Xzibit Is Back And He Wants To JUMP! Your Phone

Oh yes, Xzibit is back and while I resist ALL my desires to insert a “Pimp your Ride” joke, he’s one of a half-dozen or so new videos T-Mobile has released promoting JUMP! and #hate2wait. Other videos include Olympia Sanya Richards Ross, Sean Rash, Joe Johnson, Rich Malambri, Ike Taylor and Julissa Bermudez.

In all honesty, I’d love to see T-Mobile bring a stronger name to bear with this campaign, or at least one that won’t require me to Google who some of these folks are but I digress. Seriously T-Mobile, imagine the reception if you had Giselle Buchenden tell me to JUMP! my phone every six months, oh how I would do do it. I would throw money at your retail stores. I’m just saying @john_legere, I’m all for that kind of a celeb endorsement.

My personal hopes for T-Mobile marketing aside, hit T-Mobile’s YouTube channel link below to see all the recent “celeb” entries in the #hate2wait contest and don’t forget to add your own entry. With 730 Galaxy S 4 smartphones on the line, surely you can come up with something better than this girl.

YouTube via #hate2wait

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  • michael_do

    yo dawg…I heard you like JUMP!…

  • kolijboy

    Giselle who?

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    boost mobile! where you at?!

  • lynyrd65

    Yo dawg.

    We heard you like upgrades, so we upgraded your upgrades so you can upgrade while you upgrade.

  • Guest

    Yo dawg

    We heard you like upgrades, so we upgraded your upgrades so you can upgrade while you upgrade.

    • Danny Lewis

      I read through the comments for this.

  • Garo.j

    Who is this guy.? T-Mobile finds the strangest celibrity’s for
    Their advertising.

    • LOVE

      celebrities that can’t get work..

  • LOVE

    X to the Z refuse to go Hollywood..
    that is the difference between X to the Z and you

    • Luis Espinal

      X to da peria Z yo! Meow meow, n Luv’in T-Mo’ sum mo’…ur funny LoveSexy. A T-Mo h8r, but ur still funny lol…Drink water and stop sipping on the h8rade. What what! ….I tried

    • TmoSamsungMan

      What? Are you jealous cause your the only character who still can’t get work?

  • LOVE

    You can’t upgrade your phone whenever you want. With JUMP
    you have one upgrade at 6 months, not whenever you want.
    Let’s be honest, JUMP is cool but T-Mobile is falsely advertising this new campaign already since you can’t upgrade whenever you want.
    oh WAIT I CANT… TMOBILE you told me I can upgrade whenever I want to. What do you mean I should have read the fine print. *UCK YOU. T-MOBILE told me I can upgrade whenever I want. I want a new phone every two weeks.
    What do you mean NO!! T-MOBILE what the *uck are you talking about.
    I want to upgrade. T-MOBILE JUMP YOU TOLD ME I can upgrade whenever I want.
    What do you mean I have to wait six months!! T-MOBILE you even paid celebrities to tell me the same thing !!”
    These are the conversations some customers are going to have when they call 611 and go into the T-Mobile store 3 months from now wanting the newest smart phone

    • Holy wow, your use of the caps lock key should be suspended immediately.

      • Garo.j


      • LOVE

        fixed it.

    • D Velasquez

      how about stop been a retard and send your “feedback” to corporate offices? of course it makes sense to upgrade every months , it doesn’t make sense that this month you get an iPhone and next week you want the S4. nobody upgrades that fast unless you have millions on your bank account. as Legere said “Stop the Bullshit” and take your whining somewhere else.

    • kev2684

      not sure if trolling or just plain dumb.

    • ruffst

      Guys, I think this is actually one of Xzibit’s new songs… Looks like his handwriting.

    • Luis Espinal

      What the *UCK IS THIS ABOUT? LOL! Ur funny but silly.

    • Short bus H8TR

      How many people were on the short bus with you today? Did they all look at you weird when you said this…because I am sure THEY COULD FIGURE IT OUT EVEN THOUGH YOU CANT!!

    • Balla21

      Regardless, why would you want to switch phones every week or every month. Hmmm, that makes sense. You want to talk false advertisment: talk to every company who has the “Fastest LTE Network” or every company who has the “FASTEST Internet Service” and so on in any business field. No one will be at the store or calling customer service because WHO needs a phone every week??

  • LOVE


  • lovingmyGN2

    Oh no!! The last thing I want is exhibit pimping my note 2. Unless he can turn it to aluminum and still make it look the same, witch I doubt.

    • Luis Espinal

      I want him to pimp my white N4, maybe he’ll make the front white too! LOL I love my N4 on Tmo but I wish it was not a hybrid color…white in the back not in the front. That was so silly whoever thought of that, but it’s grown on me, now I think its kewl!

  • Have you not seen the Bill Hader JUMP! commercials? This is just a stupid online ad campaign.

  • Nick

    I saw at least 5 JUMP! comercials on tv today!

  • m


  • Deven

    I take it Kris Kross was unavailable.

    • thepanttherlady

      Considering one of them died recently…..

      • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

        RIP Mr. Kris. Jump Jump was the catalyst for my first robbery of a 10-year old kid for his Sony Walkman and Kris Kross cassette tape

  • Randall Lind

    Bring back the T-Mobile girl she’s young & hot