T-Mobile Hosting UnCarrier Phase 3 Part II Conference Tomorrow Morning Through Twitter

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If you thought T-Mobile’s UnCarrier announcements were over, you’d be wrong! T-Mobile has sent out a note to members of the press and their customers indicating T-Mobile’s “First Tweet Conference for Un-carrier 3.0 Part II.” The announcement is evidently tablet related and with the iPad now available on T-Mobile, I imagine Apple’s tablet will play a big role. T-Mobile CEO John Legere and CMO Mike Sievert will take part in a Twitter-based live question and answer session taking place at hashtag #unleashthetablet.

The when is tomorrow at 9:00am Pacific Time, the where is www.twitter.com/tmobile and a live audio stream available at newsroom.t-mobile.com. T-Mobile’s executive team promised announcements every few weeks until the end of the year and it sounds like they are making good on that promise.

T-Mobile is billing this as a “market changing offer” so expectations are high! What do you want T-Mobile to discuss?

Only T-Mobile can offer tablets in a highly disruptive Un-carrier way.  What would an Un-leashed tablet look like?  Media and consumers alike are invited to hear about T-Mobile’s next market changing offer in its first ever live press conference on Twitter.  T-Mobile CEO John Legere and CMO Mike Sievert will answer questions about the company’s latest Un-carrier news through text messaging and Twitter. Questions about T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 3.0 Part II news will be taken LIVE tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time.  There will also be a live audio stream at newsroom.t-mobile.com.

Send your questions to @TMobile for John Legere and Mike Sievert with the hashtag #unleashthetablet. Or text a question to 313131 by typing in TMUSQA and then your question (limit 160 characters). Questions will be answered live on twitter.com/TMobile and on a live audio stream at newsroom.t-mobile.com.


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  • marbo100

    I’m hoping one of the things they will announce is that they are offering the new Nexus 7 available in store so I can upgrade my Galaxy Tab on installments.

    • kalel33

      If they do they’ll just jack up the price +$100, like they did with the Nexus phones.

  • JJ

    I say free 200 mb for your tablet. Maybe T-mobile holiday line up? T-mobile missed out on a few new phones and tablets in last couple weeks. HTC and Nokia to start with.

    • besweeet

      Well, 200MB of free data is already confirmed.

  • got all those warm mobile feels stirring…

  • jose

    As of Monday they changed their prepayed hotspot prices 1gb 15$
    2gb 30$ I am not sure if there is a unlimited plan.

  • S. Ali

    If they mean the free 200mb we already know about it.

  • BlackJu

    I really like to hear something about a new high end Nokia so I don’t have to worry about wasting money on jump and possibly jumping to aio.

    • Mike Rowesoft

      Hey dipsh!t, every post from you is about Windoze Phone. Dude! No one gives a sh!t !!! WP8 has like a 0.0% marketshare. It sucks. Sorry, just the way it is. If it was good, people would buy it. Live tiles? I’ll take my pull down notifications, thank you. App selection? Don’t make me laugh. I could go on, but this same battle is waged daily on message boards between the 5 WP8 users and everyone else. Oh, and don’t let the door hit you in the @ss on the way out. F&ck off to Aio!!!!

      • MDRuckus

        You’re an idiot. I was an android user since it’s existence. I switched to Windows and will NEVER switch back. Android apps crashed a lot. They are slower. They lack the user interface that’s intuitive of WP. I can do so much more with my 925 than I ever could do with my SIII. It’s blazing fast and smooth. I find I have every app I had on android and more. I usually have 30+ apps at any given time. I still like android, but seriously, don’t knock something you haven’t tried. And I don’t mean in a store for five minutes. WP has taken over IOS in some countries and is gaining market share.

        • just me

          You can do much more with the lumia 925 than the galaxy s3? Could I get some examples please? I’m not being a troll here, I’m genuinely curious. I tried windows phone 7.5 but felt the app selection was so poor I just couldn’t stay with it. But I am considering it again, keeping my nexus 7 2013 for my android/app fix and using Windows phone 8 for communication.

        • jdubb2600

          guess i’ll jump in. This is why i stick with blackberry. So what if they’re not relevant but BB10 OS is awesome

      • BlackJu

        Who’s waging a battle? This is less about WP and more about getting the most value out of jump. Though it seems from other comments that aio won’t be around for long anyways. If they were, buying an ATT phone outright and using them seemed like an option.
        You are correct, almost every post of mine is about WP. It won’t fit everyone’s needs, but I like it and the 521 seems to be doing really well. Is it any different than apple or Samsung fans only posting about the iPhone or Galaxy products. anyway, thanks for keeping it classy on TmoNews.

    • Alex Zapata

      As happy as I am with this 925 I still kinda want something with a SD800, a bit more current generation.

    • mloudt

      No point of jumping to Aio because Leap shareholders are voting on AT&T acquiring Leap on Oct. 25 , which should be a Yes. After that the deal is expected to close within 5 weeks. AT&T has stated they they will blend Aio in with Cricket and keep running it solely as Cricket.

  • Don Kim

    Unlimited LTE on a tablet!?

    • MerikC

      Unlimited data but reduced speeds after your limit.

      • 500MB – $20
      • 2.5GB – $30
      • 4.5GB – $40
      • 6.5GB – $50
      • 8.5GB – $60
      • 10.5GB – $70
      • 12.5GB – $80

      • Don Kim

        I know T-Mo’s current plan throttles speed.
        I was hoping that they would announce Unlimited ‘LTE’ in their announcement tomorrow.

  • Mike

    If you go to Apple and check out the ipad for T-Mobile. It show the data plan for T-Mobile,
    200mb $free
    2.5g for $30
    T-Mobile phase 3 part 2 is free data for tablet.

  • MonteMakaveli

    Since no news from T-Mobile about the Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi, maybe they’ll have a deal/lower the price for the top-tier Windows Phone on T-Mobile, the Nokia 925. Wishful thinking I know…



      • MonteMakaveli

        Oh no that is not fair! I’ll keep checking the website haha!

  • Mystery Man

    Can someone explain why you can’t just add a line with unlimited data and use that sim in your iPad for $30 a month ?

    • Get_at_Me

      Tablets are considered mobile broadband devices… Not phones. They require mobile broadband plans. The highest being a 12.5gb highspeed data plan.

    • JJCommonSense

      I solved that problem by buying an unlocked international galaxy note 8.. it takes a sim, has a phone built in (even has a speaker up top if u want to hold it up 2 your ear..)… tmobile treats it like a phone so I get unlim talk, text n web for $30a month..

  • osxster

    Unless the new iPad line up supports AWS over HSPA+, yesterday’s annoucement if the iPad supporting TMobile is no different than any other generationn of iPad running on TMobile. You are stuck on Edge unless you live in a refarmed area. And you also won’t be able to take advantage of the true HSPA+ speeds of TMobile. According to the tech specs, the new iPad line doesn’t truely support TMobile..

  • kev2684

    nobody really uses their tablets as much as their phones. $50 unlimited LTE, $30 when paired with mobile line with unlimited data on tablets is more than good enough even if you use your tablet more than your phone you’re still paying for both so no loss on T-Mobile. you can’t tether anyway so no worries about abuse. that’s what i want to see on their “uncarrier” move on tablets.

  • Dakota

    Twitter news conference.. Guess they’re still committed to the young market