The Complete Breakdown Of Simple Global International Data And UnCarrier Phase 3

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As T-Mobile’s Simple Global international data roaming plan continues to earn rave reviews, I’ve received many inquiries on Wi-Fi calling and traveling abroad. Well, some good news all around as T-Mobile has posted a full breakdown of the Simple Global plan, including its impact on Wi-Fi calling. There’s plenty of data contained within, including a breakdown of the 2G international roaming plan at 128Kbps abroad, how much voice calls work out to and the cost of sending and receiving text messages. Not highlighted but requiring mention are the three add-on plans available for people who need a little more data when traveling internationally.

The three speed boosts plans are available to international travelers only on Simple Global plans and allow 1 day of data service or 100MB for just $15. A one week pass can be obtained for $25 and allows 200MB of data. If you need even more data you can score a $50 two-week pass good for 500MB of data good at the highest possible data speed available in the country you are currently traveling.

At the end of the day T-Mobile’s Simple Global plan and its international capability is really best served for individuals wishing to catch up on email, Twitter and Facebook. It is definitely not for lengthy web browsing, uploading, downloading or tethering. Still, even at what amounts to 2G speed, it’s free and it keeps you in contact even if it might conjure up the thought of AOL dial-up tones as you wait for Facebook to load…and load…and load.

Hit the full read below for all the details.

T-Mobile Support

Roaming in Simple Global Countries
  • Data roaming requires a domestic roaming feature.
  • Includes Unlimited Web at standard speeds of approximately 128Kbps & Unlimited Messaging in Simple Global countries. 128kbps speed is ideal for email, web pages, navigation, and social apps.
  • $0.20/minute voice calling to Simple Global countries (including the U.S.).
  • $0.00/message, unlimited text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS) to any mobile number in Simple Global countries (including the U.S.).
    Note: See below for Wi-Fi charges and details.

Roaming in Non-Simple Global Countries

The following applies if you’re on an eligible rate plan traveling to non-Simple Global countries:

  • Talk and messaging are automatically enabled and charged at WorldClass rates.
  • Data is disabled by default. You can enable data by dialing #RON# and then pressing Send on your device.
  • If you have enabled data via #RON#, you can disable it anytime by dialing #ROF# and then pressing Send on your device.
  • You can block voice, messaging, and data by adding the International Blocking feature at no additional cost. For more information, contact Customer Service.
    Note: If you have the blocking feature, it takes priority over dialing #RON# or dialing #ROF#.


The following rate plans are eligible:

  • Simple Choice plans, including consumer, business, data-only, and Mobile Internet (formerly Mobile Broadband).
  • New Classic plans launched since March 2013, including consumer, business, data-only, and Mobile Internet.

The following rate plans are not eligible:

  • Simple Choice without Credit Check
  • Prepaid / Pay in Advance
  • FlexPay
  • Legacy plans, such as grandfathered Classic and Value (launched prior to March 2013), Even More, Even More Plus, myFaves, and Get More

You can switch to an eligible plan to receive included international roaming.

Text Message Customer Notifications

You may receive a message if you’re on an eligible plan about the new included international roaming.

Free SMS message: Free T-Mo msg: Big News! Our unlimited data coverage is now global including 100+ countries-at no extra cost. See your global benefits.

Wi-Fi Calling and Messaging Impacts

  • All incoming Wi-Fi calls are $0.00.
  • All Wi-Fi calls to the U.S. while roaming are $0.00, no matter where you are.
  • Wi-Fi calls placed while outside the U.S. to a destination on the Simple Global Country List is only $0.20.
  • Wi-Fi calls placed while outside the U.S. to a destination not on the Simple Global Country List are $0.20 plus Wi-Fi toll charges. See the current list for international long distance rates by country, which already includes the $0.20.


  • All incoming text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS) sent over Wi-Fi are $0.00.
  • SMS/MMS sent over Wi-Fi to the U.S. are $0.00, no matter where you are.
  • SMS/MMS sent over Wi-Fi while roaming in a Simple Global Country are $0.20.
  • SMS/MMS sent over Wi-Fi while roaming in a Non-Simple Global Country are $0.20.

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