Apple Announces New iPads, T-Mobile Finally Gets In On The Fun

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T-Mobile’s CEO wasn’t teasing when he promised a Magenta announcement coming out of todays Apple iPad special event. For the first time, T-Mobile is now a cellular data partner with Apple’s iPad line and will support LTE on the UnCarrier. While the practice of data coverage on a tablet isn’t “new” news for T-Mobile customers (see: Android tablets), there is one thing that makes todays announcement something special. T-Mobile is offering 200MB of free data on your new LTE-ready Apple iPad free each month. Sure, 200MB will get eaten up fast but there’s no question it’s a better deal than what the competition is offering. In fact, T-Mobile’s pricing is looking to be the best set of data options overall.

T-Mobile’s CEO loves to tease his legion of UnCarrier followers but this is yet another moment he made good on his promise to do something different.

Apple; @johnlegere

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  • Jay

    I posted this in the other thread about the 200mb being free. Definitely deserves to be front page news when AT&T is asking for $14.99/month for 250mb/month

  • TD

    Hmmm, now I’m wondering if you have to go through the account portal from the iPad to sign up for this, or if there is a way to sign up for the 200mb plan through an existing iPad/device. I ask because that will detonate options like FreedomPop. And I could pop the sim card in other devices like kids’ iPhones and put them on free data only and use with iMessage/FaceTime. Before you say “not possible”, be aware this works without issues on Verizon and AT&T’s iPad data plans with sim swapping.

    • a5ehren

      It might be iPad only for now. If you try to add a different “internet device” you get 500MB for $10/mo ($20/mo if you don’t have a T-Mo voice line)

  • bleeew

    200MB for free :0

  • D_Wall__

    This is great news. I wonder how the pricing works? is it like $100 down and $20/month for an ipad Air? Im really wanting a new tablet and this would be a good excuse to pick one up and pass mine down to my GF.

  • Aj

    You dont need data plan tmobile cell phone data plans come with hotspots who doesn’t have thier phones on them 24/7

  • 21stNow

    So how does this work? Let’s say that the only thing that I had was an iPad on T-Mobile. Would I just get a bill for $0 every month if I only use 100MB of data on a tablet? Is this a prepaid type of plan? Will this be available for other tablets? I’m thinking of the Note 10.1 2014 edition.

    • D_Wall__

      According to the articles ive seen its only for the Ipad Currently. I think its to help push opening sales for Tmo to show Apple we can move products.

      • 21stNow

        Thanks for the response. I hope that it opens up to other tablets in the future.

        • MerikC

          View my comment! :)

  • osxster

    Anyone else notice how AWS is not listed as being supported for anything other than LTE? Is this a mistake, or will it only support greater than Edge speeds in refarmed or LTE areas? This is kind of a bummer.

    • Fabian Cortez

      I noticed that as well. It’s a blunder by Apple. The FCC documents show UMTS/HSPA band 4 support.

  • iansltx

    For those asking, it sounds like the iPad Air/Retina Mini won’t be offered on an installment plan. So you pay $629 for the tablet (or $529 for the mini) and get 200MB of data thrown in for free…a bit better than Sprint’s 100MB for $5 plan that few people know about.

    My guess is that T-Mobile has a similar arrangement here to what they’re doing with the HP Chromebook 14 that’s sitting on the desk beside me: charge the hardware manufacturer next to nothing for the 200MB x 24 months, and hope folks pay for the higher-end packages. Which are, to be fair, decently priced.

  • Thanks current unlimited plan comes with 2.5 of hotspot, so buying a wifi is the better way to go if you can. Buying the LTE version with T-Mobile is not a good buy if you already have a phone with the hopspot on Board. Just get the wifi version.

    • thepanttherlady

      I’m not so sure you’d want to buy a wife, they’re pretty expensive these days. ;)

      • kev2684


    • Alex Zapata

      Have you seen the return policy on wives these days?

  • Dakota

    If ATT offers 3gb for $30 and Tmobile 2.5 , how is that the best deal (even if you add 200mb, ATT still gives you a little bit more)

    • a5ehren

      Agree, but 4.5GB for $40 is pretty good, though.

      • mooseknuckles

        If you have an existing voice line with TMobile, $10 will be deducted from the broadband plan. This makes the 2.5GB plan $20 and 4.5GB plan $30..

    • jride

      Not to mention AT&T has better coverage and building penetration!

      The pricing seems mostly in line but there is certainly nothing amazing about it. If anything, this is a slight disappointment.

      • gentleman559

        For those of you who think AT&T has better building penetration you’re so mistaken. More coverage, yes, but building penetration NO. AT&Ts all about Penetration but not building penetration. LOL

        • guest08

          You are the one who is mistaken . In a market where at&t has 850mhz you can walk in a house and loose virtually no signal same with LTE on 700mhz.It is a proven fact low frequency spectrum penetrates walls better than high frequency spectrum.

        • nunyabiz

          tell that to my coworkers with att that have to stand by the window to make a call while I can call anywhere in the building.

        • gentleman559

          I have an AT&T phone for work and T-Mobile as my personal phone. Sorry but more times than not AT&T is the one that doesnt have signal. You can say what you need but its a proven fact as I have both phones in hand at most times.

        • dkbnyc

          Sounds good on paper. My wife had AT&T while I have T-Mobile. Her AT&T service was crap compared to mine in NYC. I recently added her to my account and she couldn’t be happier.

    • samsavoy

      Further proof they should have the money to upgrade EDGE if they wanted to.

  • AT&T supposedly just changed their plan to no contract $5/day for 200mb. While it’s not great, it’s better than what’s being advertised above.

    • More on this from

      “AT&T recently introduced a $5/day no-contract tablet plan that provides 250MB of data so it stands to reason that T-Mobile will one-up Ma Bell with tomorrow’s announcement.”

      According to the article, supposedly UnCarrier Phase III, Part 2 rolls out tomorrow and focuses on tablets. No doubt the above information is tied into it to some degree.

    • Brian T.

      That seems like an odd plan. I’m not sure I’d spring for a more expensive LTE version of an iPad unless I’d use data at least a few times a month, so it’d end up being $10-$15 (or more) per month anyway.

      • Oh I agree. I’m not suggesting it’s a good plan, only that it’s better than the $15/month for 250mb listed in the table above. Personally, I don’t care much for any of these tablet plans and I hope whatever the announcement is tomorrow, it’s something new and it shakes these things up. I’m not optimistic though. At the moment, I much rather prefer my 6.5gb for $40/month hotspot plan with T-Mobile that allows me to use highspeed data with any device and not just my tablet.

  • kingjune502

    By the way u get $10 discount on all mobile. Broadband plans when added to ur voice line so 2.5 gb w/ voice plan would cost $20/ month

  • corey

    keep in mind with T-Mobile if you have phone service you get a $10/mo credits so you will save more money.

    • TheVorlon

      If you have phone service, you should just tether.

  • Guest

    Although I think 200MB for free is a nice gesture, I don’t think it’s revolutionary or “un-carrier” at all. You could blow through 200MB in a matter of 5-10 minutes on Youtube, but it’s free nonetheless. I’m going to assume that T-Mobile is actually offering unlimited data on the 2.5GB and 4.5GB plans, but will slow you down to 2G after you hit those limits.

    The only advantage to T-Mobile’s plans versus AT&T/Verizon/Sprint would be the $10 existing customer credit (assuming that it’s even applicable on these devices).

    • Brian T.

      True, you could, but I don’t think anyone in the market for the lowest tier of service from any of the carriers is planning on watching video (or even listening to music) on the go. That market is looking for the ability to send a bunch of emails and do some light web browsing, I would think. And 200 MB of LTE for free without any strings seems pretty awesome and unlike anything anybody else has ever done IMHO.

      • Jason

        It’s a bit of a stretch, but one precedent for this might be the Chromebook Pixel coming with 100MB/month of free Verizon LTE data for 2 years.

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    Does it support AWS HSPA+ though? The technical specifications don’t list it even though T-Mobile is listed as a carrier…

    • KingCobra

      They support AWS now

    • Fabian Cortez

      It’s there. I just checked the true specifications from the FCC.

      • VapidRapidRabbit

        Thanks. I might get the new mini (with cellular) then. I wouldn’t have bought it if it lacked AWS HSPA+ because my city doesn’t have LTE from T-Mobile yet (though I’m sure it will soon).

  • MerikC

    I’m guessing tomorrow he will talk about the new Pay in Advance Mobile Internet (Prepaid) service.

    ◦ 30-day Auto Renew data passes (Auto Pay is required for this pass.)
    • 500MB – $20
    • 2.5GB – $30
    • 4.5GB – $40
    • 6.5GB – $50
    • 8.5GB – $60
    • 10.5GB – $70
    • 12.5GB – $80
    ◦ On-Demand data passes (Does not auto renew, and only On-Network domestic data passes available.)
    • Day Pass – 500MB – $10
    • Week Pass – 1GB – $15
    • 30 Day Pass – 2.5GB – $30
    ◦ 1 hour data passes
    10 MB – $1 capped data pass
    • As a capped data pass, you’ll no longer have access to data once you reach 10 MB.
    • Available when you have a balance in your prepaid account that you wish to deplete.

    Note: Only the 1 Hour data pass is a capped data pass. All other data passes above are reduced data speedpasses.

    • xmiro

      don’t forget that those passes are -$10 if you’re a T-Mobile customer with a voice plan

  • Brian T.

    Woah! This is awesome! I’m planning on buying either the iPad Air or the new retina mini, and now I’m really considering getting a cellular one. 200 MB is plenty for taking care of emails and light web browsing when wifi isn’t available. Cool!

  • deng

    Nokia introduced the two greatest Windows Phones yet, 1520 & 1320, one of which is slated for TMO but TMOnews is silent. Microsoft introduces a major Windows Phone update and TMOnews remains silent. Instead we get an announcement about a trivial amount of data for an Ipad. Do we need to visit other websites to keep abreast of news affecting TMO

    • Brian T.

      Relatively tiny, tiny market for them. Not criticizing them at all — quite the opposite, since I think that WP is actually pretty great at certain things and I’ve always loved Nokia. But a major carrier offering a decent chunk of LTE for free on a device that will sell millions literally the first day it’s out is a huge story compared to those niche (for now) products

    • KingCobra

      Which one do you think matters to more people? Which one matters more to T-Mobile? Come on now seriously.

    • Alex Zapata

      Wait….which one is slated for TMO?

  • Johnny Flash

    For all those mentioning the -$10 discount for having a voice. It applies to those who DO NOT have a corporate discount.

    • Me

      What? We have a MBB line, $20 – $10 discount for having a voice plan – $1.50 corp discount = $8.50 a month. My family also has corp discounts on their plan and if you go through adding MBB it discounts it by $10 a month.

      • Johnny Flash

        If you have a voice line with a corporate discount is does not give you the -$10. Now if you don’t have a corporate discount on your voice line account then you get the -$10 discount.

        • CCC

          Yes it does. It was a big misunderstanding at one point if it did or not, but it does.

  • sidekicker89

    I’m not sure if the Sprint $15.00 plan is correct.. on their website it says 2GB is $15.00

    • sidekicker89

      oh wait never mind.. the 2GB $15 plan is only for a limited time..

  • mingkee

    Unfortunately, T-Mobile pricing does not have much advantage except you have calling plan.
    Basically, get Wi-Fi version ipad and tether with phone may be cheaper (hint: National Unlimited has 2.5GB tethering included).

    • CCC

      Hence why they have tethering free with data plans

  • Mystery Man

    Why can’t you just AAL and get unlimited data on said line and have unlimited data for $30 a month?

    • Guest

      you can but these are the prices for contract free data plan only (and month to month or use by use as apple requires for all cellular iPads)

      If you have an add a line you can check the prices in your account to add a line they do not have ipad device pricing yet, but they do show plan pricing for adding a tablet to your current plan


    1000 dollars for a tablet with 32 GB. Hmm.That sounds like a great deal. Holy shit no it doesn’t.

    • Evan Carter

      32 gig is $729.00

  • Bklynman

    I am little confuse with this,I have the 61/2 gigs hotspot service,plus $10.00 mib,
    with voice plan,does this mean my hotspot service or 500 min service goes up in
    data? Thanks.