Apple Announces New iPads, T-Mobile Finally Gets In On The Fun

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T-Mobile’s CEO wasn’t teasing when he promised a Magenta announcement coming out of todays Apple iPad special event. For the first time, T-Mobile is now a cellular data partner with Apple’s iPad line and will support LTE on the UnCarrier. While the practice of data coverage on a tablet isn’t “new” news for T-Mobile customers (see: Android tablets), there is one thing that makes todays announcement something special. T-Mobile is offering 200MB of free data on your new LTE-ready Apple iPad free each month. Sure, 200MB will get eaten up fast but there’s no question it’s a better deal than what the competition is offering. In fact, T-Mobile’s pricing is looking to be the best set of data options overall.

T-Mobile’s CEO loves to tease his legion of UnCarrier followers but this is yet another moment he made good on his promise to do something different.

Apple; @johnlegere

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