Xzibit Is Back And He Wants To JUMP! Your Phone

Oh yes, Xzibit is back and while I resist ALL my desires to insert a “Pimp your Ride” joke, he’s one of a half-dozen or so new videos T-Mobile has released promoting JUMP! and #hate2wait. Other videos include Olympia Sanya Richards Ross, Sean Rash, Joe Johnson, Rich Malambri, Ike Taylor and Julissa Bermudez.

In all honesty, I’d love to see T-Mobile bring a stronger name to bear with this campaign, or at least one that won’t require me to Google who some of these folks are but I digress. Seriously T-Mobile, imagine the reception if you had Giselle Buchenden tell me to JUMP! my phone every six months, oh how I would do do it. I would throw money at your retail stores. I’m just saying @john_legere, I’m all for that kind of a celeb endorsement.

My personal hopes for T-Mobile marketing aside, hit T-Mobile’s YouTube channel link below to see all the recent “celeb” entries in the #hate2wait contest and don’t forget to add your own entry. With 730 Galaxy S 4 smartphones on the line, surely you can come up with something better than this girl.

YouTube via #hate2wait

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