled speeds NOT 2G network. You still pick a 3G network and use that but speeds would be held back to 128Kb or so. In most TMO 2G networks the data portion was saturated on some sites so performance was iffy. This is 3G/4G so no issues on data packet throughput BUT it will be throttled to not be more than 128Kb/sec – should be more reliable than 2G on TMO was

        • dtam

          when the wife goes over her 500 mb of 4g data and gets throttled, her internet is still very responsive.

    • enkay1

      Thank you! Finally someone who gets it! This is THROTTLED 3G/HSPA+. It will be WAY more consistent than GPRS or EDGE if AT&T 3G roaming (throttled to 64kbps) is any indication!

  • Deng

    Skip to the bottom of this article, most customers are excluded from this plan. Since most customers would fall into one of the categories below advertising this plan is really false advertising.
    We have continued to endure T-Mobile’s poor coverage hoping the Uncarrier 3 announcement would be an enlarged roaming agreement with ATT instead T-Mobile insults customers with unroaming – theoretical expanded coverage most existing customers are ineligible to receive. When our T-Mobile contract is up next month we will not be renewing with T-Mobile.

    “The following rate plans are not eligible:

    Simple Choice without Credit Check

    Prepaid / Pay in Advance


    Legacy plans, such as grandfathered Classic and Value (launched prior to March 2013), Even More, Even More Plus, myFaves, and Get More”

    • philly8

      so changed your plan to the simple choice value plan for postpaid and get a corp discount to save even more money….THEN BOOM you are getting a deal of a lifetime.

      • Dimitri Gatsiopoulos

        Exactly. I moved from a even more plus plan to a simple choice when I got my HTC one. I ended up paying $0.01 more and ended up with unlimited minutes from the 500 on the Even More Plus. Can’t beat tha deal.

        • Dakota

          The thing with deals is theyre different for differentpe ople based on their needs. What saves one person money costs another. Look. At ATT getting rid of individual plans. Sucks for many single people.. $20 or more. Same with minutes.. Most people don’t use unlimited minutes and I’m sure would rather pay less for 500 or the old free nights weekend. The carriers know this so now domestic calls & texts are free on every major category & data us where they’re making their money

        • Dimitri Gatsiopoulos

          True. For me it didn’t cost more. In the long run though I probably pay $10 more than I did in the TZones days with 500 minutes and 1000 texts. Now I get unlimited everything. So that $10 more is justifiable just for the unlimited data and messages.

      • Dakota

        You do know most people don’t have access to Corp discount.

        • dtam

          free for all to join, 10% discount on Tmobile

    • Dakota

      You can’t really blame them for adding features to the new plans theyre trying to move everyone too. If you have a 3 year old phone, you can’t get mad that new features won’t work. Roaming, I agree.

    • Cruise Guy

      It will be good riddance. It will free up more bandwidth for the rest of us. All of the legacy plans are being removed in November and everyone is being migrated over to the new plans. The letters are all going out now. So most all of those people (except prepay) will be able to access this feature after all. If you have poor coverage, go to Verizon. Its not false advertising. Everyone needs to pick a carrier anyway that covers their area. Myself, I choose not to have a tiny bit more coverage for double the price. If it works for you, move on.

  • Confused

    Please help clarify ….. if I receive incoming call while I travel in simple global countries such as China or Italy is FREE? only outgoing call cost $0.20 per min?
    How about while in US text to simple global countries?

    • pbxtech

      It’s really simple. Traffic is either inbound/outbound for calls and texting.

      1. Any inbound calls/text — FREE.
      2. Outbound calls/text – U.S. terminated — FREE.
      3. Outbound calls/text – Simple Global Country — 20 cents.
      4. Outbound calls – non-Simple Global Country — 20 cents (plus) toll.

      • FluX

        Sorry, but could you include the location you are at? I am a bit confused.

        • ogopogo

          @pbxtech is correct – keeping in mind that we are talking about Wi-Fi Calling:
          1. Location – You can be anywhere
          2. Location – You can anywhere
          3. Location – You are in the US, or any Simple Global Country
          4. Location – You are in a Non-simple Global Country

        • FluX

          Oh okay. Oh just forgot that you can’t use phone and EDGE at the same time. Or else you could use a dongle and make your computer a hotspot, and use a wifi-calling enabled phone to place the call (probably wouldn’t work on EDGE anyways..)

      • John

        Outbound texts to any county around the world outside U.S have been 0.20 cents per text. While inbound texts/calls to U.S from international countries have always been free. The main thing new with phase 3 is that when making outbound calls to these 100+ simple choice global countries you are charged a flat rate of 0.20 cents per minute rather than what the rates are at the moment which start at 0.49 cents a minute and go as high as 10.79 per minute depending on the country. Also at the moment using data while out of the U.S is $10 per MB of data in Canada and $15 per MB in every other country. Thankfully effective OCT 31 all that will change allowing international calls to 100+ simple choice global countries for 0.20 cents a minute and you will get free data roaming on EDGE while out of the United States.

    • Cruise Guy

      Update to the other person’s answer. Inbound calls are not free, unless you are connected to wi-fi calling. Inbound and outbound calls cost 20 cents per minute. If you connect to wi-fi calling, then calls to the US are free and to all the other 100 countries in the program are 20 cents per minute. They are perfectly correct over wi-fi. In the US, it would be your normal international text message rate.

  • Dakota

    Does the Tmobile iPhone have wifi calling or is that just for Tmobile branded Android devices?
    Also was wondering if you can get Applecare if you buy the iPhone in installment plan thru Tmobile. The store employee said no; the Apple store said they don’t know much about Tmobile cuz they dont sell it

    • Joe

      The T-Mobile iPhone does not have wi-fi calling. You would need to use a different phone.

  • TmoSamsungMan

    This is dumb and in my personal experience pointless. I travel abroad Alot and its not hard to get a wifi signal or a dongle if needed to surf the Web with way higher speeds beyond 128kbps. As for the asking about wifi calling just get a Google number and use gvphone or Groveip, the call quality is AMAZING! Not having tmo wifi calling is not a big deal nor the end of the world, I have it and probably would never use it.

    • focus2145

      You act like you have to pay for this. Its a free feature! FREE! What other carrier in the world offers anything close to that? You now have a FREE option to take advantage of this service and if need be get some thing else to enhance it. As a paying customer I will take all the FREE I can get.

      • TmoSamsungMan

        Ohhwww och you ok there buddy, need a zanax to lighten your mood? Geez the point I was making is that the speeds offered would make it even impossible to do anything. But then of course a person like you would be offended, how is !!FREE!! Obamacare working for ya?

        • Cruise Guy

          Don’t be nasty with that person. They are right. You are wrong. You can do plenty with the free option. You don’t seem to get it, do you? A) Use the Free data and super cheap calls. B) Use a wifi hotspot as you suggested for a great option. C) Buy a faster data package. No need for your nastiness. Try turning your phone back to 2G in the settings and test it out for an hour or so. It still works great for lots of stuff. And for such the avid international traveler, not all trains have wifi over there. How are you going to latch onto a signal when that train is flying down the tracks. (Please don’t respond to that. Its pointless). And jumping from hotspot to hotspot is so sophmoric and a pain in the a$$ sometimes. And who the heck wants to use groove IP? I used it when the T-Mo wifi calling didn’t work correctly and it was clear. But it is not even a fraction as easy as the wifi calling feature built into the phone. I use it sometimes overseas, but simply dialing a number can often be so much easier, especially for people trying to reach you.

        • TmoSamsungMan

          I can’t do anything while on edge and if I can’t stand people who go crazy when they see somethings FREE that’s my problem. Now have a nice day.

        • Cruise Guy

          Might be a hardware problem or a tower problem in the area. I’m switched again to 2G right now to test it and its working great. Takes maybe 20 seconds to load each page but they light right up. There must be some other issue with your hardware, your tower, or something there.

        • dtam

          sure, I’m going to travel to another country to watch youtube. how about you go to a foreign country and want to use google maps? I never knew google maps required over 128 kbps or yelp.

        • TmoSamsungMan

          Every time I’ve tried to do something that requires Internet on edge it never does anything so what you want me to say?

        • dtam

          that is a legitimate gripe. being throttled vs being on Edge is different though. my wife’s phone has been throttled after getting to the 500 mb monthly limit and it’s still very responsive with minimal lag. While on Edge, it does suck badly and is hardly useable.

    • dtam

      good for you buddy. I think you’re in the huge minority though as I think any international traveler appreciates this.

      • TmoSamsungMan

        So use it. Did I put a gun to your head and force you not to?

        • Moses JC

          In 16 words give me a definition of overreaction…..

  • 135D

    I find these two statements conflicting:
    – $0.20/minute voice calling to Simple Global countries (including the U.S.)

    and this
    – Outgoing Call Details (from the picture chart)
    Your Location: Simple Global Country , to U.S. $0.00

    So which one is it?

    • coolgeek

      I believe the picture chart is just for Wi-Fi Calling. So while roaming a normal call back to the US is $0.20/min, whereas using Wi-Fi Calling it is free.

  • Alan

    Any data only global plans?

  • S Chiu

    No info about how to use the global plan.
    Just bring along the phone with T-Mobile SIM and turn it on and dial as usual?

    • gs3rooted.

      Yes. As long as you are on a simple choice rate plan these features are automatically enabled. Then follow the guide above depending on the . Country your in to figure out how much youll be charged.

  • Fernando Scheps

    So if I live abroad I could buy one of these plans and benefit from included internet with an iPad with cellular on all the included countries ?

  • YABD

    I think this is the first carrier who became global at no extra cost.